Apple About To Launch New Pages, iBooks Software?


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All anyone knows for certain about the Apple event that starts in just a few minutes is that it is related to education. The rumor mill is generally agreed, though, that the announcement will involve textbooks and iBooks in some way. There have even been rumors of a “GarageBand for e-books,” a tool that would streamline the creation of e-book files. Now, just before the event, there are a few new details emerging. Jason O’Grady of ZDNet posted the following Tweet late last night:

A little birdie told me that Roger Rosner will announce Pages '12, iBooks 2 (with Lion support) and textbook rentals in NYC today. 9 hours ago via Itsy! · powered by @socialditto

Pages has been overdue for an update for awhile now, so a new version of Pages (and iWork in general) is not at all unlikely. Likewise, users have been clamoring for iBooks on OS X since iBooks was announced with the first iPad in 2010.

Whatever Apple has in store is bound to be interesting, though. The announcement is scheduled for 10 AM Eastern time. Check back soon for more details.