Anthony Weiner Announces Mayoral Run with YouTube Video

    May 22, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Last month, as rumors swirled of a possible run for New York City mayor, former congressman Anthony Weiner rejoined Twitter – the service the led to his downfall back in 2011. He began tweeting out links to a 20-page roadmap for NYC called “Keys to the city,” and it sure looked like the actions of a man gearing up for a comeback.

Today, Weiner officially entered the mayoral race with a YouTube video.

“…The classic New York story: you work hard, you make it into the middle class, and you make life a little bit better for your kids. That’s how this city was built,” says Weiner.

“But it’s getting harder and harder every day – some of the highest rents in the country…goog jobs with benefits disappearing, our schools aren’t what they should be, and we need to keep this city safe.”

Weiner doesn’t shy away from his past indiscretions:

“Look, I made some big mistakes, and I know I let a lot of people down. But I’ve also learned some tough lessons. I’m running for mayor because I’ve been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance to work for you.”

According to recent polling, Weiner trails Democratic frontrunner Christine Quinn by a margin of 15% to 25%. That same poll indicated that 49% of people felt the Weiner shouldn’t run for mayor.

Check out his announcement below:

  • Grumpy Mc Surly

    NYC will eat this pervert alive.


    What do I think? HA!! This is where I just throw up my hands and give up trying to understand the Liberal/Progressive/Socialist mind (whatever they are calling themslves these days). I flip back and forth between FOX and MSNBC with a few of the other 6 MSM/Liberal news broadcasts thrown in. I watched the (disgraced) Sanford/ Colbert (hyphen) Busch race become the source of much gnashing of teeth, snarky facial expressions and spittle on MSNBC as each editorial “useful idiot” made it the centerpiece of their show on MSNBC and the other 6 “news” broadcasts we call the MSM. I think to myself– what about (former Congressman) Weiner? He’s making mayoral candidacy sounds– what about his “indiscretions? Well, shame on me. Just as Weiner is always labeled “former Congressman” and, just as Sanford is always labeled as “disgraced (or some other derogatory preface), so to is the details of each man’s failure. Sanford– in my opinion, fell in love with another woman. Shame on him. He used taxpayer funds in pursuit of this love, double shame on him and he should pay for that crime. But, he seemingly DID fall in love to the point of destroying his marriage. Anyone who has fallen in love can relate to how crazy it can make you. If you’ve never felt ‘crazy”, you’ve never fell in love. It’s a wonderful and scary feeling. On the other end of the spectrum, we have Weiner, a man whose arrogance and narcissistic mentality allowed him to justify his acts. He obviously was so full of himself he thought he could sign up on “hook up” web sites and craigslist, send unsolicited pictures to women on those sites of Mr. Weiner JR. and did so arrogantly thinking he was impervious to the consequences! After all, he was (still is) the darling of the left! What about HIS wife? Does he love her? He says so, unlike Sanford who was honest enough to tell his wife he no longer loved her, Weiner claims he still loves his wife and she claims she still loves him. Hogwash! Neither of them love each other. Like Hillary and Bill, their relationship is nothing more than a union of convenience so each can promote their political careers! in other words, a business partnership. I wonder if they ever loved anyone but themselves!
    So, the MSM and, in particular, MSNBC will be foaming at the mouth in a jubilant celebration of Mr. Weiners announcement ( I just turned on MSNBC and they are tap dancing on the tables. I’ll bet Matthews has a thrill going UP his leg– probably carries a picture of Mr. Weiner JR in his wallet!!). The obvious double standard and hypocrisy so massive that, if it were paint, it could cover the entire universe. That any liberal/progressive/Socialist can not see it, or worse, justify it, blows my mind. It’s like suddenly being thrust into another dimension were good is bad, cold is hot, and day is night.