Area 51 Declassified Documents Released

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - November 14, 2013

When most people think about Area 51, aliens and spaceships come to mind. For years, civilians have tried to get a closer look of Area 51 and determine what goes on there. Security is tight and the facilities within the area have managed to keep their work and activities a secret from the world.

Newly declassified documents were recently released and they reveal a good bit about the area. Sadly, there is no mention of little green men in spaceships, but the documents do offer information about the purpose of the secret facility.

The documents pertain to the security of the area and whether or not a photo of the facility, accidentally taken by NASA, should be allowed to be released for the public to see. Most of the documents dated back to the 60’s and 70’s, during which time, Area 51 security was worried about the Soviet Union’s spy satellites being able to see and photograph the facility.

The declassified documents also show the extent that Area 51 went to to make sure their planes were not seen by aerial photos and satellites

“But, of course, the CIA knew the flight paths of Soviet satellites, and they would avoid having their aircraft in the open when satellites were overhead,” “The best form of concealment is a big hangar where you can park all your planes,” said Dwayne Day, an American space historian.

In spite of efforts to prevent the public from knowing anything about Area 51, there are many informative documents that can be viewed at the National Security Archive’s website.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

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  • Well

    Does anyone really believe the government would tell the public about alien life? Really? Humans can’t get along with their neighbors let alone an advanced race of being able to traverse space. Look at how afraid we are in the US right now. Could you imagine what would happen if we really had something to be afraid of? Make no mistake about it. If aliens can get to us, they will be so much more advanced than us that it wouldn’t even be funny. They could take over this planet without even landing on it.

    The government will never tell the people about alien life until they absolutely had to. Personally, I believe they already know about and have met alien life. There are too many high ranking government/military officials that have said as much. We are not talking about your local yokels who are crazy. We spend more than the rest of the world combined on defense and we “lose” trillions of dollars in black budgets. I believe that money is being used to develop a response to an alien threat. After all, we have more than enough weapons to destroy the world 20 times over.

    I don’t have any inside knowledge. But I can assure you that the government will never confirm alien life until they have to. Most people think Earth is the center of the universe when really we are an incredibly small planet on the fringe of a small galaxy and we are extremely young. The universe is infinitely big and old. It has water in it. There is life out there. Make no mistake about that.

    But I also assure you that there would be mass panic if they ever did show up. The government will never tell us until they are forced to.