Ann Coulter Sounds Off On Wendy Davis

By: Shana Norris - January 22, 2014

Controversial political commentator Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity’s self-titled Fox News channel talk show Monday night to sound off on Texas Senator Wendy Davis.

Coulter, who appears frequently on Fox News, jumped at the chance to weigh in on the maelstrom that has surrounded Davis since The Dallas Morning News broke a story suggesting that key facts in Davis’ presentation of her life story may not be entirely accurate. Coulter told Hannity: “This is all I want to talk about all year.”

According to Wayne Slater, Davis has made her personal rags to riches story a “centerpiece” of her campaign to become governor of Texas. Davis’ political team is talking up the story of how she overcame great hardship to go from a divorced teenage single mother living in a trailer to Harvard graduate and key player in Texas politics.

Slater reveals that Davis was 21 – not 19 – when she divorced.

It turns out that she actually lived only a few months in her family’s trailer before she and her daughter got their own apartment.

And as far as working her way through college? Well, Davis married attorney Jeff Davis, 13 years her senior, during her undergraduate years at Texas Christian University and had another daughter with him. Her husband funded her last two years at TCU and her time at Harvard Law School. He also kept the children with him in Texas while Davis was attending school in Boston.

Coulter didn’t hesitate to jump into the fray:

“The connotation is that you were supporting a family and raising your kids. She was neither supporting her family nor raising her kids. She married a sugar daddy whom she asked to meet. He supported her, he raised the kids while she went to Harvard law school. I mean, it said that Dallas Morning News article, it’s the greatest quote I’ve ever seen. He says, I quote, “It’s ironic the day after I paid the last –”

Hannity finished her statement: “I made the last payment and it was the next day she left.”

Jeff Davis has defended his ex-wife, however: “A lot of what she says is true,” he said. “When she was 21, it became a little easier for her. The first 21 years were about working one, two and three jobs, trying to get through, raising a kid, driving an old Toyota pickup truck that was the smallest you could find.”

“She got a break,” Jeff Davis said. “Good things happen, opportunities open up. You take them; you get lucky. That’s a better narrative than what they’re trying to paint.”

On the fact that Davis gave her ex-husband parental custody of their children, he had this to say: “She did the right thing … She said, ‘I think you’re right; you’ll make a good, nurturing father. While I’ve been a good mother, it’s not a good time for me right now.’”

Unlike Jeff Davis, Coulter jumped at the chance to argue that Senator Davis’ upbringing wasn’t all that “hard-luck”, saying it would have been “amazing if were true … that she was raised by a single mother, started working at 14 to support her struggling family. Then she became a single mother herself, lived in a trailer park, and through her pluck and determination ends up in Harvard Law School. No. She basically came from middle class family. Her father ran a dinner theater. That’s not working class. She got married young and had a child young and got divorced at 21. The age between 19 and 21 I don’t think makes a big difference, but that isn’t the hard-luck story.”

But Davis says her father’s dinner theater didn’t really make any money, an assertion that many entrepreneurs would find easy to believe: “While he lived that passion, he never made money again and was never able to comply with the terms of my parents’ divorce,” she said. “What it meant for us financially is that things … completely turned upside down, and it was a real struggle. My brothers and I went to work young — and it was out of necessity, not about wanting to have a little bit of spending money.”

Responding to the Dallas Morning News article, Davis said “My language should be tighter … I’m learning about using broader, looser language. I need to be more focused on the detail.”

She also posted an open letter on her blog:

Mine is a story about a teenage single mother who struggled to keep her young family afloat. It’s a story about a young woman who was given a precious opportunity to work her way up in the world. It’s a story about resiliency, and sacrifice, and perseverance.

And you’re damn right it’s a true story.

Throughout this campaign, I’ve shared that story – not because it’s unique, but because it isn’t.

The story of my life is also the story of millions of single mothers who feel alone in the world, millions of young dreamers searching for their chance to become something more than what they were born into, millions of families all across Texas who would sacrifice everything to give their children a better future.

… I’m not afraid of their false attacks – I developed thick skin long before anyone knew my name.

… No false attack can take away my story. And no sleazy political trick will stop me from giving voice to yours.

Your stories are why I’m running for Governor. And together, I know we’ll make sure that the Texas we leave to our children is a place where every young mother can build a better life for her child. . . where every family can work their way up the economic ladder. . . where every Texan can achieve their dreams and live out their own success story.

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  • Allie

    Her opinions lost all their weight, well, since the nasty broad could speak. Didn’t read the article.

    • @Allie

      I feel the same way about women who hide the act of murdering in nice words such as “Pro-Choice”. Crushing a babies skull is not a choice. It is murder and many men in this nation go to prison for decades for much much less.

      • Glenn Cierebiej

        How do you that Ann never had an abortion. She has had many men but no kids. Wendy Davis has kids.

        • @Glenn

          Wendy just advocated the killing of other people’s kids. For a day, she advocated this. It is the same as doing it yourself.

          She is a liar, a user, and cheat. You can try to dress up a pig anyway you want. It is still a pig.

          Clueless woman who doesn’t value life. But of course she doesn’t, she only looked out for herself. She is a user. Go date her and see. She will take your money and run too.

          • Glenn Cierebiej

            I don’t think much of Wendy Davis. I think even less of Ann Coulter. If Ann had kids, then she would have something to say. She should stick with other subjects and leave the abortion issue alone.

          • Mitchell B. Sandlin

            There is an article out today showing that Abortion Wendy was ordered by a Texas court not to use drugs or alcohol when seeing her children. another court order stated she would not have any person she was dating or involved with in her home between 9:00 PM and 7:00 AM. (Not sure about the times but that is what I remember from the article.

          • http://webpronews will

            why characterize her as a “woman” instead of a person. Typical woman hating conservative comment.

          • bill

            Go ahead put these Democrat baby killers in office you better know it’s recorded up stairs and you’re a partaker of it.

        • Liz

          Mann Coulter used to be a male named Arthur Coltrane. That’s why she will never have children.

          • Don C

            Mann Coulter has a bigger Adam’s Apple than (s)he has breasts….

        • Eagle1

          What a stupid comment.

      • AuntieCairo

        You realize of course women don’t get pregnant by themselves– and how many unwanted children have you adopted? Support?

        • http://WebProNews terry defee

          I have raised 3 families of other peoples kids. My parents always took in kids, cousins, etc. although we lived in a very small home. I am now doing the big brother program…

      • http://webpronews will

        The planned parenthood organization she was supporting conducted all of 2% of abortions in the state of Texas. They were also the leaders in free healthcare to mothers expecting in ways such as check ups with doctors they could not otherwise afford. The other 98% of abortions are still carried out in private gynecologist’s offices in the entire state of Texas. How many of these doctors are conservatives?

        • chris

          BULL SHIRT on your stats.

          • http://webpronews will

            well chris 0% are being carried out at planned parenthood now. does that mean abortion has come to a grinding halt in Texas, NO!

        • http://WebProNews terry defee

          Well Will…I wonder what your opinion would be if you were one of your mythical 2%? You would have no opinion, because you would be murdered! My grandmother, who passed at 94 had an abortion. Then she became pregnant again, tried the abortion route again and was not successful. My father was born and taken in by his grandmother and mostly by his grandfather who adored him. The women were really indifferent to him, both his mother and grandmother. If my grandmother would have been successful, I nor my brothers and sisters would be here. Till the day that she died, my grandmother never acknowledged my father. We were always instructed to call her aunt. Abortion kills generations, not just one.

  • Steve

    Maybe she can ask Sydney Leathers to move to Texas and run for Lt. Governor.

    • @Steve

      At least Weiner only sent a dick picture, which we all know over half of America sends naked pictures every day.

      Wendy advocates crushing the skulls of infants in the womb.

      I will take the guy who is an exhibitionist over the murderer any day. You ever see the results of an abortion? I have. It isn’t pretty. It literally is murder.

  • just

    Wendy Davis Texas Senator “you suck”!!!!!!!! Get out of the Senate you don’t deserve Texas principals killing children and brainwashing women.

    • Glenn Cierebiej

      If Ann Coulter had some kids, then she could talk about others. She has not spawned any little conservatives.

      • dont dictate 2 me

        Look you can't sit there and tell someone just because they don't have kids then SHE can't have an opinion. That
        is what's wrong with the world today. Sitting there prejudiced against certain conservative women whom wanted kids all along just giving us the rotten tomato. don't you think people are tired of handing the bag of shit to the wrong people. mrs. senator doesn't know wtf she's doing just like obozo!

  • http://WebProNews Sully

    What was really outrageous was when she said that Mitt “romneyCare” Romney was a conservative. Now that was off the charts !

    • s Olsen

      Sully: engage brain before opening mouth. Romney is a talented, intelligent, experienced man who had a platform to put this country back on the road to prosperity. Remove Obamacare, remove over regulation, a coherent foreign policy. Romneycare works for the people of MASS. Vetoed 15 provisions that made it more expensive. Override by Dem Legislature. You did not do you homework on the man. You also were part of the electorate that helped deprive the U.S. of a real Pres. Now we are continuing down the road to decay because Obama implements bad policy and degrades the Citizenry every day. Don’t make the same mistake again. Find out what you are getting before you vote.

      • Fake

        The only good guy to run for President was Ron Paul. He would have done things. All the rest are the same —- rich and don’t give a damn.

      • Fake

        The only good guy to run for President was Ron Paul. He would have done things. All the rest are the same —- rich and don’t give a damn.

        • I Hate Nazis

          Ron Paul is a white supremacist and a proud one at that. His idea of a President is very close to Adolf Hitler.

        • I Hate Nazis

          Ron Paul is a white supremacist and a proud one at that. His idea of a President is very close to Adolf Hitler.

      • mitch

        couldn’t have said it better….They have a continue to ruin this longer a great country I am sorry to say. Liberal democrats have really ruined it. I can’t afford my family healthcare anymore due to being forced to pay for other people..These people have no clue what they have done.

        • http://webpronews floridamike

          Ruin? yes it is the libs who suppress voting, pass laws to allow big gov’t into a woman’s body, and shut the gov’t down and make us the laughing stock of the world….oh yea I forgot about how lousy business is with that 16,000 stock market……

      • Liz

        Romney is a loser.

        • bill mineer

          Whats Obama?

      • chris

        You’re funny! You just made milk come out of my nose!

  • James Kurtz

    Wendy lied intentionally and should withdraw from the election. Ann Coulter did a good job exposing this lady and by the way there is alot more about her past that she is hiding including several affairs.

    • Raymond Peternell

      Ann Coulter thrives on bringing down Democrats. Politics is a dirty business, for the most part. I have never trusted Texas politicians, most of all former Presidents from there. I just don’t expect much more from the state of Texas from their politicians.

      • http://Yahoo Nick

        You are an idiot. And I don’t care which state you are from/

      • http://webpronews floridamike

        Lyndon Johnson after the death of Kennedy saw an opportunity to do the right thing and he did it. He knew what the kennedys stood for and he passed a multitude of laws to help minorities and in helping the blackman he drew the ire of the prejudice southerners and forever changed the south to a red state territory. He was the greatest Texan in politics…..a bit strange but he needs his due because he thought through what was right and how history would view him.

        • @floridamike

          Who are you kidding? There is a ton of evidence that shows Johnson had Kennedy killed.

          Johnson almost got the whole country destroyed too. He wanted a nuclear war.

          • bill

            Johnson put your social security trust into the general fund so the politicians could blow it and give us an IOU A Damn Crook.And A Lieing Democrap

    • @James

      You are right. She abandoned her kids. Married for money. Cheated on the man who cashed in his own 401k for her so that she could go to college and law school. Then divorced him.

      She is your typical lying woman. A model for all the young girls out there. Then she stands up and advocates the murdering of babies! What more do you need to know about this woman?

      Liar. Cheat. Adulteress. User. Murder. Power Hungry. Feminist.

      • Glenn Cierebiej

        Tell what Ann is? She is a power hungry women with no kids. She married several times. where is the family?

        • @Glenn

          Wendy Davis is okay with other people’s children dying …. where is the family Glenn?

          • Glenn Cierebiej

            I don’t like either of them. I am just pointing out that Ann has no kids. Ann could adopt if she is sterile.I would not want to be raised by Wendy. I would run away if Ann was my mom.

          • Glenn Cierebiej

            I don’t like either of them. I am just pointing out that Ann has no kids. Ann could adopt if she is sterile.I would not want to be raised by Wendy. I would run away if Ann was my mom.

          • Glenn Cierebiej

            I don’t like either of them. I am just pointing out that Ann has no kids. Ann could adopt if she is sterile.I would not want to be raised by Wendy. I would run away if Ann was my mom.

      • bill

        Right On

  • joe bob

    Why is this brainless skank still on TV??? (I can understand the FAKE News Network -aka “FOX”), but every other network or station should be blacklisting this racist, bigoted pig. She is who she is because people like watching train wrecks, bloody car pile-ups and the like. If you stopped giving this garbage-mouth publicity whore a forum then people would just forget about her. Do you really think that the drivel she “writes” and pushes as “books” that are bought by redneck, right-wing reactionaries are ever read by them once they buy them? Even the few who know how to read that get them, once they buy them, just stick them on their shelves so their friends can see them on the bookshelf when they come over. Gawd, she is so pathetic!!!!

    • Raymond Peternell

      She’s a good business woman, not a journalist at all. The more outrageous stuff she says, the more reactions she will get. Selling books and appearing on TV is her source of income.

      • ? Lettie C

        Actually, she’s a lawyer. I was a secretary in a law firm where she was a new associate. No one liked her and I’m sure she heard the cheer over NYC traffic when she left. Ta Ta Toots

      • Chris

        Can’t the same be said for people like Miley Cyrus that the conservatives are complaining about on Fox? By being outrageous and in the news she is only building her brand which in turn creates a bigger bank account.

      • bill

        She’s not living on tax payers

    • Ari Hwang

      you’re awesome.
      check out my response below

    • Iam not a Redneck

      jobo: ive read some of her stuff and its pretty good and im not a redneck or from deep down south etc. it sounds more like you have a tremendous anger problem. i really dont think its her in particular…its just you. check into that….

    • neil

      I don’t understand why liberals resort to name calling. If you think something someone said is incorrect put it in quotes (make sure you quote them correctly-no paraphrase) and dispute it with facts-not a screed of over the top obscenity and rhetoric.

      • Chris

        Name calling? I guess you haven’t watch Fox or listen to Rush. Especially Rush. Wow, that guy has a derogatory name for anyone that doesn’t agree with him.

      • Paul GC

        The reason Liberals resort to name-calling is, (1) that’s all they’ve got; they certainly don’t have facts, history, reason or logic on their side, and (2) they’re emotionally-arrested individuals who never progressed beyond the emotional-age of grade-schoolers.

    • mitch

      hey joe bob,,,things going good for you huh? Obama really is helping you huh? free healthcare, free food, free pot even? what else is free you liberal freak?

    • poster

      Truth really hurts, doesn’t it, joe bob?

    • http://Yahoo Nick

      Another intellectually inferior Obama voter. You are the quintessential “low information voter” that Time magazine pointed out votes for democrats.

    • Marion Woodard

      Joe Bob,
      Your comment is right on target. Ann is a horrible person and I’m just waiting for the right person to really get down and dirty with her since that’s her game.

    • bill


  • Ari Hwang

    She’s a nasty person and has never done anything positive re our country.
    She’s the equivalent of Bill O’Reilly+Glenn Beck = a hot stinking mess
    She reminds me of Skeletor.
    COULTER is sooo off the paradigm, she might as well be a Nazi, or worse.

    • Iam not a Redneck


    • Paul GC

      Instead of coming up with a bunch of stupid, puerile insults the likes of which most people would’ve outgrown by the time they got out of grammar-school, why not provide even one single example or instance where she’s wrong or where her facts are incorrect?

      Personally, I think writing numerous books on important topics, which people can read to form better-informed opinions on said topics (particularly when election-season rolls around), **IS** doing something positive for our country. It’s certainly a hell of a lot more than Loser Leftists like you have done. (And while we’re on the subject, what exactly have YOU done for this country, other than sit on your fat behind, collecting a welfare-check?)

    • poster

      The fact that everything she writes about you liberals being true must drive you crazy.

    • bill

      yOU’RE FULL

  • Wendy Davis

    Anyone, who would stand for hours and champion the killing of babies, is a psycho crazy woman. 54 million babies have been exterminated in this country. That is more deaths than all our wars we have every fought combined. Feminists have killed more females than men have ever killed. It is undeniable.

    I know a man who is serving decades in prison for getting in a fist fight and causing a bloody nose. Yet, a woman can abort a child and walk around free. Want to see what is left over from an abortion? Want to see what is killed? Look at these pictures and then tell me it isn’t murder. I much rather have that man who punched someone walking around than a person who could do these things to a child because of convenience. Yes, most abortions are out of convenience. Less than 1% are due to rape or incest. That is another fallacy feminists like to tell — the rape culture in America. They will never talk about how half of all rapes are either drunk sex or outright lies. But the topic here is abortion so go look at the pictures. But you won’t because you know everything I wrote is true.

    • http://none joseph esposito

      You’re a BRILLIANT PERSON! And so right on!

    • Paul GC

      Abortion advocates have no interest in knowing (or in letting other people know) anything truthful about the procedure at all. They can’t even be truthful when it comes to admitting they’re pro-abortion; instead, they use a nice, clean, antiseptic-sounding euphemistic abstraction like “pro-choice” to cover it up the way a cat covers up its doo-doos in a litter-box. But they give the game away by blowing a fuse & having a conniption-fit anytime anyone suggests that a “choice” entails the “choice” to choose life.

      • Glenn Cierebiej

        Ann never choose to have any kids. Too self absorbed.

    • Glenn Cierebiej

      Wendy Davis has some real issues, but she has reproduced. Ann has not hatched any offspring. Ann is so rich, with no direct relatives to leave anything to. If I was her nephew, I would pretend to agree with her, to be in the will.

      • dont dictate 2 me

        cant u just shut up? gosh people don't like inhumanity we tired of it. Senator Wendy Davis is getting more for her buck for Obamas prejudices and is centering on the women YOU DEFAME. You don't know Ann Coulter's business who says women aren't equal or even more than another just because one gets to be a mom. you don't know s.h.i.t.!!!!

    • Glenn Cierebiej

      How did those 54 million, unborn conservatives, get into the wombs of liberals in the first place?

  • Gram Reeper

    You bunch of dum basses!

  • Chas.

    The whole business of criticizing Wendy Davis is much adoo about nothing by vicious, nasty people. Sadly, there are enough weak minded and willfully ignorant people who fall for this crap.

    • poster

      Right. We’re all “falling for” the truth. Hurts that your liberal candidate is just another Democrat liar must really sting.

    • http://Yahoo Nick

      I guess lying is ok for you. How sad. I hope you don’t have any children.

  • Single Mom?

    Marrying a rich guy so you can get what you want is not the same as being a single mom. So, according to Wendy Davis, building a better life for your children is done through abortion?

    Wendy Davis is a liar and phony. Getting married and having your college and Harvard law school paid for is not being the same as a single mom working 9-5. We look down on hookers who say that sex is just about money, but we never look down on the woman who marries for money.

    I rather date a hooker any day. They are more honest.

  • Gerry San

    Wendy Davis is a FRAUD. The Dallas Morning News article has been corroborated by Davis’ ex-husband and (in part) by Davis herself. She has no business running for governor or anything else. We have more than enough liars in office… we need to get rid of the ones we have not add more like this woman.

    • bill


    • dont dictate 2 me

      we need to center on the real problem Leadership. Any of these weseals and their supporters thinking of a free ride need to be reminded of the corrupt "personal" business in Our Country. We are still founded by God, man and liberty and correct I emphasize "correct" justice for all. Stop her before the double crossing gets to hard to bear and get "him" out!!!!! Form new leaderships then we can heal as a nation.

  • Charles G

    She wants her cake and eat it too…Senator Davis wants to use her “backstory” as a centerpiece of her campaign, but then no one else can question her backstory? She pawned off her kids for her career which is her right to do, but don’t make being a mother the centerpiece of your campaign when you haven’t really been one. Basically she got what she wanted out of the marriage and climbed her ladder. She is not someone I want leading the great state of Texas.

  • I Prefer Hookers

    At least hookers are honest and tell you it is all about money. Women like Wendy Davis will marry you for money and then use you to advance themselves. Love? Please. She is a user. Her marriage got her half a million dollars worth of an education.

    • JL

      Isn’t it great how women will get caught using a guy and still claim they are disadvantaged? I know many smart single moms and they can’t afford Harvard.

      Yet, we all know that women use sex to get what they want. Then they claim they are being used. They start this when they are in high school when they go after much older guys to get what they want. They never stop until they have what they want and then they say they are victims.

    • Hook

      A year at Harvard is about 85,000 for tuition, room and board and extras. Look it up.

      That is a lot of money. A hooker is cheaper. Wendy Davis is a gold digger and that is all.

  • rosa yazmin

    I’m so irritated with these attacks. I’ve been practically destitute for 8 months. I don’t have a child. I would be destroyed if I had to go through this with a child. whether it was a month, two months a year or whatever time she spends living in that trailer. It still hard and painful. My family live in a nice area. That’s THEIR home, not mine. I am negative in the bank. I admire Ms. Davis.

    • Wendy Davis

      Wendy Davis would have aborted you. Remember that. Your mom didn’t.

      • Amanda Sawyer

        Wendy Davis did not abort either of her children, did she? Are you implying she aborted several more we don’t know about? If so, you are sick and pathetic.

        She supports a woman’s right to choose, and she herself actually chose not to abort. That’s something you would never understand, because you don’t think through your choices, you let Faux News dictate your thinking.

        • @Amanda

          Wendy Davis has encouraged abortion legislation, which kills babies. Look at the persons comment above that has the link to abortion photos. That is what the woman defends.

          A woman’s right to choose? A woman forgets the child’s right to live and the husband’s rights as well.

          It is murder. Look at the photos. Look. Then claim it is a noble thing. Stop using the sanitized words “right to choose”. Use the more accurate — “right to murder”.

          • Glenn Cierebiej

            You need someone human, to make a pro life stand. Ann Coultier has ice in her viens. Wendy Davis is not very nice. Ann Coultier is scary!!

    • bill


  • justbeecauseihaveurlastnamedoesntmeanhavetoaccepturfocusondestroyinglives

    and why would that spanish lady care. She’s reaping the benefits. so why give a whoot. now let me suck my toothpaste. you don’t care I don’t care. disgusting!

  • Liar

    She cheated on the man who cashed in his own 401k to help her through school!!! Isn’t she great!!! Isn’t she a wonderful woman!!! That is feminism for you.

    Feminism has been the worst thing for America.

  • Steve

    Seriously, how is Ann Coulter the “Controversial” figure in this story?

    • Paul GC

      In a nation of lies, led by the King of Lies, anyone who tells the Truth is considered “controversial.”

  • ? Lettie C

    Ann Coulter would be jealous of cole slaw if it came out better than her hair. But, her hair is only ONE of her worst features. She come wit’ a leash?

  • dr putt

    my goodness you folks from texas are idiots.

  • http://none joseph esposito

    Nothing but a WHORE! How come nothing about Ann Coulters take?

    • dont dictate 2 me

      you sound prejudiced

  • Paul GC

    Ann Coulter for President!

    • Chris

      Of what? I’ll at least say she is marginally smarter than Palin. Then again, a rock is smarter than Palin.

      • vote4termlimits

        You just insulted rocks everywhere. Rocks are a lot smarter than either of those women.

  • dr putt

    you folks in texas are idiots

  • bill sands

    all politicians do this

  • Glenn Cierebiej

    Wendy Davis has kids. An has none. Enough said.

    • @Glenn

      What does that have to do with anything?

      Let’s look at what Wendy Davis taught her kids .. lying… using …. adultery …. killing is okay …..

      Wow.. she is wonderful….

      • Glenn Cierebiej

        I already said, I don’t think much of Wendy . My statement is, someone that opposes her, should be a confirmed human. Ann Coulter may be a cyborg

  • vote4termlimits

    Ann Coulter can’t see the forest for the trees. She’s tall enough, but she’s dumb as a stump. Nitpicking and belittling Ms. Davis instead of outing the liars, hypocrites and brain-rotted theocrats in her own party is why GOP credibility keeps sinking to new lows. Until they clean up their act from within, they’re throwing stones in a glass house.
    We need a centrist party to attract all the moderate dems and moderate conservatives and we’d outnumber the extremist polarized loose ends who flail about. They’re fraying like end-of-life telomeres.

    • http://Yahoo Nick

      I take it you are ok with a politician lying as long as it is only pointed out when republicans do it? I hope you are not old enough to vote.

      • vote4termlimits

        Nick, are you addressing that idiotic question at me? What part of centrist didn’t you understand? If this had been an article where a shill for the dems was slamming a republican with a position I supported (hint – I’m a centrist, I get to pick sensible positions from BOTH sides and discard the crap policies that are destroying this country) and nitpicking about that pol’s tale of woe just because it was essentially accurate but light on particulars, I’d have said basically the same thing. It really messes with some little minds that centrists don’t goose-step to a party line or wave PC cards like lemmings, don’t it? BTW- approaching 70 and sick of the traitors on both sides of the aisle who are gaming the system to death.

      • bill


    • Sam

      You obviously don’t listen if you think Ann is dumb. Say what you will about her but Ann has earned a lot more respect than you seem capable of giving a conservative women. Talk about nitpicking and dumb as a stump.

  • Linda

    The “c” word comes to mind when I think about Ann Coulter. She’s one of the nastiest people on the planet.

  • end

    Ann Coulter is one of many right wing embarrassments that have degraded the Republican Party into an unelectable theatre of clowns.

    • bill


      • glenn

        If dems aborted ALL their offspring, it would be your perfect world.. You have a paradox, you want the end of dems, yet you want to close clinics. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Jack

    She’s just another high maintenance American female.Not all are that way,but million’s are.

    • dont dictate 2 me

      whatever. you sound like an a. s. s

  • mike

    Wendy “Abortion Barbie” couldn’t even win her state senate seat because of her antics over the last few months. How bad a mother do you have to be to “give up” your children to your ex because they don’t currently fit into your plans. Please move to New York or California Wendy.

  • The Truth

    The Democrats don’t care if she’s a mass murderer, quilty of treason, destroying the country, a pathological liar as long as she keeps the bribes (government handouts) coming and increasing!!!!!!

  • iz

    My sister knew her father he was and actor and theater director he worked his ass off and never made a huge salary. I doubt she ever worked half as hard as her dad. Wendy on the other hand learned a thing or two about acting and had some work done on her face. Ann Coulter is full of the same bull shit. Takes one to know one. This is theater folks, buy a ticket and watch the show.

    • bill


  • johnny

    Republicans are scared of Wendy Davis as you can tell from negative right wing attacks. Cant wait until the presidential elections when Hillary will win by a landslide. The repugnant party shot itself in the foot aligning with the toilet paper party!

    • Steve

      We’re not scared of her per say. We’re scared to death of what the country will become if someone like this gets elected. We are scared that the electorate has been dumbed down that much as to elect such a person who has such low integrity and values life so little.

      • bill


  • Liz B

    I really hope that we can trust Ann when she says this is all she wants to talk about all year. But I’m sure she’ll disappoint me and sound off on other things. How can she resist? She loves being the talk of, well, whatever

  • BB91103

    You know Bill Maher hit that like a million times.

  • Don

    Go get ’em Annie!

  • calvin allen

    Of course you know that embellishing one’s past is just another tool politicians use to get elected. It is not a party privilege, as both sides do it to some extent. Being election year approaching, we can expect more of these types of stories about almost every person trying to get elected. What needs to happen is anyone who is a registered voter should have a real chat with themselves and determine if you really want to support someone who really can’t tell full truth about little things. If they have trouble telling the truth on little things, imagine what’s going to happen when it comes to the big important things. We owe it to our fellow citizens to put the best possible people in office. We can no longer do that by voting straight party lines because just like you, there are candidates on both sides of the aisle that really are not representing their constituency. Instead, they support special interest groups and do not care for the wishes of the majority. Wake up America!

  • Peter Fortunato

    It’s not Ann….. it’s Andrew.

  • Shallow al

    Had a Sugar Daddy AND Had Someone Else Raise Her Kids ??? Classic I Will Not Vote for Her & I Am a Registered Voter in Austin.

  • gene

    Just another chapter in the continuing book of Liberal’s pretending to be the Party of Openness. They still don’t want us to read the facts before The Vote!

  • http://Yahoo Ralph

    It’s sad when women go out of their way to denigrate other women.

    • dont dictate 2 me

      what do expect when a fallen Country is beneath peoples knees. Sad huh?

  • Frank

    Once again a leftist liar distorts the truth to better her position to win an election. The left is so adept at lying. They have been telling women for years that abortion is not murder it is pregnancy cessation…then tell me Wendy Davis why do so many women suffer the mental anguish that follows an abortion if it is not the murder of a child. The only abortions I would ever have accepted would have been Wendy Davis and Obama.

    • bill


    • glenn

      Again I ask. How do all those cons get into the wombs of libs? You have a catch 22. If abortion reduced the number of libs, then it would be a great thing. I also need proof, that Ann is human and not a cyborg.

  • jack

    Lying hypocrite C u n _!!!

  • Sam

    Wendy Davis dumped her sugar daddy THE DAY AFTER he made the final payment for her Harvard Law education. Dirt bag pure and simple. This after the man watched her kids while she was at Harvard. Not such a great life story after all.

    Anne Coulter rules. She’s got a bigger sack than Boehner and MacConnel combined.

  • Jadds

    Nice legs!

  • Steve Egan

    Another Gold Digger sucking the life out of a hard working man and when the well runs dry or a new sucker comes along these women jump ship. I rode in a limo all the time with a big house on the beach and I dated hundreds of these so called “Independent” divorced women that pursued me after the first date, would not leave me alone, threats, anything you could imagine trying to move in my house and trap me. Believe me I had some crazy shit, like threatened jumping out of my limo at 70mph, opening door and halfway out before I caught this woman because I said I didn’t want to get married (I have meny more) I refused to have a long term relationship with these single mothers. (I have friends who are miserable after they hooked up with these type users.) This woman is no different than a whore, at least a whore tells you what she wants and it’s over and with these women it’s never over. Her “X” is being nice for a reason…

  • Mandi7882

    The problem here is “women jumping on women”. All has a right to her view, as does Wendy, but this seems to be durved more twoards a “women jumping on women” attitude that is nurtured and fostered in the media. Women in general need to see this and turn their backs on it as this is NOT a repubican or conservative issue. Women bashing women – women against women – is the one thing men can promote to manipulate the populi. Don’t be fooled. Love Ann or hate her, she is entitled to her view, however so is Wendy. My problme with Ann is NOT her views or even her speaking out, but her streadfast attitude to “run with the boys, agree with the boys, be noticed by the boys, repeat what the boys say to be accepted by the boys so she can be accepted”. Too many women fall into this, not knowing how powerful we would be ahead of the boys, if we would just be.

    • vote4termlimits

      In this case, if it quacks like a drake maybe it IS a drake in transgenic plumage? I call fowl(sic) play whenever the ducklings from either party or issue flock to a forum and heap unquestioning praise on their native shillducks.
      By its nature, a shillduck intentionally uses hyperbole and twisted facts and statistics to play semantics games and cast aspersions implying only the other side is guilty of false advertising or fetid policies.
      Both parties reek of shillduck guano but like the brain dead religious, the respective ducklings of both political parties refuse to question the veracity of shillduck spiel and in fact repeat the buzzwords as fact and wallow in the fallacies and dogma spewed.
      This is what mindlessly reelecting the “better (laugh) of two evils” has given our country…. piles of guano suffocating and oppressing citizens.
      A viable centrist party for moderates on both sides is long overdue.

  • donttreadonme9

    she is a complete liar, and supporting abortion all the way to delivery. No wonder she got trounced…