Baby Elephant In Pool Is Your Daily Cute

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A baby elephant at the Fort Worth Zoo is getting quite a bit of attention after a video of her playing in a kiddie pool went viral.

Baby Belle, who was born July 7, is only the second Asian elephant to be born at the zoo in over a hundred years, so her popularity was already a given. But when zookeepers gave her a little pool to cool off in, she endeared herself to visitors immediately with a childlike love of water, splashing and slipping around.

When the weather gets unbearably hot, the adult elephants have a place to cool off, too, but because Belle is so small she needed a place of her own.

"The Asian elephant exhibit has a 3,200-gallon pool that the adult elephants often utilize, so keepers provided Belle with a safer, smaller-sized pool for her to play in," spokeswoman Katie Giangreco said. "Belle is full of personality and is learning and discovering new things every day, such as using her trunk to push, pull and lift objects."

Check out Belle and her mama playing in the water and delighting passerby.

Amanda Crum
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