Another Summer, Another Rise In Gas Prices

    June 2, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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As the title indicates, while the Memorial Day weekend may mean the beginning of summer fun, it also means that gas prices have, once again, gone up. This, naturally, means, those road trips families have been planning are going to cost more than they did a mere two weeks ago. As the chart clearly reveals, at the start of may, national gas prices were hovering around the $3.51 mark, and now, they are over $3.60.


While that 9 to 10 cent increase per gallon may not seem much, a dollar-per-ten-gallons increase can take its toll, especially on those who dream of taking long, National Lampoon’s Vacation-like trips to amusement parks on the other side of the country.

Over at HowStuffWorks, there is a comprehensive explanation for these yearly gas increases, but it can be boiled down to this basic concept: the increase in road travelers means a higher demand for that precious oil means, like in all things related to supply and demand, increased prices. Basic fundamentals of economics aside, that doesn’t make the news about increased gas prices any easier to stomach. That being said, the principle behind the increase also provides a clue for how to reverse the process: decrease the demand. Take shorter, less gas-demanding trips, or do something that doesn’t even require a combustion engine.

Of course, this means forfeiting long trips to Wally World, but then again, the disaster that was the Griswold trip should be all the salve you’ll need for whatever disappointment the gas price travel blues bring. At least you’ll be avoiding those potential crises.

  • http://yahoo dee thomas

    what is going to be done about gas prices? it seems to me that gas goes up every other day and then it drop amost to 2.99 the goes right back sky high.. there no need to complain cause the president before this one is the cause… and this president isn’t going to do a dam thing about it.. so deal with the high cost of gas and maybe one day a president or congressman will find the guts to do something about it…

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

      I’m not sure what our politicians can actually do about it, except, perhaps, issue a credence to no longer buy OPEC oil. Of course, the gas shortage that ensued would leave the country in an anarchistic state. Perhaps a viable alternative to the gas-powered combustion engine as the primary mode of travel is in order…

    • Ticked Off

      George Bush didnt do this. He has been out of office for over 4 years now. Time to stop blaming him for all the bullshit that goes on now. Start looking in the direction of the worthless piece of garbage that is in office now. He and only he is the cause of the crap this country is in at this time! I never was a big fan of George Bush but Im also not a brain dead moron that continues to blame him for stuff he has nothing to do with. Your precious obama bin laden sits back in his comfy vacation home laughing at what a bunch of moronic suckers we all are and 95% of Americans are stupid enough to continue to praise him like he is some sort of saint. NOT ME! And as long as someone like that is in office then NOTHING will ever be done to improve this country in any way, shape, or form.

  • bill

    They are crooks. Plain and simple. Our President was going to stop this instead he buys 85 billion in toxic assets a month with are money to loosen up the investment banks. Good job Barrack. you are really a rocket sciencetist.