Arian Foster Sued for Pressuring a Woman into Abortion

    January 14, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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Houston Texans football player Arian Foster may have to worry about more than his $43.5 million contract this upcoming season.

The married NFL player may face a lawsuit and child support by a gold-digger woman claiming to be pregnant with child. The woman identified as ‘Brittany’ asserts that Foster and his reps are pressuring her into abortion.

The woman, who is five months pregnant, accuses Foster and his family members of constant harassment.

TMZ reports that Brittany, 20, has confirmed Foster as the paternal father through a DNA test, which she says returned with a 99.9% match.

The lawsuit also states that the woman would like to place a restraining order against Foster and sue for emotional distress.

Brittany says that she met Foster in September while attending the University of Houston. She had no idea that the football player was married at the time of their intimate relationship.

Foster and his wife already have two children together, so this would make his third child if Brittany’s accusations were proven to be correct.

Well, this story sounds way too familiar to all the other countless situations sports players go through and it seems like they’ll never learn from the next man’s mistake.

Apart from all the baby-mama-drama, Foster has been in rehab for back surgery. He missed most of last season due to his recovery.

The running back has lately been receiving public scrutiny from sports announcers.

Many say his contract has already been hurt by his surgery and now this alleged pregnancy would look bad for the 27-year-old.

“When your franchise running back has someone pregnant with his child, out of wedlock, and is seeking a restraining order to keep you away from them, this is bad on a lot of different levels,” said 610 Sports Radio Host, Rich Lord.

Foster and his reps have yet to respond to the dilemma.

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  • She Just Wants Money

    She just wants money and probably got pregnant on purpose. Maybe instead of placing the blame on the man, we should start placing blame on women who go after married men. A lot of them do. Go to any club and you will see women screwing over other women for the slightest thing.

    • jimmy

      In my nfl count down voic com on man. pregnant on purpose.i have kids and some wanted to say that about my lady she di t on purpose I never threw her under the bus. It takes 2 to tangle even if she said she on pill or something u have to watch yourself. Foster seems cool and all but if u play with fire u might get burned. Whwn u are anfl rookie u take classes on these issues

    • bobs

      Maybe married men should not be cruising at clubs. He wanted sex and was too stupid to use BC.

  • bobby

    This guy is done in the NFL so she went after the wrong Mr. Moneybags. He went to four doctors hoping to hear one of them say he didn’t need surgery, didn’t happen. It’s his back. Not good.
    Yea he’s a cheater and she wants a paycheck. It what it is.

  • Steven

    damn houston hood rats..

  • John

    Foster is a pos who debauched a pretty White woman. Said woman is a slut. Both of them in better days would have been thrown into prison, and the results of their sin put up for adoption. Total condemnation for both… usurper male and race-traitor female, the pair of them…

    • Jobie

      Debauched? So you believe any young woman today, White, Black, Purple, or Green, could be seduced into indulging in immoral conduct? I doubt it. People do what they want to do without being pushed into it. She must have wanted to participate in “debauchery”…we haven’t heard that she has said that he raped her.

    • John’s Owner

      This isn’t the 30’s. You’re about the most ignorant person I have come across in quite some time. Your parents should have done to you what Arian Foster is asking this girl to do. Go crawl in a hole and die.

  • Chip

    She say that she didn’t know he was married i just don’t believe that and she didn’t use protection not only so this wouldn’t happen but maybe this is what she wanted in the first place. She never considered that she could catch a STD FROM HIM BUT I GUESS SHE SAY’S IT IS WHAT THE RISK.Now this child will grow up knowing that their Mom was nothing but a wh–e but she don’t care as long as she gets paid. He wasn’t very smart either because he should have used protection to protect himself and his family from something like this. i would bet if you went back and looked in her past you would most likly she that this is her M.O.

  • bobs

    It’s his own fault.

  • keepitreal

    awwww….how noble and moral of her not to want an abortion after having unprotected sex with a married man and getting pregnant.