Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks Venice Gym


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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest role has come as a shock to many, especially to the members of a Gold’s Gym location in Venice, Ca. The 66-year-young actor, bodybuilder, and politician donned a wig and walrus-style mustache to go undercover as “Howard,” a regional manager for the fitness chain, in order to raise awareness and funds for After-School All-Stars, a nationwide program that provides free mentorship, homework help, tutoring, and other activities to students from low-income families.

It was hit-or-miss whether gymrats recognized Arnold by sight, but most—though, surprisingly, not all—recognized him once he spoke. One customer, tickled by the ruse, wouldn’t give up. “Come on, Arnold,” he insisted. But Schwarzenegger was unflapped, insisting that he was, in fact, Howard.

The stunt went along with a plea for donations for After-School All-Stars. Anyone who donates at least $10 through (which is apparently raffling off a date with George Clooney for $10 a ticket, as well) will be entered into a drawing to win a chance to smoke cigars with Arnold and ride in his personal Sherman tank.

Without further ado, here are the best lines from the gag (full video is below, and well worth your time):

6. “Drinking water? That’s good because the body is 75% water. Keep drinking. You are not finished with the water drinking. We do everything in reps. You have done two reps of water drinking. We do everything in 10 reps, so you should do another rep of water drinking.”
5. “You have elbows, and you have knees. So touch them. Very nice.”
4. “Howard is my name.”
3. Arnold: “When it burns, it grows. Remember that.” Woman: “You look familiar to me.” Arnold: “Maybe you saw me on the FBI Most Wanted list.”
2. “Stop being a baby. This is Gold’s Gym, not a baby gym.”
1. [While staring at pictures of himself during his glory days] “Wow. You look so good. So handsome.”

Image via YouTube