Bath Salt Zombies: Man Rages On K-2, Eats Dog

    June 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Out of all the weird, disturbing, disgusting, frightening stories to come out of this bath-salt craze, none have really rivaled the first story–that of Rudy Eugene eating 75 percent of a homeless man’s face over Memorial Day weekend–until now.

22-year old Michael Daniel was arrested in Waco, Texas on Monday after he raged through his home, assaulting family members there, and then chased a neighbor while barking and growling. He then picked up the family dog, beat it, strangled it, and ate it.

Daniel was later examined and it was determined that he was on a “bad trip” after ingesting the synthetic drug K-2. He has been charged with felony animal cruelty and is awaiting sentencing.

With each new story regarding “bath salts” and related drugs, tales of bloody violence are attached, making people fearful for their own safety. The randomness of a lot of these crimes is perhaps the most frightening thing, as in several news reports, the victims of violence just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Such was the case of an elderly woman who invoked the wrath of a young man last week and was attacked with a shovel.

These attacks bring up many questions, especially after rumors began to run rampant last month regarding bath salts and their effects on the brain. They also bring the apparent nationwide problem of bath salt use to the forefront of a lot of minds, as some officials are trying to get them banned (they are easily accessible in some states and are even sold legally in some gas stations and head shops under inconspicuous-sounding names like Cloud-9).

For now, it looks like we will have to adopt a wait-and-see attitude, and be even more wary of strangers.

  • jared newman

    Hey genius, your article is extremely flawed and invalid. At this point, your article should just be deleted because everyone knows bath salts and k-2 are 2 different things entirely. Let’s not forget k-2 is only a brand name, which hasn’t been around in over 2 years. Get a job.

    • Nicole

      Forgive me, but I did not know that, “Bath Salts,” and “K-2,” we’re two different things. I’m a nurse from Michigan. I think the whole point of this article is that it HAPPENED. I don’t think it matters what kind of drug was the cause, it’s that it just plain happened. I also read the article about Rudy Eugene when that incident happened back in May. I thought they listed several different street names for, “Bath Salts.” Amanda, I appreciate your article. Jared, thanks for clearing it up. I’m sure we’re all going to disregard the fact that a man assaulted his family, and ate a dog, and focus entirely on the proper names for ever single street drug out there.

      • http://Nkraus@krausgroupmarketing.com Nick

        Crazy! I like the article… I was under the same impression… Jared, ur a jerk dude… U don’t have to insult… U could have just clarified

        • josh

          Jared your right and wrong they are two different things but its been around in the last two years the military is still having a hard time flushing out the spice ( k2) users

    • dustin

      indeed they only found “Weed” in his system, but thats the whole point of k-2/bathsalts/spice. they change the chemicals on a regular bassis makeing it nearly impossible for drug tests to keep up with it. iv been around alot of the k-2 and different brands of spice Bottanical/spiz and spaz/Down 2 Earth, and many more. iv have seen these pass test after test. i have seen alot of crazy stuff happen in my experiances. but to be honest none of the spice brands ever made me or friends (Trip) maybe very very very “High” but never violence, cannibleism, or stripping naken and commiting crimes. the only real act of (tripping)that i have encountered (wich was first hand)any kind of anti depressants, and any kind of drug that treats mental illnes will cause a chemicle reaction in the brainand cause one to vertualy go crazy and even be violent(screeming, flailing of arms,hollusinations, for a short time but usually are not able to stand up or speak or think clearly. Now for bath salts, i cant speak for them. iv never touched it and neither have my freinds. but im afraid of it. iv heard its suppost to be twice the strength of meth and coke combined. i strongly believe that bath salts could be the cause of alot of this crazyness. as for the marijuana, c’mon we all know a bit of wacky tobacky doesnt cause this stuff to happen

      • Jordan

        ive seen 4 people siezure and nearly swallow their tongues, 1 of which died but came back, bathsalts are not worth the risks, if your gonna smoke hard stuff stick to diablo or dank weed.

        • T

          Jordan, you can’t phisiologically swallow your tongue without a surgical procedure that manipulates how your tongue works.

          • Lauren

            I would have to disagree with you Jordan. I took a hit of diablo last night and I had a seizure, stopped breathing 4 times and almost died. I just got out of the hospital. I have to go see a neurologist to find out how badly it damaged my brain and now i have to take anti-seizure Meds for the rest of my life One my friends felt like she was having a heart attack and the other almost drowned in her own vomit. So I would say to steer clear of diablo.

  • d

    I don’t know about the bath salts but the k-2 is a brand of fake marijuana I smoked it it gave me a different high than normal pot but didn’t make me or my friends experience this these people could just be complete nut jobs the guy in flordia only had marijuana in his blood according to the doctors reports

  • brandan williams

    chemichals still show up in a toxicology regardless of legality… spice an bath salts are completely different… spice(womwoms) are smoked regularly around florida but do not send ppl into a crazed rage… they do have a strong dependence but the bath salts just dont seem plausible…. it seems like they need a fallguy to put this on…. and k2 was tooken off of the market a few years ago… its all bs… no bathsalts is eugenes system so stop saying that is what caused him to eat the mans face… there is another reason…. dont be ignorant like the rest of america

  • Teresea

    Out of all of the comments I have read, Dustin is the most accurate. I currently have a close friend that is in a group home and may never get out due to a yeast infection on the brain from him snorting bath salt. He don’t even know where he is and don’t even know who his family is half the time. Oh, and not to mention he can’t even write his name any more. I am afraid of it as well so o don’t touch it. K2 is no longer on the shelves and has been replaced by other synthetic pot. I started smoking synthetic pot almost two years ago and it was taken off the shelves twice in that time and I noticed the affects have changed and gotten worse so I have chosen to no longer smoke it. All I can say is be wise in your consumptions. Thank you.

  • Db

    Funny how people who comment on this story are borderline illiterate.

    “He don’t even know where he is and don’t even know who his family is half the time”.

    What the hell is wrong with the world today.

  • nate

    I have smoked numerous bottles of happy hour, wicked x,haze and I have also snorted an entire capsule of bath salts many times everything they are saying is all publicity for the persuasion of banning the product but maybe if the government was smart they would get rid of that stuff and just legalize pot its like a trade they get the satisfaction of removing the synthetics and we get our safer alternative

  • / mankind

    Looks like this “bath salts” is a dangerous stuff …
    This event might bring a horrible sense to us . But anyway , this is not a zombie apocalypse .

  • jahbless

    How can anyone believe that this guy was only smokin weed. anybody who smokes weed knows that weed doesnt make you do that. spice and bath salts and have all kinds of chemical crap in it and its always changing. you never know what your smokin with that spice or bath salts. i honestly just cant believe that weed was the only drug in his system. All i gotta say is govt conspiracy.

  • Chad

    I’ve done quite a few drugs and I’ve smoked k-2 and spice and to be honest both do not appeal to me and are really quite lame but, lastnight I smoked a synthetic marijuana that I think my friend laced with bath salts. After smoking it I felt an intense high far beyond marijuana or even exctasy I started to freak out and loose contiousness then smoked some more which made me loose contiousness I felt like I had died and was seeing my life pass before my eyes It then got worse and I stopped existing at all and felt like I was trapped in hell for all eternity and at this point I was absolutely terrified I then woke up in the middle of the street to my friends mom saying my name. I immiedialy started vomiting and foaming at the mouth I then felt like I was a monster and I had to eat her I ran after her but she locked the door behind her. I clawed at the door and came in and out of contiousness and would scream for help. I came to to the police and paramedics around me it was the worst experience of my life

  • jennifer

    i think maybe people shouldn’t snort, smoke, or eat bath salt i mean come on now how stupid do you have to be shit half our population is stupid as fuck already lets just add drugs to the situation…….not saying weed is bad shit i love pot but really grow the fuck up and stop with the bath salt shit already….. holy shit if you want to kill yourself jump off a bridge or something why resort to killing/harming other people…….. or try different bud if you want a certian “high” case in point no offense to anybody just putting that out there……