Anna Kendrick A Big Fan of Blake Lively

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Anna Kendrick is quite taken with her The Voices costar Ryan Reynolds' wife. She thinks Blake Lively is sweet, kind and funny--and has the absolute best sense of style.

She talked up both her costar and Lively during a recent interview with E! that took place at the Sundance FIlm Festival this past weekend.

"He's an absolute dream to work with. He's so talented and he's playing a really odd character," Kendrick said of Ryan Reynolds.

"She's just heaven! She's so kind and so stylish," she said of Blake Lively, also noting that Lively "sets the bar" when it comes to all things beauty and fashion.

"Every time I would see her wear a new nail polish color, I'd be like, ‘I'm going to wear green nail polish like her!' But then, damn, it doesn't make me look like Blake Lively. So close!" Kendrick joked.

In The Voices, Ryan Reynolds plays a guy working in a bathtub factory who has dialogues with his pets. The tale becomes even more twisted when his co-worker winds up dead and he is implicated in her demise. Anna Kendrick plays the role of Lisa in the film.

Blake Lively is probably best known for her role in the hit TV series Gossip Girl. She and Ryan Reynolds have been married since 2012.

Anna Kendrick played the role of Jessica Stanley in The Twilight Saga and is probably best known for her role as Beca Mitchell in Pitch Perfect. Maybe by the time The Voice hits awards season this time next year she will be known as Blake Lively's BFF and the two ladies will be trading shoes, sharing purses and talking behind Ryan Reynolds's back about every habit the poor guy has.

If Reynolds knows what's good for him he'll just smile and put up with it. There's not much a guy can do when two women in his life collide based on their love of fashion.

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