Ashley Judd Posing A Threat To Mitch McConnell

    February 21, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Ashley Judd, who is more well known for her acting career and famous family than she is her political stance, is rumored to be considering running for Kentucky senate against heavyweight Mitch McConnell, who has been in the game a long time now. As one of the most influential people in Washington, it’s difficult to imagine him being threatened by someone who hasn’t even confirmed she’ll be running, but it certainly seems that way.

Judd recently attended a dinner party in Louisville that had an impressive guest list, including Congressman John Yarmuth, Louisville mayor Greg Fischer, former Kentucky Democratic Party Chairman Jonathan Miller, waterfront development Director David Karem, and Mary Moss Greenbaum, founder and producer of the Kentucky Author Forum. And although she’s said she won’t make a final decision regarding her participation in the senate race until Derby Day (May 6th), her recent activities seem to indicate she’s thinking hard about going for it.

Campaign reps for McConnell recently released a new ad which takes on Obama, Judd, and a slew of other potential senate candidates in an attempt to make them look silly. It’s classic mudslinging, but some are wondering why McConnell is so threatened by Judd in particular.

Of course, the attacks could be because they view her as just another “Hollywood liberal”, an easy target who was born in Kentucky but lives in Tennessee and even nominated President Obama as a representative of the state. Either way, many Democrats seem to think Judd has a real chance of unseating McConnell, such as former party chairman Jonathan Miller.

“These days there’s nobody who’s more of a symbol of Washington than McConnell. She would be wise to avoid left versus right and talk inside versus outside,” Miller said. “Going against the ultimate insider is a real asset in this anti-Washington [state].”

  • James Adams

    Hey Amanda, You kind of forgot about her graduate degree from Harvard
    School of Government. How’s that for political science?

  • JEAN


  • maggie

    I’am from Kentucky and she has my vote.

  • Chuck D.

    Ashley Judd is from a disfunctional family and is my choice to remain a mediocre actress…NOT a politician.

  • brian landry

    it’s time for mitch to fade away. he has been a dicer and not a uniter. he is not helping the country recover. he is an awful senator with an agenda of protecting his wealthy campaign donors and doing nothing for the needy. it’s time to rid the senate of this old man with the idealogic of a nat. I say good riddens to this old fat white guy.

  • brian landry

    mitch’s conduct has been unbecoming and he should be kicked to the curb by the people of kentucky. he is an embarassment to kentucky. he’s a moonshiner of a racist. if he had his way we would still have slavery alive and well here in the states. he is out of touch with the real world.

  • Pam Adkins

    I live in Kentucky, and Mitch McConnell is a joke, a bad joke. He needs to be unseated ASAP!! Ashley has the schooling for the position and she would be a breathe of fresh air for the entire state. Let me know how I can help campainge for her!!

  • RS

    Makes Sarah Palin look like Abe Lincoln.

  • PL

    Try fact checking. She was born in California. And she didn’t live in KY for very long.