Ann Curry Bids a Tearful Farewell to the Today Show

By: WebProNews Staff - June 28, 2012

Ann Curry said goodbye to her fans on the TODAY Show this morning, ending weeks of speculation that her job as co-host was on the proverbial chopping block. Fighting back tears, Curry said that she appreciated that people saw her as a “ground breaker”, though she obviously extremely saddened that she “couldn’t carry the ball over the finish line”. She was joined on the couch by Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales, the latter of whom may end up filling the vacant position before long.

“They are giving me some fancy new titles, which essentially means I will get tickets to every big story we want that we will cover with a terrific team of my choosing,” Curry said. “We are going to go all over the world and this country, at a time when this country and this world needs clarity.”

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Media reports have been swirling since the story broke that NBC was displeased with Curry’s performance on the program, which many feel contributed to its recent ratings drop. For several weeks, rival “Good Morning America” trumped TODAY in the ratings, which was a first for the iconic morning show. To complicate matters further, contract negotiations with Matt Lauer included his demand for a new co-host, which may explain why the pair were rarely on-air together over the past several months.

“I’m going to have to tell our viewers. That’s what makes me more emotional than anything. I don’t want to leave them. I love them. And I will really miss them,” Curry told USA Today in a recent phone interview. Regarding media speculation surrounding her departure, she added, “I don’t know who has been behind the leaks, but no question they’ve hurt deeply.”

Although she takes blame for some of the problems during her freshman year as co-host of TODAY, Curry ultimately feels that she wasn’t given enough time to work out these kinks or develop some much-needed chemistry with Lauer.

“My father used to say, ‘Well, Ann, maybe the best thing you’ll ever do, you haven’t even thought of yet.’ And as I think about this, maybe that time is now,” she said.

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  • lynn

    I think its horrible what they did to Ann Curry, well I will not be watching today show ever again , move over good morning america here I come, NBC kicks their best in the teeth

  • http://yahoo Frances Evans

    Good Bye Today Show. Hello CBS, Good Morning America and any of the others. The Today show has been boring for quite a while now and it had nothing to do with Ann Curry. She was the only real thing on there. Silly celebrity talk, and stupid people talking about stupid topics and almost zero real news. Too long and drawn out and that stupid mess that comes on after the supposed news with Kathy Lee and that other woman. Who needs NBC anymore.

  • Linda Mick

    After years of waking up to the Today Show, I will no longer continue to do so. Ann Curry was the one that kept me watching over the years. I find Mat sexist and boring. The show is taking away the only real news professional that held my interest with her honest and caring reporting. NBC should be ashamed the way they handled her last day with the show. After 15 years with them and they give her a 10 minute good-bye!! HELLO Good Morning America!!!

  • Colleen

    I think the powers-that-be are forgetting Today is a news show. Ann Curry got right into the news story and was never afraid to go where most would not. She gave her heart and soul to Today and was grossly mistreated in the end. I personally will never watch Today again and Hoda as the co-host would be a joke! They were a news family and NBC should be ashamed of how they treated Ann!!!

  • Claire


  • Sydney

    I agree, get rid of Matt, He is not all that….Ann told the news and make it interesting, I guess it will be Good Morning America for me, once again. I do not think Hoda is a good replacement for Ann either.

  • Marie

    My heart broke for Ann. This misstep is second only to NBC’s Leno-Conan blunder. Ann, you are the BEST. As a woman I am outraged that the finger pointed to Ann instead of the truly poorly produced morning show. Attempting to summarize a 15 year career with scripted preschool “look at what you did” recitations angered me.
    And that 25 mil/ year “kiss-on-the-cheek” fake putz Lauer —- what a Judas! Was I the only one who notice that Al and Samantha comforting embraces I’m moving on to GMA,

  • Max

    Are you surprised? NBC dropped the ball with Conan and brought back not-funny-anymore Leno. Let’s keep the drab, uninteresting guy and can the smart, news savvy woman. NBC died when Friends and Seinfeld ended. Period.

  • Max

    Oh yea, and the highest rated show they have is called “The Biggest Loser”. How fitting.

  • Jon

    Ann Curry was made the scapegoat for poor Today Show ratings and her removal was handled badly. After the first two hours there is very little of interest on the show for me, it becomes light entertainment programming.

  • Barbara Schuster

    I agree–Ann is a skilled journalist who had chemistry with everyone on the show except Matt–who sees to be a pompous **&^ I wonder how he gets through the doors in the morning–his ego seems sooo big—How they could send her 20 year career away with a 10 minute half ass good bye just shows how classless the execs at NBC still are—You’d think they would’ve learned from the Conan mistake—GMA or Fox for me too

    • Gordon Bendall

      Reality Check Everyone…….The Today Show hosts need not be seasoned journalists….they need to be savvy, entertaining HOSTS……like Matt, like Meredith, like Savannah. Ann was simply too heavy……sure a great journalist, sure with a gigantic heart…..but for me, give me Matt’s class and Savannah’s innocence and I’ll stay with NBC. It’s a simple “personality contest” and Ann lost. Get over it.

  • jill johnson

    Ann is a class act. Matt needs to just shut up and realize what he’s done.

  • Shannon

    Matt sounds like a weenie. He needs to put on his big boy pants and suck it up. He’s a boring dud with the personality of a wet noodle.

  • Bren

    NBC Matt should have been the one going-NOT Ann Curry!!!!!!
    NO MORE TODAY SHOW FOR ME. What was the upper office thinking?????? To allow this wonderful person who has done and is doing a great job for long for NBC to walk out the door this way. Ann Curry you are great!!!!I will miss you.

  • tim toth

    Ann will be missed. She is the “fall-person” for NBC dropping the ball. The other networks have picked up their stories, and are now better. I will no longer watch the Today show, after 23 years of doing so. I hope the Nielson Ratings calls me now!

  • brenda

    Ann Curry was an asset to the TODAY SHOW. I do understand that RATINGS do the talking. It was not Ann Curry’s fault that TODAY SHOW fell short. I use to be a faithful watcher until the TODAY SHOW came up with the two corn balls KLG & HK…can’t stand the juvinile way they behave. Ann Curry is a serious journalist and the only SINCERE one on the show. They should have released MATT LAUER. I for one am done with the TODAY SHOW. I now watch GMA which is informative love ROBIN ROBERTS and crew. Love the way they all interact with one another. A TRUE FAMILY unlike the TODAY SHOW.

  • peggy minerd

    ann curry is a class act. she had a tough job and matt certainly didn’t help—-from day 1.

  • Margie

    We have stopped watching “TODAY.” After what NBC has done to Ann Curry, the only TRUE journalist on the panel, we are switching to “Good Morning America.” We won’t be watching “TODAY” any longer. What on earth possessed the execs at NBC to get rid of the only good journalist on the panel of “Today” show??

    Maybe some of the execs at NBC need to be replaced!!

    • Rob Lovett

      I agree 100% NBC completeley failed and blamed the best journalist they have on staff??Ridiculous.They are losing viewers because there is NO REAL NEWS and matt is a boring ARROGANT jerk who thinks he is better than everyone else.He couldnt even hold Ann Currys microphone.Shame on NBC for caving into this self important jerk.Ann is and always will be a class act and a true journalist.Matt Lauer could have learned a thing or two from her.Not only will i not watch Today.I will not watch any other crap NBC puts on the air.hope they know what they are doing because i know a lot of people who feel the same way.TURN OFF NBC forever!!!!!!!

  • Susan Branka

    I had no idea Ann Curry had been removed from the show. I have not been able to watch due to family concerns. How ridiculous! Ann Curry is a class act. I join the ranks of others-I will no longer watch the show.

  • Nancy

    Viewers started watching GMA when Katie Couric was guest host and then continued to watch it. I don’t believe they quit watching because of Ann Curry. Ann will be ok. I love watching her on Dateline and interviews.

  • jim rasmussen

    Get rid of boreing Matt what a jerk!

  • Dusty

    Ann was he last one to be replaced on the Today show and after many years of watching I now have moved to ABC and CBS is doing a super job now great interviews, books, etc? Matt time he moves on to other pastures himself? Savannah she is cute and not her fault Ann is gone it is the whole youth thing now and pair a cutey with Matt and spruce him up? Good luck? NBC needs to get new management few bad decisions on MSNBC , got rid of Harrys Law one of my favorites also per too many of us old folks liked the show? I thought we had some bucks to spend? Ann you go girl you are a rising star and you will be bigger then ever because you have style and brains?

    • tanya gutierrez

      I totally agree, and Ann will continue to rise. Matt’s nasty
      little manipulation will one day come back on him, you don’t get ahead by ruining someone else’s career. The sad part is the “youth” and “cutey” thing. Our daughters will one day pass through this “time zone” of life. As a protest, I am switching to another channel, the public humiliation of such a dignified woman because she is older is despicable. I think the power of the audience can teach Matt Lauer a lesson. As for our daughters, I hope they are never trashed for their age and looks. What a statement they made by shoving Ann aside!!

  • Mike

    “Boo hoo. I am so great. I am a groundbreaker. I, I, I.” Good riddance. Go to NPR.

    • JC

      I agree!

  • Robert

    Ann is a serious (and always has been) professional reporter,not a “bimbo” (like Meredith)to support Matt & Crew’s sexist “jokes” or to do boring cooking segments etc. Why NBC offered her this position in the first place is a wonder to me. But they did, then blamed her for not “carrying the ball over the goal.” NBC (Nothing But Corporate) is the epitomy of Corporate America’s attitude where their bottom concern is revenue and their devoted workers are dispensible. She should do a story on that!! Just know Ann, whenever you do a story, no matter the network, I’ll be there to watch it!! I’m 63 and grew up viewing the Today show but now watch CBS Good Morning and enjoy it more! NBC needs to take the hint! Good Luck Ann, I’ll stick with you! There’s no excuse for disrespect!!

  • Jannie

    I am literally crying on the couch. Godspeed and do well,Ann.

  • Joanne

    I too will now not watch the Today Show again..horrific the way they treated Ann Curry. This has caused more harm to the network than they could ever imagine.

  • Lela

    I have always enjoyed Anne Curry on TV and was shocked to see that she has gone from the today show. Savannah is very good and enthusiastic and will do very well, but I am not happy that Matt probably had something to do with replacing Anne. Time to replace Matt. I do not watch the show because Matt is on. I watched it because of the warm, sincere, calming manner that Anne has, sort of like a good friend. Please NBC give Anne some great assignments. Love her on dateline as well.

    By the way, why are so many of the datelines repeats. I get all settled in to watch and then end up saying, “I have seen this.”

    Thanks for keeping “The Firm” on.

  • http://WebProNews Jacqueline Heater

    I am so disappointed that Ann Curry is no longer on the Today Show. She is intelligent, compassionate and a real lady, besides being and excellent journalist! Having watched the Today Show for many years, and considering the way “those that sit upon Mount Olympus” treated Ann, I shall no longer be watching NBC at all. Shame, shame, shame NBC.

  • Kay S Wagner

    I was sorry to see Ann
    Currry go, she is a great
    person and did well on the
    show. Savannah Guthrie is
    also good. NBC needs to
    get their stuff together and
    do what is wanted by the
    people who watch TV in the

  • Stacey

    I like Ann Curry and I think she’s right – she wasn’t given enough time to develop with Lauer. But apparently, he didn’t want to try either…Wonder how he feels knowing he played a part in her departure. You know, Matt Lauer is who I never liked on TODAY. I do like Savannah, (I especially loved the time she broke a glass during a dessert demo – she kept smacking that spoon on to the rim of the glass trying to drop the whipped cream in. I started wondering if it was glass…till she broke it..LOL..) But she isn’t Ann:-(…Nope I won’t be watching anymore.

    Ms. Curry your Dad was right and the best is yet to come!! NBC execs and Matt Lauer…KICK ROCKS..WITH AN OPEN TOE SHOE.

  • janet

    o yeah, fire ann because she was “weak on the cooking segments.” NBC stands for “not being counted” in the ratings.

  • Pat

    I LOVE Ann Curry and feel as though she was thrown under the bus. Matt Lauer is the one who should go. He is cocky and too opinionated.

  • http://Yahoonews Barbara Probst

    I think its terrible the way you let Ann Curry go on the show, in at least all of 5 minutes…When Katy and Meridith left a whole show was decidated to them..Ann was the kindess, most gentle person you have ever had in that position..What do you want????? A smart elec, rude, not caring, rich woman rushing people thru interviews?????? You screwed up NBC..I hope your ratings go down so far, and you loose viewers left and right because of the terrible way you treated Miss Curry..

  • http://facebook virginia

    i also said it was wrong to remove her, after her dedication that she has done for the today show, viewers loved her, she was fearless, try having matt jump out of a plain, or send him over to a war and see if he likes it, he is to stuffy, yes he may be good at being a news caster, but he doesnt know how to have fun on the show like ale, ann, meredith, if the ratings are going down then i think you should look at the big wigs who produce today show. they are to blame for ratings. just saying

  • cynthia

    Have always loved and respected Ann Curry I don’t feel Matt Lauer put any effort in to make it work. She should go to ABC and join GMA a much better show!

    • Dawn

      I think Ann Curry is a magnificant woman. She’s not getting older she’s getting better gracefully. I think NBC TODAY show needs to take a look at Mat and Meredithe talk about gray and wrinkles.

  • pack

    I love Ann Curry I am not a fan of Savannah and now don’t like Matt will be watching GMA because of how the network treated Ann. Will encourage my friends/followers of 2300 to do the same…