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By: Chris Richardson - July 1, 2011

We’re only a few days into the era of Google Plus and already, folks want to add stuff to it, much like Facebook did with Farmville, and whatever other application you’d care to consider. While that may be the beginning of the end in regards to Google Plus updates being littered with “Such-and-such in your circle wants to give you a cow” or something similar, fear not, developers, because Google is well on their way towards releasing an API for their social platform. Once released, it will open Google Plus to the world of social media apps and other additions.

According to CNet.com, Vic Gundotra, the Senior Vice-President of Social for Google, informed the publication of Google’s intentions concerning the upcoming API.

for Google+ users, developer access is coming. It’s simply a matter of time. As Vic Gundotra, senior vice president of social for Google, told me at a Web 2.0 Summit cocktail party tonight, “I’m a developer guy at the core. It is inconceivable I would build something without a platform.”

In fact, Google went as far to set up something of an email hotline for developers who are interested in working with the upcoming API. As for why there’s not an API already available, Gundotra and CNet both indicate the fact Google Plus is still in its “beta” stage. Apparently, once the noticeable kinks are worked out, the API will make its debut.

After that, get ready for FARMVILLE: THE GOOGLE + WARS or some such creation.

In other Google + news, the platform’s trend is growing and growing. A quick glance at Google Trends shows the topic is gaining interest on a daily basis, especially once you apply the “Last 30 Days” filter. Surprisingly, however, is not all of that interest is coming from the United States. While the U.S. is currently sixth in search volume, places like Israel, Chile and India are ahead of their American counterparts. In fact, Santiago, Chile is the highest-ranked city in regards to search volume, with San Francisco coming in second.

Deli, Washington D.C. and Bogota round out the top five, which clearly demonstrates the growing interest in Google + is worldwide. Interestingly enough, the number one language searching for the “Google +” string is, in fact, Hebrew. Apparently, Facebook just doesn’t do it for the folks in Jerusalem. Will Google + fill the void?

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  • M Musa

    Google always give us something wonderful we cant imagine in it.

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    Plz. invite me on google plus, i wnt to join ur scl ntwrkng site….

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    After “wave” failed I’ve been waiting so long for this. Cant’ wait for an invite

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    love to join this one..

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    This is powe full step from google of the all

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    varey naice

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    This is a good and new step taken by Google …………… Appropriate Google and there network

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    where would we be without cocktail parties?

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      testing: the cock crows thrice at midnight…

  • Troy

    Hype will die soon. A few want to try the new toy. Soon they’ll find themselves playing alone.

    • David

      Just like with Facebook right?

      • Troy

        Apples and oranges. Facebook is the undisputed king of social networking. Google is a wannabe. Api or not, Google + is bound to fail just for the name alone. The party is at Facebook. Your friends are there too.

        • Asmodeus

          Just like other instant messengers killed the “King” ICQ. Facebook is just another toy which we actually do not really need. People switch toys, FB may fade out and Google+ may be the new toy, who knows?

          • http://distorzion.net Luis

            Yeah, facebook it is just another toy.

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    Thanks for sharing the link to the email hotline. I am a student studying CS, and would love to give Google+ dev a shot!

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  • http://plusdevs.com Plusdevs

    I think Google understands the importance of releasing an API for plus, but they will take their time as obviously some features are still being finalised (it is still in beta after all).
    As long as they manage it well and don’t let it turn into a spam-fest like Facebook apps, it can be a big tool for them.

  • http://www.intenseblog.com Jenni

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