Barcelona is Gorgeous from the Sky

By: Chris Gabbard - May 10, 2012

The Eixample district in Barcelona features a unique combination of city planning and architecture that lays out the city in a perfect square grid. The design allows for ease of traffic and lots of shared green space in an otherwise packed urban environment. It also looks amazing from the air.


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Featuring the grid pattern and wide avenues, the buildings are comprised of square blocks with chamfered corners, giving them an octagonal shape. The unique design allows for increased ventilation and greater visibly down its wide streets, while still making room for green space in shared courtyards. The design was created by Ildefons Cerda and constructed in the early 20th century.

The district is known for its luxury rental property which holds its value well. It has been one of the most successful urban planning experiments, and many cities around the globe have followed the ideas of community based living this district encompasses. Although no place in the world has copied the exact lay-out, making it a unique case study.




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