Arrested With $153,000, Likely Drug-Related

    January 14, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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When you show up at an airport with $20,000 in cash asking for a private jet, it’s likely that somebody is going to ask questions.

According to Fox17, a man attempted to purchase the use of a private plane in order to fly from Tennesee to Califonia. The fact that he was paying with thousands of dollars in cash struck Nashville airport officials as strange. They alerted airport police who then questioned the individual, 33-year-old Conor Guckian.

When the police questioned Guckian, he claimed that he needed to carry the large amount of money with him in order to buy gold in California. His explanation for attempting to fly by private jet was concern for his personal safety. Despite the reason provided, it was noted that he had used commercial airliners to fly from Rochester, NY. to Chicago, IL, and from there to Nashville, TN, where he was apprehended.

According to an affidavit, Guckian consented to a search. The police brought out K9s. During the search, the dogs reacted to the scent of a possible narcotic. Ultimately, the police discovered a whopping $153,000 in 32 bundles among Guckian’s belongings. The authorities claimed that the money wrapped in a manner consistent with drug money.

While being questioned about the money and his intentions, Guckian kept changing his story. First he said that he flew to Nashville to see a friend, but later said that he intended to depart from the location because of cheap flights. During further questioning, he admitted that he had been previously arrested in New York for possession for resale of cocaine.

Guckian also admitted to ensuring that his many bank accounts possessed amounts under $10,000 in order to avoid any government suspicion. Apparently he didn’t consider spending thousands of dollars in cash for private planes as turning up on anyone’s radar.

Guckian is currently being held at the Davidson County Jail on $10,000 bond.

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  • She Just Wants Money

    I hate to say it but police, judges, and DAs are getting that much money under the table. This whole country is corrupt and you don’t know the good guys from the bad. Doubt what I say? Go talk to the major drug dealers in prison about who their “clients” are. It is not Joe Schmo who is buy a little weed on the weekend. The major weight is going through the system.

    Here is what I find funny. A few months ago, a Canadian plane flew off course over 700 miles and crashed in Tennessee at an AIRPORT. The police didn’t respond or know about this for hours. You never heard another word about this. A guy with cash is instantly sniffed out. That just goes to show you how much of the “terrorism” threat is bullshit.

  • Busbettis

    FYI – most if not all paper money in the U.S. has traces of narcotics on them. There is no law that states you cannot carry cash over a certain amount. There is no law that states you have to answer questions or otherwise explain the reason or source of said cash (except to the IRS when filing taxes). If there is no other information released about this incident then there was no probable cause to detain this man, he was not in the act of committing a crime.

    • alan roberts


      • Cameron

        WRONG! You only have to declare more than $10,000 on INTERNATIONAL flights. You can bring as much as you can carry on domestic flights like the one here traveling from Tenn to Cali and you do not have to declare anything. This is most likely a case were the authorities exceeded their powers because they “had a suspicion”. Do research before you spew off nonsense.

  • http://www.gratefulchild.org Grateful Child

    I don’t see how they can charge him without and substance of drugs. I simply would have told them it’s none of their business where the money came from. Not that I have any kind feeling toward coke dealers mind you, but this is absurd. You can’t charge someone for having a lot of money. What on earth did they charge him with anyway, …and only a 10K bail set?

    • ron

      Terrible police country these united states of the unfree! when the people wake up over there and give them the right answer???

  • Michael

    Land of the free…

  • http://webpronews j moe

    This is so ridiculous. Why would anyone be questioned of the own money? This whole system is so corrupt. They are in it for themselves.

  • mudfoxx

    They are using the fact that most money has traces of narcotics on it so they can steal from whomever they wish.

  • http://Yahoo Bernard

    Hey, why did he answer any questions? If you are a congressman or work for an elected person, you can plead the fifth. Is there a law that says you cannot travel with a lot of money? I to think it is drug money, put a bug in the bag, a gps tracking device. Follow the money!!!!! Was he at any time under arrest? Keep walking, call for the real police, you are being kidnapped. Worse than Russia!!