Barry Gibb, Only Living Bee Gees Member, Embarks on Solo Tour

    May 16, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Barry Gibb is the only remaining member of the Bee Gees and he is now embarking on his first ever solo tour. He kicked off his tour this week in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center to an impressive crowd. His second stop on the tour was Boston.

The Bee Gees consisted of Barry Gibb along with brothers Maurice and Robin. Maurice died back in 2003 and Robin passed away in 2012. Younger brother, solo artist Andy Gibb, died in 1988 at age 30. Barry Gibb is no stranger to the music world, but in a career that spanned several decades he never did much on his own. He released only one solo album–Now Voyager–and he wrote two albums for Barbra Streisand–Guilty and Guilty Pleasures.

“It was time,” Gibb said from his home in Miami about finally going out on a solo tour.

When asked about his apparent avoidance of much solo work throughout his career, he gave a very simple answer.

“My heart wasn’t in making solo records with all that,” he said. “We were brothers, but if you stepped too far out, somebody would pull you back in. You couldn’t go too far on your own. There was always that conflict.”

“Why do you think I titled that Streisand album after something guilty? Having success on my own meant having to not really talk about it. It’s not as if my brothers ever mentioned me winning a Grammy for that record with Barbra, let alone congratulate me,” he added. “There it is.”

Gibb’s reasons for not doing solo work are sadly gone.

“I don’t have anyone to look out for except myself,” he acknowledged.

He did, however, express his feelings about Justin Bieber and his recent issues that have prominently graced the media in recent months, as seen in the video clip above.

Barry Gibb was close to his brothers, both personally and professionally. Whether he was writing Bee Gees hits alone or as a group, from 1967’s New York Mining Disaster 1941, 1977’s watershed Saturday Night Fever, or 1977’s I’ve Gotta Get A Message to You, they were, as he says, a band of brothers.

“I know I make it sound as if I wanted to get away from them, but I didn’t,” he shared. “We inspired each other in many ways.”

As the eldest he was always looking out for his younger brothers. Barry Gibb says he is a religious man, and he also believes his brothers will square their problems in heaven.

“Too many coincidences to think otherwise,” he said.

He even dreams about his brothers who have passed on before him.

“In so many of my dreams now, I see my brothers. I see Robin a lot, presently. I see his expressions. Maurice and Andy, too, but less than Robin. He and I, we were as close as we could be within those circumstances. Maybe we were worried that we would become so close, it would have to come apart,” he said.

Barry Gibb isn’t only a compassionate man when talking about his late brothers, but is compassionate in his writing and performing of music as well. One need only listen to an old Bee Gees song like How Can You Mend A Broken Heart that dates all the way back to 1971 to see and hear this quite clearly. His audiences will no doubt hear it, too, along with a taste of whatever else the iconic singer puts out there for them during his first ever solo tour.

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  • Tommiegirl28

    Got to be tough to be the last of the brothers standing. Good luck, Barry, wishing you nothing but the best.

  • Sharon Rose

    Saw him last night in Boston. What a show. The audience response to him was very heartfelt and a couple of times he turned his head, as you could see the tears welling up. Felt like they were all there with him, in song and in spirit. Bless you Mr. Gibb

  • John_Doe12

    He can call it the stayin alive tour

  • lindenfrank

    I relayed today how my second wife ‘BROKE MY HEART’ and how can you mend a broken heart? it ain’t easy

  • http://zazzle.com/trailerparktrashwear MaverickAshley Lenartson

    Andy Gibb was 40 years old, not in his 20s as the article states when he passed from an infection that was a result of his drug use that was not caught in time. One of those nasty things one is subject to when they are a drug addict even if they have gone on to the path of recovery…his mother was right there in the hospital visiting and holding his hand when he passed. Such a Tragedy as the Bee Gees sang… I wish these morons who write this MFng shite could get it straight. How hard is it to get the facts right? I THOUGHT that WAS what REPORTING WAS ALL ABOUT???!!! IDIOTS!!! tinyurl com/d4msmg8 The Funny Comedy Book…Laugh Your A** OFF!!! Thank You for checking it out…

    • Anon

      Andy had just turned 30 when he died, no?

      • JerseyFresh12

        Yes, just turned 30. He was born in 1958.

    • GaryLockhart

      Andrew Roy “Andy” Gibb (5 March 1958 – 10 March 1988)

      That’s just past 30 years, you wanker.

    • Gary

      Somebody needs to check his facts before running someone else down. HUH Maverick???

    • Bruce Temple

      He had just turned 30

    • suzy q

      perhaps you should get your facts straight. Barry was very emphatic after Andy passed that his death was not related to his prior drug use.

  • JerseyFresh12

    By the way, the tour kicked off in Boston this past Thursday; he is in Philadelphia this Monday, which would make it the second show of the tour.

  • Salty2

    He’s in Jones Beach, NY, on 5/23. We met him personally a few weeks ago, he’s really very compassionate, and a great guy!! He loves people and is very humble – he really impressed us! We are going to the Jones Beach show, we can hardly wait!!

  • skulldruggery

    i can see him now: ha, ha, ha,ha, i stayed alive, i stayed alive!

    (doesnt have the same ring to it lol)

    • Guest

      So wrong, but kinda funny 😀

  • johnny

    barry, i have been a fan of the bee gee all my life, grew up listening too ur music and john travolta haha, please come too okc,okla, i be there bro-gods speed;)

  • honeydipped1

    I’m a Bee Gees lover! Be strong Barry, best wishes to You! RIP to your brothers.

  • Gary

    Loved the older songs that the boys put out most. What a talent they all had, and of course Barry still does have. Hope he comes close to Austin Tx on this tour. Will check out his program and see.

  • Bruce Temple

    Poor reporting. Gotta get a message to you was released in 1968 not 1977.

  • Don P

    I guess all the Bees worldwide are having problems, huh?

  • nancy

    I have been watching their best concert everynight at betime with earbuds. I love hearing him sing and move to the music. I love his voice more than Robin. He will do a wonderful and have a fantastic time. To me just to emotional for him I think hey listen to his lyrics. Wish I could see him but I watch him on youtube right now. LOVE YOU BARRY ALWAYS MY NUMBER ONE!!!!!

  • SallyR

    I just saw Barry in concert last night in Philadelphia. What a phenomenal show! I feel so incredibly lucky to have been there. Just like Sharon Rose posted a few days ago below, the love from the audience was really apparent, and the emotion on Barry’s face was very moving. He performed hit after hit, and having his son Stephen and his niece Sammie participating was an extra bonus. Well done, Barry! I’m a BeeGees fan forever!