Anthony Sedlak, Canadian Chef, Dies at 29

    July 10, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Anthony Sedlak, a Canadian chef and well-known host of The Main on Canada’s Food Network channel. If you are unfamiliar with The Main, I have provided a description below from the Food Network Canada website that best elaborates the show’s premise.

“A stylish half-hour of mouth-watering, visually appetizing dishes. In each episode, Chef Anthony Sedlak prepares a dish featuring one main ingredient.”

Prior to his hosting position on The Main, Sedlak was very involved within the culinary world. Ever since the age of 14, Sedlak worked at the Grouse Mountain cafeteria, where he was involved in the kitchen as a Production Cook, and at 16, completing a Culinary Arts program at his secondary school of Carson Graham Secondary School in North Vancouver. Sedlak then worked as a chef at various other restaurants during his teenage years and up until his twenties.

At the age of 22, Sedlak was selected as Canada’s representative for the 2006 Hans Bueschken World Junior Chef Challenge, and Sedlak received a silver medal for this achievement. Soon after this, Sedlak starred on the Superstar Chef Challenge show, where he impressed the show’s judges and landed his career on The Main.

To see Anthony Sedlak’s culinary knowledge in action, he gives his advice on Valentine’s Day dinners in the following YouTube clip:

According to various sources, Anthony Sedlak was found dead in his apartment in North Vancouver on July 6th, 2012. It is reported that Sedlak collapsed and died from an undiagnosed medical condition. He was 29 years of age.

Many of his fans on Twitter have been paying their respects to this culinary genius.

  • an american

    We feel horrible that a young talented man has left us.
    I refuse to accept that he fell and died of an undiagnized cause. When will we know of the autopsy results?
    No one can just fall and die without valid reason; especially someone who was loved by the world! RIP

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Chad Sweely

      Unfortunately, that’s what all of the other credible sources are stating as well.

      When I know more information about the full cause of Sedlak’s death, I will update this article, so please be sure to check back.

      And yes, it is horrible that someone so talented and especially so young has left us.

    • MeMyselfandI

      WE feel horrible? Who, you and the entire USA?

      Learn how to speak for yourself.

  • Satan Spawn

    I’ll raise a tattoo needle as soon as I can get it back from Anthony.

    You did ASK what I think. I think he was disgusting. And I also THINK he was high as a kite at times.

    • LYNE

      no u are disgusting……dont u know God only only takes the goods one first…..such a loser u are

      • Flo

        ” dont u know God only only takes the goods one first? ”

        Then I guess YOU’LL be around a VERY long time, Lyne. LOL

        BTW….what kind of warped, infantile theology of God do you have, assuming God “takes” anyone?

  • Luanne
    • LYNE

      u are people soooo digusting………stop judging

  • Greg VanWijk

    He killed himself! The undiagnosed medical condition was major depression. Can’t u idiots read between the lines? You people are so easily brainwashed. No loss & good riddens as far as we are concerned! Greg VanWijk

    • LYNE

      get a life loser

    • Delilah

      To that Greg VanWijk piece of shit. I am in tears reading your comment. Anthony had the most amazing spirit and heart. You are jealous considering Anthony was rated one of the top 20 most beautiful canadians and was so successful. He knew a lot of people and I hope one of them finds you, does their mafia trick and sends you to Hell. You are trash!

  • LYNE


    • Andy

      @Lyne— So you are praying that God help his friends and family? How about doing something youself? Why put it on God to solve everyone’s issues? God gave you a brain, right? Use it.

  • The Professor

    @ LYNE: You tell others not to judge. Yet you call people losers and disgusting. And you expect to be taken seriously with your pathetic double standard? I think you are the one who is the loser. And a disgusting one at that. I have a feeling it’s way too late for you to get a life. That parade passed long ago.