Anne Hathaway’s Shame At Flashing Lady Bits

By: Amanda Crum - December 12, 2012

Anne Hathaway has been getting quite a bit of media play lately, between her recent wedding and the dramatic weight loss she managed for her role in “Les Miserables”. But at a premiere for the film on Monday night in New York, photographers got more than they could have ever hoped for when she had trouble covering herself while getting out of the car in a short, tight dress.

The dress and shoes alone were enough to make waves; dark silk and bondage-like heels that laced up her leg have been the talk of the web since she debuted them. But she seems to have forgotten her underwear, and as she stepped out of her car, she flashed the many photographers who were ready and waiting with their flashbulbs.

“I was getting out of the car and my dress was so tight that I didn’t realize it until I saw all the photographers’ flashes,” Hathaway said. “It was devastating,” she said. “They saw everything. I might as well have lifted up my skirt for them.”

Hathaway has had a rough time with her body image over the years and has said she never feels like she can just be herself because of the media scrutiny.

Image: SplashNews

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  • Harvey Poston

    Hi! Harvey here, here is my thing hot as Ann Hathaway is, and as much as I know know a lot of guys including myself wouldn’t mind seeing Her completely in the nude. But my question is why do we need, why do we want to see her in a vulnerable state such as this. She clearly wasn’t ready, or expecting it, so what the Hell, What the Hell????

  • Carla

    What is up with you ladies not wearing underwear??? Now you say that those who took the pics should have some respect not to show it. Sorry, but I think that’s what you should tell yourself- to have some respect for yourself and cover up what you don’t want shown to the world.

    • Matt

      It’s a personal choice. Having said that, you know if you’ve got them on or not…If your giblits are photographed its your own fault. If you’re gonna be upset about it, be upset with yourself!
      Thanks Anne ;)’

  • mamacasta

    I totally agree with CARLA! She can afford panties.

  • http://annehathawaysshame mamacasta

    I agree with CARLA! She can afford panties!

  • Pax

    First the style pushes the limits of “I try very hard to be sexy and cool” then there are beautiful invisible underwear. I am sorry she has insecurities with her body image like so many of us but that explains those excesses clearly. Anne cool down and be yourself you were wonderful and still are ; but forget about the sexy cool competition. You don’t need that.

    • Cheick Doucoure

      I know she is insecure about her body image,but i don’t think that a reason not to wear panties.She knew that the dress was tight and she was not wearing panty.

  • Debrah Alsobrook

    Spanks? Seamless panties? Being a little more conscious if you aren’t wearing any drawers? Common sense? On the other hand, I’m pretty sure her hoooha looks like everyone elses in the sense that she wasn’t spread eagle on the pages of Hustler.

    • steve

      That might be next….

  • Carrie

    Sharon Stone does it for a movie and the perception is much different. We females all have one … This too shall pass Anne.

  • Bruce Campbell

    Bad Publicity is Still Better Than No Publicity – so I Say “Whip It Out” !!

  • Edward

    So that is what it looks like!!! Rectangular and Black!!!! Wow! I don’t understand what all the fuzz is about.

  • Rigid

    I’m flabbergasted that anyone would show their girly parts. I fact I don’t think it really happened. I would like to see the ‘evidence’.

  • Rigid

    She said something about “everything”, I wonder where I might find that?