Bam Margera Catches Hell For Gun Pics

    October 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Professional Jackass–and sometime skater–Bam Margera found himself in some hot water recently after posting some controversial images on Twitter.

Margera and some friends were playing with a fake gun and documenting the fun when a cat and puppy got involved, which caused a wave of backlash on various social media sites and garnered a statement from the ASPCA about animal cruelty, which said that Margera was “not funny” and had “missed the mark” with his antics.

Margera apologized later, saying he was unaware of a recent string of animal-cruelty related incidents near his hometown and reiterating that while he was joking, he doesn’t even own a gun and would never inflict harm upon an animal.

“Just hurting another animal is rude, crude, and more,” he said.

He also pointed out that most of his 800,000+ followers on Twitter “knows my Jackass joking kind of humor”.

Interestingly, the photos of Bam pointing a gun at various people barely caused a stir.





  • Milk

    Get focused on important issues Gunthers!

  • kongoman

    Okay then, so let me get this straight. Pointing toy guns at animals is a horrendous cruel thing but to point them at another person is just fine?

    • DooDooBrown

      It is just fine. That dog and cat are defenseless. Bam on the otherhand is a fucktard who should eat a bullet. What kind of psycho does shit like this? People are selfish, liars, evil, leeches, molestors, murderers, should i keep going?? Any person would deserve that bullet over a dog and cat. Wake up.

    • Obi-1

      No that’s just darwinism!

  • someonesmom

    Last i looked Bam was part of the infamous Jack Ass Crew… these pictures surely aren’t more shocking and unexpected ….
    And the puppy pic……….. looks like a bit of a take off on the rest of the ‘pet lovers’ that post pictures of ‘naughty’ puppies, i ate mommys sex toy….. kinda thing…
    Bam i know you don’t care but really … funny pictures .. and i’m not a gun lover

    • Michelle

      It was a fake toy gun,people take things too serious if you don’t like the show don’t watch.

  • Bill

    I wouldn’t expect an idiot like Bam to own a gun. Otherwise he would understand how serious it is to handle and treat all firearms regardless if they are fake. Being a personality like that with millions of viewers looking up to the fool, it will be on his hands when there is an accident with a real gun.

  • Logic

    I think it’s great that people are all upset about the animals, but not the people involved.

    Say what you want about the animals not having a choice, or whatever the case, but it makes me laugh that what got the attention was the animal treatment.

    So I guess it’s alright to make the same jokes about a human, just don’t put any animals in there!!!

    • Logic

      Plus, anyone who knows about Bam, knows to take nothing he posts seriously.

  • Nut Job

    What kind of nut job spends their time responding to a post like this one? Oh yeah… I guess we can can really shoot a puppy to stir things up or we can create a CAT-o-polt and have some REAL FUN! Nevertheless I would never expect Bam to really shoot that puppy; the cat maybe but not that poor little puppy.

  • Stan

    Wow!… I’m not surprised considering the source, but this is a shame. First, No matter what or WHO he points that gun at – real or fake – there should be a stink made about this. A few things to note. 1) The gun is always loaded! 2) Keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction at all times. 3) Keep your finger off the trigger until you are sure of your target AND what’s beyond. 4) Do not let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to DESTROY. These were ALL broken. Us responsible gun owners are having a hard enough of a time keeping our rights without this “Jack@$$” giving the rest of us a bad name. I’m all for him making a living for being a total idiot…good for him. But when it puts a negative view on gun ownership and gives the anti-gunners more fodder, I’m offended.


    He’s a bit of a jerk….and as such he does jerky things to get attention. I doubt he was serious about any of this…I am not excusing any of his antics…I’m just saying he’s a dope.

  • Money21

    Do it, Do it. Shoot him already.

  • Bryan cooper

    i think people need to calm the fukk down ffs.its a joke relax

  • eric

    Everybody gets pissed wen a pit eats a kid then wen you threatin a pit they want to start a riot