Ann Curry ‘Tortured’ By Today Execs in Final Months

    April 19, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Ann Curry’s relationship with the Today show has been speculated about for nearly a year now. Her tearful goodbye in June 2012 left viewers sour, and led to the Today show falling behind Good Morning America in the morning show ratings war.

Though fans have been blaming Matt Lauer for ousting Curry from her anchor chair on Today, a new story has begun emerging, showing that Lauer was just one among many at the show that wanted, or were at least indifferent to, Curry’s ousting.

The New York Times this week published an article about Curry’s departure that was adapted from an upcoming book titled Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV. The article relates that Curry feels the “boys’ club atmosphere” at Today had made her final months on the show “a form of professional torture.”

The article describes Lauer as “indifferent” to Curry, and states that there was “a general meanness on set.” As an example, Today show executive producer Jim Bell is said to have asked for a blooper reel of Curry’s on-air gaffes, though he denies the accusation. In another example, staff made fun of a yellow dress Curry wore one morning, comparing her to the Sesame Street character Big Bird.

  • Steven Bradley

    I haven’t watched morning Tv in years, if the treatment of Ms.Curry is any indication I haven’t missed much. But is seems really small to point the finger at one member of a show when it’s obviously a team effort. I wish Ms. Curry the best though, she appears quite likable.

  • Bee

    I liked Ann Currt, I think Matt Lauer should not point fingers, he is no angel. In fact since her firing, I never watch that show anymore. I am sick and tired of the meanness here in the United States in the workplace. Its a boys and girls club, they are the meanest corporate assh—s here. This country should take an example of how others operate in the workplace and treat people with respect. Maybe this is why the USA is, despite its mighty strength, the worst liked country for its practices such as these. I am appalled as a naturalized citizen of this country, how people are dealt with and treated the workplace without any consideration of the “victims” family needs and obligations….no notice time, just throw them out on the streets. That is why there are so many people here on medicaitions, its a terrible thing to do to fellow human beings, unless of course there is a real valid reason to fire someone at will.

  • Alejandro A

    I absolutely loved watching Ms. Curry. I miss her. I stopped watching the Today show because of her departure. I wonder if she’s single.

  • Lee

    Matt Lauer is one of the nicest people on earth. Ann was working around sharks for sure, it is called tv. This current news round is over dramatized bunk to sell a book. It is hard to fire on air people gracefully, and more often than not producers behind the scenes are ruthless. I think news directors like it that way.

    • Suzanne

      Hey Lee, Do you know Matt Lauer personally? Because if you DON’T, you have absolutely no way of knowing if he is nice or nasty. Of course he projects himself as being nice on T.V. It is called playing the game. I work in an industry where I meet celebrities all the time. I won’t mention my industry but one of the nastiest, rudest, dispicable people that I have EVER met is Rachel Ray. Who would have thought right? I wouldn’t buy a toothpick with that witches name on it and I am not the only one who has had personal contact with her that HASN’T said she was a nasty witch. That is the difference between actually meeting someone and you just assuming that he is a nice guy.

      • Lily of the Valley

        Yea, and check out her huge, ugly and very unattractive “man hands”. She’s always “licking her tongue” over the top half of her upper lip. Very distracting! Don’t care for watching her either. She’s a NOBODY that somehow became a “somebody” (or so SHE thinks..) all because of Miss Oprah.

  • esperanza vano

    love anne curry.right now, don’t even watch nbc anymore. rather watch cbs or abc.

  • cym

    This happens everywhere, why should TV be any different. Unfortunately, it is just the way it is. If you have not experienced it yourself, you are very lucky.

  • Rick Hood

    I was out of touch with morning tv when Ann Curry was removed from the show. I had never heard what triggered the change as she was always a professional when Katie C was on the front line with Matt.

    The Today Show was my favorite morning program for over a decade. Ann was always professional, articulate, funny, compassionate in whatever role she was placed in, I remember when Ann cut her long beautiful hair on tv for the good of cancer patients that had lost their hair.

    Ann Curry never deserved this type of treatment and she should be released from any contract that she is currently under so that she can provide her quality presence somewhere that it can be appreciated.

  • Amy

    I just want to say I have been and still am a faithful fan of the Today show, back to the Katie days. Altough Katie, Matt Al & Ann were the show at it’s best, Ann Curry as the Co-Anchor was NEVER agood idea. She was too akward when tyring to talk with people about a personal matter & was much better suited at the news anchor desk. Don’t know why NBC ever gave her that job.

  • nene reyes

    To NBC Management: You are all going down for what you did to Ann Curry!!!

  • http://takingonissues.com J

    The media machine is not friendly. The business is very nasty to all that watch and the workers. Start to know the truth of the media machine is very simple. Follow and wave the media flag and you will win. Ann Curry was never the darling of NBC, so she was a worker. This message is about the Truth that is reported.

  • Susan Jay

    I refuse to watch NBC’s morning show because I can not stand Matt Lauer. His arrogance and condescending attitude to everyone and everything is a major turn-off. Before him, NBC had Bryant Gumble and HE was a world class horse’s patoot. Why does NBC keep stocking their morning show staff with conceited, self-important, arrogant men whose egos clash with anyone sharing the sound-stage with them?

    • Marge

      I agree. I couldn’t stomach Gumble with breakfast, in such a stark contrast to Charlie Gibson! Then Lauer? Never could do NBC morning. Likely never will.

  • Imani

    I feel so bad for Ann Curry. It’s a shame that grown ups would act like children to her. No one regardless of how popular she was should deserve to be attacked by others in a professional work environment. It’s no wonder why they’re losing to Good Morning America at least they look like they have respect for each other

  • bob turner

    This article does a real disservice to true torture victims.I feel sorry
    that poor Anne was mistreated by that meany Matt Lauer.It may be time to grow up and quit crying about hurt feelings.

  • Glenna

    Like many others, I haven’t watched the Today Show much since Ann Curry was so unceremoniously let go. I thought she deserved the position when Katie Couric left and was treated unfairly then. Meredith did a great job, though. The general air of the show is one of trying to pair Matt Lauer with a cohost. I don’t know Matt Lauer, but maybe they need to look another direction. Ann Curry’s replacement isn’t at all appealing as a TV personality. I didn’t think so when she was at the news desk and I don’t think she fits the position now. Things appear so contrived and orchestrated now. I wish NBC good fortune, but I think they missed a opportunity when they let Ann go.

  • Kelly

    I never watch Matt on NBC anymore. I loved Meredith and Ann was very professional but not cut out for morning TV. I flip between ABC and CBS as I enjoy the ABC group except they have too much Pop news and are too cutesy and I love Charlie Rose but can’t stand Gayle. It seems like everyone on these shows is pitching a book. I guess its all about the money.

  • http://yahoo.com Denny

    I agree with Bob Turner, in that I would call it a case of “bulling” rather than torture.

  • Karen B

    I absolutely agree that Ann was treated unfairly. She was every bit as good as any other staffer on the program and much better than some. I made a vow not to watch the show after her departure and have not seen any reason to retract it to date!

  • J. Marie

    I think they need to let this subject drop, as they seem to be milking it. I for one, as tired of hearing about it. Let’s move on!

    • Jim Patterson

      I agree with J. Marie. Let it go!

  • J. Marie

    I also think they use the term “torture” a little too loosely! Torture is what the victoms of the Boston bombing are going through, not what Ann Curry went through!

    • Leonada

      Obviously you haven’t been subjected to bad behavior on your job. For many who experience all types of foolishness on their jobs daily, the word, “torture” is appropriate. What the people in Boston experienced was “terrorism”.

  • http://webpronews.com Sharyn Gambino

    This is history repeating itself. Bryant Gumbel did the same thing to Deborah Norville in order to pave the way for Katie Couric. That’s show biz!! It takes about 2 minutes to report all of the morning news, yet Today is on for four hours, with anchors making millions, while other millions of unemployed and minimum wage earners struggle to survive. Interesting world we live in….

    • http://n/a jimmyapendix

      Im tortured whenever I pass a Television and the TODAY SHOW is on. Once I pooped my pants.

      • Dollie Pardon

        That’s funny!

  • justice

    Tortune me all you want for that salary

    • Dollie Pardon

      I agree with you Justice. I don’t go to work to make friends. I go to earn a living. I’m fine with just doing my job and going home to my family members, who are my REAL friends.

  • Lily of the Valley

    I never could stand ‘humongous-feet’ Lauer or ‘teethy’ Couric either, for that matter. The woman cannot seem to keep that chimpanzee mouth shut once! Wish Lauer would get fired – sick of him already – enough is ENOUGH! I really like Al Roker, and Ann Curry – so sincere and REAL down-to-earth people. Now, Roker is the ONLY one left who is worth it! Was glad to see Couric go, and to another network (CBS) which I don’t watch their evening news anyway – so out of sight, out of mind! Unfortunately, she didn’t even stay there long enough before going to yet ANOTHER network (ABC) now “attempting” to fill Oprah’s shoes – I SO miss Oprah on ABC, but have to catch up with her on her OWN network (no pun intended). Wish Couric would just go away for good. Like remember Stone Phillips – seems he just ‘disappeared’ from the air one day. I liked him a lot, but after many, many years I began to think it was time for him to retire doing something else. And did he ever, he really went AWAY! Now he makes guest appearances on the Colbert Report and living a quiet life, and not like the other “media hoes” and wannabes. Good for him, for knowing what to do. Ann Curry, Robin Roberts or Diane Sawyer would have been a MUCH better fit instead of Couric, for Oprah’s vacated afternoon spot. I love those 3 ladies! Maybe Ann Curry could go over to GMA, which I prefer to watch anyway vs the Today Show. All of those ‘kids’ they have on GMA now, have just about ruined me from wanting to watch that one anymore either. Or, am I just getting old myself? Bottom line: Ann Curry is an awesome journalist/ correspondent, and deserves to have a show of her own. Very sincere – serious when she needs to be and extremely compassionate – nothing phony or Hollywoody about her at all. I wish her the best in all her endeavors.

    • Dollie Pardon

      You’re right, I forgot about Stone Phillips. Why did he leave? Was he ousted or did he just retire?

      • Lily of the Valley

        Great question, Dollie. Honestly, we’ll probably never know the REAL truth behind it. But according to reports, he now lives a ‘quiet’ life these days. I must say that I really do respect his take on it. I’m sure that, (unless a person is a media hoe or wannabe like the Jersey Shore reality ‘stars’..) after awhile, being harassed and stalked by the paparazzi must get old. It’s probably difficult at best to have a private life, or any semblance of one.

  • Terry

    Ann Curry is not a journalist. She is weak and boring, and completely incapable of conducting an intelligent interview. She needed to go – she spent more time rambling on about her opinion that letting morning show guests present their case. The ratings drop began when she took over not when she left. NBC just left it too late to get rid of this pathetic creature and subsequentlu could not recover their ratings.

    • Lily of the Valley

      No, you’re getting her mixed up with Couric. That’s what SHE (Couric) would do..

    • Esther

      Please don’t blame Ann for the plunge of the Today Show. I loved Katie, Meridith and Ann and watch the Today Show most every morning for years and years. Suddenly Guthrie started appearing and I can’t stand her personality or attitude and for
      the first time I picked up the remote. Now once in a while I will check out The Today Show but if I hear or see Guthrie I
      move on with the remote.
      Another reason I switch channels at other time of the day is when the subject matter involves political topics and NBC does
      not report a rounded view on the issue. They seem to attempt to
      sway viewers and I question why and who is dictating this.

  • Dollie Pardon

    How can we teach our children about bullying when the adults do it too?

  • Barbara Jones

    I stopped watching the Today show.

  • Lynn

    I stopped watching after Ann Curry was let go the she was very pleasant and a excellent reporter, As for Matt he has turned into another Brian Gumble selfish and arrogant, I use to like him when he first came on the show. When your green you grow when your ripe you ROT that is what’s happening.Similar situation with Joan London too, I stopped watching this show for about 5 yrs then went back after Joan being excused. I rarely did watch the second half of the show due to Kathie Lee what a fake and idiot she is. Hooda is great! she needs her own show dump Kathie Lee. Now watching Good Morning America.

  • Rowena Fulk

    Ann Curry has been treated the same as other females in high tech businesses in Santa Clara Valley (known as Silicon Valley, and I am sure all across this country. All of a sudden we don’t even know how to come out of the rain. We get totally ignored and snubbed. We know what is happening but it is condoned by the higher ups. Been there, done that!!!

    Note: This behavior is also shown by out Senate and Congress. Women are “less than!”

  • rebecca perkins

    I believe Ann Curry was the “heart” of the today program. Watching her with interviews was often very moving. She put herself in their place. Ann was the human factor that news reporting requires. Please NBC, if you can’t humble yourself and bring her back, release her contract and allow her excellent talents of reaching peoples hearts to be used by another news program. This is the first time in my life of 60 years that I have been moved to have to say something about this unfair treatment of a very professional news person. I wish I knew how to convey this message to Ms. Curry. Ms.

  • http://yahoo bill

    Typical hypocritical lefty pukes at NBS. No surprise here.

  • Linda Hartwick

    I am really disgusted with NBC treating Ann Curry really terrible! I have now stopped watching the today show and I say everybody should switch to abc, cbs or cnn.

  • http://yahoo Dottie

    I think we have apples & oranges here. To be “bullied” is “torture”. Ann Curry has so much more class then Matt Lauer will ever think of haveing. I do think it was a group effort as far as the “bullying” goes. She is sooooo much better off and hope to see her in another program soon. I no longer watch the today show, I prefer GMA where there’s caring and laughter to start my day.

  • Trish

    I have watched the Today Show for over 30 years. It used to feel like family to me….not any more. I loved Ann Curry. She was a great reporter and appeared pleasant on TV. Now Today has arrogant Matt and company and it is not longer a pleasant experience to watch. SHAME on NBC for the way they treated Ann!

  • http://www.yahoo.com greg fowler

    What do I think? I think who the hell cares? They all have plenty of money and a place to go and work everyday. If people would use their energies toward things that matter , like this countries survival and the people in it , everyone might be better off. Write your congressman and tell them to get their head straight.

  • Dollie Pardon

    Savannah Guthrie better watch it! She was laughing in Ann’s face all the while negotiating a contract for her job behind her back. Typical lawyer! But what goes around, comes around.

    • Lily of the Valley

      Yea, S. Guthrie is a back-stabbing you-know-what! (Not to mention big overbite rabbit-toothed..) You’re right, and she’ll get her ‘walking papers’ one day.. when she’s least expecting it!

  • chris McTague

    I have replaced Today with GMA!

  • W Antolini

    She is not worth staying with those bunch of ” ” anyway. So it is betterto be with another newsworthy television company. I used to enjoy NBC Today but not any longer. I would rather watch CNN though they kept on repeating their broadcast over and over again until you are ready to ” “.

  • http://yahoo ginger

    Cannot stand Matt or Ann’s replacement. Never watch the show anymore! What I see is women being second class in politcs & working enviroments.

  • maggie

    Whatever happened to dignity and compassion? If Anne Curry was treated this way-those people who were behind it should resign from the human race–they are PIGS! Have switched to GMA

  • http://AOL B Crowley

    They need to start over with a new staff. Quit watching a long time of ago because of Matt’s attitude,

  • Ray & Marty Smiths

    Used to watch TODAY….can’t stand Matt Lauer, Ann Curry used to carry the wimp, now I watch GMA….loved Ann , obviously had more class then S.S. (Sneaky Savannah)!!! Love you Ann!

  • Jerry Vee

    Why should she be spared what many of us have gone through in the corporate world. I was sent out to pasture in my late 40’s. But the libs are great at hand ringing. Deal with it as many others have Ann.

  • Debbie

    I do not watch anymore since Ann was ousted. The way it was done was so dirty! Matt is awful….he needs to go! Keep Al and bring Ann back!!!

    • barbara georgia

      Debbie ,please keep Al and bring Ann back i will then be happy to watch the today show once again send matt to ten buck two or where ever.

  • G Mroz

    Wow! I thought I was the only one who felt so strongly that Ann Curry was done wrong..I too have left the Today Show and am now loving Good Morning America since watching her get fired on national TV..My heart went out for her..I was so moved when she cut her hair on the show and donated it to Locks for Love. I always thought she was a good sport and a good interviewer. I watched for over 35 yrs and my family can’t believe how strongly I feel about turning the channel to ABC before the Today show comes on..it is a rule in my house that ALL TVs get changed from NBC to ABC during those hours! I can’t stomach the sound of Matt’s or Savanna’s voice anymore..I do miss Natalie Moralis and Al but love the fun and comraderie on Good Morning America..Sam Champion is great as the weather man and I love all the others there.

  • CJ

    Oh boo freakin hoo!!! Grow a pair Ann!!! So what?? If you wore a dress that made you look like big bird and they called you on it… Big deal!! You work in an industry that puts emphasis on what you wear and how you look! Try a job where you really have to work and not just read someone else’s work!

    Whiny baby!!

    • Mich

      Pay me her salary, and I will dress as big bird every day. Ann is her own worse enemy by airing this laundry – pretty mild problems compared to what many endure in this economy.

    • RayJay

      Come on CJ. I don’t know where YOU work, but verbal and emotional harassment aren’t allowed in the vast majority of workplaces these days. Whether a person is think skinned or not, employers these days look down on behavior that could lead to lawsuits. It’s 2013, not 1973. Get with the times.

      • CJ

        I’m a teacher … Verbal harassment is an almost daily occurance from both students AND their parents. Plus I make almost as much as a McDonald’s worker … so ya … Ann can freakin cry me a river!!!

  • Lily of the Valley

    Yes, what has happened to these morning shows anymore? All of these ‘kids’ they’re hiring are just TERRIBLE! It’s not even worth getting out of bed early in the morning to watch these days! Sucks! (See my earlier comments posted at 1:15 pm 4/19…)

  • carmen

    How could that happen!!!was she that horrible…..this is unbelievable, how this be allowed to happen? Humiliating!!!

  • barbara georgia

    I use to watch the today , but not any more after Ann left,she and Al was the best and for matt he just need to go somewhere and hide i never did care for him ,who ever had a hand in Ann leaving should have been the one to go she was a class lady, i hope she is doing a lots better.

  • Rebecca Driggers

    I always wondered what had happened to her…it all was sneeky the way it went down. I’ve quit watching the today show anyhow..they are so phony. I hope that Ann has found a new “peace”.

  • Dawn

    I am watching GMA till Ann is on another show. I love Ann. She is classy, compassionate and very smart and what NBC did to her was shameful. Sad cause I miss Al Roker now but not enough to watch the show with Matt and Savannah on it. Ann , I am on your side !

  • JB

    Tortured? REALLY?? She was making (AND CONTINUES TO MAKE) $10 million/year. Oh boo hoo.

  • jan

    She had to go! She dressed like a clown, way too young for her age. I wrote NBC many times regarding her outfits and when she looked really silly I watched another network. Way too dramatic when she interviewed someone, leaned way into their space. She really needed to go.

  • rebecca perkins

    Ann Curry was the HEART of the Today program. She was the HUMAN FACTOR that reached the heart of the person she was interviewing. As a news reporter she touched the public she spoke to. If NBC is not humble enough to take her back, and watch their ratings climb, then please release her contract and allow another news program to benifit from her talents. Today program or the powers that be you messed up big time. I am 60 years old and this is the first time in my life that I have ever spoken out on the internet about anything. I wish Ann Curry the best and I know where ever she goes she will be successful.Oh, and about her wardwrob nothing but professional and a compliment to the today program.

  • Joe Z

    I’m actually glad for Ann. She’s too serious of a journalist to fit in with what the morning “news” shows have become. I never actually thought she was a good choice as co-host. She was great as the hard-news reader and reporter, but trying to be morning co-host is a differet beast. And if you’ve noticed, “Today” has become nothing more than a promo for NBC entertainment shows, and “fluff” news pieces. It used to be the whole first hour was solid news. Now it’s the first 15 minutes, and then roll out the preview of tonight’s espisode of “The Voice”. In the end, I think Ann should be glad she’s out of that picture.

  • http://facebook steve

    lauer and his group are a bunch of over paid asses,my friends and others have boycotted the morning show and will not be be back advertiser note i will or we will not by any product advertised on this gppd old boys show,good luck to you anne ,robin roberts,screw the rest of the staff,anne you have class,which the others have zero,when is lauer going to wear a wig or hat,he looks ancient for the audience appeal,steve

  • Robert A.French Jr.

    Matt Lauer is a low down dirty snake and we will boycott the Today show
    and watch GMA from now on! Ann did not deserve the treatment that Lauer
    gave her,what a back stabbing coward he is!!!!!!