Audrina Patridge Gives You a Lot to Look At In Her Little Bikini

By: WebProNews Staff - July 25, 2012

Audrina Patridge, otherwise known as that girl from “The Hills” and that one chick from “Honey 2″, decided she hadn’t given guys anything to drool over in recent months. So when she had the opportunity to show off her black-and-white bikini at Foxwoods Resort Casino’s ‘Liquid Sundays’ pool party, she stepped in front of the camera and smiled. The rest, as they say, is history, though I’m sure history would probably disagree with that sentiment.

Still, if you like gawking at pretty girls in bikinis when you should be doing much more productive things with your life, then perhaps the images you see embedded beneath this article are precisely the sort of mind-blowing experience you need this afternoon. If so, by all means, indulge. However, before skipping over the rest of this text to get to the good stuff, let’s read what Patridge thinks about wearing swimsuits. You know, in general.

“I don’t even think twice about wearing a swimsuit because it’s always been a part of my lifestyle,” she explained to Shape magazine last year. “But I have girlfriends who are so afraid to show their bodies. They won’t take off their towels at the beach or pool. It’s a shame because everyone can look good in a suit.”

No, Audrina, they do not. If she saw me in a revealing bathing suit at the beach, chances are she would hand me a towel while curling her lips in a most unattractive manner. I wish I was joking. My body is a remarkably frightening landscape to behold, and I’m actually okay with that. Oh, wait. Maybe she was just talking about the ladies. My bad.

Anyway, enjoy the imagery below. Just make sure it’s cool with your boss first.

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  • JennySt

    Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge was nice to people at Foxwoods but not drool-worthy. It would be so enjoyable to say only nice things about the day. Except Audrina didn’t look nearly as good as she used to, or could. With a good boosting bikini top like the baby blue she wore a year ago, or the white one from her recent Cabo vacation she would have looked so much better and been the curvy amazing Audrina we love on “The Hills”. Reduced Audrina needs the boost. Without it she’s just another cute girl not the dramatic celebrity we expect.
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  • Christopher

    She looks like Audrina Patridge; a beautiful and hot lady (girl,woman) from north OC

  • Anna

    Does she know you can totally see her cooter???

  • Carol

    Not cute at all. She is way too skinny and her private area is partially showing. Gross.

  • David L.

    She looks hot as always but does that suit have a pocket for her pea brain??

  • Randa

    She’s shockingly thin! I can’t believe people think she looks hot…pretty face, but can anyone say “skeletor?”

  • http://yahoo jason todd

    She looked hot in the Carl Junior’s commercial in a bikini, but in this bikini, big turn off. She’s gotten too skinny compare to Junior commercial and bad tan and big off on the too small bottom that her VaJJJ is slightly showing.

  • Sebastian

    I think it’s interesting that out of the four posted comments, the three negative ones are from girls and the one complimentary post is from a guy. Think it’s kind of funny when girls transfer their own insecurity and self-loathing onto other girls in the form of snarky remarks.

  • EuphoricAnguish

    Those are her legs you idiots, the labia are covered by a very large margin.

  • mike

    I love all the old ladies that get pissed when young hot women show off their body. IT JUST MAKES YOU LOOK BITTER, LOL. THIS IS WHAT GUYS LIKE.

    • Jenn

      I love how guys assume were bitter. You dont even know what anyone looks like, lol. Her tits look like shit, the rest looks fantastic. Guys like to screw this, not keep it forever. THAT is the truth. That is not being bitter, its noticing her boobs are done badly.

      There are far better tits around, fake and real.

  • Jill

    I think she looks good, she’s not too skinny at all. I’d kill to look like that in a bikini.

    That being said, those folds between her legs are not normal and it’s definitely the outer folds of her lady parts. No labia in sight but still…I am sure no one noticed it at the actual party. We all sit here and stare so it’s easier to see.

    Also, her boobs are either different sizes or they are just stuffed into the bikini top all wrong. The cleavage is all uneven.

  • brian

    I can totally see her vag lips. YEs!

    • brian

      I repeat. I see vag lips.

  • diamondeyes80

    I think she looks great. Girls need to stop hating and starting going to the gym!

    • GARY

      u would..its a body that her daddy bought…yea u need to wake up and go to the gym yourself sweety.

      • diamondeyes80

        FYI. I work out 6 days a week. I’m giving her a compliment.

  • GARY

    one of the worst boob jobs in hollywood, get ur mony back and push them together…..geez

  • Tate

    got cheeseburger???

  • Elle

    I kinda like that her vulva is sort of like peeking out. And i am straight. But aesthetics has nothing to do with gender. I dont like her personality, but she has an awesome body and hey, nothing wrong with what revealing. It is not vulgar in her case and she is thin so it is not disgusting. Just get over it folks.

    • mel

      I am no lesbo either. Skinny,fat,hot,ugly I do not wanna see any persons nasty vag lips hanging out. It is gross. If I wanted to see hot vag I would read playboy.

  • stacey goode

    the funniest thing is I have a new word for vagina now….cooter, LOL

  • mel

    EWWWWW!! WTF with her vag lips hanging out. Like she did not feel that. DISGUSTING HUSSIE!

  • http://dinudan Harry

    she is an ok looking girl, however I think her 15 min of fame has expired. I am not sure why we idolize the people in this country. she should stop trying so hard to become a celebrity.

  • stephen

    all these guys r f–ked in the head she is smoking hott looking woman an all i can eat feast

  • timothy riley

    damn she soooo fuckin hott

  • timothy riley

    she is so hott

  • Ana

    I think she looks great! This is my first comment ever on a story through Yahoo. I had to stand up for her! Not everyone takes a “perfect” picture. Maybe her bathing suit was riding up, it happens, who cares what she looks like in a swim suit? Does it effect you?? She has the body to wear whatever she wants. If you dont want to see it, dont click on on the article. If you do not want your children/teenagers/ husbands/boyfriend to see the photo’s of her it is your responsibility as a parent to monitor your children on the computer. I know I have had issues in bathing suit and I am not over weight. Who are you to judge her? I think all the girls are jealous. If you have nothing good to say keep it to yourself. My best friend has similar features to Audrina, people come us to us when we go out to tell her how similar she looks to here, That is a compliment. What did she do for everyone to leave rude comments?!

  • larry

    Is that track marks on her right arm.Get help you to skinny.

  • Markus

    I love watching sexy women and eating at the same time.

  • MIMI

    She needs to make sure her puxxy is not showing whenever she takes a damn photo! That is very disgraceful!

  • habinbin

    you are a beauty !

  • Sid

    Audrina looks absolutely Amazing! Insanely Hot Body! Beautiful Woman as Always.

  • Donktheclown

    Are you mpeople disturbed? I’d drink her bathwater.

  • Me

    Sweetie, next time make sure your hoo ha is tucked in….. Otherwise, you look adorable!

  • Buddy

    What’s she wooried about? She looks great,and is loved by many.She’s blesed.

    • Lynne

      I agree :)

  • A. Realist

    OMG, look at that gunt. Fatty Arbuckle better get back to the gym…stat! And sweetie, next time wax those pits, don’t shave them. No one likes razor stubble.

  • jay

    never saw or heard of her before. she’s attractive and has a decent body but neither are enough to attract this much attention. go to any beach and she certainly would not stand out in any crowd. Not a head turner.

  • stumbled

    @Todd Rigney Seriously “honey 2″ she was not on that movie you have mistaken her with Melissa Molinaro..two completely different people…
    who is checking your WORK????

  • Maria Creel

    How has nobody noticed the lip slip going on to the left and right of her crotch?? Tuck your vajayjay in dear!!!

  • Cookies Mom

    Her lips aren’t showing but barely covered.

    • Lynne


  • s

    she was in honey 2, she was one of the Hot Celebrity Judge. look it up

  • V Swain

    Audrina is a pretty young lady.. however she is way too skinny look at her shoulder’s and that boy body.. She needs to gain a few more pounds because otherwise the only thing to men should notice that is a attractive is her face.. Gain some weight..

    • Rocky

      Let’s see your pics, faceless poster.

  • Kathy

    She has the most unflattering figure I have ever saw!! She has no waist!!

    • GARY


    • MONDA

      I Agree.

    • Rocky

      Post your bikini pics so we can compare. Or stfu.

    • Mocha

      And your body is better than hers? COW


    She Is Not Hot!!!

    • Mocha

      And I’m sure you look SO MUCH more better than her, right? LOL.

  • bubba

    Not attractive at all, she needs to eat!!!!

  • Jay

    As someone that’s done bodybuilding shows, to me, she’s not attractive at all. Yeah’s she’s skinny but she has no muscle tone and no curves. No definition in her arms or shoulders or her abs… just pack of bones. I see women that do figure shows that blow her away. Plus she always looks like she’s looking up at the sky. Not hot. I’d still hit it though….

    • Lynne

      Hey jay!
      you are ridiculous –
      Audrina Patridge is nothing like your insults claim, go fck a dead bear!

  • Mike

    She looks like she just walked out of a jewish concentration camp. Girls need to understand that just cuz your skinny, doesn’t mean you have a nice body. Hit the gym and get a sandwich in you….but I agree with Jay, i’d still hit it.

  • Lynne

    Jerk off. Audrinas gorgeous& classy at that! Photoshopping job is cruel!