Annoyed Neighbor Audiotapes Sexy Time: Posts on Soundcloud

Gives it a dubstep remix

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Annoyed Neighbor Audiotapes Sexy Time: Posts on Soundcloud
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Reddit user melanieeritchie “had a friend” that was kept up all night by his neighbors having sex in the apartment next door. As retribution, he made an audio tape of the incident and posted it on Soundcloud. He then left this message on their door to let them know what he’d done.

Do not go to the address posted above, it has since been taken down. Right now it is posted by Soundcloud user nebber, follow this link to listen:

Woman in apartment block


Nothing special. It’s actually about as annoying as being kept up all night with that going on. What is funny is that the same guy made a dubstep remix of the track. Listen here:

Woman in apartment block – remix

Of all the annoying things about apartment living this has to be the worst. It’s good to see someone getting some sort of cathartic release from being forced to listen to a neighbor’s cathartic release.

He should have just done what this guy does when his neighbors’ go at it. He sets up challenges to amuse himself and viewers, all of which has to be done in the time it takes for the neighbors to finish.

Annoyed Neighbor Audiotapes Sexy Time: Posts on Soundcloud
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  • http://www.opinion8d1.com Morgana Reeves

    What do I think of the dude in the videos? What a friggen geek! Does someone, like… want to have sex with him? Or touch him? Ewww, in any way?!

    Yea, I’ll pass.

  • Eugen

    Reeves, nobody asked.

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    I think the remix is hilarious. I hope the neighbors got the message to keep it down or at least close a window.

  • logan

    Morgana you are an evil jerk

  • sdfh

    Has no one else noticed that chick next door is with a 3 minute man? hahahaha

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