Apple Also Rumored to be Developing Curved Smartphone Displays


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In the past month, both Samsung and LG have unveiled smartphones with curved displays. The technology for such displays has been touted at trade shows for years, but is just now making its way into consumer devices.

Samsung's Galaxy Round is curved side-to-side, while LG's G Flex is curved top-to-bottom. Both manufacturers have attempted to explain how these curved displays are better, with limited success.

Now, it appears that even Apple might get in on the curved smartphone trend. A Bloomberg report has stated that Apple is currently designing future iPhone prototypes with curved displays, larger screen sizes, and "enhanced sensors." Unlike the Samsung and LG models, the Apple curved displays would curve toward the back of the device at its edges, according to the report's unnamed "person familiar with the plans."

The report states that screen size is now something that Apple with catch up with Android manufacturers on. The company is reportedly working on iPhones that could potentially have 4.7-inch or 5.5-inch screens. This complements a report from August that held that Apple could be developing a larger iPad model as well.

As for the "enhanced sensors," Bloomber's source believes that such sensors would be used to tell the difference between "light" and "heavy" touches. This could work in conjunction with the rumored curved display, as consumers would have to hold such a device by the screen's edges.