Anne Hathaway Leaves Dog Feces on Paparazzo’s Car

    December 28, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Anne Hathaway decided she’d had more than enough of the paparazzi on Thursday, when she left a bag of dog feces on a paparazzo’s car. Out for a walk with her dog Esmerelda, who had just done her business, she made it quite clear she didn’t like being followed by the man with the camera.

The Les Miserables star picked up after Esmerelda as any responsible pet owner should do. She then left the bright yellow plastic bag filled with canine feces on the windshield of the paparazzo’s car. Prior to her deposit, sources say she looked angry–likely peeved from being followed.

The Huffington Post has contacted Anne Hathaway’s rep for a comment or more information about the incident. While it’s a bit uncertain how much more information there is–the dog pooped, Anne cleaned it up and plunked it on the photographer’s car–the rep has yet to respond to the call.

This is certainly one way to deal with the intrusive paparazzi. Of course Anne Hathaway could be charged with littering if she admits to leaving the excrement on the vehicle. Those little poop bags are meant to be disposed of in a much different way.

Did Anne Hathaway act appropriately by gifting the photographer with Esmerelda’s poop? Do you think there was a better way she might have used to show her disdain over being constantly pursued?

It will be interesting to learn if the paps press charges over this most unusual mode of retaliation.

Image via Wikimedia

  • Let me understand this.

    Way to keep it classy ladies! I am sorry. I don’t feel the least bit of sympathy for stars. They make millions. They never have to work again. Their lives are so comfortable and they have so much free time. What does it hurt to just stop for literally a second and let someone take your picture?

    Hugh Jackman does this with the paparazzi and they never hound him. Heck, one of the paparazzi even bought a gift for his Hugh’s kid when Jackman’s credit card didn’t work.

    Things in life don’t have to be a battle. Just take a second, take a picture, and go on enjoying life. Heck, if you continue to do that, sooner or later you will become so boring that no one wants to take your picture.

    Really in Hollywood the only thing you have to really worry about is when people STOP talking about you and STOP wanting to take your picture.

    • Mark

      Great comment and well thought out, I fully agree!

      • @Mark

        Thanks. I worked as an actor for a while. I am not internationally famous, but I have experienced this. It is not a huge deal.

        I am very serious when I say the kiss of death for any celebrity is to not be talked about. As they say, the only bad publicity is no publicity.

    • Brain

      Wow! It is like you had experience being hounded by photographers day and night. Being an actor is a job, a performance based job, like many other jobs. However, unlike many other jobs, they are followed by people to photograph their every action. This intrusion on their private like is terrible, yet you somehow think it is fine. Much easier to think so when it is not you, correct? Their career is an actor, but they also have lives to live without the intrusive surveillance by so many shutterbugs. When an “ordinary” citizen is followed by someone with a camera and has their pictures taken, one would call that stalking and feel terrible for the followed. Yet you somehow believe that an actor is not a citizen that should have the same protections as any other citizen? Wow! I weep.

      • @Brain

        Actually, I did work as an actor and I have had my picture taken. It really is not a big deal. Just take the picture and go on with life. It doesn’t have to be a battle.

        • john

          yes but by your own admission you are not internationally know so who the hell would want your picture anyway. if you could be as famous as she is you might feel a bit different.

          • @John

            Maybe or maybe not. I won’t go into details of who I am. My point is this. Just don’t be a jerk to people and people will generally treat you well. There are a lot of people out there that have way harder lives. Being an actor in a way really is a privilege. Those pictures helped make me money. My fans helped me with my career. Why would I want to be an asshole to people?

            At the end of the day, it just isn’t a big deal. It gets to be a big deal when you get a big head and you start viewing people as lower than you. The paparazzi have a job to do and bills to pay. If I can help them do that and I can get some publicity, then where is the harm?

            I always looked at it this way. Be professional.

        • Ubear

          If you’d have the same experience as other actors with children being hounded aggressively by the paparazzi, you might change your perspective on this. I’ve watched a video of Halle Berry with her daughter coming out of LAX and a swarm of paparazzi emerged from everywhere, trying to compete to take pictures of them. The paparazzi could have easily hurt her daughter with all the pushing and shoving. The blinding flashes from their cameras were obviously upsetting the poor child and even with Halle’s plea for them to stop, the paparazzi still continued to harass them.

        • Tianna

          I agree. SOME of these spoiled celebrities can’t even be grown up enough to handle things the right way. Its not like anyone forced them to have their careers. Everyone has to pay their dues in life.

          So shut up, make a pose for the camera, get over it and be happy that you are being paid millions and millions of dollars for what you do and that fans even still pay attention to you because without them you famous people would be absolutely nothing. Heck, Helen Mirren showed that she was a good sport after that whole drummers in the park incident in London. I mean, did you check out the t-shirt? It was awesome, classy, and witty. That is how a professional handles things. As long as a person has the ability to laugh at themselves in life and not take things too seriously then I give them thumbs up. It is the most noble and the most humble way to be and without it, one cannot make it in life. It is all about attitude plain and simple.

          Pick your battles and move on and enjoy the fact that people still respect you enough to see your films and make you money, which you have more than plenty of. Worried about your privacy? News flash Anne Hathaway: YOU are an ACTRESS. Learn what your job duty entails and find another career if you can’t handle it instead of acting like a complete asshole. It has nothing to do with privacy. Instead, it just shows what a snob you are and nothing more.

          If it was REALLY about privacy you would go to the supreme court or something and not mess up some guys vehicle like the spoiled brat that you are. Everyone has things that they have to deal with in their jobs or careers but you don’t see any of us going around putting dog poop on someone else’s car, no matter how mad we may be. It is just not rational, so for pete’s sake grow up and welcome to the real world! Oh, I forgot you don’t live in the real world…you live on planet “Hollywood.”

      • Jason

        But You Forget… They Want to be famous. They do interviews. They do red carpet like things. They do everything to become famous. Look at the phot of Hathaway for article. She is out trying to further her fame. And because of all this they make millions. Massive amounts of money. WHAT THEY COULD DO…. Stop doing interviews. Just make the movies and go away. Actors do that all the time. They aren’t on magazines all the time. Now imagine Anne Hathaway.. Take away all interviews, award shows, going Look at me im doing so and so charity, im so great, remove the movie promoting, or for like many other actors remove the fake scandals to get attention. Just the Acots… Just Anne Hathaway doing her job… Acting. And thats it. I bet you the paparazzi would be hardly there. They are there because these actors WANT TO be famous. They further their fame. Fame = paparazzi. thats just it. They want it. Let’s see if Anne Hathaway will JUST act. She hates the paparazzi, so just do movies. lets see if she will do it. She won’t because she wants the paparazzi

        • Brian

          Your argument is complete BS. You’re assuming that a famous person has no private life. If they go on the red carpet, they are doing it willingly. If they’re walking their dog or doing groceries, why in the hell should anyone take photos of them? And that’s exactly what most people think. Oh, they’re famous, they do interviews, they go on the red carpet, THEY DONT HAVE ANYTHING ELSE. Guess what? They have a family, they need to eat, they walk pets, they drive, they talk with friends, who woulda known???

          • Julia

            I think Brian that every job has it’s drawbacks. It is the price she has to pay for her fame and luxuries in life that her job can afford her. Beside the fact that many actors let paparazzi’s know when they will be out just to get publicity. She is classless to have done that. Always a possibility, she did it to get more publicity. So she is not so shy and she does not really want to stay away from publicity. She knew her actions will bring her to front page again.

        • Tianna

          Exactly…she wanted the attention, the spotlight. She wanted to put dog poop on the guy’s car not because she is concerned about privacy. She just wanted to show that because she is famous she thinks that she can “act” like an attention whore and a jerk, which is exactly what she did and what she got.

          I mean, come on: she got an article about her putting DOG POOP ON THIS FELLA’S VEHICLE. If she really wanted her privacy so badly then she would have called the cops or something like the rest of us. Privacy? I think not. Publicity stunt? More than likely. Hey, celebrities do it all of the time.

    • Not famous

      Clearly the people that agree are not famous and are not hounded day in and day out by photographers. Just taking a picture seems like a sensible response…until it’s you they’re hounding day in and day out.

      When you’re a superstar like Hathaway…and you can’t walk anywhere without a photographer(s) hounding you…you grow a bit tired of it after awhile.

      Before you flippantly say to them to just take a picture…think a bit before you say something stupid again. Clearly, you and I have zero clue what it’s like to be incredibly famous, berated, hounded, stalked and even abused by the media.

      • @Not Famous

        Actually, I have had this happen to me and it is not that big of a deal. It is like anything else in life. If you aren’t a dick to people they will pretty much respect you. If you are a dick, they will hound you.

        Believe me, there are more perks to being an actor than there are problems. Plus, who are we kidding, all actors love the attention. One day, when their careers are done, they will wish they had attention.

        Abuse? Berated? Come on. There are tons of really hard working men and women that have to put up with a lot more every day when they work. Who are you kidding.

      • Patti Ullerich

        Then don’t be famous. They are free to quit acting anytime they want.

        • Julia

          And take jobs where no one will follow them and live on meek income like most of people.

    • BERNIE

      Hurrah for ANNE,she did ok by me

    • Dustin

      To the moronic dumbasses that thinks celebs have an easy life, that may be true to some level, but they are human just like everyone else and have the same rights to privacy as everyone else does. Paparazzi will never stop at just one picture, just re-read the article you naive idiot. The paparazzi was following Anne Hathaway to the point of which if it was a normal non-celebrity person, it would be considered stalking. Paparazzi are a disease on humanity and laws should be implemented to fine them for invading people’s personal lives. Let’s have the paparazzi follow you dip-shit losers around 24/7 for a month and lets see if your still whistling that same tune. I guarantee you won’t be.

      • Patti Ullerich

        I will let them follow me around for millions of dollars.

        • Tianna

          Heck, as long as they are paying me they can take all of the pictures that they want.

      • Tish

        They chose that life, idiot. You don’t get to take home a million dollars without some catch. Get over it, or live on a meager income like most people, where no one cares what your name is.
        The fact that you are defending it makes you a jack*ss.

    • veronica

      well said, i totally agree.

    • Brian

      While I agree that actors have money and have a comfortable life, I do not agree with your opinion. Does money mean less privacy? No. Your private life is your private life, no matter who you are. And never say that they have free time, or that acting is easy. Do you have any idea how much work goes into a film? No, you don’t.

      Some people don’t mind publicity; others need privacy. You think an actor’s life is easy, what about the paparrazi? They’re living the life of luxury, stalking anyone they want, taking photos, getting paid to follow attractive people. Phew, what a hard life of a middle aged man watching a beautiful lady all day.

      • Julia

        I do not agree with your opinion. Yes it does mean less privacy. They know it when they go into this business and does not look like it stops them. Movie business is about publicity and it will never change. There are actors that do not want to be follow and are not. When did you see a daily photo of Meryl Streep or Tom Hanks or Jeff Bridges ? they all very famous and far better actors then her and they maintain their privacy. Because they want that and it can be done. She wants to be in a spotlight.

    • http://indianvoices.net Badskpr

      Dear Ann, How about a movie about a disabled native American from the Los Coyotes tribe who goes to the Access Worlds 3-20 September 2014 http://baads.org and put it in Indian Voices. Besides you could live in Chinchilla Valley which is a real trip for the TMZ people,besides. I do not think they know where it is.

    • patty

      very well said

  • spike

    LOL! Good for her!

    Anne Hathaway has shown she has a wonderful sense of humor I never thought she had!

    • Andrea Fitzgerald

      What a pig! I thought she had more integrity than that. Movie stars and celebrities are always so happy when they become famous, but they don’t do well when their privacy is intruded upon.

    • Julia

      I think she rather showed she is a vulgar pig.

  • Bob

    Kimberly, it’s too bad she didn’t leave the sack of excrement for you.


    GOOD JOB must have been stinky but good job. Anne you are the hottest yet the wrinkles Crows Feet under your eyes are going to suck still I will always fight for you beautiful. By the way I am a cosmetic nurse so I suc. You are awesome and keep it up.


      It is pretty funny how someone edited what I said. I am a Cosmetic Nurse but I don,t suck.

  • Terrence Doyle

    When was the last time you could go to McDonalds and enjoy a hamburger, small fries and a milk shake without tens of people gawking at you so that you got indigestion? When was the last time you went roller skating without a herd pestering you? When was the last time you walked you dog with out the tabloids commenting on the way you wore your hair today, or condemned the blouse and shorts you wore as too revealing, or not in fashion or to relaxed for a starlet? When was the last time you went to the Ladies Power Room and someone was waiting to take your picture as you entered? These human beings do a job, just like the kid at McDonalds or the Good humour Ice
    Cream man. I for one cannot imagine how they endure the constant invasion of their lives and privacy. What gives the paparazzi or any citizen the right to hound these human beings to the extent of madness? Ms’ Hathaway is truly a lady and I applaud her restraint. I for one would not have used a bag, yellow or otherwise. The truly sad part is that she will never read the supportive comments and know that there are people who truly understand. Bravo to areal Lady.

    • Julia

      Lady ? where is the lady ? sorry, you need help and so does she.

  • http://midnightbookworm.net Vin Smith

    No two people are alike. Some celebs are glory hounds, and love to get their pictures taken; others are classy, accommodating and gracious, like Jackman; while still others decide not to live in a fishbowl, like Harrison Ford, and reside so far away from the paparazzi that a lens is virtually never aimed their way in their off hours. The secret is let the photogs exercise class in carrying out their functions. Let’s realize that celebs do, indeed, deserve to be treated just like everybody else. If you were to encounter an ordinary citizen while you were out shooting photographs, and you wished to take a picture, you would graciously ask. You would either be accommodated or rejected. Remember, celebs are people, too. Not automatons.

  • Lucy

    whatever works!

  • john

    I think she acted completely appropriately as long as she is will to pay the littering fine. she is a human begin. maybe the papparazzi can try being human and give the woman some space, some respect, some time to just be anne hathaway. and as human beings we need to stop buying crap with her picture in it so the papparazzi will starve. do we not get enough of her when she makes movies to entertain us. are we gonna continue to allow the papparazzi to invade peoples personal lives. and where is it written that because you choose a career path that makes you rich and popular that your life no longer belongs to you. give the woman some space.

  • Oh Please

    Let see if I work in a factory I could get cancer from the chemicals I work with. I will work my entire life and never make a million dollars.

    If I am an actor, I have to deal with getting my picture taken. I can make 20 million off of one movie or TV series. Then I get paid royalties.

    Hmmm… being an actor doesn’t seem so bad.

    Just take a picture and get on with life. If you don’t like it, then quit. You knew it came with the job. In fact, I guarantee at one point when you started out, you dreamt of the paparazzi taking your picture.



  • Karen

    I can really say this…..They are just people, the same as you or me. Every person deserves privacy. Anne may have been having a bad day and wanting to be alone as we all have experienced at one time or another. People need to be more courteous and thing of their feelings. While Anne did overreact in the situation, she may have been having a bad day. We don’t know what was going on in her world at the moment. Personally, paparazzi intend to pry in on other peoples lives and they deserve the same kind of life we have. I will say Kudos to Anne for doing that as they should know better than to chase her around. There is a difference between approaching and stalking.

    Princess Diana was killed because the carelessness of the paparazzi…. and in my eyes. They can be more harm than good because they don’t look past the person’s feelings. They can’t get past their own bank accounts. It is every man to himself in their eyes.

    • Julia

      Princess Diana was killed because of carelessness of her driver and her own. She encouraged her drives on several occasions to speed to get away from paparazzi’s. She made a stupid choice and lost her life. Tragic miscalculation. Do you have any idea how fast her car was going? her heart was shoved to the right side of her chest upon impact.

  • Karen

    I can really say this…..They are just people, the same as you or me. Every person deserves privacy. Anne may have been having a bad day and wanting to be alone as we all have experienced at one time or another. People need to be more courteous and thing of their feelings. While Anne did overreact in the situation, she may have been having a bad day. We don’t know what was going on in her world at the moment. Personally, paparazzi intend to pry in on other peoples lives and they deserve the same kind of life we have. I will say Kudos to Anne for doing that as they should know better than to chase her around. There is a difference between approaching and stalking.

    Princess Diana was killed because the carelessness of the paparazzi…. and in my eyes. They can be more harm than good because they don’t look past the person’s feelings. They can’t get past their own bank accounts. It is every man to himself in their eyes.

  • http://Really D.

    This is news! If Hathaway did see this, she probably could not believe that her bagged doggie dodo made news.

  • http://Really D.

    Slow news day!!!! If Hathaway did read this she probably wouldn’t be able to believe that her bag of doggie dodo on a photographer’s car was news worthy.

    • Jai Harrison

      Much Ado-do over nothing…

  • Jon

    Amazing!! Im so glad she did this!!!

  • Jenny

    You know being a celebrity does come with pictures and all, but what the really famous ones have to go through is insane. People need a life. I’m honestly not that desperate for pictures or stories of celebrities.

    • Patti Ullerich

      Then why did you read this article if you don’t enjoy stories about celebrities?

  • butt

    who gives a shit

  • Brian

    This article is in contradiction to itself. You wonder why she’s peeved? It’s cause articles like this exist. Why the hell does a small thing that nobody cares about become news? It’s retarded. She has a personal life, let her be, just like with any other celeb. When she’s on the red carpet, THEN take photos. But don’t stalk and hound her.

    If she weren’t famous, had a person following her, taking photos, what would we do? We’d put the dude in prison! But why don’t we? Cause she’s famous? What does her status have to do with the guy’s actions? It never made sense to me.

  • http://newbizshop.com Derek

    Lock her up. Put her in jail. She broke the law in littering.

  • Robert Jones

    Anne, next time don’t leave the plastic bag.

  • Tianna

    As one well known actress was quoted as saying in regards to the paparazzi(which I think was very well said):

    “You know, it’s very invasive. But I think if you’re young and you’re not seasoned in life, you don’t realize that it will pass and you don’t realize that it’s not that important.”

  • CR

    Hahha! Anne Hathaway… you rock lady! I’m glad she didn’t let some creeper intimidate her. I hope it was a nice gooey dook too! Hopefully some dripped out of the bag onto his car a little.

  • steve in podunk

    It could have been worse, she could have left a copy of “Les Miserables” on that fella’s car

  • http://yahoo Jon M

    Ms Hathaway showed a lot of “CLASS” both ways. She picked up the poop
    (most people would just walk away) and left a (most likely) well deserved ” POOPIE ” award.
    I would BET money that most of the people that don’t like what she did are of the LIBERAL PERSUASION !