Ann Curry “Begs” NBC To Release Her From Contract

    January 2, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Rumors are flying that Ann Curry is asking her employers at NBC to release her from her contract in order to be eligible for a job with CNN, amid allegations that NBC breached the contract anyway.

Curry, who was famously let go from her “Today” position opposite Matt Lauer earlier this year, has been offered a high-profile gig with CNN now that her old boss Jeff Zucker is set to take over at the network, and she wants it. The problem is, she’s locked into a non-compete contract with NBC which states she can’t take another job with a news outlet for two years.

“She has formally asked her attorney to explore exit options from the network. However, NBC bosses have indicated they are unwilling to release Ann from the contract,” a “source” told RadarOnline.

Curry feels, however, that NBC breached her contract when they demoted her, and reportedly has her lawyers checking all available options to her.

With Zucker at the helm, CNN could be receiving a programming overhaul soon; the network has suffered serious ratings drops despite the popularity of Anderson Cooper and Piers Morgan.

  • Penny

    Let Ann Curry out of her contract! NBC has already done enough damage to her. If you want to atone for your previous behavior, let her out!

    • Don Johnson

      Yes, let her go. They not only damaged her they also damaged the program. She is a great lady, let her shine again !!!

  • Dawn

    Do the right thing and let her out of her contract.

  • ds meyers

    Why shouldn’t NBC let her out? The whole reason they dropped her from Today is because they said ratings had slipped. If she’s a ratings problem, let her go to CNN.

  • http://yahoo Denise

    They should have never let her go. They didn’t want her to have the position then why keep her. Let her go and be done with it. She deserves better then what they have given her. NBC doesn’t want her nor do they want anyone else have her. I have stopped watching the Today show because she is gone. LET HER GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcia

    Ann is the best-hope CNN gives her a BIG raise-she carried the Today show

  • Mike F

    et Ann Curry out of her contract! NBC has already done enough damage to her. If you want to atone for your previous behavior, let her out!

  • Marni Suliin

    Ann Curry is the best they’ve(NBC) ever had and now they bring back that Meredith thing. The Professionals are a joke. No one wants to hear about Lindsey Lohan The fave story of Today Show. Ann Curry brought them the Dalai Lama! Who does Matt bring Any young starlet with boobs!! get rid of him. Who are the bimbos who can’t even read the news??

  • Andie

    I am not watching “The Today Show” again until Ann Curry is free!!!! Anyone for starting a “Free Ann Curry” campaign??

    • http://Yahoo Judy

      I agree, and have not watched Today since they demoted Ann last Spring. This would be a double whammy (for Ann) if they don’t release her. They have already hurt her enough.

    • Deborah

      yes a free Ann Curry campaign!!!!!

  • Elishe

    Let her go. Why keep a person in a position when they want to leave. You didn’t want her then why keep her from moving forward now. While you letting people move on how about getting rid of Erica Hill, that woman is BORING and not PLEASANT. Not a good fit for Today

  • Sleuths

    NBC, You Can’t Keep A Good Woman Down!

  • a

    Ann is a great news person. Let her shine at CNN . She is bigger then NBC anyway, We will follow her over to CNN

  • a

    Be careful what you do to people.They may end up being YOUR boss someday!

  • Jo Anne

    I think NBC is a disgrace for what they did to Ann Curry. I can’t stomach to watch Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. They treated Ann, a long time employee like yesterday’s trash the way they handled her departure. They should show some good faith and let her out of her current contract if they want to gain their momentum again.

  • dennis Toussaint

    It’s like when Coke tried to change their formula..It flopped! Someone at NBC jumped the shark when they demoted Ann.I have not watched show since.Ann Curry always broght class to the show. I have nothing againest Savanah,but she’s no Ann Curry,NBC should set up to the plate and release her.Are they afraid of her Hmmmmmm?

    • http://gmail Debbie

      You are nuts. Sannah will never be as good as Ann Curry is, I guess you have not been watching Ann for very long. What they did to her was very mean and Cruel!!!!

  • http://Yahoo Margaret C.

    NBC should definitely take the high road and release her. The network treated her like crap; the Least they can do is let her out of the non-compete clause. I will continue to look for her stories/prescence wherever she lands. She is a class act and deserves all the respect due her and her reporting.

    • john

      Ann Curry has no personality, no class and never had an honest emotion. Let her go – she is no threat to NBC!!!

      • http://yahoo mags

        Reverse phycoligy, nice. Ann would be a good asset on CNN. She will be doing what she does best “The News”!

  • Wilma Griffin

    NBC should allow Ann to go to CNN to pursue another job because they definitely didn’t handle her situation right when they demoted her and promoted others who are not doing as great a job as Ann did! Let Ann out of the contract!!! We love Ann and feels she is worthy of the release from her contract!!!

  • Maria Leidy

    I honestly can’t believe that the “GREAT and POWERFUL” NBC would hold Ann Curry hostage. She has been an asset to the Today show since the day she started. I was a long time viewer but do not and will not watch now or ever again. Once Matt Lauer stopped reporting the news and became the “star” of the show, the decline began. Release Ms. Curry from her contract just like you released her from her job. For once, do what is right. MAYBE, just MAYBE your ratings will increase.

  • http://Yahoo Lisa

    Come on you have already done harm by letting her go from her main spot on the Today Show; give the woman a break and allow her to sign on with CNN. I am a regualr viewer of the TOday and hated to see Ann go, I felt that she was the perfect fit for the show and you should just do right and give her this opportunity to do what she does best. Please do not bring Meridth back not good at all.

  • Rita

    Haven’t watched NBC Today since the Ann Curry Debacle. Have you no shame. Let her out of the contract. You evidently didn’t want to keep her.

  • Danielle

    I have not watched the TODAY SHOW since they took ann off the show, and I have noticed that they have now delegated Jenna Wolfe to second banana on the weekends. If NBC has any class at all, which I doubt, they would graciously let Ann sign with CNN. Query: has anyone seen ann on anywhere on the news?

  • http://gmail Debbie

    I do not blame her for wanting to leave NBC because what they did to her want mean and cruel. I used to only watch the today show, but now that they took Ann Curry off and replaced her with Savannah I now watch Good Morning America. Savannah will never be as good of an anchor as ann Curry is. You go Ann!!!!

  • http://yahoo Dennis

    Would love to see Ann Curry on CNN. Will compliment an already great group of newscasters.

  • Carolina Yankee

    Ann was better on the news desk, IMO. I’d love to see her go to CNN. NBC did her wrong, and would be perpetuating the wrong by not letting her out of the non-compete. They don’t want her, so what do they care if she goes to CNN? She won’t be competing against them in the 8 o’clock slot anyway. It’s not like she’s going to another morning show. Do the right thing NBC. Set Ann free.

  • hilarie andaya

    What’s the use of keeping her, she was demoted because of alleged low ratings. I watched the today show for many.many years but after Ann was let go I switched to ABC. Do the right thing NBC and let her go.She deserves to bring her talent to who wants her.

  • ruth

    I don’t watch Today since they did this to Ann. Will continue. I might
    change if they release her. Not fair to kick a person down then continue to hold them there for two years. Hope someone decides to do the right thing.

  • terry

    nbc should release ann curry from the news show because it doesn’t put out news anyway, it only fluff.

  • http://YAHOO ROB


  • kiddos2


  • Ms. Courtney

    I don’t know what NBC is doing with Savannah Guthrie but she has absolutely NO television presence and isn’t very professional at all. NBC needs to do what is right and let Ann move on.

  • Robert

    There is an old saying that will take care of the Matt/Curry flop.
    “Better be nice to people on the way up the ladder cause you are going to meet them on the way down”
    I have posted before that the declining TV ratings will take care of Matt. To join the cause just flip the channel.

  • M A Scott

    Ann Curry is the sweetest considerate person and she should not be treated as she is. I pray she gets a position that she truly wants and that her performance outweights all others at NBC. She deserves the best she has a very strong human personality and I wish her and her family all the best. You, go Ann.

  • bernadet

    Haven’t watched ANY daytime or news on NBC since the musical chairs started on today show. Ann curry IA one of the most capable and beautiful reporters of the news …period. wont grace NBC with our ratings and neither will our family. They “done her SOOO wrong”!!! I’ve hated NBC since. Thought they’d figure it out with the ratings drop. Guess they should be n DC too! Duh! They should’ve dumped Matt. He’s the salary ho anyway. When Katie left the round tqable wasn’t the same but still good, Ann was the last straw for our family DONT TUNE IN TO TODAY SHOW …IT SUCKS NOW! MAKE T SHIRTS ….FREE ANN CURRY!!!

  • ah151

    I’ve not watched the Today show since NBC treated Ann the way they did. NBC should let her move on. So much for all their talk of being a “family”. If that’s the way you treat family I would not want to work there.

    • Risë Hunter

      I loved your comment and it couldn’t have been said any better. they just kicked their sister to the curb, and left her crying.. now that she has a better offer, they want to force her to stay.. they are so mean.. i hate the today show!

  • http://angelsinthestreets.net edna busa

    For decency and honesty, u need to release her to CNN. Stop playing games. Very unprofessional of u to take hostage of her.

  • StraightShooter

    Ann Curry may be a nice person but she is one of the WORST when it comes to hosting anything other than a show like The TALK. She should be removed from any news based TV programming. She is horrible at anything other than reading a Teleprompter and there are literally tens of thousands of people that can do that. She’s bad at her job and is an example of the Peter Principle in that she finally got promoted to a job she has no business holding.

    • Janet

      StraightShooter – Did NBC pay you for the foul and stupid things you said about Ann. Obviously, you have not watched the show and see how classy and professionally she conducted herself for the years that she had worked on that show. Ann is a reporter that knows her job, does it to the best of her ability and most importantly, she does it with utmost professionalizm.

      You are obviously talking about someone else, please go back and do your research and do it proper this time before you come on any site any say the stupid things you said.

      • evergreen3

        I would bet that Straight Shooter works for NBC and may in fact be Matt Lauer. He/she obviously has a bias towards Matt Lauer who is an Azz.

  • http://HotMail Ralph Peters

    Ann Curry has more class in her little finger than Matt and the whole crew.They let go of the wrong person now they should let her go to a Network that she will shine!!!!

  • D.Nedson

    Ann was always ateam player at NBC/ then NBC tossed her under the bus!!! SHAME ON THEM!!! Time to let her go!!!!

  • Deek Windsome

    NBC seems to like to jerk its talent around. I think if they’re not going to use her, let her go somewhere else! We all remember the Conan thing, which NBC botched horribly.

  • claudia

    Does anyone know who we can write to voice our discontent of the way Ann Curry is being treated?

    • StraightShooter

      Poor Ann Curry got paid $10 Million to stay at home. Let’s all see what can be done to help out this poor, untalented person. She is sooooo mistreated.

      • hrp

        Straight Shooter- YES she is “sooooooo mistreated” by the NBC because NBC is trying cover up their wrong doing by throwing a fat check in her face. It’s about principle, loyalty, integrity and ethics. These words might seem very foreign to you so look them up because you might become a better person. Obviously all you care about is “how much money”

        • StraightShooter

          hrp…I was simply replying to the ill-conceived notion that somehow Ann Curry is being mistreated. NBC has compensated her well through out her career and they are known for their “more than fair” compensatory payouts for departing personnel. The fact of the matter is Ann Curry was promoted to a job beyond her capabilities. She was fine reading off the prompter as her previous job required. But when she “winged it”, the wheels came off. NBC provided her many opportunities through her career, actually helping to create her popularity and career. She should be grateful and go be a news reader somewhere when her non-compete is over. If CNN still wants her then, I’m quite sure they will find a spot for her, as a news reader and not the host of a morning info-tainment show. BTW, the Today Show was terrible with Curry and is terrible now. It’s not all Curry’s fault.

  • Rod S

    NBC, you need to release Ann. She deserves better. You have screwed up The Today show so bad. You should consider getting rid of Matt, would help a lot. I don’t watch NBC to often. Your programming is terrible especially on Saturday mornings. And your sports is almost non existing. Watched to Rose parade yesterday and what a disappointment. Use to be the station to watch the parade on. It was a good 3 hours long and saw every float and every band. Today lucky to see half the floats and we might get lucky and get a quick second of a band. What has happened to NBC? All about money these days not quality.


    ++++Anyone planning to visit the New York area should show up for the crowd shots of the Today Show wearing a bright red shirt with “FREE ANN CURRY” in big white letters. They can wait for the camera to pan the crowd and open thier winter coat to reveal the shirt right behind Matt Louser++++

  • hrp

    NBC should let her go! What is wrong with NBC! I sorta stopped watching Today show after how they fired Ann from the Today show. It could be just me but Savannah doesn’t seem to fit in well as a new leading female co-host plus Savannah and Natalie looks so similar. They are both smart and pretty ladies but as for the show it just doens’t seem right for some reason and I think that’s one of the reason why I sorta stopped wathing the show. Good luck to Ann!



  • eliza James

    Ann Curry is a very sweet and hard working person,she deserves the best,and i pray that she will get the job at CNN. Today Show,please release her!

  • http://gmail leslie

    matt should be kicked to the curb. Ann is the best. I stopped watching since ann left and i now watch good morning america!

  • http://gmail leslie

    Matt should be let go. I refuse to watch the TODAY SHOW since Ann left. I now watch Good Morning America. I blame Matt! Let Ann work. She is the hardest worker out there.

  • Michele Whitted

    Why is NBC still punishing Ann? She was a great co-anchor. They should be ashamed of themselves. LET HER GO!!!!

  • Sharon

    I haven’t watched NBC since they let Ann go. I now watch CBS This Morning and like it very much!

    NBC needs to let out of her contract so we can all see her smiling face again on CNN!

  • R.W. Barreth

    Fee Ann Curry. We want to see her back on the air. ARREST Matt Lauer and never let him near a t.v. camera again. He has run his course.

  • Chris Davis

    I miss Ann Curry on the Today Show. NBC should do the right thing and let her out of the contract!

  • Cleveland Cathy

    I have stopped watching the today show since they demoted Ann as well as Amy (weekends with Lester.) I really don’t care for the new team they created. I don’t believe the new females have the credibility that Ann had. NBC should try to keep some respect in this situation by doing the right thing and letting her go. Why prolong the agony? Just let her go!!!

  • Stickyboul

    Funny how you can follow simple logic as to the REAL reason why Ann Curry was fired from The Today Show. NBC doesn’t want to release Ann Curry from her contract to go to another network for a very SMART, albeit extremely selfish reason given how they humiliated her, THE FEEL SHE MIGHT BE AN ASSET TO ANOTHER (COMPETING) NETWORK. If they stood by their claim that SHE was the cause of a ratings drop then why not let her go “hurt” the ratings of a competitor? How this network can continue to pile dung on this lady by holding her hostage is utterly despicable… only to be outdone by the Today Show primadonna they catered to in getting her fired. I was done after how they treated Conan…. NBC = Nife in Back Channel

    • suzette holmes

      Ann Curry is the epitome of class, intelligence, humanity, and grace. She is a hard worker, excels in any situation. NBC made a huge mistake in cruelly firing her. Matt Lauer could never hold my attention the way Ann Curry can. She far outshines the other ladies on the show, there is no one in her league on TV. What charm, what grace, what beauty and intelligence. If you don’t release her from her contract, it will not behoove your network. You can restore some integrity by doing the right thing and and since you didn’t want her, be happy for her to shine wherever she is. Change your reputation and actions and maybe things will improve for your network.

  • Matt Lauer

    We should start a petition on the whithouse web site to FREE ANN CURRY!! Just 25k signitures requires a response from the White House. Given the Fiscal Cliff debacle, they obviously aren’t doing anything more pressing…FREE ANN CURRY!!!

  • Dana Lombardi

    Anne Curry’s problem is that her real forte’ is hard news and on-the- spot, fly-by-your-pants reporting. She’s really not well suited to the soft feature show biz sensational fluff that unfortunately now comprises so much of the Today show’s content. She is part of a rapidly disappearing breed: the intelligent, experienced, well educated hard news reporter. The Today show is a cash cow for NBC and if appealing to the lowest common denominator produces those killer ratings, then so be it. I haven’t watched the Today show in years due to the magnitude of commercials; it’s more a marathon of advertizing with little slices of the show wedged in – an unwatchable waste of time. Pat Weaver must be spinning in his grave.

  • Brans

    I stopped watching the Today Show when Katie left. It was never the same with Meredith and became worse with Ann. She is an AMAZING reporter and should go back out in the field. That is where she is best, but she is not a good interviewer of fluff. Ann go back out into the fields…go visit our troops on the NBC dime! Tell their stories! Go visit them in the hospitals! Go report on the poor girl who died after being raped. Go behind the scenes. Give us the grit and not the fluff. We miss that from you!

  • gertiel moxey

    NBC just doesn’t appeal to me since Ann left, I now watch Good Morning America.