Autistic Boy Receives Hate Letter

    August 19, 2013
    Lindsay McCane
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How can someone harbor so much hate for someone, simply because they are different? That is the question that one mother has after her child, diagnosed with Autism, was sent a hate letter.

13-year-old, Maxwell Begley is just a normal teenage boy, except for the fact that he was diagnosed with Autism when he was 20-months-old. He enjoys things that other kids his age would enjoy, including go-karts and jumping on his trampoline. He loves going to his grandmother’s house to watch “Grease” and taking trips to the dog park.

Despite the Maxwell’s carefree nature, a hate letter was slid under his grandmother’s door, in Newscastle, Ontario, on Friday telling her to, “Do the right thing and move or euthanize him!!! Either way, we are ALL better off!!!” The letter was signed, “Sincerely, One pissed off mother!”

The writer claimed that Maxwell makes a “noise polluting whaling that scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!” She also said that Maxwell was a “hindrance to everyone,”and that “whatever non-retarded body parts he possesses should be donated to science”.

Maxwell’s mother was in shock after reading the letter and says that she began hyperventilating and had to be calmed by her husband.

“It made me sick to my stomach to think that somebody hated my son that much and they didn’t even know him,” Karla Begley says. “But they just hated him because he was different. That’s the only reason they had to hate him.”

Maxwell does not know that the letter was sent or what the letter contained. He is, however, enjoying all of the attention that he is getting from everyone. “He doesn’t know anything about the letter,” says his mother. “He loves the attention, he thinks he’s famous.”

Jodi MacLean, spokesperson for the Durham Regional Police, say they are “taking it very seriously” and are currently investigating whether any laws were broken.

  • Reality

    The person that wrote the letter is actually the worst kind of danger there is and is the abnormal one. The worst people I find are the people who think they are so superior to everyone else and those people that think they are holier than thou.

    God doesn’t make any mistakes in this world and that young man is here for a reason. I wish a lot of happiness for this guy and I hope he knows that he has many people in his corner.

  • lanola

    I have an autistic grandson. People do not understand differences…to bad

  • Sandy P

    I have a 14 year old son with high functioning autism which has gotten better since he was diagnosed. Although it has, at times, been difficult, it has gotten better. People need to realize everyone needs a chance, autistic persons need to find their niche. Everyone has their talents! Anyone that doesn’t realize everyone has a talent needs to grow up & this find out!!!

  • Charlie

    This is just flat out disgusting. It’s even worse that the person who wrote the letter is a MOTHER! I feel sorry for her children.

  • http://god.teamuluv.com james

    cant most of them like not read. this guy must be nuisance to them being a man who would actually insult a little boy, no matter how dumb f**k stupid they are i mean its really good luck, considering what’ve happened if he never read at all. it wouldnt’ matter, euthanise or not, this guy isnt goin on to reproduce, sorry.

    • james2

      Hey James- Actually it’s people like you who have atrocious grammar that need to be euthanized. Go back to first grade, learn how to write. You are a thousand times more idiotic than anyone with autism or mental retardation. You must feel like a big man hiding behind your little computer to write what you do. I’m sure your penis is as small as the pea in your head that you call a ‘brain’.

    • Carla

      James, release the strange d*cks from your hands before leaving anymore comments you dumb f*ck. okay, thank you

    • Tina

      Wow. I don’t know which is more tragic — the fact that you claim these special children can’t read or that you can barely put the right words in the right places together. Well, you shouldn’t reproduce either — the world’s better off without little jack**es running around making fun of others.

    • http://yahoo christi

      How ignorant are you James? My son has autism and is extremely intelligent. He graduated high school through mainstream classes, he’s held a job, completed drivers education and attended college. What have you done with your life. And let me apologize to you if you have trouble reading and/or understanding this post, I’ve used some big words like mainstream, education, college….. I’m just saying!

  • Lisa

    I read the letter and felt the need to gag! This is a horrible example of a mother and I can most definitely vision her children coming out with some mental problems as well. Instead of being a model parent and teaching her children how to co-exist with others who have disabilities she further the gap in creating an atmosphere for unity regardless of any abnormalities. This type of stupidity is what creates bullying and ignorance because of a lack of understanding. So what she has to deal with noise. If she lived near a train station would she call them and ask them to stop blowing the whistle? Apparently the area she lives in is a safe community and why shouldn’t the child live in the community as well. So because he has some mental ailments he deserves to lose his rights as human and the mother is suppose to be punished because she gave birth to this child? Guess what, things happen and I have a sister who was born “normal” and she had setbacks in her toddler years. Better-yet, if her life was so perfect and “normal” her children would not be afraid of the sound and she would have some compassion and understanding of the behavior. Then again, ignorance is bliss and let us thank God that her children are “normal” because if they wasn’t she wouldn’t know how to deal with them. Everyone cannot handle the same struggle and that is why we inherit different problems because he knows who has the strength to carry on. God bless this family! Love, A woman who has a sister who is severely autistic

  • http://god.teamuluv.com james

    lol who cares about the boy, whoever wrote that should have a go at whose line is it anyway. lol teriffic show

    • christine

      Hey, James. Save your immaturities for your death bed.
      No one cares for you either.

  • Yucca

    This letter is unbelievably cruel & ignorant.

  • Susan

    This letter made me sick to my stomach. I cannot fathom anyone hating that much. It is very disturbing that someone feels that way and has that much hate in them. The person who wrote this letter is very sick and troubled and needs to be found and smomething done to ensure that she does not do this again or does anyhting else to this family or any other family. I wonder if this leter can be considerd as a threat? If so, she could be arrested. That would be good. Unbelievable that there is so much hate in one person. I am just sickened by this. I cannot imagine what would make someone have so much hate in them….wowI feel sorry for her kids. I hope they do NOT grow up to be like her.

  • YouKnowImRightYesYouDo

    This autistic spectrum man thinks that painful sterilization or other torture is deserved of the woman who made these horrible comments. I understand firsthand the incredible ignorance she gives. If there were someone deserving of hate crimes in her country, she is the Poster Child of 2013 as far as I’m concerned. I pray the cops catch that pathetic heifer. Until she is prosecuted, I may begin judging Canadians in part due to her inability to cure her own stupidity.

    • Sheila N.

      You got that right!! I could not have said it better myself!!! But don’t be quite so quick to put all Canadians in the same box!! My mom was Canadian as well as her family, and they were like the neatest people ever! Don’t let one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch!!

  • Stephanie

    This letter was so disgusting that I am having a hard time believing it could possibly be real.

  • Kaye

    tht is just sick, in this world where differences are so poignant, how can one person be so closed-minded? this sickens and hurts me and i dont even know this boy. for his sake i pray he never learns of what this terrible person has said. a few years ago i participated in Spread the Word to End the Word and it gave me a new perspective. we as people take for granted what people with disabilities face in a normal day. the rude stares, comments and the notion that they cant do things that non-disabled people can do.i have a great respect or everyone standing up to this anonymous and sick person and to this boy’s parents for fighting it. i pray that the police can make this a hate crime and arrest the person behind it. kudos to everyone that is standing up for this boy, and of course, to maxwell, who will overcome this.

    • Cathie

      Unfortunately, if he ever Googles his own name, this will come up – and he’ll learn why he was once “famous”. Tragic, really. And to think the woman that wrote this has children of her own?? She should be the one sent to isolation!

  • Debbie

    If a mother wrote this letter I can’t even begin to know what her children will turn out like. With that much hate in her she shouldn’t even be allowed to raise children. What a loser mom!!!!!!!

    • joanna

      who the hell she thinks she is? what right she have to say things like that, I’m sorry for her kids, sorry for her parents because it is a shame that they raise something like that as a human being? shame

  • Jessica

    I read this and it is one of the saddest things I have read in a while. How can a GROWN ADULT with CHILDREN be so hateful toward a young child? This is exactly why so many children kill themselves over bullying. You can be an adult and still be a bully and that makes you worthless. I hope this child never finds out about this. So sad…

  • Egger Gee

    This most likely is FAKE!! Another family lying and seeking “Fame”, money, sympathy.. There have been quite a few Scams lately.. The teacher who spray painted hateful racial messages, the person lying saying their kid was dying and they got money and sympathy. the phony Fund Raisers.. The Mom is not even crying ( fake tears),, Wake up, folks!

    • Egger Gee

      Maxwell does not know that the letter was sent or what the letter contained. He is, however, enjoying all of the attention that he is getting from everyone. “He doesn’t know anything about the letter,” says his mother. “He loves the attention, he thinks he’s famous.”

    • Lisa

      WOW! YOU AGAIN? Are you going to post this exact same drivel ON every article on the Internet. I’m starting to think you’re not retarded but that YOU sent the letter.

    • mike_a

      You are a very sick demented person who obviously has no clue what it is like to raise a child with special needs let alone have a ounce of compassion. Your mother ust be vry proud of your lack of empathy or human like kindness.

  • Beverly

    I am on the autistic spectrum: Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a high-functioning form. Judging from the description, it’s quite likely that the boy is an “Aspie” too, in which case he is capable of reading and understanding, and may eventually discover what is going on. By the way, I am engaged to be married, though I have decided not to grow children because of a number of hereditary problems in my family — not all of them neurological. The boy can decide whether to sire children when he is of age. Aspie people are often geniuses, and do a great deal of good in the world — Albert Einstein had Asperger’s, and so does most of Silicon Valley!

  • Marilee

    I too have mild Asperger’s and although I don’t know what form of autism this boy has it really doesn’t matter. That woman, if she can even be considered that, who wrote that letter is evil! And she has the gall to say her kids are “normal”? Since when is ANY child NORMAL anymore? What DEFINES normal? This kind of hate and evilness needs to be done away with.

    Just remember lady, what you DO in this life you PAY FOR in this life! You’re going to get yours simply because life will give it to you and then you will feel what you have made this boys family and the rest of us feel.

  • noname

    HA HA. Another fake CIA news story.

    People – your government is deceiving you. All these news stories are MADE UP! Yes, it has been found that our govt is putting propaganda in the news to divide and separate us. They want us hating one another. You know why? Because they feel that if they can divide us, they can conquer us.

    It has been found that during the Boston Bombing all these major news stories like Sandy Hook School shooting. That our govt is using “crisis actors” in the news stories and putting these actors on TV to feed us fake information. If you don’t believe this just research “crisis actors” and boston bombing etc. on youtube.

    Our govt is using Hitler’s Nazi Germany propopganda. They want us to hate one another. They want to instill fear in us, so they stage all the shooting events. They are trying to take away our rights and they are getting ready for the collapse of the dollar that the “illuminati” is orchestrating to destroy us. And they are planting fake news stories to distract us. And they are orchestrating shootings all across America b/c they want to take away the guns from innocent people, to leave us at the mercy of a govt gone mad!

    • Ace

      Agreed, my friend. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who has been noticing something fishy going on with our government.

  • Joe

    Funny how this “mother” is such a coward to not leave her actual name at the end. I hope she burns in hell for her hatred and ignorance.

  • diane

    I just can’t believe this is real, it makes no sense to me. Sounds fabricated to me and If by some chance it is real then it seems part of the story is missing.

    There’s always 2 sides to each story. Not that the letter is in any way appropriate but, I want to know what led to such frustration and anger. If it is a noise issue then call the police and let them enforce noise nuisance laws.

    Personally, If I have a neighbor with a constantly screaming baby, yelling kids, constantly barking dogs, fighting adults, etc. I nicely ask them to cool it, especially if I have to work night shift and need to sleep. If they don’t keep the noise level down then I call the police.

    • Andria

      I will say as a mother to children with autism unfortunately these comments are made ALL the time for no reason at all. It is totally believable to me because it happens to our family at least once a week.

  • tracy

    this woman is a disgrace to motherhood i say she needs to have her so called normal kids taken away for a week or two durring that time she sld spend it with autistic children i cant believe this is the 21st century and peep are that dam ignorant

  • Andria

    Wow I really thought that there would just be an outpouring of support for this boy and his family and disgust for the mother that wrote the letter but I have seen negative comments on here! This is nuts people! I am a mother a REAL one unlike the woman who wrote this letter with three children with autism from Severe to high functioning. It is unfortunate that people think like this but they do. I have gotten far too many comments about my children the only good thing to take away is to every bad person commenting there are 20 to replace them that show support. All you people with your negative comments F*** you!!!! Most of us know the true blessing we have!

  • IMH

    of course it’s probably real. what do we expect in this society that treats the unborn as a nuisance, and where ivy league “ethicists” like Peter Singer argue that a person is only worthy of personhood they have “enough” cognitive function and cannot be deemed a burden to anyone… and that a parent should be able to kill their child if they don’t measure up to societal standards that define “personhood.” Singer proposes that human life has no inherent value. Therefore, killing someone who is not normal or who is sick is just “doing the math”. That on the pro side, you reduce suffering and the bummer effect on the rest of the community while on the con side, all you’ve done is kill a sub-, or non- human. He thinks people like this pollute our happiness and should be removed. As in killed.

    That hateful nieghbor probably graduated from the same ivy league school …. and others like it. Our kids are learning this crap at the feat of these “teachers”. And we don’t do anything about it because if we fight it, we’re labled hate mongering right wing bigots.

    Society today does not value life…. peroid. This is just one more concrete indication of the sickness that is spreading. What is the next group that will be deemed undeserving of life? It’s happened before (Hitler). Don’t fool yourself into thinking it won’t happen again to whatever group of HUMANS are targeted next for whatever reason. This world has gone crazy.

  • Gia

    That was NO mother that left the note -she may have given birth but she is not a mother and SHE should be euthanized sooner than later!! Piece of human sewage!

  • Dailydm

    Unfortunately your approach is only going to backfire and You just made it worse for yourself. I’ve been there with smaller issues. People like that, and there are alot of them, need you to share their misery. Refuse. As much of a pain that it is. Move, or do what I do turn the music up and create as much white noise as possible, a fan, earplugs, fences. Sometimes growing to know or like the people works as well. One thing for sure, the stress will make YOU miserable not them. Re-direct your focus. Find activities away from the home for hours. Notice the timeframe the harrassment begins and be elswhere. Things will change. Letting them know your upset sets the stage for more ideas for them to come up with. You have to cope with this. Coping, being rational, finding soulutions will bring you the peace you want. HUGS – I know!!!

  • Michelle

    I get the feeling that this story may not be real. If it is then it is terrible, however I just don’t think it is.

    • http://yahoo christi

      michelle, I have an autistic son in his 20’s and I can’t say if this is real or not. But I can say I have had friends from school. People I had gone to school with and been friends since 1st grade drop me and my husband because they didn’t want their children to “catch” what my son had. These were the same people that came to my house, had us (my son included) to their homes for 2 years before the diagnosis and said how precious he was. Well once we received the diagnosis, we were treated like we had leprosy. that was in the 80’s and it breaks my heart that here we are in the 2010’s and there are still people with such narrow minds.

  • http://peacefulrampage.wordpress.com 80smetalman

    It’s disgusting that people can be so horrible and intolerant. This is the 21st century people!

  • johnG

    When people does like she did and didn’t attach a name with the letter there is only one word that best describes this lady-COWARD

  • Bob

    I can’t believe the comments on this article. If any one of you lived next to this woman and her screaming, whaling kid you would be driven crazy! This woman, her husband, and retarded kid are prime examples of what is wrong with people in this country; they are selfish. You have hard working families who live in the neighborhood, paying a mortgage and you let your screaming maniac child out to drive everyone crazy and drive down property values. The neighbors have no chance of every selling their home and have to put up with this choas? I would be suing this family in a heartbeat…the kid needs to be kept inside and brought to a park to go crazy. This mom is the prime example of a selfish new-American who has no consideration for others but herself. She thinks she lives in a bubble with no one around her…hey lady, you have neighbors!! Your retarded kid and the way he acts isn’t their responsiblity to put up with. Move into a rural area where you can let him out and he won’t be ruining the lives of those around him.

    • Jayson

      @Bob You are a prime example of American Intolerance. The only point that you have made with your comment is that you are an idiot. A kid devaluing a neighborhood? Come on haha Unless you were living in a trailer park with bad insulation you would still have a hard time hearing him. And as far as letting their kid out in their own yard to play that is their own business. They paid for their house, so they can do whatever they want on their property unless it violates anything, and a kid trying to have fun is in no way a threat or disturbance to anyone. The only threat i can see are narrow minded people like you who think they are the only ones living in this universe, and that everything has to revolve around them. Oh and you saying you can sue the family makes you look even more dumb. What accounts are you going to charge them with? The only thing that you have proven with your comment is that you are waisting the very air you are breathing, and that you are a very uneducated dead beat. I hope you do not end up devaluing the homes around you, because who would like to move in next to an ass hole like you?;)

    • Yesi

      You are just as ignorant as the Woman who wrote this letter! Do you think the family asked for a special needs child! NO! They were blessed with one and are doing their best to make his life as happy as possible! Instead of getting to know the young man and actually helping him with life you decide to attack his attributes and short comings! One claims to have normal children and should have normal lives but what is normal!?! There is not one person in this world who has the right to judge another due to the simple fact that we are all human! There is NOTHING that makes one better than another so for you to sit here and actually agree with the letter proves how low in the human chain you are! Your intelligence is single minded and it is you who is truly selfish!! So before you start pointing fingers or start making accusations one should take a look at their own life and see that the problem is themselves! Any person that gets the chance to at least is very lucky due to the fact that One should cherish life especially when your life provides you every opportunity one needs!

    • http://yahoo christi


    • BJR

      Bob….what universe do you live in??? Must be dark in there & obviously oxygen deprived! Don’t ever have children or pets…it would be scarry! You sir, (I use that term loosely) are the selfish, inconsiderate, incompassionate looser that does harm to this world & makes it shameful to share this earth with. Grow up this is not public school where you can be the bully.

    • Carla

      Bob, I’m envisioning a ten tons of no fun 38 y/0 Caucasian male sitting naked in the floor of his mothers basement eating a really big bowl of porridge. I wanna kick your F*CKING THROAT IN PIG.

    • Carla

      Bob, Grown men are not to call innocent children retarded. I really wanna kick your throat in. Don’t worry about the value, I’d gladly do for free.

    • Carla

      ewwww ahhhhhh….cowardly b*tch bob picks on children….ewwwwww…he sues in a heartbeat too….o soso scary

    • Carla

      Where are ya Bob? We really need to chat. You make all them big man statements. It almost sounds like you think you’re some kinda better than classy man. If you’re one of those classy wealthy men you should fix it Bob. Fund some research why don’t ya. Cover some out of pocket medical testing, testing of the parents choosing. Your just so “smart” and got so much to say maybe you alone could figure out what test should be done. I have a feeling about you Bob, maybe you’re one.

    • Jody

      I don’t get angry often, but I heard about this on the radio and decided to look it up. Needless to say, it pissed me off beyond recognition!!! As someone who has autistic family and friends, I would gladly do some jail time to hunt this woman down and bash her face in for a little personal satisfaction. People like this are disgusting. She didn’t even have the guts to sign the damn thing! Anyone who can be so hateful to a child, especially a special needs child has no soul, compassion or worth as a human being IMO and that includes you BOB!

  • AP


    On Dateline NBC a few years ago, they showed a case where
    the police were investigating similar notes being received
    by a teacher at a school (and the notes were designed
    to look as of they were sent by another teacher).

    It was later found that the ‘taunted and tortured teacher’
    had actually sent the notes to herself as a cry for attention
    and public sympathy due to feeling overwhelmed with her
    life (and no other ‘teacher’ or ‘outsider’ had sent it to her).

    Also, a couple of years ago a man claimed that he began
    to receive ‘religious hate mail’ our of nowhere from “an
    unknown neighbor” (even though there was no history
    of any of the neighbors having harassed, disliked or
    shown bigotry or hatred toward his family before) and
    within a few weeks his wife ended up “attacked by an
    unknown stranger, possibly the “neighbor”, and killed”.

    It was later found that he felt his wife was a “burden”
    and had composed and sent “the mysterious letters”
    himself as a set up and cover for the crime he was
    planning in order to “set himself free” from someone
    that ‘he’ (not his neighbors) saw as a “burden” in life.

    In both cases, entire innocent-communities (even if
    it were seen as just ‘one’ phantom-person within that
    community) were placed with suspicion and blame for
    something that they did not do and would never have
    even thought of doing — simply because someone who
    felt they wanted to ‘escape’ their own “burdens” in life
    were setting up both the communities and the family
    member from whom they wanted to be set free.

    In addition, there have been story after story of
    late of the many parents and caregivers of autistic
    children who — feeling overwhelmed with taking
    care of a person with severe needs and yet also
    wanting to gain public attention, pity, sympathy,
    support, and a type of victim and/or hero status
    — have plotted for weeks, months and even years
    to ‘get free of their burden’ in such as way as to
    look both innocent and pitiable (and this is often
    done by pointing-the-finger at innocent-strangers).

    My point is that — UNTIL the police investigate to see
    IF this “mysterious note” is actually LEGITIMATE —
    this community should NOT be seen as having
    some sort of hate-monger living in it’s midst.

    This ‘mysterious note’ seems to have a far “too personal”
    touch to it to have been composed by any ‘man’ and / or
    even by ‘woman’ who would have been a ‘stranger’ or
    a ‘near stranger’ to this family — and, until it is PROVEN
    that it IS IN FACT from “someone in the neighborhood”,
    it seems unreasonable to assume that the neighbors are
    not (possibly) being set-up just so that someone who
    may feel overwhelmed with life can literally ‘script’ a
    situation in which to garner both pity and attention.

    It’s not that I’m not trying to be ‘sympathetic’ toward
    the family to whom the memo was directed … it’s just
    that … the situation of “setting things up in order to
    get public sympathy and attention” has been found
    to have occurred so frequently in the past number
    of years that — unless someone has a video of
    a situation occurring — many times it should be
    considered as possibly “one of the usual suspects”.







    • Carla

      Interesting dear, now do you suggest the momma, grandmomma or some autism organization did it? thanks

  • Lily

    I don’t care what the cause is; if one lives in an apartment and a nearby neighbor creates a constant, irritating noise, some animosity builds up. This person (if a neighbor did leave this note and it isn’t a cry for help from the parent themselves) dealt with this in a hateful and inappropriate way, but I can understand their frustration. All of the commenters who are ranting about tolerance should try having a special needs child screaming in a nearby apartment 24/7.

    • Carla

      Easy now young fella, perhaps you should just simply thank the graces of Nature that you yourself aren’t special needs or your children born with special needs, that’s even if you have any children. I’m guessing you don’t, how could anyone really hold their stomach contents down long enough at the likes of someone like you. I’m picturing you in my mind right now, you make me have to take a big ol’ sh!t.

  • Jacqui

    I hope that stupid cow has an accident and is rendered useless in every way possible. I hope she never gets to open her disgusting filthy mouth again. She can’t be very educated as most of us know Autistic children are not retarded. She must go back to the shit hole she crept out of. If her children new who she really was they would disown her.

    May that child continue to be happy and I hope he shouts from the roof tops.

    That woman should do us all a favour and disintegrate as she is a waste of human space.

  • Murday

    The world hates us, to them autistic people are freaks who deserve to be locked up, they fear us because they don’t understand us.