Annoyance Averted: iOS 6 Won’t Make You Enter Password To Download Free Apps

By: Josh Wolford - July 23, 2012

With the release of iOS 6 beta 1, we learned that Apple was making it a little easier to downloaded updates to your already-existing apps by ditching the Apple account password prompt. Now, it looks like Apple’s going to get rid of the password requirement in even more scenarios.

Cult of Mac spotted that in iOS 6 Beta 3, you are no longer prompted to enter your Apple password when “purchasing” a free app. So the only time you’ll ever have to key in your password is when you’re actually buying a paid app.

This small change is definitely not one of the most earth-shattering tweaks to iOS that will come with iOS 6, but I’ll be damned if we shouldn’t rejoice in the elimination of something that’s annoyed me for years.

Of course, one could make the argument that this will make it more likely that a person will download an app they really didn’t want to – or a child could download an app that’s not-safe-for-children without the parents’ knowledge. But hey, it’s only the free apps that no longer require a password – you can always just delete them. This is one little update that I’m sure most iOS users can get behind.

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    I agree with you I think yes it is annoying that you have to put a password in every time you download even updates But I think it should stay as kids cannot download something which is not for their age so Apple please keep this in. Another thing thank goodness I did not update my Mac to the latest version os lion so many bugs on it

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