“Ball Cutter” Fish Eats Swimmers’ Testicles, Found In Illinois Lake

    July 9, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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If you know anything about horror movies, the first thought running through your mind after reading that headline is probably of razor-toothed little piranha fish zooming between the legs of blissfully ignorant swimmers. But the Pacu fish is different, and its teeth are compared to those of humans.

The Pacu is primarily found in the Amazon and can weigh up to 55 pounds; their teeth assist them in grinding up nuts (the kind with shells) and seeds. But some locals in Papua New Guinea have reported that two men were killed when a Pacu fish bit off their testicles, which makes one wonder about the validity of official claims that the fish is harmless to humans. The scariest part? Two of them were recently discovered in a lake in Illinois.

When a fisherman claimed he’d caught a piranha at Lake Lou Yeager last month, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources did some investigating and found that the fish was actually a Pacu. Several days later, another Pacu was spotted in the same area. Officials say they pose no threat and were likely kept as pets before someone dumped them in the lake, but I’d imagine that any male swimmers who frequent that particular body of water will be wary of jumping in for a while.

  • Ron Ventola

    Not funny, Not news. In fact, if the “Victim” were a woman (supposedly) being genitally mutilated, the outcry against sexist misogyny would be heard around the ‘net. Cheap trash.

  • Stephen Bass

    Can any guy imagine saying to anyone, “A fish bit my balls off.”

  • Author 149

    I like your new picture Ms. Crum

  • Seamus Wardowski

    This would be a terrifying situation, however the author should be well aware that in South America and Amazon regions, swimmers don’t wear bathing suits at all, they swim naked. Their genitals would indeed look inviting to many aquatic predators. But, a swimmer here wearing swim trunks has very little to worry about a fish coming near his junk, wouldn’t you agree?

  • 93SHO

    Never ceases to amaze that when a humorous article gets published, somebody always has to slam the article and post their own radical beliefs-the article is funny and we all need to laugh more

  • alex

    “Two of them were recently discovered in a lake in Illinois.” – I hope you mean the fish and not the testicles.

  • http://facebook Patty

    That is true the Pacu most likely thought there .Testicles where smaller fish because that is what our Pauc ate.My husband put his hand’s in the tank all the time to clean it.The Pacu never went after his fingers was the size of a quarter when we got him.When we took him to am aquarium he was ill be 5or 10 lbs husband had to use a trout net to remove him from our 55 gal fish tank feel bad for two guy’s who where bit.

  • joe

    I think i am gonna keep my dangling balls on dry land for awhile.