Ariana Grande: Sam And Cat May Be Cancelled

By: Lindsay McCane - March 10, 2014

Ariana Grande may be out of a job after her co-star Jennette McCurdy had half naked selfies leaked on the internet.

While nothing has been confirmed, The International Business Times is speculating that Nickelodeon will soon be pulling Sam and Cat, the show aimed at pre-teens, from their network. Obviously, they would not want the young girls, who follow the show religiously, to be influenced by the actress.

Fans of the show were shocked to learn that Jennette would take such revealing pictures of herself. However, she took to Twitter to explain that the pictures were never meant to be seen by anyone other than the person she sent them to.

“To anyone disappointed: I sent those pics to 1 person,” McCurdy explained. “You can connect the dots. Shocked someone would stoop so low. I just speak w/ candor.”

Jennette claims she sent the pics to one person, who we assume was her ex-boyfriend Andre Drummond. However, Drummond says that he had no part in leaking the pictures. “I did NOT leak any photos of JM,” he told TMZ. “I want nothing to do with her or the situation. I’m just worried about ball.”

Andre’s friend Charlamagne tha God, star of Guy Code, came to his defense calling Jennette a “ratchet ho”. “She’s clearly a ratchet ho … social sexual networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities,” Charlamagne said. “I bet ten other guys have the same pics Andre has,” he added. “She’s an idiot.”

Nickelodeon has not currently commented on the pictures, and new episodes of Sam and Cat are scheduled to air later this month. According to Classicalite, a special one-hour iCarly reunion is set to take place on March 29 before the Kids Choice Awards.

At this time, Grande has not commented on her co-star’s situation.

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  • petermax

    This happens all the time to young woman. When will the idoits learn to sever send anything racy or sexually explicit to anyone, not even people they think they can trust.

    • Tat2greek

      Probably around the same time you learn to spell correctly.

      • Dee

        Wow. Of course you would get off of subject and pay attention to the spelling.

        • IcyTea

          Wow. Of course you would get off of subject and pay attention to some guy who talks about spelling errors.

          • Dee

            Wow. Of course you would get off of subject and pay attention to some guy(me) who pay attention to some guy who talks about spelling errors.

    • anon

      When will guys stop asking for nudes? Js no offense

      • girl

        STOP NOW!!!!!!!

  • Arianagrande

    Everyone has sex in their life so I bet that some of the people who are complaing cuz I bet u have

  • pjbthree

    She should focus on singing. Young women her age with musical careers are not expected to be virgins like Nickelodeon actresses are

  • Really?

    Well maybe instead of having grown, adult (at least in age if not in mind) women playing high school kids they should hire actual teenagers. But then, they probably couldn’t do have the storylines on these shows since a lot of it is adult in nature.

    • pjbthree

      True that! Adults playing teenagers on shows with storylines tha appeal t pre-teens. Both my kids thought it was hilarious that once they got to the age of the Nickelodeon show characters they were no longer interested in the shows

    • James Mason

      You idiot! She is playing an adult in Sam & Cat! In that particular show, she is no longer in high school!

      • Brennon

        No, she is like 17 on the show idiot.

        • Collin CG

          No, Cat is 17. Sam is not in High School anymore.

          • TLRT9

            She is in high school. She’s on online high school.

            If you actually paid attention to the show you’d clearly remember her stating and even partially doing this on the 2nd episode.

          • Collin CG

            “Samantha Puckett

            April 17, 1994″ I figured since she was turning 20, Sam already graduated. No need to freak out bro

      • photoshop!!!

        you idiots in the show she goes to online school watch #favioriteshow episode!!!

  • pjbthree

    None of these pictures are “half naked.” This is more about Nickelodeon wanting to dump her because she has unmarried sexual relations with black guys

    • Guest

      Fucking idiot. She said they only “dated’ for 3 days. Nick wouldn’t care if it had lasted either.

    • Guest

      idiot. She said they only “dated’ for 3 days. Nick wouldn’t care if it had lasted either.

      • sneakerhead

        you just copied his sentence, why?

  • ken

    I would be more concerned Ariana is working with Chris Brown.

    • Connie

      You are idiot?.. Mccurdy have naked pictures!! ! She isn’t a lady!

      • ken

        They werent naked. I am sure you have taken any picture like that? If you havent you wll. What is the big deal. At least she isnt hanging around with a beater.

      • IcyTea

        No one really cares, since Nickelodeon is a dump to begin with.

        • Connie

          That is true :/

      • Breonnia

        They aren’t naked. You can clearly tell that by the pictures.

      • Adriana

        Wait I’m sorry, did you just say she isn’t a lady just bc she may have these pics!?
        I can’t even…

        • Connie

          Yep, i said she isn’t a LADY

  • Breonnia

    I was shocked but she isn’t a girl anymore. She is a woman. She isn’t a hoe. A hoe sleeps around with everybody. I liked that guy from Guy Code because he is funny…but after that remark he made about Jennette McCurdy makes me not like him anymore. You can’t disrespect a woman like that. But if she was going to do that I would have left the face out of it so nobody could confirm that was you or not.

  • Shelby

    What I don’t get is that this whole article was about Jennette McCurdy. But yet the title has Ariana’s name on it and not hers…..

    • Connie

      Same. I think is bc Ariana is famous.

  • John Doe

    every one here was born because of sex. Sex is natural and EVERYONE wants it. I don’t see why people make such a big fuss when things like this happens. And it allows the girls who intentionally leak the photos to have more publicity, which means more controversy, which means even more publicity and success.

    • IcyTea

      Which means networks like Nickelodeon can fire them and ruin their lives. That’s wonderful isn’t it?

  • I Luv Divergent

    This is quite common for young celebrities. It’s happened with Victoria Justice where she was wearing an 80’s yoga instructor suits and she posted it on Twitter and someone leaked it and she replied that it was a joke and that she wasn’t trying to be sexy and that she’s a good person and would never be revealing. Same thing when Demi Lovato wore a low cut bikini and Tweeted it and she said that some jerk leaked it without her permission and that he was supposed to be one of her friends…so it happens ALL the time!!!

  • jane

    The show should not be cancelled just because of this. I am sending an email to Nickelodeon saying the same thing.

    • jane

      oh and she should make better choices in life though. Like who you date and how often you date.

  • angel

    “social sexual networking hookups are for regular people not celebrities” thats a load of crap!!! celebrities are humans too.. dumb people these days!

  • Craig D. Casimir

    she’s HOT!!! and how would Grande be out of a job? she’s a singer for crap’s sake!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    What has this world come to?

  • Collin CG

    “Ariana Grande may be out of a job” No, she’ll be out of a Nickelodeon job. She has a incredible music career ahead of her

  • Rrfffhfffgg


  • Rrfffhfffgg

    Soft pillow

  • Candice Byfield


  • Smiley cookie

    Omg this can not happen I love that show!!!! :(

  • greg

    This is getting out of hand Jennette McCurdy NO!!! longer is a child She is a Grown Women Now!!!! The Pics that were leaked doesn’t show anymore skin then you would see on a beach!! Sam & Cat Is the best Show on NICK!!! what is really dumb is I can’t believe that the show was not showing an signs of renewing for season 2 before this all happened!! It Be a shame if nick cancels the show just for 3 pics!!!!

  • sam and cat fan

    This is horrible but I still look up to wasn’t her fault but she should have kept the photos to herself I just wish her the best becuz me and my cousins luv the show.not to get off subject but others have done this to people shouldn’t be shocked at this .

  • TheRece25

    Oh come on.. anyone who judges her harshly need to take two looks at themselves.. this wasn’t pulling a miley cyrus and going naked in front of everyone for publicity.. this is sending someone you though you really liked pictures of yourself that you thought would make him really like you back… put some heart and emotion behind it because she is a Real human being, not just some celebrity robot. We all make mistakes but its even harder while being in the spot light. I’m sure Many, miley, Rihanna, and beyonce fans would just call these “classy” seeing as how no nipple, or va jay jay are showin XD

  • Pajamaparty

    The actress who plays Sam is a grown woman. I am not condoning what she did and have no idea who or what leaked the photos, but I would suspect she has learned her lesson. When you are a celebrity you have to be wise in who you send pictures too. I think people are going overboard in regards to the Sam and Cat show. Apparently the show is popular on that network and gets good ratings. People have a short memory and most kids probably aren’t even aware of the controversy. If the show is doing well in the ratings, there is no reason not to renew it. The network can simply tell her don’t let it happen again.

    • Connie

      Nope. A dirty woman is different to a woman.

  • DisneyDisaster364

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything, but this wasn’t the greatest show. In my opinion, this show was doomed to cancellations before it aired. Let’s be honest. Nickelodeon should had made Swindle into a show (after the movie aired) instead of making Sam & Cat into a series. Just saying.

  • Getoverit

    I think that everyone is saying bad things about Sam because when ever TV or singers have sex everyone goes crazy and the people that are saying bad things about her are the ones that have sex so it does not matter get over it

  • Aariyah

    somebody did this on purpose they probably hate Sam and cat and found this and leaked it but i bet she took these photos before Sam and cat even aired

  • Angela

    I have nothing to say.

  • Angela

    Cat is 20 years old. I look it up.