Banderas Griffith Rumors Spread After His Fling, Her Rehab

    July 18, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith have been together quite a long time in Hollywood years–15, to be exact–and despite their loving facade, some say their marriage is falling apart.

After Banderas was caught on film kissing a woman in a Cancun nightclub–and then leaving with her–and Melanie’s continued struggle with drug use, the family seems divided. Rumors are swirling that Banderas is attempting to squash all the talk about divorce and make things right with his wife. After Melanie was seen out and about and missing her wedding band, speculation was amplified.

“Melanie’s a mess,” a friend told Perez Hilton. “Not only is she in jeopardy of losing the love of her life, but her career is in the toilet while Antonio’s star is continuing to rise. I think Melanie’s self esteem hit an all time low and she believed Antonio was torturing her. For years, it’s as if she’s been consumed with jealousy over his flirting and outspoken love for beautiful women. I don’t think Melanie can live with the constant fear that he might cheat.”

That “constant fear” might have something to do with rumors that he was seen with at least one other woman a few years ago while in Mexico to promote his film “Shrek The Third”, and some are wondering if it’s also the cause of her latest stints in rehab.

Banderas and Griffith put up a unified front when talking to the media about her drug problem, however, saying the struggle had only made them stronger.

“We love each other, and above all we love our family. We’ve figured out how to get past obstacles … and if you get past those, you only get stronger,” Banderas said.

  • http://yahoo Isabella

    Sad, because this seemed to be a solid hollywood couple. I hope they can mend their differences and save the marriage.

  • SusieQ

    Griffith is an ex-heroin addict and pillhead, and the plastic surgery she has had on her face and the lip fillers have ruined her face. I have been reading for years that she is very jealous, and clingy, and there is so much a man can take. On the other hand, he left his Spanish wife for Griffith, so what did she expect? Once a cheater, always a cheater.

    • Smartlady

      Gee, thanks for the uplifting message, Susie.

    • Betty

      I tend to agree on the once a cheater, always a cheater theory.

  • http://nbc Bonnie

    I think his wandering is not the cause. I think it is the result of living with that all these years!!!

    • http://ABanderasandGriffith Elisabeth Dakak

      We do not divorce because a wife has burned a meal.
      We do not divorce a man because he lost his job.
      Marriage is an important commitment.

  • http://yahoo Linda Barr

    Remember that there is people like myself are praying everyday for you.May God bless you and your family. Remember that God love you both first.

  • http://ATT.net Jan Cook

    I have lived with an addict…it is very tough to daily see one like that. No matter, if he had a wondering eye….her actions have caused these problems. Her kids have lived in a horrible household with their mom being an addict.

    • http://yahoo.com e.clarke

      Jan it is a “wandering” eye! Don Johnson cheated on her too. Her MOM is the beautiful actress “Tipi Hedrin”. I don’t know what is wrong with Melanie but one of my all time favoirtes is and always will be “Working Girl”. She was great in that. I like all of her stuff. She needs to get her act together or she will just lose everything. If she is so much in LOVE with the jerk she would do just that. I never liked him in his movies, but it seems it just should be expected in that rat hole in Ca.

  • koala

    Reminds me of the Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz marriage!

  • Sarah

    That’s what he gets for leaving his wife because he couldn’t see beyond the blonde hair.

  • Victor

    This is simply biology taking its course. She is getting old
    and drying up. Plastic surgery is awful. She looks like a clown. He is good looking. Men get older but women rot. I am dating a girl exactly half my age. I never even thought I could date her. I visit her workplace a few times a week for business and she’s the one that pursued me.I couldn’t believe it. I asked her if she realized I am twice her age she just smiled at me and said it didn’t matter. I feel so lucky and my married friends now hate me!!!!!

    • http://yahoo Linny

      Victor…You big POS…

    • Dave

      You got quite the ego there Victor

    • Niko

      Victor, when you get all “Hugh Heffner” like in a few years and your sac is hittin the floor, Miss Young thing gonna find her a young wooden soldier. Fool!

      • ou812

        hahahaha Funny s#@t! Niko!

    • antkids3

      Wow…Victor, you’re a douche. Thank God you’re not exemplary of most men I know who understand what love and commitment are—and who value growing old with their partners. I have a feeling you’re going to learn what the word “Karma” really means…hopefully, at some point, your young girlfriend will tell you that YOU”RE too old for her (probably won’t be that long from now, as she’s “half” your age. ) Just “biology taking it’s course”….

    • Destiny

      I’ve dated old men. Aside from the fact their not nearly as attractive as young guys and their lack of sexual stamina (not lasting long enough, erectile dysfunction, etc.) it was fine. But nothing’s better than a hot, smooth skinned, man in his prime…I have daddy issues and the old guys fulfill that, but that doesn’t take away the craving for handsome younger guys.

      • Juan

        Is this Destiney from Whitney?

    • http://yahoo Jo Jo

      Victor, you are an idiot of major proportion

    • For certain

      Victor, Of course it could be she thinks you have money, it could be she has a low sex drive since you are twice her age, and it could also be the fact that you are just too full of yourself and aren’t telling the truth. Get over yourself and if this is true ask what she is doing chasing after an old man.

    • Debc2

      Victor, that’s what girls half your age want you to think cause you older guys do all kinds of special stuff for us that guys our own age can’t afford to do. That’s it in a nut shell. We think older men rot too! We also tease about you when you’re not around.

  • Williams

    This would happen whether Melanie had messed up her face and lips or not. No matter how beautiful a woman can be, most men want a change and they act on it. The kicker is so do women but they have a nasty name for us when we do. For men, it’s called “They’re men and they have testosterone”. The trick for women is keep yourself together so when and if this happens, you won’t have the added downer of your physical and mental self NOT being together.

  • sherry

    What goes around comes around? I’m just surprised it hasn’t happened before now!

  • Michael A. Caprioni

    They can win this thing, problems can be solved and divorce is never final. They should stay together.

  • http://yahoo Jo Jo

    Might want to step back and wait to see what is really true about any of the junk in this article. I am skeptical about most of what they are even saying here.

    • davina

      They have actual film of him kissing and leaving with a woman. You don’t leave unless you have sex. That is cold, hard facts = proof. What they plan to do about it could be speculation. What would you do if you caught your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend ? on film with another kissing and leaving a bar? Life is too short to settle for a cheater.

  • tnguyinsc1@yahoo.com

    I thought Banderas was a closeted gay man actually — no joke! She was just his beard.

  • Carol

    I learned the hard way that “once a cheater, always a cheater”. If he left one wife for you, you can usually expect that he will do the same to you.

    • Cathy

      You are so right, once a cheater, always a cheater. If he cheats with you, he will cheat on you.

      • John Nicoletti

        Excellent comment, and ohhhh, so accurate. Beaver rules.

  • RAC

    What a shame….marraige AND career. I have always enjoyed her performances. If she would let herself age naturally she could be a great character actress. Still could be if she found the right agent and embraced her age.

  • RAC

    One more thing….for example….she would have been great as the mother in Killer Joe.

  • Amused

    I am a huge fan of both on the screen. It ends there as far as my perception of them as two people that I will never personally ‘know’ in terms of opinionated appraisal. Celebs are always under such scrutiny because as a society, we set them up on these unattainable unrealistic pedestals. These people are ‘entertainers’…I am entertained; thereby they are successful in their professional pursuits. As for the individuals they have come to be, it sounds as though they BOTH need help. Their marriage was not founded on a healthy foundation to start with. “As it begins, so it will end.”

    • arlene

      it is just a matter of time, you look for the indicators and then the pattern, sorry, that’s how it goes in the world of glamour, power and hollywood.

    • me

      Dakota is not their daughter, it her daughter with Don Johnson. I think their daughter’s name is Stella.

      • me

        oops, replied to wrong post, sorry.

  • Lynn Linderman

    I have followed the Griffith-Banderas marriage for a decade and a half..
    I know that Melanie is besotted in love with Antonio, even having his name emblazoned on her arm..

    I think both of them have tried to solidify and keep this marriage intact…..also because of Dakota, their Daughter…and their love for each other.

    Melanie, like many others..has had problems with prescription and controlled substance and has gone into rehab…

    It is a difficult road for her…and her children are urging her to rehabilitate, and get healthy and strong…

    I hope that they can work out the conflicts that can come with relationships…and especially when one of the partners becomes more successful, and the other “Person’s Star Falls”….

    But I wish them both well…and that it may be resolved…For the Partnership…and for their Family…

    • me

      Dakota is not their daughter, it her daughter with Don Johnson. I think their daughter’s name is Stella.

    • Johnnie

      Hey Lynn:
      Having someone’s name tatooed on younis not an expression of love.It’s as dumb as it sounds.

  • http://Yahoo Pam van Dijk

    I feel bad for Melanie Griffith but I’m not surprised. This guy has a big ego and will probably leave her for a younger, prettier woman. That’s the sad truth for a lot of Hollywood people. Everything is great for awhile but look at these couples. How many actually are still around for the duration? I hope he ends up a lonely old man…

  • Ann

    I am with a man who is Latino and I know what she is going through. It’s almost like a no-win situation. You love that person but their flirting/cheating is sheer torture. I can understand why she became a drug addict.

    • ProudLatina

      Excuse me but this has nothing to do with the fact that he is Latino. We Latinos are very loyal people. There are exceptions, of course, like there are in every culture and race. You can’t excuse bad behavior on race.

      • DNA

        well said! It is not the race but the person without values who cheat!

    • Rose

      @ Ann.. i dont think being latino is what is making him cheat or flirt… her addiction has been an issue way before she married antonio.. i think they have both lost interest in their marriage but refuse to divorce because its become such a cliche in the hollywood industry.. as to ur issue, no disrespect, but he may be trying to get attention that he doesnt receive from you, or he may be trying to get that “spark” feeling that he is still attractive… men tend to do that sort of thing.

    • emm

      you are only speaking for yourself, obviously.

    • jerseydevil

      Banderas is from Spain (Barcelona,I believe);which makes him Castilian,not Latino.

      • brenda

        Cheating is not about culture, it is about morals. Her addiction is drugs, his addiction is beautiful women.

    • davina

      There is a way to win. Be happy yourself and have some respect for you. I am happier than I have ever been. You have to ask yourself what is healthy for you and will make you happy.

      Life is too short to stay with someone who cares so little for you that he would rather have sex with someone else. That is a dealbreaker.

      Ann life would be happier single and looking foward to what could be than to wake up knowing that you are getting less than you deserve. He will continue to cheat until you teach him that you won’t put up with it.

      If finance is keeping you put then look at your options. Talk to family or people in the community. If you are married w/ kids then there could be some support. If you are single walk away and enjoy what little you have of your life before it is gone. No one is promised even today, so why waste yours on a low life???

      Do it for yourself; you deserve it.

  • Aolmsn

    Didn’t he leave his wife in spain with children for Melanie? Of course he will leave her.

  • gerri

    If I were in a marriage that drove me to a constant fear of my husband cheating I would more than likely have the same problem Melanie does. However, I choose NOT to ever give anyone the power to put me in a constant state of fear irregardless of how much I may love them. My motto…”Love Yourself First and Foremost”

    • yahoo user

      irregardless isn’t a real word. Regardless is. fyi

      • Trishy

        Angeline Jolie would never ever act that way….Brad Pitt knows if he cheated Jolie would kick him out!!!

      • jerseydevil

        My mom used to say “irreguardless” when she was angry.I called it “rez-speak”,as she was Hunkpapa Sioux.Today is her birthday in heaven.I miss her.

      • vicki

        There is no such word as irregardless!

    • Trishy

      Melanie lived in constant fear of him cheating/leaving, etc. He did anyway!! You cannot play detective in a relationship/marriage, Who wants to anyway??…Her insecurites/fears are the reason she takes drugs in the first place. She should concentrate on her own life, children, work, etc. Let him worry about her, i.e. if she is going to leave him or divorce him? (for a change).Self Confidence is the key…

  • Mar

    Wasn’t she the lady Banderas cheated with when Banderas was married to another? What does she expect? She flirted and had an affair with a married man that lead to him divorcing his wife. Karma!!

  • Janice Evans

    I tink Antonio has done a wonderful job putting up with her years of substance abuse, if he cheated she needs to look to herself, if her career is over she also needs to look to herself. Everyone makes excuses for their behaviors and hold there family hostage to their bullshit for years, Melanie needs to get a face life and stay off drugs, I love Antonio, what did she expect, be a wife!

    • DNA

      You said it plain and simple right to the point!

    • margaret

      Janice, there is never an excuse for cheating. First try to mend the break up, if it cannot be done, then walk away, get your divorce but never cheat. If the excuse is to spare the child, lame excuse’ children always know what’s happening. Too many broken homes today. The family unit is at the bottom of the pile. Just look around at what we have done to our children, to the family unit?

  • Susan

    I thought the rumor might be more crazy than the usual ones I’ve read, but it’s the usual fodder. I doubt it entirely. Melanie Griffiths’ drug problem and stints in rehab are very tragic. She’s a drug addict. Plain and simple. I think we look at celebrities and think they have it all. She sadly made foolish choices with her life, who she chose to socialize with, who she decided to believe in. I pray that she will some day see that Jesus is the only way and the one person who will never leave her nor forsake her. People may leave your life, but He never will.

  • margaret

    She was also married to Bruce Willis at the time wasn’t she? Never the less, it is always sad when a marriage breaks up. I hope they can both make it right.

    • don johnson

      fuck that ragged out bitch.

    • davina

      Don’t you mean that she had just broken up with Don Johnson, Miami Vice. I don’t think she has ever dated Bruce Willis

    • Sue

      Never married to Bruce Willis. Left her actor husband Don Johnson for Banderas.

      • margaret

        Thank you Sue. I discovered that after I posted it. Sad situation is’nt it?

    • don johnson

      she was married to me

    • margaret

      No, I have her confused with Demi Moore. My apologies to Griffith. My condolances to her. Divorce is very devastating for the one left behind. And the ones who suffers most are the children. They are scared forever.

    • Sweets

      She was never married to Bruce Willis…

  • leele

    wait…latino men have a rep….they always have a mistress…my mom worked w/a latino guy & he told her MOST latin men have a mistress…its the culture….

    • Darlene

      There are millions of Latino men and we’re to believe that 1 person can speak for half of that population. Where are you people from on this blog? I’ve read some of the most racist, intolerant and most ignorant comments which you have to take that these people are walking around thinking these thoughts and if it walks, talks and looks I’m sure is what is dividing our country. Get a life! One person can’t speak for an entire race of people!

  • Janice Evans

    I’m reading everyone’s opinion, look at the real picture, it’s not a race thing, it’s a I’m tired of your shit thing” Antonio has been picking Melanie up off the floor for years, she’s been on drugs most of their marriage, even the children sat her down and told her about her drug use, families get tired when they are being held hostage to someone else’s addictive ways, If I was Antonio I’d walk away too! Addiction not only hurt that person but tares family apart, she paranoid because she’s using and she know that boy is getting tired of her shit.

  • Missy

    In my experience men love the chase and what they can’t have. Melanie cares too much it would seem. The best thing she can do is get a life and don’t care one way or the other if Antonio stays or goes. If he’s already cheating then she is showing him he’s gum on the bottom of her shoe, if not he’ll have to win her back. After 15 years of marriage things are probably pretty dull and tense around their home and someone has to make a move.

  • Sirena-bella

    Latino men are “Horn Dogs”.

  • Sirena-bella

    Latino men are always looking for their next conquest!!

  • CL

    Didn’t their whole relationship start with CHEATING ? He was married and his wife was pregnant when Melanie caught his eye and he and she started an affair….and he left his pregnant wife. You reap what you sow …if he will cheat for you he will cheat ON you as the old saying goes.

    • http://webpronews denise

      melanie was also married to don johnson when she started her affair with antonio..they were working things out.. he’d helped her through rehab and she repaid him by cheating

  • Eric

    My friend used to work @ Radio City Music Hall backstage and one year when it was hosting the Tony’s he had to work and they were both in play’s that year – she was in Chicago, he was in Nine – and he told me the whole time backstage they did nothing but fight and she was the nastier of the two, and he just stood there with a scowl being “whipped”. Of course, the second they had to go out, they were all smiles and hugs. I believe the rumor then was that she asked to do Chicago just so she could keep an eye on him. Not surprised by story. Sounds accurate.

  • peejay

    It takes very strong individuals to survive the temptations of a Hollywood marriage. What did she expect? He’s got it all. Since Antonio appears to be the stronger/more mature of these two, I hope he takes the steps to break the vicious cycle of reacting to each other’s weaknesses. I pray Melanie adopts some of the resilience of the character she played in “Shining Through,” and that’s how I’ll remember her.

  • Malinda

    So this marriage has stayed till now?We can only imagine what’s been going on behind close doors. I’m not surprised though. This was only waiting to happen.

    • Flamethrower

      Living and working in the L.A. you hear and see things in the entertainment industry. I personally have heard for years that Melanie and Antonio live a swinger lifestyle. If that is the case, swapping partners has been a constant in their marriage. I used to work with a woman that was a swinger and she and her husband had specific “rules” no seeing anyone away from their spouse. From what I’ve seen, when one of the spouses starts doing that, that is when the marriage begins to fall apart. Antonio is most likely tired of Melanie’s insecurities and drug abuse (didn’t he know about that when he married her?)And she is worried because he is seeing women without her. As for Latin men cheating, they do have that reputation. My boyfriend is Latin and luckily isn’ the muy macho,ladies man people expect. I got lucky!

  • virginia rice

    If you are going to cheat, why get married. Marriage is all about love, and commitment, and being faithful to that one person.If you can’t, then why get tied down to one person in the first place?

    • HI

      Exactly,i knew a guy few years ago who told me he was a newly wed and he was already cheating on his wife i was like ‘what? You must be kidding me’.I don’t know why he got married to be honest.

    • http://facebook anita

      Virginia, I agree with u completely, but after awhile his wife’s substance abuse can be a hard thing to handle and after 15 yrs, of the problem maybe her husband is tired of that scene. He is Latino and believe me many latino men cheat.
      How would u like to be married to a self indulgent addict for 15 yrs.

      • Turtle

        Don’t cheat, man up and leave.

    • Turtle

      I don’t believe most people go into marriage thinking they are going to cheat.

    • Julie Stanfield

      I agree. But sorry Melanie, you deserve no sympathy. Her relationship with Banderas began as an extramarital affair. He was still married to his first wife, and left her for Melanie. What goes around comes around.

  • GinaG

    What goes around, comes around…Didn’t Melanie leave Don Johnson for Antonio Banderas? Now the shoe is on the other foot. Melanie is worried that her marriage is falling apart because Antonio might leave her for some other woman…History repeats itself!

    • banana

      Sour-sour You ! Melanie left Don because he abused her physically.

    • Liberals Are Evil

      Yes she did…but that lowlife Banderas left his wife of 7 years for this junkie too. They are both cheating scum and they deserve each other.

      • Annie


    • marko

      Remember, according to most women, when men cheat it’s because they are dogs. When women cheat, it’s because men are dogs. It’s never their fault.

  • michele

    Why anyone would be surprised by their philandering and drug use is beyond me, the relationship to begin with was on the CHEAT, so why would anyone think that would change? Her lips look like inflated balloons and to me he is a has-been!

  • Renelda Moorehead

    Melanie Griffith is one of my fave actresses. She is accomplished.
    I am so sorry to learn about her marital problems. She and her husband have had a long run, maybe it is time to close their ‘show.’
    I wish her the strength to go on and to continue to command the roles she plays so well. As for Banderas, I believe he rode her coattails to his mediocre stardom. Be strong, Melanie; be blessed.

    • Annie

      Melanie is total white trash!

  • hoe

    Dog will hunt……………….

  • Felicia Savinon

    Yes they do, sorry can’t stand spanish men. That is why my husband is German. And I am spanish, don’t get me wrong they are sexy and suave but all they should be is eye candy. You can’t marry latin men they will eventually cheat wirh a friend or even another family member. Well that’s what I have run accross in my time.

    • Adriana Cardenas

      Felicia, that is an idiot comment to make. I have been happily married 10 years to a latin man. (I am also latin) but to say that all latin men should be only be eye candy and are not marriage material is an ignorant comment to make. Shame on you.

      • Annie

        Latin men are by far the most good-looking.
        Not only that but the diversity of hues among Latin
        men is.
        My girlfriends who travel Europe say that when Spanish
        men are ‘good-looking’ —they are exceptionally good
        looking- more than the Italians!

        • http://yahoo healemotions

          I am a latin female and tome black men are the sexiest

          • http://yahoo FeeJizm

            Well, EVERY ETHNICITY has their tall tale about manly men and their “sexyhood” in their culture….So, for the RECORD All black men:

            1. DO NOT have a big dick

            2. DO NOT have rhythem—on the dance floor or while dancing in the sheets.

            3. As for the ability to keep it strong all nite long……..WRONG

            4. Refuse to travel South of the Equator…. hahahahahahahahahahaha….ummm bruh’, it’s not working bring on the good-good.

          • VCD

            THANK GOD someone has figured out that all black men are not well endowed, can’t dance and listen to just hip hop and can go all night! The ones that can and do are gay. I’m black and let me tell you, it ain’t all that. I’ve had a few Irish boys that would put some black men to shame. Have no desire to be with a latin man. I stay close to home because that’s what I know and like. As for Melanie, stop getting plastic surgery, love and accept who you are and find a man that appreciates that. Drugs will make you look old, busted and disgusted.

      • Elise

        I agree in part with Felicia. I was married to two different hispanic men and there was abuse in both marriages. Hispanic men don’t treat women very well on the whole. There are exceptions, of course, but for the most part…. It’s part of their culture.

      • bini

        I do know, for a fact, that most of latin man will eventually cheat on their wives. If you can oversee that, then, yes, some might be good “marriying material”

      • bini

        if you can overlook their cheating ways, then, some might be good marrying material..

    • Annie

      You’re white trash–that’s why Spanish men cheat on you.
      Just like Melanie!

  • JIM


  • Debbie

    Melanie cheated on Don Johnson with Antonio Banderas and that’s how they hooked up. so Melanie’s the cheater. she even said in previous interviews that she always cheated, she couldn’thelp herself. Latin men are handsome and eye candy and also make great lovers and have good family values. Melanie has none, she only has huge lips that sag because she keeps deflating and inflating them. whos wants to be kissing excess skin. I think Antonio should move on. his wife is a druggie and won’t stop using no matter how many stints she has at a rehab. doesn’t seem to be working for her.

    • whatever

      Really Debbie? My latin husband sucked in the sack and was a horrible family man and a cheater to boot. Perhaps you should nix the generalization.

    • bini

      Great lovers??? do not agree with you.

  • Gordon Speake

    I am quite certain that their troubles can be traced to George W. Bush.

    • JanieVee

      Correct! Almost all of our current troubles can be traced to him.

  • TC

    Hope they work things out. Everyone needs happiness even if they have made mistakes in life. Like no one hasn’t!!! You know how the news agency are, if there is a crack, chip it out until it is wider than a valley.

  • M.B

    I agree with CL, plus she looks old and tried.

  • http://WEBPRONEWS.COM Laura

    First off, I think he is ugly. Secondly, both should end their charade and move on with their lives. He can screw all the women he wants and she can do all the drugs she wants and everyone will be happy.

  • RE

    Yes ALL but maybe 1 or 2 Latino men cheat. From my 41 years walking this ground I have witnessed almost all. Maybe now Melanie sees that the grass is not greener on the other side. For Antonio, payback is a bitch and then you marry one. I bet his wife is getting the last laugh now and not to mention child support without the burden of being with him.

  • michelle

    she’s a mess.

  • Reality

    Banderas cheat please he cheated with her in the first place. Come on
    15 years in Hollywood is like a Golden wedding Anniversary. She is old and he is gone. I wouldn’t trust either one as far as i could throw them.

  • mark ochs

    This is all WILLARD ROMNEY’s fault!

  • ALMA


  • MeforPrez

    “…while Antonio’s star is continuing to rise.” Oh puhhhleeezzzz!
    Neither of them have had much of a career for years, and their marriage has been a joke from day 1. They call this news???

    • http://www.fatcities.com Blondie

      That’s quite a joke that lasted 15 years.

  • http://yahoo FeeJizm

    A certified junkie and a unabashed pimping cheat…..What girl could POSSIBLY want anything more…..Ahhhhhhh so refreshing….a marriage made in heaven…..a one of a kind love of a lifetime…..true love from up above……ect…ect…ect…and,since sources have told Pezzy Hilton that his-(AB)-boisterous claims of loving beautiful women may have led to Mel’s last rehab run…..hmmmmmm….While I’m sure she looks all beautiful and sexified and has that unmistakable sparkle in here eyes while she is partaking in the pain-pain-go-away make me look beautiful to him today!….***BIG SNIFF….**tap-tap on side of nose….Yeah…..It just seems that she would/could save money even if not marrige…If she would get off the drugs, stay out of rehab and just go to the Hollywood chopshop that that Heidi chick went to and get the “I’m 20 yrs. old AGAIN” special.

  • Anna

    I’ve been married to a latino man for 12 years. They are not all abusers. If they where born in the states they have our values, but if they are born and raised in the mother country, then you are taking your chances.

    • http://yahoo michelle

      I am in a domestic partnership for a decade with a mexican man.Contrary of what most people believe of men coming from Mexico that they’re macho and womanizers ,he never gave me the doubt,he cooks,he took over my son from a previous marriage with all his love.He works a lot and helps support the house. So there are exceptions.

    • bini

      Of course not all latinos are “abusers”. A high percentage of them are womanizers and “machos”, I would never , ever, pick a latin man for a husband. Culturally, it is a matter of, having many woman makes them feel “more men”.. yes, idiotic, nonsensical, but that is the way it goes in their mother countries.

  • T. Marie

    Is is my belief that human beings, at the core, are not monogamus. We have been socialized and conditioned to accept this way of life as the best way to live. It has order, takes self dicipline, provides a stable environment for the development of a family, and provides a excellent environment for individuals to experience value and purpose, which equals real love. The non-monogamus way of life, to me, stems from human kinds previous purpose to procreate and poplulate the world and has developed in to physical satisfaction. I am not judging one way of life as better than the other, it is a choice, but for some it is hard to override the urges..and best not to try to involve themselves in monogamus relationships. Just my slant on life.

    • Hawke

      I agree with you T. Marie. I’ve been married to the same guy since 1966. That’s a long time. We’ve both been unfaithful but have also discovered we’re better together than we are apart. Ideally I’d like a guy for going to football games with, one for going to concerts with, one for going to a really nice restaurant with, one to laugh with, one to talk to and vent with, you know–one guy cannot possibly have that many facets of his personality–I also like bikers and cowboys.

  • T. Marie

    In my opinion, I don’t think human beings are truely, at the core, fully monogamus. Some of us are able to control the urge to stray better than others, but I believe it is an inate thing we all struggle with and those who deny it are lying. I am not judging here, just saying if you don’t have control of the the urge, best to stay non-monogamus.

    • T. Marie

      Sorry for posting twice the basic same info..don’t know how to delete the first comment..I didn’t think the first one didn’t go through..

      • T. Marie

        I meant…I didn’t think it posted..

    • bini

      agree with you, completely

  • http://yahoo FeeJizm

    When there’s NO PRE-NUP….It’s cheaper to keep her. Openly cheating—ON CAMERA–After 15 years of supporting an insatiable drug habit, the thought of divorcing her and having to unass 1/2 of whatever her habit has left you with hmmmmm………driving her to an ACCIDENTAL over dose my be the most economical resolution to resolve this unending fukkery they have created. I’m sure he had NO idea or plans to get on the Cocaine Hwy. for 15 years and counting.

    • http://gmail mburg

      I think you nailed that one right on the f’d up head!

  • Carmen

    You discuss Latin men as if they were another species. Everyone is attracted to men/women of many different cultures. We all share one thing in common…sex. Wether we’re interested in sex with the same gender or opposite, every individual is attracted to many different people. In terms of values…Most people have values. Although many people do abuse their relationships in one way or another. Get one thing straight every culture shares the act of cheating, the use of drugs, etc. Sometimes people fall off the wagon and don’t know how to deal with their relationships. No one is to blame…it happens. It’s important to value yourself first and earn respect. Then embelish your relationship with fun, creative and romantic moments. Anything short of that will always be the demise of any relationship, regardless of gender, creed or culture.

  • Azzizzi

    Karma is a Bitch!!! – If you ALL remember, she was responsible for breaking up his last marriage. I say what goes around, etc., etc., etc.!!!!

  • C M

    I saw her at a fundraising event last year and her appearance was shocking and disturbing. She clearly looked to be under the influence of something and she simply did not look healthy.

    It’s the classic scenario – she’s abusing her body, unhealthy, not in her right frame-of-mind and he chose to fool around. Not saying what he did was right, but when someone seems to want to drive and push you away with their irresponsible behavior, it seems the other person might oblige.

    Just get a divorce and move on.

  • http://webpronews.com Char

    Melanie is showing the effects of drugs and alcohol, especially in her face even with plastic surgery. However, even Antonio Banderas is greying and is no longer the Don Juan he was when he and Melanie first began their affair.

    I don’t know a man who hasn’t cheated and I have been on AFF where most of the men are married cheaters whose wives have no clue. Men are raised to want to plant their seed in as many woman as possible; take Mike Jagger; he screwed over 4,000 women even when married to the beautiful model Jerry Hall.

    The only men I know who don’t cheat are Mormons and they have to work at it or just go to porn sites and dream. For men to be faithful is damn near impossible even with the most beautiful and sexy of wives. They are addicted to the “strange” by their nature.

    So, as women, one has to decide whether to put up with it or leave. Most of the time, married men never leave their wives anyhow and never plan to. They just want to feel desirable to other women. It is their own insecurity, unless their wife has given it up. Trust me, there are plenty of women getting a little on the side too. In fact, I have even had some of my girlfriend’s husbands come on to me when inebriated or even say they would be with me if not married. That is just plain rude as I’m their wife’s dear friend. Men aren’t dogs; they just think with their little head instead of their big one.

    • Dan

      Char-You say you don’t know a man who hasn’t cheated…you ARE aware we exist, right? Oh, and don’t forget…women cheat as well.

      Why don’t I cheat? Real simple…it takes 2 or more idiots to cheat: The person who asks, and the person(s) who say yes; of these, the bigger idiot is USUALLY the first one I mentioned. The only time the second/third/fourth person(s) are the bigger idiot is when they say yes KNOWING that The Cheater will never be there for them.

      Oh, and I know of a MICK Jagger, but never heard of this guy MIKE Jagger…is he Mick’s cousin?

    • sally

      Char, You got it backwards….men who cheat are morons and you need to find more honorable men to associate with.

    • John

      Lots of honorable men out there. After over 20 years of marriage, I have never cheated on my wife. Never plan on it either !


    With Melanie as his wife and the mother of his kid, Antonio needs to at least get a divorce before he fools around. He is an ass to humiliate her. She has trouble, that’s clear, but why aggravate things ? He could cause her to go kill herself. What a giant ass Antonio is…when Melanie is still unable to get her life in order he decides to go openly cheat on her.

    • Azzizzi

      Oh Lorrie – booo hoooo – give it a rest – SHE DID THE SAME DARN THING TO HIS FIRST WIFE — SHE (MEL) WAS THE OTHER WOMAN

  • Linda Singleton

    I would hope that Melanie could get help for her addiction which is easier said than done when you don’t realize how far down you have gone. It is very hard to live with a person with an addiction because as a child, my father was an alcoholic and I couldn’t stand being around him. Looking at him made me never want to take a drink of any kind and to this day, I never have. He eventually died of pancreatic cancer because of the alcohol abuse. Before Melanie gets a real health problem, she needs to get help and not only think about her husband, but think about her wellbeing and the wellbeing of her daughter that is so concerned with how she is hurting herself and not realizing it. When you wrap yourself up in someone, you forget yourself and they become more important. She is such a good actress and I pray that she can turn the corner and not continue to be self-destructive. The world doesn’t end because a relationship doesn’t work because betrayal is so hard to overcome. She needs help to get through this, as this is not something you can do alone … however, you have to realize that you have a problem and be willing to make a change … otherwise, there will be no resolving this situation. You can take a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, but just make sure you carry him there … my mother used to nail that in my head. God bless her and give her strength to recognize, cope and take steps to do something about it … Patric Swayze drank a lot and ended up with pancreatic cancer … I would hate to see this happen to Melanie.

    • http://yahoo.com Linda

      Well it was just a matter of time for Melanie. She married Don Johnson 2X and still wasn’t healthy. I’m in a position where I don’t have a pot to pi$$ in…don’t have the money like the Hollywood world. However, let’s find another investigative theory….Who, where, what, when, are their drug dealers? Some schmuck who gets caught bringing in the drugs gets a term in prison, let’s add to our focus the delivery of drugs to the celebrities….and double the sentence. They are all narcotics users….let’s face it…keep it quiet and it will go away…START LOOKING…DTI

  • Angel

    Well of course he’s gonna cheat on her. If Antonio Banderas cheated on his wife before Melanie, what makes her think that he’s not gonna cheat on her with someone else. Can’t change the spots on a dog….Sry , but men are like that.

    • Jbuc

      “men are like that”…..yep and I suppose that the women that throw themselfs at Banderas have no clue that he is married! The ladies facilitate the cheating and dont seem to have a problem with it.

  • Nelli

    Well, if drugs are involved, that alone puts an enormous strain on a relationship. And adultery will pretty much finish it off. What really gets me is these women who have affairs with men they KNOW are married. That woman is just as disgusting as Antonio is. She knows he has a wife.

  • Sally

    Their relationship started on cheating and deception. I’m not surprised.

  • Mary Bailey

    I feel sorry for her. Drug addiction is hard to fight. But what goes around comes around. If you started out as the other women, you have to expect there will be another women in your future. If he cheated with her, it would only be natural for her to expect him to cheat on her. Insecurity is enough of a reason to relapse but then so is mistrust and suspicion a reason to drive him to seek another. I wish them the best in solving their problems and doing the best they can for their daughter. I have always been a fan of hers as well as both her husbands. It is not easy to be famous with all your problems spread out for all to see in the media. I always say, “There but for the Grace of God go I”. We should all pray for their family.

  • http://verizon Maria

    Melanie likes to pick up bums, just like Banderas.He was a relatively unknown foreign actor who could bearly speak English, when she took him in. Again, I concurr with others, that a cheat will always be a cheat; especially the stray Kind.

    • Lee

      He may have been an unknown in the US but he was a popular actor in his native land. Who cares if he could barely spoke English — he rose to the occasion and learned it. As to Melanie, how many years of torture can Banderas take with Melanie’s drug addiction!

    • Linda

      Antonio Banderas was an accomplished actor in Spain. He was great in several movies by Pedro Almodovar before he became “known” here in the U.S. Not bad for a person who “bearly” speaks english….

  • dgr

    Melanie distroyed his previous marriage,shes a burn out drug addict,
    age has taken its toll on her!If she can’t give him that hollywooid support, then expect him to move on!And I remember Don Johnson was supposed to be the love of her life!!! She left him in rehab for Antonio… Hows it feel being the other person in rehab, and the other woman!Not in Hollywood advice here, just the facts Melanie!!!

    • Klee

      Wow you know a lot about her life. You must be on the “inside” with those “facts” either that or you read it in National Enquirer.

      • sevenof9fl

        Klee, you don’t have to be on “the inside,” as you put it, all you have to do is be old enough to remember the events as they transpired – it was splashed all over tabloids, magazines and news shows for months – there was no way to avoid the story. It wasn’t as big as Burton-Taylor but it was quite the talk at the time. In fact, most people at the time were hopeful that Banderas would be a stabilizing influence on Griffith and that removing her from Don Johnson’s orbit would finally break her drug habit.

        Looks like everyone was wrong about that part.

      • carson

        Klee, you don’t have to be on “the inside,” as you put it, all you have to do is be old enough to remember the events as they transpired – it was splashed all over tabloids, magazines and news shows for months – there was no way to avoid the story. It wasn’t as big as Burton-Taylor but it was quite the talk at the time. In fact, most people at the time were hopeful that Banderas would be a stabilizing influence on Griffith and that removing her from Don Johnson’s orbit would finally break her drug habit.

    • http://melanie terri l

      hehe didnt know that. what goes around comes around so good job anthonia mr limpy. you deserve each other

  • Leila

    if i were her friend i would tell her man gonna be a man they gonna cheat i dont know what her reasons for drug habit maybe she depress or insecure she shouldnt take it. if man want go let him go he gonna cheat he gonnna do it anyway whether she around or not. i would tell her she could play that game too have fun to if he out there having fun if i were her i would let him go if he come back to me that fine if not then stay away life too short to be depress doing drugs think it gonna help when it really dont just mess you up bad and she should her thing too enjoy life take risk make new friends or new boyfriend nothing is forever unless it meant to be cant be force and be drugfree dont need drug to be happy she need new man or new spirit if dont like me my comment or wanted make fun of it go ahead it dont bother me bother you then you have problems hope like my comment

  • LeslieT

    WOW, I really hope she can find a way to give up drugs. They ruin so many lives.

    • http://melanie terri l

      any man by the time there50 have to prove their still macho. THEY WILL CHEAT with someone their daughters age who will take them for a ride to limp ville they they will cheat and get their money. SO go out and have a great time. buy one who will make you glad your ride of limpy lol

      • http://melanie terri l

        its rid of LIMPY.you at 50 =a guy at 25 in compared to limpy at 50=one time into a 25 pathetic rodent. he only dreams for about 5 seconds lol

    • Elizbeth

      good ..no great point leslie im with you …everyone has demons. so ppl need to not ush to judge others….

  • http://yahoo.com voltaire

    May God give you both the strenght and courage to face and overcome the challenges of life, only love of God and love for each other can do it,,,not drugs,not alcohol,

  • http://yahoo Diane

    Hey you two, don’t give up now, too many years invested in your marriage/relationships. So what if he flirts, as long as he don’t touch, fight fire with fire, you flirt too, & don’t touch.
    The drug problem! well you must have learned something in rehab, we counselors/staff give you all the tools you need for one day at a time. Working for me for the last 36 years, if I can do it , so can you. You gotta want it.
    I love you two being together, God Bless you & your family…Di

  • Gia

    What did Melanie expect? Antonio cheated on his first wife with her. As we all know, a person who cheats WITH you will cheat ON you. Turnabout is fair play. Now Melanie knows how the first Mrs. Banderas felt…It took 15 years, but those chickens finally came home to roost. C’est la vie.

    • fuskiegirl21

      Good Point Gia

  • Dark

    Alright, Gia. Nicely put!!!! Wasn’t there “cheating” when she was married to Don Johnson?? I am a firm believer in “what goes around….

  • Dark

    Melanie’s “rehab” problem is all her own doing. Nobody forced her drug usage on her. So why is she blaming Antonio for them. Maybe he’s tired of all that mess she keeps ending up in. She should be proud of him for “his star continuing to rise”!! Instead she’s whinning that hers is in the toilet. If I remember some of her movies…her acting wasn’t all that great anyway. Stand beside him, be proud of him, stop “embarrassing” him. At least he’s bring in the money that she is accustomed to spending, and I just can’t believe that she can’t find something to spend it on execpt “drugs”!! So, Melanie…step up, woman up, and stop makeing the rest of us married women that work hard a being married, look bad.

  • Marilee

    Melanie was a loser when she was with Don Johnson and carried that over to her relationship with Antoino. Why he married her is behind me. She has always when a drugger from the time she was a young kid. She needs to go away for a long time. I feel sorry for her kids.

  • gary

    I learned when I was quite young a lesson that has proven to be correct each and every time. “Couples work in pairs.” I do not judge either Melainie or Antonio. But I do know in analyzing the situation as presented that the cycle of behavior they both exhibit is not the “fault” of only one. Each exhibits certain behavior patterns and as a married couple they are both responsible for the status of their marriage.

  • Tiran Walley


  • Karyn

    Melanie is a mess because she made Antonio her god.

  • Haruka

    He’s Spanish. They love beautiful girls… When I go to Spain I am hit on constantly, and some of the men do have wedding rings, still they pursue boldly. Sad but it’s that hot Latin blood that ignites when beautiful women are around. Plus Griffith has wallowed in drugs for years, I’m sure she is not keeping herself up as long term drug use has tarnished the beauty of many a woman, look at Lindsay Lohan for another example.

    • Jess

      Haruka – Conceited much?

      • Haruka


        Look, I’m just telling you my experience in Spain. It is what it is. I eat right, exercise, and take care of my body and I am beautiful inside and out. If taking care of one’s self and being self confident in one’s appearance equals conceit in your mind, well, so be it then.

  • Steve Drummond

    And people aspire to be these people because why? Speaking in percentages…Hollywierd types, with some exceptions, are by far the most screwed up bunch of LOSERS that exist anywhere…by MANY times over. A bunch of over paid monkeys. LIBERALS…what can we expect!
    By actually reading and commenting, I just became one of the sicko idiots that actually gives a shit!

  • http://yahoo brenda

    he left his wife for her.did she not think this was’nt going to happen!

  • Nicole

    If a man cheats with you, he will cheat on you. Melanie had no problem hooking up with a married man, so why should she be upset that other women feel the same way she did. Oh yeah, it’s because the shoe is on the other foot now that she is the betrayed wife. She chose to marry a cheater and then is surprised when he cheats on her? What an idiot.

  • ozwizard

    Who cares?

  • titan

    Divoce him, Melanie. Take him for all he’s worth and ever will be worth. He’s just one man and not that great, in my opinion. He’s getting old. Melanie, you can do better. He’s not worth the headache and having to use drugs to live with him. Divorce is your best move.

    • Frank

      “He’s getting old?” Like she’s a spring chicken! He’s a Latin lover, deal w/it!

      • http://Yahoo Peg

        He still looks great to me on the other hand her she looks awful. When she had her lips injected she looked like the joker, her face pitted from many Botox, who knows what else. Her drugs and looks is enough to drive any man away. He’s probably been through hell living with her.

        • Fleecy

          He looks as old as she does. Society is just more forgiving of men than women. It’s too bad that there are so many stupid young women still willing to run after him. He’s a chauvinistic selfish man who can’t keep his eyes or hands off beautiful women. It’s so typical of so many latin men. They love beauty and think they have the right to chase it as needed. Melanie needs to leave his sorry ass. It’s a shame that she lost her self-esteem over such a loser. His movies suck too.

    • Carol

      She’s worried about him cheating? I distinctly remember that he cheated on his WIFE of many years (who lived in Spain) with Melanie Griffith while they were filming a movie. He then divorced his wife and left her and his children to marry M.G. . . . what goes around comes around.

  • Sneeky

    Well this comes as no surprise. Honestly, they were both cheating Anontio-women, Melanie-drugs, as far as Antonio and beautiful women, I can’t see that being the case comcerning Melanie because she is average looking but then again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I can think of at least 10 women he could have ended up with if beauty was a factor,Antonio is just a man whore and more so now because he;s trying to prove he still GOT IT. His looks never meant much to me but I sure love his voice. It’s always sad to see this happend but what goes around comes around.

  • NY Gal

    “Melanie’s a mess”, a friend tells Perez Hilton. This is the most contradictory statement on the web right now. NO FRIEND of Melanie would talk with gossip king Perez Hilton.