Batman vs. Superman: First Look And Spoilers

    June 30, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Are you eager for the release of the Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice movie…or perhaps waiting to see how big a disaster it might be?

While you’re waiting for the first clip from the movie via the San Diego Comic Con, have some news fresh from the set of the movie!

First up is a look at actor Henry Cavill

Cavill is featured in an image tweeted from the official Twitter account of the Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund.

In addition to the T-shirt Cavill is holding in support of the charity, if you look closely, you can see the chair next to him has “Clark” written on it.

Does this mean that Cavill is dressed as “Clark Kent” in the photo? He certainly has the look of a mild-mannered reporter.

If only he were wearing Kent’s trademark frames.

But a behind-the-scenes look at Superman’s alter ego isn’t the only news that has leaked to the internet about the upcoming blockbuster.

Images from the set of the Batman vs. Superman movie featuring a half-finished Superman statue suggested that the hero was being honored by the citizens of Metropolis.

Apparently the newest leaked images from the set feature citizens placing flowers on the statue. We’ve seen this before (Nolan’s “The Dark Knight Rises” anyone?), which begs the question why this trope would be used again.

There is some speculation that “The Death of Superman” storyline from the comics is where this movie is headed.

Maybe or maybe not.

It could be that Superman is “killed”, which means that a team of heroes (The Justice League) is needed to step up and protect the Earth.

Many have accused DC and Warner Bros. of rushing this movie and the Justice League introduction in order to gain traction and catch up to the very successful series of Marvel movies.

Details released about the movie have been subjected to a great deal of criticism and skepticism.

Do You Think They Intend To Kill Superman Or Is The News A Red Herring? Comment below!

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  • kara zor-el

    This production could be put on by kindergartners or by puppies and kittens and I`LL STILL GO SEE THEM !

  • bobjr4freedom

    I hope Superman is not killed.But then it could open a sequel for his return.The search for Superman!I intend to see this film regardless.Batman being there will make it exciting.

  • Ce

    Ben Affleck Blows. Like Iron Man, why not keep the character that has resurrected Batman, Bale.

    • Duante Amorculo

      it was Bale who stepped away from batman. clearly the producers wouldn’t have voluntarily replaced bale especially with the likes of ben affleck

      • JC

        They would have replaced him regardless of him stepping away. It is a completely different universe as stated previously. (I wish we still had Christian as Batman) I can’t wait for a teaser of Batman Vs Superman; so that we can get a look at Affleck “in action”. Should be interesting!

  • Ce

    Ben Affleck Blows. Like Iron Man, why not keep the character that has resurrected Batman, Bale.

  • Tim Meyfarth

    Who are these “many have accused” people you mention? Too hard to list any names since you are just applying your own frame to the news you are supposed to be objectively reporting?

    How is Postponing a Movie from 2015 to 2016 in any way “rushing”?

    Goose died in “Top Gun” so I certainly hope that the “trope” of the heroes best friend / girlfriend / parent / etc dying isn’t ever re-used by any other movie regardless of the thematic points trying to be made.

    Can you name one marvel movie or movie by any other company you have labeled a “big disaster waiting to happen”? I’m sure you are ALL OVER the “Ant-Man” debacle which certainly seems to be more of a “big disaster waiting to happen” than a movie with the cast and crew in place, already filming, and isnt coming out for 2 more years.

    You actually get paid to do this? Wow hope your Boss reads this and thinks “Maybe I should hire someone who can actually write coherently and not inject their personal biases into a “news report””. Just a thought.

  • InspectorGadget80

    This will so suck with out Christian Bale. I will protest by not watching this movie

    • Cullen Guzik

      Yep, that will show them.

  • Ken

    Working with Ben Affleck is enough to kill anyone.

  • John Barbieri

    Kill Superman? Never!

  • Mark Kaupe

    Pretty sad speculation here, belying the author’s clueless knowledge about the topic. This film is supposedly taking some elements from The Dark Knight trilogy by Frank Miller. This is why the film is being called Batman vs Superman, as they had opposing views regarding crime fighting and the meaning of heroism. In the story’s conclusion Batman dies from a self induced heart attack. Clark Kent attends the funeral and is the only one who truly knows the fate of Bruce Wayne, The Death of Superman had nothing to do with Batman besides being in the Justice League…

  • Voodoo

    I think they should have had atleast 3 more superman movies.. screw the justice league.. no I gotta watch how they somehow factor in piranhas into this movie for lame ass aqua man