Awesome Minimalist Disney Posters FTW

    April 12, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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Something about minimalist art just looks great on movie posters. Combine that with Disney movies and you get a whole new edge. You might think most of these posters are for some dark, avant-garde indie film, not a cute animated kid’s flick.

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Liverpool graphic designer Rowan Stocks-Moore designed these. Check out his work. His interpretation of classic book cover designs are also very impressive.

The above (and others) are all available in poster form on Rowan Stocks-Moore’s Etsy account He has recently had a lot of requests for his stuff so expect to wait about 14 working days for a print, longer for United States customers.

  • http://aidyreviews.net Aidy

    The ones for the Lion King and Peter Pan are my favorites!

  • ed

    The 101 dalmatians is missing number 72, just saying.

    • AJ

      Maybe that’s why they call it minimalist art…….

      • http://Facebook Joe McClellan

        Very observant.. you are Todays Lucky Winner…

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/jeremy-muncy Jeremy Muncy

      Wow. Good catch.

  • andy

    not necessarily great minimalism but still very cool

  • fantadude

    Bambi and the lion king ones are badass!

  • http://www.fajasshapewear6.co.cc Vedette

    These are amazing. I love how he depicted the different movies.

  • Vedette

    These are amazing. I love how he depicted the different movies and transformed them into a much better looking poster.

  • http://www.kefmovie.com/ kefkin

    An interesting thing when I realized that apple (Snow White)
    are the two faces are united by love, thank you for share :)

  • mike

    no one likes these fan-made minimalist posters. there’s a reason the hollywood execs didn’t use them to promote the actual movies…because they sucked

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/jeremy-muncy Jeremy Muncy

      Yeah, that must be it. Good call.


  • King bitch

    Since when were minimalist things so busy