Arnold Schwarzenegger Left “Bad Energy” In House

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Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver are having a tough time unloading their home–which they put up for sale after their marriage hit the rocks following Arnold’s indescretions–and Maria reportedly thinks they can’t find a buyer because the house has “bad energy”.

“She thinks the land has bad energy,” a friend of the family said. “Maria’s a very spiritual person and she doesn’t want any negativity in her life, especially after everything she went through, so she just wants it gone from her life.

The 25-acre property is a historic part of Santa Barbara, boasting such old-Hollywood inhabitants as Clark Gable, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart, making the $4.495 million asking price seem like a steal. Still, it’s difficult to sell a property when everyone knows its dark backstory, especially when it was formerly owned by someone famous enough to get it in all the tabloids. The “bad energy” is one thing, but lack of privacy is quite another.

Shriver, according to the family friend, is anxious to get the house sold and be done with it, as it’s the remaining piece linking her to Arnold and their marriage.

As for Schwarzenegger, he’s got problems elsewhere; the family of a stunt member who died on the set of “The Expendables 2″ is suing the makers of the film for wrongful death, which could throw some bad publicity towards the movie during opening week.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Left “Bad Energy” In House
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  • janet


    • Tommy


  • david

    And Maria is perfect? She has no “bad energy” she’s leaving behind too? Please!!!

    • LD

      The leaving behind part is funny.

  • Kim

    There is always two people in a marriage. You never know who really is the bad guy or gal unless you were in the marriage yourself. Believe me unless you live with a couple you never see how it really is and then you can only see so much!.

  • Zoc

    Maybe the house has a TUMOR ?

    • John Richards

      Its not a tumor!

  • Tommy

    The article states that the death of the stunt man and the “wrongful death” cloud will leave bad press over the movie’s opening week.

    I don’t think it’ll be bad publicity. If anything, it will make people curious. Sad story for the stuntman, but it will.

  • Kim

    The bad energy would be what is known as the failing economy and the housing crisis. I’m no fan of either of these people but, come on, has anyone not heard of the Kennedy curse? Maybe it’s YOU Maria.

    • LD

      Amen to that!

    • Lynn

      That was s stupid remark, Kim.

    • Jan

      If you believe in a Kennedy curse, THEN YOU DEFINITELY ARE AS NUTTY AS YOU SOUND. The fact of the matter is SH*TT happens to EVERY family. We’ve just ALL heard about the things that happens to the Kennedy family! NO CURSE…JUST PUBLICITY!

  • james green

    All he did is cheat on her, they make it sound like somone was murdered in the house. Guys cheat on women all the time, everyday. I would have thought the house would be easier to sell since it belonged to a famous person.

    • LD

      It’s the murder part that’s the problem. In Schwarzenegger’s circle of friends it’s called occult rendition. Lady fingers or baby back ribs anyone?

  • Writer

    FYI – Clark Gable, John Wayne, and Jimmy Stewart are all dead. Written in present tense like that, it sounds like the town is saying they still live there. Or maybe they’re all still alive – like Elvis! Ooh!

  • Doris Barrett

    Sad. If I was Arnold I would go back to Europe (Austria). All this is too much on the soul.

  • jay

    there is no such thing as curses or any of that crap. just positive and negative. some guys need a lot of sex, maybe she wasnt putting out. look at all the animals in the world you think they fill their lives with curses and all that stupid shit. intelligence is a curse sometimes. enjoy the important things, which are the little things.

  • LD

    Shriver dies using freakish toxic make-up, Schwarzenegger gets a lease on life from a new heart “donated” from one of his female rendition victims, Hollywood restores Americas confidence in theater by casting the alleged illegitimate son in a human trafficking scheme which ma ma makes EVERYONE Simple Jack haa-pee.

    • Jan

      ??? WHAT???? Are you lucid???

      • t.d.

        ???WHAT???? Are you drunk or high??? (Jan)

  • pete

    Frankly, This is a whole load of desicration trying to make Arnold the omen when in fact the house was a bad investment in the first place, blame it all on Arnold Maria, when you bought th ehouse with him, your pathetic…

  • t.d.

    Yes, the house is the last thing linking her to Arnold. It’s not like they had kids or anything……..

  • BlahBlahBlah

    Well- Now that she publicized the negative vibes nationwide, Maria can be reassured that it WON’T sell.

    • Tink

      I wouldn’t want to pay for that house even if i had the money. Who wants to buy a house to help out someone who screwed most of the Californians anyways. The state and county workers were screwed while he was in office and she sat right next to him letting it happen. Ha Ha Ha, what does it feel like not getting the money you want. At least us Californians work hard for our money that just seems to be given to people who don’t want to work, or have committed crimes, like killing someone. This totally makes sense of Maria’s “bad karma” comment. When you do someone wrong it always bites you back in the ass twice as hard and I hope that place doesn’t sell for years!

      • Joe

        Tink, you must like to be babysat and have all your money spent for you. The California looney liberals have spent California into oblivion, and they want 10 laws for every move you could possibly make. The only good thing about the excessive laws is that eventually you will be taxed for commenting on the internet, and it will shut up most the liberals who’d rather spend their money on legal dope.

      • Jan

        You sound a little like a 5-year old! Either GROW-UP of STFU!!

        • t.d.

          And you sound like a bitter old crackwhore

  • RandyF

    I wonder if the bad evergy make prospective buyers feel like the girly man.

  • mitch

    ever voting for gop repuglikkklans is a bad idea; they got worse problems than you and I do, and they need counseling for real addiction problems, plus they are warmongers and ‘shady’

    • Ed

      “warmongers”? Don’t you mean “Whoremongers”?

    • Psychiatrist

      Mitch, if you save up your welfare checks instead of wasting them on potato chips, you can go see a psychiatrist. It won’t make you any smarter, but maybe it will help you learn how not to look like a total idiot when you comment on the internet.

      • Jan

        You probably see a psychiatrist OFTEN and it didn’t help you in NOT looking like a total idiot when you commented!!

        • Johnny K

          You all sound so petty and unintelligent. Where have all the people with respect gone?

        • t.d.

          unlike Jan, who has shown here intelligence throughout this whole topic LOL.

  • RR

    Yeah, I’m sure it’s the bad energy and not the crappy economy.

    • Jan

      Maybe because YOU’RE retarded!

      • t.d.

        I think you replied to the wrong comment, retard

      • t.d.

        maybe you’re retarded, you replied to the wrong comment

  • Johnathon

    This is a retarded story….seriously??? Why did I read this crap?

  • http://yahoo don grab

    how can prospective home buyers be so ignorant. BAD ENERGY, give me a break. only a KENNEDY could come up with that crap.
    i think i’ll go to a palm reader to see if it is ok for me to buy the house.

  • Ed

    The rich and famous will always get publicity, good and bad. In my opinion, it is up to the individual to turn “the bad” into something good. People are human and humans are not perfect. Some are just better at hiding their indiscretions. So hang on for the rollercoaster ride. Count on it to be entertaining!

  • Tom Leykis

    She’s a nutjob. End of story.

  • yesibeleive

    “Bad Energy?” If that was the case…everyother house on earth would have bad energy. Someone who just can’t live without this house will snatch it up.

  • RICH


    • Jeff Hodge

      I agree. Conservatives want limited government for social services and healthcare, but they are the first in line if they own a business that can get a fat government contract. Everyone in aerospace is conservative, but most of the employees get their paychecks from ridiculous government contracts. Last-minute “defense” contracts have saved Boeing from bankruptcy six times since WWII, which is nothing but bailouts and white-collar welfare. Of course, all of their employees were opposed to bailouts and government loans to other industries. When it comes to economics, ethics, morals and religion, Conservatives are the most hypocritical clowns on the planet. In this century, our government should use the healthcare industry to stimulate the economy. For 75 years, the government used the defense & aerospace industries to stimulate the economy, and all we got were planes, tanks and submarines that are now obsolete. In fact, we had to start wars just to justify the ridiculous expenditures, and we still had to send young kids overseas to fight and die for corrupt Uncle Sam. Spreading democracy, my ass. We don’t have democracy here unless you foolishly think that “corporations are people.”

  • huguette


  • Karen Bowers

    There is no bad energy. Just bad excuses. A house is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Even in Santa Barbara. CA property values have tanked all over the state. Take your losses like everyone else has and get on with your lives.

  • Dennis

    Yeah he cheated, so do alot of us men when the old bag at home stops giving us any. Or make us feel like there is something wrong when we do.

  • Pat

    I would be happy to take your house off your hands. Sorry, I have no money, since I lost my Home! By-the-way, you would have to pay the taxes also….

    • Bonk

      AND furnish it, AND pay the utilities, AND pay for upkeep, AND buy the groceries, AND provide a staff…

  • http://yahoo Ray

    Arnold’s next major film, “The Sperminator, Ahhnold Comes Again”.

  • tl

    A house with “bad energy” in Shallowfornia. Imagine that.

  • Karen M

    “Shriver, according to the family friend, is anxious to get the house sold and be done with it, as it’s the remaining piece linking her to Arnold and their marriage.” – –

    Gosh, I would think the children they had together would be the “remaining piece” linking her to him. They will always be bonded because of that.



  • http://TheTrueKing.com Michael

    I was shocked to find that Anold is was and always will be, a steroid freak. I was so disappointed. I thought he had done it with good German beer, like he claimed in his first gay sex workout video. I now know why he voted Repub, while su&*ing off a Kennedy. He lied to us! The bad vibe he left, is his treasurehouse of young gay porn,and a big wet mess of his mojo, in the corner of the basement! And a little in the living room, a bunch in the foyer, and a big spot in the bedroom, in the closet. May have been a mess under the doghouse…

  • AG

    Maria, don’t sell it. Lease it, girl! You can get tax deductions and all the goodies as a landlord which was invented by Republicans some 200 years ago. Milk it!

  • lightskin

    Arnold S. is a 2 timing dog. Maria S. is better off with out him.
    The #%#% dog.

  • http://Myyahoo Jamhoso prince

    Arnord is a famous actor of the world, i like him so much, he is my number one and only actor of the world movie film, the ex.governor of califonia, an australia man by birth, who was born 1947, amount to 65 years today, with many film acted, like total recall 1990. I am intrested to know him better for life update, an African, a Nigerian, from delta state, isoko south, oleh, no.31 egide street. Jamhoso prince.

  • http://Myyahoo Jamhoso prince

    Schwarzenegger, never mind, any woman can come and go but love is real, either is your falt or your woman’s falt that could cause disengagement between man and woman relationship. You are not the first and you won’t be the last to experience sush, but may God be with you for more progress…


    If they can’t sell the house…Terminate It! lol

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