Apple vs. Google: Who Wins This One?

Competition Between Two Tech Giants Continues to Escalate

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The bickering between Apple and Google continues. It’s gotten to the point where at just about every event where one of these companies has an announcement (at least within the mobile space), they take not so subtle jabs at one another. 

Which mobile operating system will win out in the end? Apple’s iOs? Google’s Android? Share your thoughts here

Nicholas Carlson at Silicon Alley Insider pulled out a few quotes from Steve Jobs’ speech from the company’s earnings call (in which it posted record revenue and iPhone/iPad sales):

"Many Android OEMs install proprietary user-interfaces to differentiate themselves from the commodity Android experience. The user is left to figure it all out. Compare this with iPhone where every handset works the same."

"We think the open vs. closed is just a smokescreen to try and hide the real issue, which is: What’s best for the customer? Fragmented vs. integrated. We think Android is very very fragmented and becoming more fragmented by the day."

MG Siegler at TechCrunch points to a tweeted response from Android lead Andy Rubin:

the definition of open: "mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git://android.git.kernel.org/platform/manifest.git ; repo sync ; make"Tue Oct 19 06:21:18 via web

Siegler also refers to the "activation pissing match" between Apple and Google. Jobs said that Apple’s activating 275,000 iOS devices a day, and 300,000 on good days. In a recent Newsweek interview, Rubin said Android gets 250,000 activations on some days. 

A new report out today from ad network Millennial Media has Android revenue surpassing iOS for the first time across its network. 

Apple has reaped the benefits of a new iPhone model and of course the iPad this year. We’re going to start seeing a lot of Android tablets very soon (much as we have phones in the past). It’s going to be very interesting to see how it all plays out. 

Of course mobile isn’t the only area of competition between Apple and Google. It’s now TV time, and it won’t end there. Wait until Google releases its music service (expected later this year). 

Peter Kafka at All Things D says Apple has a $51 billion shopping list, and asks if another major Google competitor (Facebook) is on it. It’s an interesting discussion, and it would certainly make the media narrative of Google vs. Apple more interesting and convenient, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, although Jobs and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg have been talking, according to reports, that is probably more in relation to Apple’s Ping service or maybe other partnership opportunities. Facebook is not likekly to sell to anyone. Zuckerberg wouldn’t even sell a small program to Microsoft for a million dollars when he was in high school. I seriously doubt he’s going to sell one of the most important companies on the web that he’s created from the ground up. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s entirely out of the realm of possibility for Facebook to have a role in Apple’s competition with Google, however. Faceboook has already given Bing an edge in search, when it comes to harvesting Facebook data, something that Google says it will get one way or another. 

Still, I don’t think Facebook is going to be incredibly significant in Apple’s battle with Android in particular. Facebook is going to do what’s good for Facebook, and Zuckerberg recently discussed the company’s mobile strategy extensively in an interview with TechCrunch. Essentially, the plan is to be on every device. It’s not as if Facebook is going to start cutting off Android and go iOS-exclusive. 

It’s fun to look at the competition between Google and Apple, but really, they are both winners. They’re both gaining customers left and right. Consumers win too, as technology gets better and we have more devices to choose from. 

In which areas do you give the edge to Google? Apple? Tell us what you think.

Apple vs. Google: Who Wins This One?
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  • Steve The Ocean

    I’d like to see Palm/HP jump in the fray. Even though I am an android user based on my past experience with Palm I think they might have the potential to be better than both the others.

  • http://www.spartechsoftware.com Brian

    Apple’s philosophy of closed systems has done them in every time in the past. They produce great products but monopolize the market, hold developers hostage, charge unrealistic prices, and end up shooting themselves in the foot. Apple vs. Android will be no different. Android

    • Adrian Reid

      For ease of use & adaptability you have to say Google blow Apple away. Shame really cos Apple have got the right idea….

  • http://www.medlawplus.com medlaw

    Jobs makes a good point about the bloatware that phone companies put on their android phones thereby degrading the android experience. Apple’s market power has allowed them to fend off such meddling by AT&T. Still, the combined assault of all the other cell companies who are shut out of the iPhone market seems to me to be the long term winner. The prices (including data plan rates) will inevitably fall for android phones. As the price disparity increases between android and iPhone, android market share has to increase. Apple’s apparent continued iOS dominance is only so because it includes ipod touch and iPad numbers. Android is already shipping more phones than Apple and, as mentioned, android tablets are in the market pipeline ready to fight for market share.

  • http://www.teak1indo.com Erza Edwin

    In my opinion it’s just a matter of time that Google will win the competition.

  • Guest

    Don’t ignore the money factor. Purchase price is comparable, but plans for the iPhone are significantly more then unlimited plans for the Android (at least in the Baltimore/DC region). Since there is nothing either platform can do that the other cant do in the next release, it will come down to cost and Hardware design. Apple can’t compete with every other hardware developer out there who doesn’t have to invest in software design. The converse is true also, Google can dump huge amounts of money into research on the OS and API and not spend anything on hardware.

    Put a different way, Android gets a FREE speed boost everytime any manufacturer makes a speed boost the their phone CPU. Apple has to spend TONS of moeny to keep up.

  • Guest

    exactly. open system is always better. but why do we have to view it as competition?
    apple will always have devoted followers – they have the street cred.
    while android just works for the rest of us

  • http://planetmeerkat.co.uk The Meerkat

    Iphone is a fashion accessory. As has been said it dosn’t do anything android doesn’t (infact considering it has less features as standard than most phones you could say it does less) yet they cost upto 3 times as much. People are just paying for the name and the styling. Like all fashions sooner or later it will be considdered out of fashion and something else prehaps Android, Windows mobile 7 or somthing new will take the lead.

    As for bloatware. I like it. How can you complain about getting free stuff. My android phone came with several apps preinstalled you would have had to pay extra for with the equivilant iPhone apps.

    The consept of apps has been around for ages. several years ago i used to have a palm one PDA and the PalmOS then was almost exactly the same to use as Android is now. This reinforces the point that the iPhones popularity is purely down to fashion, marketing and peer pressure.

  • terrance washington

    I was about to get the droid until I read that hp is coming out with a phone that has a new WebOs 2.0, so I will see what it has to offer. I have never really been a fan of Motorola, I wish that LG would get in the fray with a decent headset.

  • http://www.execz.co.za Spokie

    Just imagine Google, with its incredible leading vision of internet and Apple, the real experts in software and computers join hands to develop a revolutionary JV partnership – serving us…the nornal geeks and internet slaves…. IT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!
    (-: set Greed aside – let’s work for the improvement of mankind’s future in a beautiful world!

  • Guest

    Windows Phone 7!

  • Guest

    I have an Android phone and an iPad… My iPad wins hands down!!!

    • Andy

      The Android platform has so much more potential becuase it is opened sourced. Many people can run with their ideas – iPad can only run with Apple approved one’s – too much control. Also, the Android – with the 2.2 – can provided a much more complete web experience. The iPad cannot even play a vast majority of videos online – Android can. I mean please; I can’t imagine any sort of gratifying web experience without the videos – come on – that’s like internet 1995. Can’t wait for the Android Tablet!!!!!!!

  • sea rations

    was an Apple fan up until they went headless the first time. Then reluctantly tried PC and I love it.
    I am now convinced that technology is supposed to be cheap, disposable and open to the user, that is that is the best business philos. Although, I use apple products and do like the design, security and presentation, It is just too expensive for the average person to belong to the apple club. as far as proliferation, I can’t see every child in Africa being given an iPad or government contracts purchasing a million Apple made water purifiers to drop throughout the desert… and thats whats required for the comp to stay on top when a 10000 droids come knocking and the public grow tired of paying the price tag for what I consider to be really nicely designed polished home furnishings.

  • http://www.juust.org juust

    For now all I hear is Apple’s sales aren’t slowing down, it is just Google gaining market share. Google apparently are not directly competing with Apple.

    • Ben Hull

      This is interested and as I expected – that the two will capture the hearts of different markets. Android will be loved by those who like to be more involved in their hardware and be able to customise their device and install whatever they want. Apple iOs will be preferred by a more consumerist market who just want their stuff to work and for them to not have to worry about having the right hardware or version etc.

      Neither will win out. They will both share the market. They will both grow hugely.

  • snt

    The Sheeps (Apple & Google) are fighting and the Wolf(Microsoft) is waiting… It is interesting to see how things are going to fold out in the coming years.

  • http://www.soundfoundation.com.au/ lawrence

    Basically with Steve Jobs trying to regulate the SMS market and their recent patent approval to monitor and edit your SMS messages, to stop Sexting. I think this abuse of the privacy act will seriously damage Apples Kudo’s even if i can still come up with creative ways to have fun with friends.

    Apple were really good when they had the attitude of the underdog, but now, Steve’s head is growing larger, and he is trying to be all goody too shoes. im for the first time seriously look at alternatives to apple iphone. lol pity… it was a great divice until Steve Jobbed it!

    • http://www.ipdfconverter.com/ anny

      In my opinion ,I think Google will win !

  • PaddyReagan

    This is the same, lame, apples vs oranges comparison that’s confused the computer market for years. Apple offers an integrated system that is simple, intuitive, and consumers (not necessarily the tech heads) love. Android is an operating system scattered across dozens of manufacturers some of which offer absolute junk. Metaphorically, it’s much like buying ice cream with an Android cone but who knows what flavor is inside.

    There’s also the ironic parallel in computers. Microsoft and its legion of fan boys never stop reminding us that Windows market share is huge. Sure it is and even after ME, Vista, et al, the strange combination of dirt cheap hardware and overpriced software continues to sell. But, the same unfortunate circumstances apply–no matter how wonderful Windows 7 may be, it will, in many cases, run on junky machines that will die in a year. It’s something like buying a $149 paddle to use in a rusted out canoe.

  • http://www.Colema.co Colema

    Apple should win, you can’t get past a secretary at google

  • http://www.iipac.wordpress.com Benjamin Ketang

    Today is which era everyone can directly communicate without any limitations. Google most fairly shares its ideas into new world and human life. A significant image of Google that professional working with minimize military interest between two countries. Indonesia will open widely working hand in hand into newest technological approach into reality. Yiddish needs more cooperation into biggest team in Indonesia

  • http://www.circlem25.co.uk/london_job_vacancies/ meno

    I think google will always be boosting the Android Market. if you look at the past, it has been less than tow years since the Android Market was announced by google and now there are over 80,000 applications available for download for Android phones.
    this how it started:
    –On 17 March 2009, there were about 2,300 applications available for download from the Android Market
    — By December 2009, there were over 20,000 applications available for download in the Android Market
    –By August 2010, there are over 80,000 applications available for download in the Android Market, with over 1 billion application downloads

    A report in July 2010 by Distimo showed that the Android Market features the highest percentage of free apps, with over 57% being free to download, double the amount of Apple Inc.’s App Store, in which only 28% of apps are free.
    stats sourced from Wikipedia.

    so this means Android will be the boss of Apple one day.
    I personally love open-source devices.

    • http://www.ipadconverter.com Guest

      I agree with ups!

  • Truth For AppleFanBoys

    Google android has already won! Check out the sales. Google android is doubling and sometimes tripling sales of Android Phones vs IPhones. Apple is third while Palm is 2nd. Apple is already gone just like windows 7 phones.

  • http://www.ipadconverter.com Guest

    Google wil wii the struggle!

  • http://www.janyer.com Janyer Dominguez

    Google will win the smart-phone war hands down they have all the resources in place and they are a open inclusive platform encouraging innovation from all areas as Apple is exclusive and only come in one hand set options as Android has dozens of manufactures producing tons hand sets to choose from.

  • http://www.temeron.com/ Mihai Cosma

    I think that this is not actually a battle between Apple and Google. They each have a good slice of clients, and there are others who are loosing customers bit time… Windows Mobile and Symbian have taken a big hit. Nokia with the smart phones also. And the race for tablets and computers is just beginning…

  • http://www.borri.co.uk Sotuff

    Quite simply the Android gets my vote. “Open Source” rules.

  • Guest

    Steve Jobs is the devil.

  • Andrew

    wow… you guys are retards. You really think that the iphone is just a quick fad? They re-invented the cell phone while the android tries its best to keep up.

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