Bath Salts Drug Discovered After Car Chase in Oregon

    May 31, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Bath salts drugs were discovered after a man led police officers on a high-speed pursuit through the town of Medford, Oregon. Zachary Jordan Krawczyk, a repeat offender who was once charged with possession of the aforementioned drug, was parked in front of a well-known drug house Sunday night when an officer ran the car’s plates. Not surprisingly, the vehicle was stolen, prompting a late-night car chase that came to screeching halt after Krawczyk ran over a series of spike strips.

Although the suspect and his companions attempted to flee the scene after crashing their car, police quickly rounded up the driver and his four friends. After searching his clothes, officers discovered a white substance that Krawczyk identified as “bath salts”, the same drug that officials believe sparked the infamous Miami cannibal case that’s currently making headlines all across the country. The salts, which are often described as “legal Ecstasy”, have been known to cause serious brain damage in those who abuse them.

According to Mail Tribune, the substance has been showing up in Medford at an alarming rate. “We are encountering people exhibiting bizarre behavior who are using these bath salts. They are often violent and have a high tolerance for pain. They are hard to subdue,” Lt. Mike Budreau explained. “t’s unlike meth or cocaine or anything else we’ve seen. It’s actually quite scary.”

Krawczyk, meanwhile, has been arrested on charges of possession of synthetic drugs, attempting to elude police in a vehicle, attempting to elude police on foot, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and failure to appear in court on theft and drug charges.

  • Rolfen

    The effects of a nanny state… They never touch any kind of drugs, they don’t know how to handle it, and they think whatever is legal can’t be that bad…
    These teenagers need some “vaccination” against mind-altering substances. It is good to bad dangerous chemicals. I am totally for it. Make the world as safe as possible. But VACCINATE people against drugs, have them ready in a way or another because you can’t get rid of all drugs, they’ll always find a way to slip through. This attitude of “regulating drugs” has to be dropped in favor of an attitude of “making the world as safe as possible, and giving awareness to people about the dangers of drugs”.

  • paula

    guess we’d better go back to the illegal high of marijuana. I’m all for it now. Never heard about a kid dying, killing someone or eating his friend why smoking marijuana. It’s time to rethink this situation.