Arsenio Hall May Return to the Land of Talk Shows

    May 22, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Arsenio Hall is having a damn good week. Not only did he emerge victorious from the latest season of “Celebrity Apprentice”, he’s also rumored to be in talks with three networks regarding his return to the talk show circuit. Although details are sketchy, it would seem that Hall’s triumphant turn on Donald Trump’s popular television program is certainly working in his favor.

For those of you who arrived late to party, Hall was the host of a wildly successful late night talk show, aptly-titled “The Arsenio Hall Show”. The program ran from 1989 until 1994, and while it never managed to obtain the ratings that rival Johnny Carson was generating, his impact on the cultural landscape was quite significant. Hall famously invited presidential hopeful Bill Clinton onto the show, where the former Arkansas government flexed his considerable saxophone skills. Many believe this appearance was instrumental in his election.

Since the show’s cancellation in 1994, Hall has made various radio and television appearances, though nothing to the level of his iconic talk show. That, however, may be changing very soon. If the reports coming out TMZ are to be believed, no less than three networks are interested in putting him back on the air. As of this writing, it’s unknown who, exactly, is courting the “Celebrity Apprentice” champion. Furthermore, it’s unclear if Hall is being considered for a daytime chat show or something geared towards the late night crowd.

Any way you look at it, Hall’s star is back on the rise. Having grown up watching “The Arsenio Hall Show”, I’m anxious for the guy to make his long-awaited return to the proverbial airwaves. And while I doubt his latest venture will have the same impact as the one which put him on the map, I’m sure it will retain the comedian’s personable charm. Of course, I wouldn’t scoff at the return of the dog pound if he decided to head in that direction.

After winning @CelebApprentice, 3 networks are courting Arsenio Hall for a talk show reboot. Hello early 90s good to see you again #dogpound
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OMG…Lisa and Kim just gave props. to Arsenio Hall by doing the dog pound arm pump….”Sittin’ at home watchin… http://t.co/xF6oGLPv
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Hope Arsenio Hall does another talk show
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Can’t wait to see Arsenio Hall back on TV!!
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Arsenio Hall has nothing in all these years because he is a jagoff – he didn’t change people don’t change & his meltdown on CA proves that.
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