Ann Coulter Feels The Wrath Of Whoopi

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When Ann Coulter clashes with the ladies of “The View”, you know it’s going to be good and juicy television, and they did not disappoint this morning.

Coulter, who was there to promote her new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama“, went head-to-head with Whoopi Goldberg on the topic of race mongering, with Whoopi telling her she shouldn’t talk about things she wasn’t informed on.

“Tell me how much you know about being black,” Whoopi said.

“This isn’t about being black,” Coulter retorted.

“You just made all these statements about how black people feel.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“This isn’t a book about black people. It’s a book about white liberals.”

Coulter then went on to comment on Joy Behar’s accusation that Republicans are “going against blacks” with voter ID laws:

“This is a perfect example of liberals using the label of civil rights to promote a liberal cause they support, i.e. voter fraud. In fact, one of the first states in the Union to pass voter ID bills was Rhode Island which has an eighty five percent Democratic legislature. And who pushed it, a black Democrat in the House and a black Democrat in the Senate.”

Coulter later stated:

“I don’t think liberals ever cared about black people. Five minutes after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 passed, they start calling everything that has nothing to do with black people a ‘civil rights issue.’”

That comment sent the stage into an uproar and ended with Whoopi calling bullshit on everything Coulter was saying (which got bleeped out). Watch the drama unfold below.

Ann Coulter Feels The Wrath Of Whoopi
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  • Norwood North

    Oh my goodness Coulter is right!!!!

    • ron morton

      how could she keep her composure when these idiots were constantly talking over her. This is the liberal way. No wonder credible people do not watch this show or agree to become guests.

      • tony

        sooo true!

        • versatile

          Because she’s not HUMAN dummy! That’s why every time the aliens(not the illegal ones) come around they blend in so well with her kind.

  • Norwood North

    Barbara Walters used to be married or was a mistress to a black senator in secret, it came out so she can be biased.

    • versatile

      And FINALLY she found a man that could hit that backboard! Notice how she looks down and smiles when she talks about it? I’m so happy Barbara didn’t miss out.

  • Norwood North

    Whopie has that face like “whatch talking about Willis… I was checking the facts on the web and it all seems to be true what Coulter says. The media has twisted it.

    • tony

      well put…

  • Norwood North

    After the OJ trial…things changed and people saw the truth that racism was over.

    • You MUST be kidding!

      You MUST not be African-American?!?!? If you think racism isn’t alive and well, then you MUST be kidding! Unless you’ve been pulled over by the police for being in a “white” neighborhood and asked “why are you here…you don’t live in this neighborhood?!?” when You’ve told him TWICE that I just left a certain residence and to call that number. Then being told to never come back or you will be arrested…YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND! Plus there are many other issues that she is wrong about! She likes publicity like the rest of them! Don’t be fooled! Ask a black person what they think and REALLY try to understand what is real and what is a lie. Step outside the box and see ALL sides! Try it…you may just be shocked that all black people ARE NOT what we’re perceived to be!

    • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

      alls da o.j. trial proved is dat da blk noe hoos to wurk da systum, but not well enuff to bet voter i.d.?! an we alls ned voter i.d. cuz off alls da illegaldss dat da blks wan in da votin buooff. daprez smd spek in oboniks.

      • versatile

        (lol)!! An dis is why da blaks gon be linin’ up in da dark,so’s de whites caint’ see deys got de same senz ta vote dat dey had whens de predent got leckted las time.I show hopes de whyts come out to vote fah him lak dey did las time cauz I knos dey ain’ tryna’ make room fa dey mamas n’ papas. Cauz ifn’ dem gits cut off wel den wheah’ deys gon go? I luvs mah kin folk but if dey gits cut off…well..I ges we’s jes gon’ hall em’ on ober’ to yalls places cauz we heahs yall livin’ pretty nice’ Be seein ya soon…naybe we kin’ spoon..dat is if you don’ mind spoonin’ wid koons. Luvs ya Chucky

  • bill houlihan

    Coulter would be more convincing if she spoke with more poise and much, much less anger. I flip the channel every time I see her nasty

  • http://Yahoo Patricia Prattico

    Whoopie always thinks she’s right because she’s black; in the context, that whenever anything about “being black” or “black people” is being discussed she attempts to over-talk the person(s) that are leading the discussion. This again was evidenced on this program today. Just because I’m White, doesn’t mean that I’m always right when someone discusses a topic about white people…give me a break, Whoopie…I’m tired of hearing you, and that’s why I very seldom watch “The View”…

  • John C

    I don’t think that Ann Coulter knows very much about a lot of things. She just likes to say controversial things that will get her more media attention in order to promote her books and columns.

    I am mighty tired of her.

    • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

      i admir her 4 not cavin in to da blk kard dat fatblkwurman stoopie is wit dat oder 1. an da liberals she wat tlkin abot wat alls da oder wurmans. tlk about a gangbang?>!

      • versatile

        (lol) You are “Topsy” incarnate!

    • RDN

      If you are so tired of Ann….Why are you reading news reports about her???????????

    • TomSwift

      You don’t read much,,do you forest?

  • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

    da blk wurmans dun noe nutin! colter is right, and listening to da oder wurmans is dat dey r yakie,yakie?!. i hate da rong view wit des stupit wurman!!da prez snd in obamiks spek. an to lisen to des wurmans dey talkin in obamiks 2!?

    • TomSwift

      ? lol

    • versatile

      Oh my GOD you are so FUNNY! I’m wiping tears from my eyes.This is the most hysterical post I’ve read today and I AM a Black person. You need a TV show dude. I LOVE Ann Coulter! She and Uncle Tom Allen West are the BEST EVER!! Keep up the good work dude!(lol)

  • Wayne

    Liberals are incapable of having a freaking discussion about the TRUTH regarding race, entitlements or govt. Give it up. We are headed for a revolution in this country (overdue actually). I may not be around to see it but make no mistake it IS coming!

    • Bryan

      I wish that were true. However, liberalism is not just a mental disorder for us all to laugh at anymore. These psychos rule the world now, especially the US. Truth, facts and logic are silenced and buried. This (and socialism) is what the majority wants. If not, we wouldn’t have it. They would lose. They won. Game over.

  • http://WebPronews.com Terry

    CAN NOT STAND WOPPIE GOLDBERG, she is a liberal racist idiot!!! Like all liberals she does not listen to what others of different opinions have to say, she just trys to talk over them. I do not watch the view, can’t stand watching those women and their banter.

    • tony


  • SnarkyDog

    Those cackling hens wouldn’t shut up long enough for Ann to talk. Goldberg was already cocked and primed before Ann even started talking.

  • Guy Karr

    Whoopi is your typical liberal. They spout off with no facts and try to argue their point with no facts. When she can’t win her arguement she resorts to cursing or most commonly switching topics to something else they cannot defend. Ever notice when reading books by liberals and conservatives. The liberals almost always use few or no citations because they don’t want anyone to fact check them. Conservatives on the other hand use lots and lots of citations because they want you to be able to confirm that they know what they are talking about.

    • debra crosby

      You are incredibly deluded. Conservatives use “lots and lots of citations”???? Are you kidding me? Everything I’ve ever fact checked that Republicans say turns out to be either a big fat lie or some obfuscation. “Lots and lots” of false information is just that. False info. Ann Coulter is totally full of it.

      • TomSwift

        Propaganda whore,,do you know what that means?,,,because it has nothing to do with the old profession ..

    • linden frank

      Just because I disagree and dislike Ann Coulter does not make me a liberal my friend nor does it NOT make me a Democrat.

    • FF

      That’s the biggest crock I’ve ever heard. The head of the GOP platform himself said, and I quote “we won’t let our campaign be dictated by a bunch of fact checkers.” You have your statement absolutely backwards. Hell, most Republicans I know aren’t smart enough to know what a citation is.

    • TomSwift

      Grand Slam over the middle. Nice shot man!

    • http://blank sue do nim

      i agree, when u cannot comprehend info, u change subjects, curse,etc……..whoopi should go get educated

      • tony

        I don’t think she’s capable of getting educated…

    • Daniel Miller

      You are absolutely full of blueberry muffins, Gary!

      Republicans indeed DO ‘use lots and lots of citations’ unfortunately, they are usually unfounded. Just today, a good friend of mine (a conservative) sent some forward of a reputed claim that Obama has issued 923 Executive Orders; VASTLY more than any of the presidents. All one has to do, is check any fact-checking site OR just go to Google yourself. The 923 Executive Orders was, of course, an enormous fabrication. In fact, just go to www snopes dot com and put “Obama 923 Executive Orders” in to the search window. This is just ONE of the enormous amounts of BS that are circulating.

      THIS is the norm of Republican/Right Wing/Conservative entities. They just outright LIE and the weak-minded follow!

  • linden frank

    I can’t stand her….she’s ugly inside and out. What a moron. And angry too. Give it a rest.

  • linden frank

    I can’t stand her. She’s what’s wrong with conservatives in America. Digusting to say the least. She’s ugly inside and out.

  • linden frank

    There haven’t been “liberals” true ones for awhile Ann. They’re called PROGRESSIVES!

  • linden frank

    The reason she writes those books is to become a RICH REPUBLICAN. She’s as greedy as the next one. Please….way to go Barbara.

    • TomSwift

      Whoopie is not educated enough to debate with ann coulter,,here we go again with people who do not know how we all got here.
      Have whoopie call Bill Cosby, so that he can explain it to her.
      whoopie is the epitome of uneducated loud mouths,,she was lucky to be famous,,take the money and leave before you ruin your entire career.

      • tony

        great comment!

      • Jay I

        Are you sure about your facts? I think both women would surprise you, but in the opposite direction of what you already think. Plus, I know they don’t require facts to adhere to the definition over towards the right.

  • CoulterLadyLover

    I thank God when Ann Coulter stands up for her fellow Christian Conservative Lesbians against those Secular Liberal Lesbians like Whoopi. I pray that fellow Christian Lesbians will support and pray for Ann in her effort to keep this a Christian Nation.

    • joyce

      ok, you are crazy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • versatile

        NO SHE IS NOT!!! SHE IS GAY!!AND IF NOT…PROVE IT. Ann wouldn’t go NEAR a man. Remember how much Matt Lauer hated her and she him? As all male anglos do. She couldn’t get a man if she put her mouth back on her vagina.

    • Jay I

      Ma’am, your physical attraction to the blonde Fox mouthpiece is interfering with your ability to process the venom she spews with every word spoken. Peace.

  • Andre Powell

    I agree with Ann and Whoopi to a certain degree. I’ll be 65 in January and until this new group of so-called “conservatives” emerged after William F. Buckley, I considered “liberals” to be the biggest bunch of phonies I had ever witnessed and I have experiences with them to confirm that fact. Nonetheless, Ann Coulter has no credibility with me. She is in a never-ending fight with liberals and Democrats and I am neither, so I simply watch her like a mongoose watches a snake. I’ll let her and the liberals argue with each other; neither of them has my best interests at heart, and I don’t need them to. For Ann Coulter and the “liberals”, Black people simply exist to be manipulated and pimped for profit in both public and private.

    • versatile

      But being 65, are you at all concerned about SS and medicare. Are you for limited health care vouchers? Are you at all concerned about your retirement savings being stolen like they were in the Bush years? You know Bush was keynote speaker at investment conference in the Cayman islands today. That sounds like a red flag to ME! I’d personally want the best regulations on my retirement funds that I could get. I’m just saying.

      • Andre Powell

        My concern is for my (our) children’s generation. The people who are trying to screw up Social Security can’t do anything to me because I’ve never trusted America’s “leaders”. After reading certain Supreme Court decisions (Dred Scott, et. al.), I realized that I’d better look out for my children and myself. I’m not a person who can tell myself to trust a person or persons who have never been trustworthy. I equate it to going to a maternity ward and expecting to see a man giving birth…………… Not happenin’

  • FF

    Ann Coulter needs to ride a big black one and maybe she’ll calm down a bit. Personally, I can’t stand the bitch. On the other hand, she’s a lot smarter than Mitt Romney.

    • versatile

      Finally!! An intact and PERFECT mind!

  • Charla

    Ann Coulter represents the perfect example of why the citizens of USA are so divided. She is very hateful in most commetns I have heard and seen her state. In regards to Whoopi Goldberg, the negative comments stated about her here are by uninformed or misinformed people. In one of her best stand up routines, she chides blacks who talk about being African Americans and suggests that they should go and live in Africa. She went on to say we are all simply AMERICANS. End of discussion.

  • NotFondOfLibs

    Most of the hosts on The Spew are shrieking harpies. I commend Ann Coulter for taking them on. She has been entering the dens of the Liars of the Left for years and successfully taking these cretins on. It will be refreshing when the day comes that Goldbert, like Maher can express herself without being vulgar. Pigs will fly at the Equator on that day.

    • TomSwift

      LOL nice shot man!

    • versatile

      You sound like an escaped hobbit. Back to the glen with your swarmy azz!

  • http://Mine Sally

    If Anne Coulter weren’t a tall willowy blonde she would get zero attention. She is profoundly stupid.

    • TomSwift

      Huh..you might want to retract that last statement,,You have never read one of ann’s books.

      • versatile

        Huh? She made money off your stupid azz?

  • Gustyj

    You would think that Whoopi would be just a simple FART but she is a real piece of SHIT.

    • TomSwift


    • versatile

      She’s a GREAT piece of sh*t and gives a hearty azz fart too you warthog..

  • Bryan

    Whoooo! She is fuckin’ sexy. You fuckin’ know she is. No man on Earth wouldn’t love to have all that hair fallin’ into his face as rode on like a cowgirl.

  • Gustyj

    Shove it up your butt I have never said anything about Whoopi before.

  • fred johnson

    typical african chimpout

    • versatile

      You aren’t intelligent enough to peel a chimps banana OR wipe his azz.

  • MJ Val

    Hopefully everyone in the audience turned their “free” gift down and walked out

    • EloiseM

      I believe they did. They did not applaud when the announcement was given that they were going home with a Free Copy Of The Book. You should also have seen the look on the audience’s face….they were disgusted.

  • fred johnson

    she sounds like a whoopie cushion BRRAAAPPP BRAPPP BBBRRRAAAPPPPPPP

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.tout?ref=profile Tout

    Listening to Ann Coulter is the auricular equivalent of watching paint peel.

    • TomSwift

      Whatever Trout.

      • versatile

        A trout Touts a snout pig.

  • Ray Workman

    I can not even watch Ann Coulter on the television. She makes me sick. What an evil witch. She is enough to make the Pope throw up!

    • TomSwift

      Hillary Clinton is the evil witch,,you have your women mixed up..,have you been drinking grandpas cough medicine?

      • versatile

        Aayn Rand was an evil witch. Had she had her way Hilary wouldn’t have broken that glass ceiling.

  • http://yahoo.com Frannie

    I don’t watch the ‘View’ anymore or as it should be renamed the ‘Narrow View’. They deem themselves as great hosts, but yelling and insulting your guests is not the mature way to treat guests! If you don’t share the same view as as these women, they attack like a pack of pit bull bullies! I really enjoyed the show in its early days!

    • Keitha

      I so agree. If your “View” is not their “View” then you are wrong. What happened to our country? I agree with the up and coming revolution. It will happen. It’s called “The Rapture”

      • versatile

        Sooooo, if we don’t agree with YOUR view…we will be raptured? Together? No segregation? You won’t be mad if Peter is a Jew and Jesus is Black? Well I’m with you sister!RAPTURE OUR AZZEZ ON OUTTA HERE!

    • EloiseM

      Let’s not be “Narrow Minded” here. It is the View and all the women have their View which the majority of America seems to enjoy referring to especially me. WHEN BARBARA WALTERS RAISES HER VOICE AT A GUEST, you know that guest is utterly RETARDED. Barbara asked Coulter,”Do you just write books to get people to say……(she dropped her jaw)? That was an honest question. Coulter should not have tried to use the View as an avenue to promote such stupidity as her newest book. She knew the shock effect it might cause. She doesn’t care because she is only interested in the potential revenue. It might be very low, because even the View’s audience didn’t want a FREE BOOK written by her. She is also stupid by under rating the intelligence on that panel. She must be accustomed to people that tune into Fox’s news or talk shows. BAD MOVE COULTER. I use to think Elisabeth was retarded, but she is brilliant compared to Coulter. My apologies to you Elisabeth.

  • joseph bartek

    Ann Colter loves to stir the pot….I would not buy any of her racist books but maybe if she posed in Playboy????????

    • TomSwift

      do your parents know you are on the internet?

    • TomSwift

      the word racism will soon be banned,,,,to many people use the word out of context,. they also use race as a crutch to lean on,, Give Bill Cosby a call and he shall explain what it means to whine all the time because everyone is picking on me. Hard work and determination will make you successful, not whining and crying in the mirror about your skin color.
      Can you here me knocking?,,,I am going to turn on some stones now,,you know,,The Rolling Stones,,,,,,

    • versatile

      Joseph, I admire your BRILLIANCE!!

  • Rick

    Ann Coulter is absolutley correct! Blacks believe that the Democratic Party is their champion, but it’s far from the truth. Let’s not forget, it was Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) that abolished slavery! Every influential black that I can think of, spew’s hatred and racism everytime I see them on television, a la Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton!

    • bomb bomb

      so true

      • Jim

        All generalizations are false!

    • Mike

      Ann is such a skank!

    • http://na cheryl

      Stop dam being racism!! Damm

  • bomb bomb

    Ann Coulter is trying to educate theses people.Whoopii gets fired up very quickly, but not educated in politics,ann should have a black republican with her , how come these liberals medias shows dont show the truth.Elisabeth shame on you today that you could not jump in there

    • ccfjr

      wow the true racist really comes out !

    • EloiseM

      Elisabeth is silly, uniformed a lot of the time,but she is NOT STUPID. She knew NOT to interfer with this ridiculous conversation this morning. Coulter seem very ignorant. She must be one of those blonde bimbos that Fox is known for hiring. Whoopi is a very informed person. She provides a grerat balance to the conversations on the View. When then go off in all different directions based on emotions a lot of the time, it is Whoopi that brings it back to common sense and to earth. Ever notice how All the guest hug or kiss all the host and when they get to Whoopi, they grab her and give her the biggest hug you can imagine. It’s noticable. This Coulter woman is truly RETARDED. Who in their right would pay good money to read her trtash? I notice the audience didn’t want the FREE book.

    • Enjai

      First of all Whoopi is more informed than many may even believe. Second, Elizabeth did not speak up because she realized that she is not informed enough on this particular topic to raise a valid point without causing the whole situation to become even more combustive. Finally, when it’s all said and done, Ann Coulter accomplished what she set out to accomplish and that is to sell books! It’s sad to say, but many people will go looking for this —-whatever you want to call it—-“publication” (for lack of a better description) simply because of her appearance on The View today. It was worth her trip!

  • Ed S

    Whoopi Goldberg is the biggest RACIST C**T on TV.

  • Lori

    Ann Coulter doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but like a lot of ignorant people, she thinks if she repeats herself loudly enough, what she says will become true.

    I watched the entire interview, and she actually said the OJ verdict was the moment when people stopped feeling “White guilt.” Ms. Coulter likes to blame others for “race mongering,” but she is the first to bring race into any conversation. She’s hardly qualified to speak about anyone’s experience, except if that person happens to be a loud-mouth bigot.

  • Ken

    Coulter is a hateful and insane woman. I do not pay attention to her and she is yet another eason that I left the GOP. Teabaggers are all nutty.

    • Ray

      Actually, I believe that Coulter is brilliant. I’m not a fan of her point of view, but she says these things to get attention and sell books.

      • Zed Mezcalhead

        Coulter is out of her mind. She tried this crap on a room full of Canadian college students, and nearly all of their heads exploded. Her best target are frustrated racists who have nothing but hate in their hearts with no place to direct it but where their racist parents pointed at when they were weak, impressionable kids. Shame on her, and she should know better that to take her hate rants to The View. She should take it to the Klan rallies, where it belongs.

  • Andre R.

    I think Ann was WAYYY out of her territory here. She would have been a lot better off spewing forth her schtick on Bill Maher’s show. He’s always wanted to get in her panties so he would gladly welcome her and worship her like the queen he (for some reason) believes she is. What a weird world we live in, huh?

    • bill houlihan


      • Ben

        Anns never ever welcomed back to Bill Maher’s show.

  • Anne

    Whoopi is an a__hole. She’s no challenge for Colter. Ask Whoopi what the Kennedy’s knew about being black; she thinks they loved her and she has no problem with that. Why, because they are libs. I would not lower myself to watch that pitiful excuse of a program.

  • James Derk

    If you put Ann’s brain in a thimble, it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar. If you buy this book, you probably think Rush is going to run for president and win….NOT

  • Raymond

    It seems the scarecrow is still in search of a brain.

  • JQ

    Who wrote the headline, “…Wrath of Whoopi”.
    After seeing the segment if there was any wrath it was Coulter who can’t stop talking over others and even try to really listen and engage with what others have to say and to answer their queries. The so-called wrath by saying `bull, bull’ by Whoopi stands in contrast to Coulter’s motor-mouthing her partisan diatribe and not listening or responding honestly to comments and questions….and it could almost be taken as racist to characterize this segment as Whoopi’s wrath, when in fact it could just as well have been labeled Coulter’s Attack on Truth? Why was Whoopi’s reaction singled out as the lead in….oh yea, because distorted sensationalist headlines work….after all it got me to see it….still does not make it right to distort what actually occurred

    • Bob

      You must have watched that through your coolaid glass. Ann was being attacked from all directions. She was the only one there with facts, they and you just dont want to hear them.

      • Ben

        I agree JQ Ann just kept cutting them off. She has a wild view on this country and history. I blame it on the household she grew up in. and Rush

  • Shari

    Conservatives: Please do not go on this show. You are targeted before you even get one. The View needs to only invite Liberals, fire Hasselbrock and rename the show: Liberal Ladies.

    • Not a Marxists

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! Whoopi is a Moron! I’m surprised she’s not collecting disability for being blind. Joy Behar won’t win any awards for being objective, articulate, or logical. However, she may be on her way to a career as a gastrologist, because her head is so far up her and Barbara Wa-Wa’s butts she can see the stomach.

  • gary forgach

    Woopi only see things as black and white???? She is a comedian not a saint nor is she educated to a level other than ghetto… She is normally well intended with her remarks but like she says you will never understand black people she will never understand white ones….

  • Bob

    Those ladies, and I use that word loosly, are so far to the left!!! They didn’t even give Ann a chance. Did they read her book…NO Did they even let her finish a point…NO

  • Jackson`

    Ann Coulter is the biggest RACISTS OUT THERE, She should be known as Ann Coulter-Hitler. I only wish Whoppi would have reached across the table and bitch-slapped her ugly ass. Good to Elisabeth for keeping her mouth shut for a change.

  • Charla

    Wow!! It is so tragic to read so many nasty comments. One’s point of view should be treated with respect. And we wonder what is happening to our country. I’d say that many of these comments are perfect examples of what is happening—simply disrespect for the person next to you. TRAGIC.

  • bill houlihan

    Ann Coulter is a very negative messenger. Negative messengers, filled with anger and hate, fail to resonate. But she has carved out a nice niche for herself on Fox news.
    They fully deserve each other. One is dumb and the other is dumber.

    • Carolyn

      @ BILL HOULIHAN . . . Well said ! I need not say anything else. Hahahaha. Those in agreement with Ann Coulter is cut out of the same cloth, and is deserving of Ann Coulter’ company ! Thank you Bill, for your comment.

  • Cat

    As usual,Goldberg isn’t happy when a white person comes on her little dog & pony show to voice an opinion she doesn’t agree with. yesterday she was kissing Obamas a$$and its always been that way, if your black, she loves you, if you’re any other color, she will do her best to take you down. She should have retired long ago. She’s a slob and a bigot. Maybe her name was once important, today,, shes a nobody….

  • p

    these hens no nothing! they will lap obamas balls but attck anyone who is not a left wing wacko f*** the view

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