Arthritis, It's Time To Get Serious


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Sufferers of arthritis, the disease referring to inflamation of the joints, will be happy to hear some good news that has recently been released from the Canadian organization, The Arthritis Society. As the largest non-government funded organization in Canada responsible for research into arthritis, The Arthritis Society, has pledged to donate over $4.5 million in order to further research the disease. The organization has been active on Twitter with providing support to longtime sufferers of the disease as well as those recently diagnosed.

According to The Arthritis Society's chief mission officer, Joanne Simons, "The Arthritis Society is committed to setting lives in motion and one of the ways we do this is through the funding of research that will have an impact on people living with arthritis today. In addition, we are also tremendously fortunate to fund many young investigators who are just beginning their careers in arthritis, a field of study that everyday has the potential for a major breakthrough."

Symptoms typically involve joint pain and stiffness, which hinder bodily movement. While the two main types of arthritis, (osteoarthritis, which is caused by normal wear on the body, and rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder) vary in cause both can be debilitating.

In order for societal improvements regarding health diagnoses, treatments, and overall support to be given to those diagnosed with arthritis, the disease has to be promoted. Fortunately, this is where organizations like The Arthritis Society are paramount in fighting for those afflicted. The Arthritis Society has taken the initiative and passion to devote needed resources to improving the cause as shown from continued messages shared on the organization's Twitter page.

So devoted to the cause, the Canadian society has launched a month long campaign to encourage the community to become involved by designating the month of September entirely for awareness of the disease. Using social media is just one of the many avenues the society has taken in order to further promote the cause and encourage research. The Arthritis Society has even taken to the streets, literally, participating in a flash mob in order to grab the attention of the public as shown in the following video.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons]