Ashley Judd Celebrates Husband Dario Franchitti’s Indy Win

    May 29, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Ashley Judd’s husband Dario Franchitti won the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, making it the third time the talented driver has seen the checkered flag wave as he crossed the finish line. Of course, Judd, who is easily Franchitti’s biggest fan, knew her spouse would come out on top. Before the race began, Judd reportedly whispered in her husband’s ear, “I’ll see you in Victory Lane.” 500 laps later, her prediction had come true.

Not only does Franchitti have the honor of being only the tenth driver to win the popular race three times, he also gets to bring home $2.4 million for finishing in the top spot. Not bad for a hard day’s work, especially when you’ve got Ashley Judd on your arm, as well. To celebrate Franchitti’s achievement, the couple took a victory lap around the track in one of the open-top pace cars.

However, Franchitti’s victory was almost derailed during the last lap by driver Takuma Sato. In a daring move, Sato attempted to pass Franchitti, only to crash his car into the wall as a result. Naturally, the Japanese wheelman seemed to blame his opponent for the wreck, claiming Franchitti didn’t move up to give him room.

Here’s a look at the incident in question:

Joining the couple for their celebratory lap was Susie Wheldon, wife of Franchitti’s close friend Dan Wheldon, who died last October in a crash on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. “What a race, what a race! I think D-dub [Dan Wheldon] would be proud of that one. I just want to dedicate this to two of Indianapolis’ finest, Dan Wheldon and Michael Wanser [son of Barry Wanser of Target/Chip Ganassi Racing]. Thanks to all of the Indianapolis fans for their tribute to Dan today,” Franchitti said after the race.

Judd and Franchitti met at a wedding for actor-turned-race car driver Jason Priestley. According to People, the two had no idea they were being set up by their friends. After the event, all Franchitti could talk about was the lovely lass he’d met. Judd, meanwhile, was quite giddy herself, reportedly spending several long hours on the phone with her new beau. The pair were married at Skibo Castle near Dornoch, Scotland in 2001.


What do the folks who labor furiously over each and every Twitter post think about Ashley Judd, Dario Franchitti, and his win at this year’s Indianapolis 500? You can find a small collection of reactions to the news below.

Thanks, everyone, for the good wishes & congragulations. Your enthusiasm in celebrating w/ @dariofranchitti has made it even more special!
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So, who won the Indy 500 again? Was it Ashley Judd or her husband Dario Franchitti?
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Emotional #Indy500 stat for @dariofranchitti – The only other driver to win from 16th on the grid? His friend Dan Wheldon 2005 #lionheart
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Pretty awesome Indy 500. Great win for Dario Franchitti, and courageous try by Sato.
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Many congratulations to former British F3 drivers Mark Webber & Dario Franchitti on winning two of the most prestigious races in the world.
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  • Richard

    Ashley is a beautiful woman, but not very bright when it comes political thought.

    • http://yahoo Teresa Gibson

      Shows me Richard, that you don’t know squat about Ashley Judd.

    • Pat

      she’s a skank

  • james mckenzie

    this has been a good year for her her kentucky widcats won the championship now her husband won the 500 ask jer would sje like to be amiami heat fan

  • Kevin

    Following up Jean’s comment – it was *not* “500 laps later, her prediction had come true” – it was 500 *miles* later!

    IMS is a 2.5 mile oval – they run *200* laps – not 500.

  • http://yahoo dave

    I bet he got her butt for that win.

    • Frank

      better than her face I’d hope.

  • Scott Stewart

    Stop giving this gravy training pub hound face time.

    I’m sick of looking at her grill during Indycar races or Kentucky basketball games.

    Go away.

  • Linda Gray..Plymouth, MI.

    I’m happy for her husband’s win at the race! But I’m mad as hell that her tv show Missing is going to be canceled! What the HELL is wrong with the network? This is a great show!!! Get rid of the Kardashians and those stupid reality shows and shows such as American Idol, Voice, America’s Got Talent, etc. KEEP ASHLEY JUDD AND MISSING ON THE AIR!!!!!!

    Mad as hell, Linda Gray….Plymouth, Michigan

    • SherylsKitchen

      Hi Linda,

      I totally agree with you! I love Missing…it’s a GREAT show.

  • James Bloom

    The 500 is not 500 laps. Try 200 x 2.5 mile track = 500.

    • James Bloom

      Sorry, didn’t see the above comment saying the same thing.

  • Pat

    Never seen any other spouse take the limelight from the winner. Can’t stand that nutjub.

  • Rick

    Really Todd? 500 laps? That would make it the “Indy 1250″!

  • Duane

    Good for Dario…good for Kentucky basketball.
    Ashley – it’s not about you!

  • Frank

    Looks like some one stuck an air hose up your . . .

    Judging from HER puffy face being all over the post race material you’d think SHE was racing rather than her being JUST A FAN.

    Stay in the seats, and shut up.

  • Indy “T”

    Really, Let’s give Dario his due……Ashley wasn’t in the race…It ISN’T ABOUT HER..she’s married to the dude, & she ain’t all that…
    Good job Dario, glad ya weren’t hurt….I wished it could have been TK to win tho.
    These drivers work hard, don’t let some bimbo take the limelight away from where it should be….

  • ajc814

    Wow! So many haters in the world. How about just say congrats to the winner and happy to see his wife is so proud of him.

  • Indy “T”

    Wow – just saw photos of “HER” with the Borg-Warner trophy….
    Didn’t realize she was the winner of the race….thought it was Dario.
    Guess it was all about her……too bad she had to steal the spotlight. didn’t realize she can’t stand thought of her man out shining her. whatta’ shame…….

    • Sandy Shope

      Really, she is his wife…..and it looks like their marriage works pretty good.

  • Sandy Shope

    Ashley Judd is an awesome person who spends a lot of her time doing for others and spends her money doing charity work. Anyone here who has said bad things about her, shame on you. You obviously have no idea who she really is, maybe you should spend your time finding out rather than putting her down. When someone threw their poor dog(which they had severely abused) out of their car window last month in Nashville, Ashley Judd came to the rescue of Walter and paid for all his medical care through a local rescue. Not only did she donate her money, but she donated her time. She spent nights with this baby so the staff could go home. Google it, maybe you won’t be so harsh with your unfounded judgements.

  • mary

    Congratualations to Dario Franchitti and Ashley. Great job on the Indy 500 and great job for “Missing”. I think you did a great job
    directing and very interesting plot. Good luck for the new season…
    let’s keeping it coming.

  • Michael K Forbes

    I am a Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd admirer. What a great win and race, nice going Dario. What a Great Lady Ashley, Love your spirit. Keep it up. Missing was an excellent show. In a messed up world you both bring something nice to it. Thank You.