Asteroid Passing Earth: How To See It?

    March 5, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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When you hear the words “asteroid” and “Earth”, for a few seconds there is a bit of major concern. Is this thing going to hit us? How big is it?

The asteroid, named 2014 DX110, is expected to fly past the Earth without incident on Wednesday. Scientists aren’t anticipating any kind of collision. Instead, they say that the asteroid will miss us by a distance of roughly 217,000 miles.

The interesting thing about this is that it means 2014 DX110 will be closer to us than our own Moon.

As for size, the asteroid is estimated to be anywhere from 45 to 130 ft in diameter. While that could be devastating for a region of the population should it hit, it’s nowhere near large enough to pose a major threat to human life.

For instance, should an asteroid that’s roughly a half a mile wide hit the Earth, it would put enough dust into our atmosphere to block out the Sun for several years. That kind of event would have a massive impact on humanity. Scary, but not something this little asteroid is capable of at its size.

Now that we’ve established that this tiny asteroid is relatively harmless and relief has set in, no doubt the next question is how and when can we see the cute little space rock as it races past our planet?

It will is expected to go flying past our planet today. Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to see it clearly via telescope. There will be places that you can watch it online if the weather is lousy where you live and or you just can’t get outdoors.

Hopefully things will go better for those wanting a glimpse of 2014 DX110 than it did for those wanting to see asteroid 2000 EM26 last month. Excited persons flooded various internet locations for a live stream view and it resulted in site crashes.

One such site was Slooh, which had been promoting a live stream view of the event for some time. It didn’t end well unfortunately. Will things go more smoothly this time? We’ll find out in a few hours.

The asteroid passes today, are you excited or petrified? Comment below!

Image via YouTube

  • David

    The Bible tells us that before end times, this will happen. It also tells us
    in the 24th chapter of Matthew, in the “Parable of the Fig Tree” that this
    generation would not pass before all of these things come to past. The
    Fig tree is the nation of Israel. A generation is considered to be 70 years. Israel became a nation in May of 1948. 70 years later will be 2018. Maybe this is a wake up call.David

    • Guest


    • zoroe

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    • bible thumper

      you r an idiot….one will hit us…and you will be destroyed….and GO TO HELL

      • Bobby

        @ bible thumper – the idea of us getting taken out by a
        comet would negate the book of Revelation, stupid. If you take the bible literally, which I assume you do, then shut up. Keep looking for dragons with multiple heads and magical horsemen.

    • Conserativename

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        • Conserativename

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          • od5463 .

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        • Sara Lee

          Really??? Really???? May God forgive you for your self-importance and your self righteousness.

          So now I will state my position…which is very unpopular to Christian People who are Dictators/Control Freaks regarding their faith.

          There are those of us Christians who live and let live. Proselytization is NOT our way. There are those of us who feel that Proselytization is the WORST form of Intimidation for our faith.
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      • vlad the impaler

        maybe aliens are god????or were mistaken as gods ,there has to be an explanation to where the theory of a god came from,the bible has proved to be very accurate in its predictions of world events,but many have vague descriptions that could relate to a number of scenarios.the bible code is too accurate to be coincidental.it will explain more than interpreting the bible.and take a fraction of the time and effort

      • d

        So why do you insist on preaching your bullshit to us?

    • Bobby

      Bible says nothing about a comet. It mentions plagues of locusts, toads, etc. and talks about multi-headed dragons and other magical bullsh*t. Shut up, boy.

    • d

      B why are you such an offensive asshole? Have your read COsmos? sure know all the smart scientist right? Why do you think that 90% of them believe in intelligent design? You are just a punk bigot who really is not all that educated. Wait till you get the shit shocked out of you when you have to explain to god why you trashed him all the time. don’t worry he will just flame throw you for a 100 years…..good luck duce bag.

    • Maximus Morpheus

      burn that book before it eats up your brain entirely. for one minute try to think critically please.

  • Marinehead

    Well also our scientist tells us that we will be hit and that’s a fact ! So if you don’t believe the Bible then maybe you will believe them!? It does seem that some people really hate any mention of the Bible? I wonder what’s going on there? Any who I sure hope we do take this very serious,if we don’t don’t experience this,I know that my Grand kids probably will! If you research our history their are many impacts that have really changed the whole globe!

  • JAY

    Your to angry man. First all you sound really uneducated you have no clue what your talking about if you don’t believe in GOD that’s cool but don’t be disrespectful to those that do believe. You can call the BIBLE a fairy tale but there are many prophecies within the BIBLE that cannot be explained AND YOU HAVE NO ANSWER FOR YOUR JUST TALKING. How DID we gEt here?, Dark matter and Dark energy cannot be explained, what was before the big bang or what caUSED IT CANNOT BE EXPLAINED, DNA IS SUCH A SOFISTICATED CODE IT COULD NOT HAVE CAME ABOUT THROUGH CHAOS. SO BEFORE YOU GO AROUNG PUTTING PEOPLE BELIEFS DOWN WITH CRAZY ANSWERS YOU NEED TO COME WITH A STRONGER ARGUMENT RATHER THAN IT’S NOT TRUE. SO WHAT IS TRUE, DUMB A$$. AND IT’S BEST TO HAVE FAITH IN GOD THAN MAN. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS ARE A BETTER GUIDE TO LIVING RIGHT THAN ANYTHING YOU CAN SAY OR TYPE ONLINE TO HURT PEOPLE. THATS WHAT MAN DOES.

    • Jay

      Lol…Hey douche bag you must be the spelling police. I am no religious nut I just respect people’s belief and don’t like when people talk like they know the answer to the existence of a god or a higher power. But you are right about the article being about one thing and people are always throwing religion in there. But I don’t think you should disrespect all because of a few. So I will pray for you and myself..

  • kenrob

    I would never have believed that an asteroid would bring out so many squirrels

  • rob

    God is real. i know it’s scary and seems unreal but what isn’t. the bible says live right and love each other whats so crappy about that.

  • midogman

    nice story but is there really anything outside of sci-fi that could prevent an object from colliding with the earth? the wonder isn’t that something bad could happen, but why God isn’t making it happen faster. “here’s to the death of all mankind.”

  • george

    it is ok for you to preach your unbelief, but when someone preaches their belief you go ape crap crazy about it. one day my friends you will remember someone telling you of Jesus dying buried and rising from the dead , and you are gonna say why didnt i listen. so that being said die and go to hell it is your choice. oh and to answer why do children have to suffer well its our fault we live in an evil world. it is that simple . why do good people suffer, why not?