Anti-Semitic Elmo – Will Prison Change Him?

    October 9, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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If you thought about feeling sorry for man who dresses as The Anti-Semitic Elmo in Times Square, think again. Dan Sandler, who also goes by the name Adam Sandler is the man in the costume. He was recently arrested for extortion attempt against the Girl Scouts organization. Sandler threatened several Girl Scout leaders and employees that he would spread false rumors about the organization if they did not agree to pay him 2 million dollars. He plead guilty to reduced charges of second-degree attempted grand larceny and third-degree stalking and was sentenced to a year in jail.

If you think his acts against the Girl Scouts are extreme, you should see some of the rants and accusations he makes while dress as Elmo on the streets of New York. If you have never been unlucky enough to meet The Anti-Semitic Elmo, you can still see some of his craziest moments. Check out these videos made by local New Yorkers and Tourists that show Elmo is a not so friendly manner.

If you are wondering how The Anti-Semitic Elmo got it’s name, maybe this video will give you a hint. Elmo visited central park, but it wasn’t to enjoy a nice walk or entertain the children there. No, he was too busy screaming racial slurs about Jewish people and cursing like a sailor.

Wondering how Elmo got away with such actions? Well don’t worry, he didn’t for too long. Here you can see the naughty Elmo being arrested just after finishing one of his rants.

If you think being arrested would stop the mean Elmo, you’re wrong. Just a few weeks after being arrested for harassing tourists in New York, this bad Elmo found his way to California, where he continues to make racist comments and annoy passersby.

So will serving a year behind bars convince Mr. Sandler to ditch the costume and stop his racist ways? Only time will tell.

Image from YouTube.

  • michael weiner

    the only correct definition for semitic is language, not race; so hes anti language?

  • Dan

    Once again for the brainwashed masses and the clueless lap dogs of the dual citizen controlled media, the Arabs are the Semites. Jews are Mongolian Turks posing as Semites. A proud Khazar Jew explains this in The Thirteenth Tribe. Know who you are.

  • Richard

    He did find a place to stay for a year, he will not be homeless AND have free medical.. He will be warm this winter.. Thinking it was more about having a place to stay than extorting the girl scouts.

    • @Richard

      That is the absolute dumbest thing I have ever heard.

      If you think prison is so wonderful, go there and check yourself in. Bask in the comforts of it. Medical care in prison will likely get you killed. They use experimental drugs and where do you think many of your surgeons and doctors get trained? If you are unlucky to have an operation in the prison system, your doctor may be literally doing their first surgery ever. You are likely to get butchered. Dental care consists of getting your teeth pulled. That is it. You will literally see 20 or 30 guys a day getting teeth pulled. That is the dentist’s answer to everything.

      People have this illusion that prison is some comfortable place. Do you have a closet in your home? Strip it bare, put a one inch mat in it, and lock yourself in it for 23 hours a day. That is prison. If you want to make it even more realistic, go hire an insane police officer to come and beat your ass every once in a while.

      You may go in for something stupid like dressing up as Elmo and get killed. The man is homeless and is probably mentally ill. He needs help.

  • http://www.TheGreatestRange.com Bitchler

    This video was far more anti-climactic than anti-Semitic…I couldn’t hear anything over all of the little kids screaming, oy vey. The only full sentence I think I heard was “Viacom is bullsh!!”; which, may be true.

    Now, for rants that involve cursing but are HILARIOUS, go to The Greatest Range now and click on video page for free samples from Raunchy Rants!

  • http://www.TheGreatestRange.com Bitchler

    This video was anti-climactic, not anti-Semitic; I couldn’t hear 99% of it thanks to all of the little kids screaming, oy vey.

    Now, for HILARIOUS rants that involve colorful language, go to The Greatest Range and click on the free video samples of Raunchy Rants!

  • Mike

    That guy is the real life Master Shake from ATHF.

  • Rocky

    Just for the record, Dan Sandler is Jewish himself.. which many writers are omitting. And he wants attention..