Apple Continues To Distance Itself From Google

    July 8, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Apple has taken one more step towards distancing itself from Google. The company has now started incorporating its own Apple Maps on the iCloud.com beta site and for the “Find my iPhone” feature. It previously used Google Maps.

This is a smaller deal than some others it has made in the past – namely replacing Google Maps with Apple Maps as the default Maps experience – but it continues in the tradition of Apple relying less and less on Google. 9to5Mac reports:

In addition to the iOS Maps app since iOS 6, Apple was already using its own Maps powered by data from a number of partners in its Find My iPhone app for iOS devices and elsewhere on its mobile devices. Today’s change removes Google Maps from one of the last products that was still using it, the Find My iPhone web app available at iCloud.com.

Apple appears to be trying to wean its users off of Google. Its latest operating systems have tapped Bing for some key features, and the company continues to try and improve its own search offerings (including Siri).

Just a month ago, news emerged that Apple had bought Spotsetter, a search company. This came after the company acquired a couple others: Topsy and Cue.

Image via Apple

  • wertwert

    Yay Apple! Keep it coming! Google is a train wreck that primarily delivers frustration, pain, and ads.

  • Truth

    Good for you Apple.