Anne Hathaway Takes On Claire Danes’ Crying Face

    November 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Anne Hathaway hosted this weekend’s SNL, and though the episode has gotten mixed reviews–some called it “plodding” and a “disappointment” after the huge election week–the “Les Miserables” actress hit several high spots during the night, including taking on an emotionally unstable character from the Showtime hit “Homeland”.

Claire Danes, who found stardom–and her sad face–on the ’90s show “My So-Called Life”, often displays her famous crying visage on her new show, a cop drama. Hathaway nailed the chin-trembling, total devastation that Danes has become famous for, earning several of the night’s laughs on the sketch comedy show.

The skit also skewered some of the other characters, such as Brody, his tiny mouth, and his teen daughter, who randomly wanders in and out of CIA headquarters.

  • Frank Giarratano

    Amanda – ‘mixed reviews’? The show was great – and Anne was incredible as Clare Danes! She is such a fine actress, she was excellent in ALL the skits, and the show overall was very funny.

  • Javier R.

    Are you frikking kidding me!!!! I thoguth this was one of the best episodes of SNL Id seen in years. Everything from the McDonalds skit to the funniest skit of the night where the new cast member, whatever her name is, played Ellen DeGeneres and was hilarious!! Hathaway’s Katie Holmes was spot on. This is the one episode where I thought all the cast members really came to their own. Im still having problems with Jay Pharaohs’ Obama ,its not accurate at all, Armisen’s was better.

  • marc

    what mixed reviews? Why is it, that whenever I hear that an SNL episode got weak or mixed reviews is when I find it to be hilarious or one of the best? I keep reading that “SNL hasn’t found its stride yet since Andy and Kriten left…”. Ummm, well, uhhhh, I totally beg to differ.. yes, some kits are weak but the entire run of SNL has seen weak skits, lame writing, etc.. I thought this was a great episode, and Anne Hathaway actually surprised me.. she’s rather witty and charming at the same time..and can do comedy rather well – As there is a reason this was her 3rd time hosting .. I hope Lorne realizes she is a good host and has her host again.. That Homeland skit was hilarious!! As was the McDonald’s and Ellen show skit.. (seems Christine MckInnon??? I think her name is will be the next big star as we are seeing more and more of her..)

  • RMC

    This has been the best SNL season in years. The new guys have taken over for those that have left and have done a far superior job. Even Keenan is funny this year. The last two years were weak and were suffering from the weak stars blues. But now it’s back to what makes it good; FUNNY. All of the episodes this season have been great. Continue SNL, you’re doing it right this time.

    • Pattie J Reslan

      you are so correct, the new writers and new cast members are absolutely flawless in their skits, their writing is almost near the caliber of back the late 70’s and I am so grateful I stayed loyal all these years because I am not laughing with them….