Arrested Development Getting Its Own LA Art Exhibit

    June 25, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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One of the greatest shows is making a huge comeback. Arrested Development is not only getting a new season on Netflix next summer, but now we are getting an art show. The Bluths are well represented in this great art piece featuring paintings and mock ups and photos of Arrested Development style dolls.

The pieces are already amazing and make me think of the show which has made me spit my drink out on 2 separate occasions.

An art gallery by the name of Gallery 1988 at 7020 Melrose Ave in LA is titled “Theres Always Money In The Banana Stand.” The show will start on June 29th and will go till July 21st. Check out some of the offerings below:






  • Ruby

    The show is not running for one day only, the opening reception is June 29 from 7-10 pm but the show will be up until July 21. That’s how art shows work. They have an opening reception and then the show stays open for about a month.

  • Jeremy Toeman

    Seeing this made me blue myself

  • Nate

    “Seeing this, I believe I prematurely, uhh, shot my wad, if you get my meaning, on what was supposed to be a dry run! So now, It seems I have a bit of a mess on my hands!” -Tobias Funke
    God I love Arrested Development.

    P.S. Is it sad that I get ALL of these references only too well? Wait… no, don’t answer that.

    P.P.S. Support AD and Tobias’s cause to get the diamond dust out of lungs and off of his bleeding nipples by coming down to the exhibit!