Ann Coulter Feels The Wrath Of Whoopi

    September 27, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Ann Coulter clashes with the ladies of “The View”, you know it’s going to be good and juicy television, and they did not disappoint this morning.

Coulter, who was there to promote her new book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama“, went head-to-head with Whoopi Goldberg on the topic of race mongering, with Whoopi telling her she shouldn’t talk about things she wasn’t informed on.

“Tell me how much you know about being black,” Whoopi said.

“This isn’t about being black,” Coulter retorted.

“You just made all these statements about how black people feel.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“This isn’t a book about black people. It’s a book about white liberals.”

Coulter then went on to comment on Joy Behar’s accusation that Republicans are “going against blacks” with voter ID laws:

“This is a perfect example of liberals using the label of civil rights to promote a liberal cause they support, i.e. voter fraud. In fact, one of the first states in the Union to pass voter ID bills was Rhode Island which has an eighty five percent Democratic legislature. And who pushed it, a black Democrat in the House and a black Democrat in the Senate.”

Coulter later stated:

“I don’t think liberals ever cared about black people. Five minutes after the Civil Rights Act of ’64 passed, they start calling everything that has nothing to do with black people a ‘civil rights issue.’”

That comment sent the stage into an uproar and ended with Whoopi calling bullshit on everything Coulter was saying (which got bleeped out). Watch the drama unfold below.

  • Norwood North

    Oh my goodness Coulter is right!!!!

    • ron morton

      how could she keep her composure when these idiots were constantly talking over her. This is the liberal way. No wonder credible people do not watch this show or agree to become guests.

      • tony

        sooo true!

        • versatile

          Because she’s not HUMAN dummy! That’s why every time the aliens(not the illegal ones) come around they blend in so well with her kind.

  • Norwood North

    Barbara Walters used to be married or was a mistress to a black senator in secret, it came out so she can be biased.

    • versatile

      And FINALLY she found a man that could hit that backboard! Notice how she looks down and smiles when she talks about it? I’m so happy Barbara didn’t miss out.

  • Norwood North

    Whopie has that face like “whatch talking about Willis… I was checking the facts on the web and it all seems to be true what Coulter says. The media has twisted it.

    • tony

      well put…

  • Norwood North

    After the OJ trial…things changed and people saw the truth that racism was over.

    • You MUST be kidding!

      You MUST not be African-American?!?!? If you think racism isn’t alive and well, then you MUST be kidding! Unless you’ve been pulled over by the police for being in a “white” neighborhood and asked “why are you here…you don’t live in this neighborhood?!?” when You’ve told him TWICE that I just left a certain residence and to call that number. Then being told to never come back or you will be arrested…YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND! Plus there are many other issues that she is wrong about! She likes publicity like the rest of them! Don’t be fooled! Ask a black person what they think and REALLY try to understand what is real and what is a lie. Step outside the box and see ALL sides! Try it…you may just be shocked that all black people ARE NOT what we’re perceived to be!

    • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

      alls da o.j. trial proved is dat da blk noe hoos to wurk da systum, but not well enuff to bet voter i.d.?! an we alls ned voter i.d. cuz off alls da illegaldss dat da blks wan in da votin buooff. daprez smd spek in oboniks.

      • versatile

        (lol)!! An dis is why da blaks gon be linin’ up in da dark,so’s de whites caint’ see deys got de same senz ta vote dat dey had whens de predent got leckted las time.I show hopes de whyts come out to vote fah him lak dey did las time cauz I knos dey ain’ tryna’ make room fa dey mamas n’ papas. Cauz ifn’ dem gits cut off wel den wheah’ deys gon go? I luvs mah kin folk but if dey gits cut off…well..I ges we’s jes gon’ hall em’ on ober’ to yalls places cauz we heahs yall livin’ pretty nice’ Be seein ya soon…naybe we kin’ spoon..dat is if you don’ mind spoonin’ wid koons. Luvs ya Chucky

  • bill houlihan

    Coulter would be more convincing if she spoke with more poise and much, much less anger. I flip the channel every time I see her nasty

  • http://Yahoo Patricia Prattico

    Whoopie always thinks she’s right because she’s black; in the context, that whenever anything about “being black” or “black people” is being discussed she attempts to over-talk the person(s) that are leading the discussion. This again was evidenced on this program today. Just because I’m White, doesn’t mean that I’m always right when someone discusses a topic about white people…give me a break, Whoopie…I’m tired of hearing you, and that’s why I very seldom watch “The View”…

  • John C

    I don’t think that Ann Coulter knows very much about a lot of things. She just likes to say controversial things that will get her more media attention in order to promote her books and columns.

    I am mighty tired of her.

    • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

      i admir her 4 not cavin in to da blk kard dat fatblkwurman stoopie is wit dat oder 1. an da liberals she wat tlkin abot wat alls da oder wurmans. tlk about a gangbang?>!

      • versatile

        (lol) You are “Topsy” incarnate!

    • RDN

      If you are so tired of Ann….Why are you reading news reports about her???????????

    • TomSwift

      You don’t read much,,do you forest?

  • http://yahoo.com chuck steaks

    da blk wurmans dun noe nutin! colter is right, and listening to da oder wurmans is dat dey r yakie,yakie?!. i hate da rong view wit des stupit wurman!!da prez snd in obamiks spek. an to lisen to des wurmans dey talkin in obamiks 2!?

    • TomSwift

      ? lol

    • versatile

      Oh my GOD you are so FUNNY! I’m wiping tears from my eyes.This is the most hysterical post I’ve read today and I AM a Black person. You need a TV show dude. I LOVE Ann Coulter! She and Uncle Tom Allen West are the BEST EVER!! Keep up the good work dude!(lol)

  • Wayne

    Liberals are incapable of having a freaking discussion about the TRUTH regarding race, entitlements or govt. Give it up. We are headed for a revolution in this country (overdue actually). I may not be around to see it but make no mistake it IS coming!

    • Bryan

      I wish that were true. However, liberalism is not just a mental disorder for us all to laugh at anymore. These psychos rule the world now, especially the US. Truth, facts and logic are silenced and buried. This (and socialism) is what the majority wants. If not, we wouldn’t have it. They would lose. They won. Game over.

  • http://WebPronews.com Terry

    CAN NOT STAND WOPPIE GOLDBERG, she is a liberal racist idiot!!! Like all liberals she does not listen to what others of different opinions have to say, she just trys to talk over them. I do not watch the view, can’t stand watching those women and their banter.

    • tony


  • SnarkyDog

    Those cackling hens wouldn’t shut up long enough for Ann to talk. Goldberg was already cocked and primed before Ann even started talking.

  • Guy Karr

    Whoopi is your typical liberal. They spout off with no facts and try to argue their point with no facts. When she can’t win her arguement she resorts to cursing or most commonly switching topics to something else they cannot defend. Ever notice when reading books by liberals and conservatives. The liberals almost always use few or no citations because they don’t want anyone to fact check them. Conservatives on the other hand use lots and lots of citations because they want you to be able to confirm that they know what they are talking about.

    • debra crosby

      You are incredibly deluded. Conservatives use “lots and lots of citations”???? Are you kidding me? Everything I’ve ever fact checked that Republicans say turns out to be either a big fat lie or some obfuscation. “Lots and lots” of false information is just that. False info. Ann Coulter is totally full of it.

      • TomSwift

        Propaganda whore,,do you know what that means?,,,because it has nothing to do with the old profession ..

    • linden frank

      Just because I disagree and dislike Ann Coulter does not make me a liberal my friend nor does it NOT make me a Democrat.

    • FF

      That’s the biggest crock I’ve ever heard. The head of the GOP platform himself said, and I quote “we won’t let our campaign be dictated by a bunch of fact checkers.” You have your statement absolutely backwards. Hell, most Republicans I know aren’t smart enough to know what a citation is.

    • TomSwift

      Grand Slam over the middle. Nice shot man!

    • http://blank sue do nim

      i agree, when u cannot comprehend info, u change subjects, curse,etc……..whoopi should go get educated

      • tony

        I don’t think she’s capable of getting educated…

    • Daniel Miller

      You are absolutely full of blueberry muffins, Gary!

      Republicans indeed DO ‘use lots and lots of citations’ unfortunately, they are usually unfounded. Just today, a good friend of mine (a conservative) sent some forward of a reputed claim that Obama has issued 923 Executive Orders; VASTLY more than any of the presidents. All one has to do, is check any fact-checking site OR just go to Google yourself. The 923 Executive Orders was, of course, an enormous fabrication. In fact, just go to www snopes dot com and put “Obama 923 Executive Orders” in to the search window. This is just ONE of the enormous amounts of BS that are circulating.

      THIS is the norm of Republican/Right Wing/Conservative entities. They just outright LIE and the weak-minded follow!

  • linden frank

    I can’t stand her….she’s ugly inside and out. What a moron. And angry too. Give it a rest.

  • linden frank

    I can’t stand her. She’s what’s wrong with conservatives in America. Digusting to say the least. She’s ugly inside and out.

  • linden frank

    There haven’t been “liberals” true ones for awhile Ann. They’re called PROGRESSIVES!

  • linden frank

    The reason she writes those books is to become a RICH REPUBLICAN. She’s as greedy as the next one. Please….way to go Barbara.

    • TomSwift

      Whoopie is not educated enough to debate with ann coulter,,here we go again with people who do not know how we all got here.
      Have whoopie call Bill Cosby, so that he can explain it to her.
      whoopie is the epitome of uneducated loud mouths,,she was lucky to be famous,,take the money and leave before you ruin your entire career.

      • tony

        great comment!

      • Jay I

        Are you sure about your facts? I think both women would surprise you, but in the opposite direction of what you already think. Plus, I know they don’t require facts to adhere to the definition over towards the right.

  • CoulterLadyLover

    I thank God when Ann Coulter stands up for her fellow Christian Conservative Lesbians against those Secular Liberal Lesbians like Whoopi. I pray that fellow Christian Lesbians will support and pray for Ann in her effort to keep this a Christian Nation.

    • joyce

      ok, you are crazy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • versatile

        NO SHE IS NOT!!! SHE IS GAY!!AND IF NOT…PROVE IT. Ann wouldn’t go NEAR a man. Remember how much Matt Lauer hated her and she him? As all male anglos do. She couldn’t get a man if she put her mouth back on her vagina.

    • Jay I

      Ma’am, your physical attraction to the blonde Fox mouthpiece is interfering with your ability to process the venom she spews with every word spoken. Peace.

  • Andre Powell

    I agree with Ann and Whoopi to a certain degree. I’ll be 65 in January and until this new group of so-called “conservatives” emerged after William F. Buckley, I considered “liberals” to be the biggest bunch of phonies I had ever witnessed and I have experiences with them to confirm that fact. Nonetheless, Ann Coulter has no credibility with me. She is in a never-ending fight with liberals and Democrats and I am neither, so I simply watch her like a mongoose watches a snake. I’ll let her and the liberals argue with each other; neither of them has my best interests at heart, and I don’t need them to. For Ann Coulter and the “liberals”, Black people simply exist to be manipulated and pimped for profit in both public and private.

    • versatile

      But being 65, are you at all concerned about SS and medicare. Are you for limited health care vouchers? Are you at all concerned about your retirement savings being stolen like they were in the Bush years? You know Bush was keynote speaker at investment conference in the Cayman islands today. That sounds like a red flag to ME! I’d personally want the best regulations on my retirement funds that I could get. I’m just saying.

      • Andre Powell

        My concern is for my (our) children’s generation. The people who are trying to screw up Social Security can’t do anything to me because I’ve never trusted America’s “leaders”. After reading certain Supreme Court decisions (Dred Scott, et. al.), I realized that I’d better look out for my children and myself. I’m not a person who can tell myself to trust a person or persons who have never been trustworthy. I equate it to going to a maternity ward and expecting to see a man giving birth…………… Not happenin’

  • FF

    Ann Coulter needs to ride a big black one and maybe she’ll calm down a bit. Personally, I can’t stand the bitch. On the other hand, she’s a lot smarter than Mitt Romney.

    • versatile

      Finally!! An intact and PERFECT mind!

  • Charla

    Ann Coulter represents the perfect example of why the citizens of USA are so divided. She is very hateful in most commetns I have heard and seen her state. In regards to Whoopi Goldberg, the negative comments stated about her here are by uninformed or misinformed people. In one of her best stand up routines, she chides blacks who talk about being African Americans and suggests that they should go and live in Africa. She went on to say we are all simply AMERICANS. End of discussion.

  • NotFondOfLibs

    Most of the hosts on The Spew are shrieking harpies. I commend Ann Coulter for taking them on. She has been entering the dens of the Liars of the Left for years and successfully taking these cretins on. It will be refreshing when the day comes that Goldbert, like Maher can express herself without being vulgar. Pigs will fly at the Equator on that day.

    • TomSwift

      LOL nice shot man!

    • versatile

      You sound like an escaped hobbit. Back to the glen with your swarmy azz!

  • http://Mine Sally

    If Anne Coulter weren’t a tall willowy blonde she would get zero attention. She is profoundly stupid.

    • TomSwift

      Huh..you might want to retract that last statement,,You have never read one of ann’s books.

      • versatile

        Huh? She made money off your stupid azz?

  • Gustyj

    You would think that Whoopi would be just a simple FART but she is a real piece of SHIT.

    • TomSwift


    • versatile

      She’s a GREAT piece of sh*t and gives a hearty azz fart too you warthog..

  • Bryan

    Whoooo! She is fuckin’ sexy. You fuckin’ know she is. No man on Earth wouldn’t love to have all that hair fallin’ into his face as rode on like a cowgirl.

  • Gustyj

    Shove it up your butt I have never said anything about Whoopi before.

  • fred johnson

    typical african chimpout

    • versatile

      You aren’t intelligent enough to peel a chimps banana OR wipe his azz.

  • MJ Val

    Hopefully everyone in the audience turned their “free” gift down and walked out

    • EloiseM

      I believe they did. They did not applaud when the announcement was given that they were going home with a Free Copy Of The Book. You should also have seen the look on the audience’s face….they were disgusted.

  • fred johnson

    she sounds like a whoopie cushion BRRAAAPPP BRAPPP BBBRRRAAAPPPPPPP

  • https://www.facebook.com/robert.tout?ref=profile Tout

    Listening to Ann Coulter is the auricular equivalent of watching paint peel.

    • TomSwift

      Whatever Trout.

      • versatile

        A trout Touts a snout pig.

  • Ray Workman

    I can not even watch Ann Coulter on the television. She makes me sick. What an evil witch. She is enough to make the Pope throw up!

    • TomSwift

      Hillary Clinton is the evil witch,,you have your women mixed up..,have you been drinking grandpas cough medicine?

      • versatile

        Aayn Rand was an evil witch. Had she had her way Hilary wouldn’t have broken that glass ceiling.

  • http://yahoo.com Frannie

    I don’t watch the ‘View’ anymore or as it should be renamed the ‘Narrow View’. They deem themselves as great hosts, but yelling and insulting your guests is not the mature way to treat guests! If you don’t share the same view as as these women, they attack like a pack of pit bull bullies! I really enjoyed the show in its early days!

    • Keitha

      I so agree. If your “View” is not their “View” then you are wrong. What happened to our country? I agree with the up and coming revolution. It will happen. It’s called “The Rapture”

      • versatile

        Sooooo, if we don’t agree with YOUR view…we will be raptured? Together? No segregation? You won’t be mad if Peter is a Jew and Jesus is Black? Well I’m with you sister!RAPTURE OUR AZZEZ ON OUTTA HERE!

    • EloiseM

      Let’s not be “Narrow Minded” here. It is the View and all the women have their View which the majority of America seems to enjoy referring to especially me. WHEN BARBARA WALTERS RAISES HER VOICE AT A GUEST, you know that guest is utterly RETARDED. Barbara asked Coulter,”Do you just write books to get people to say……(she dropped her jaw)? That was an honest question. Coulter should not have tried to use the View as an avenue to promote such stupidity as her newest book. She knew the shock effect it might cause. She doesn’t care because she is only interested in the potential revenue. It might be very low, because even the View’s audience didn’t want a FREE BOOK written by her. She is also stupid by under rating the intelligence on that panel. She must be accustomed to people that tune into Fox’s news or talk shows. BAD MOVE COULTER. I use to think Elisabeth was retarded, but she is brilliant compared to Coulter. My apologies to you Elisabeth.

  • joseph bartek

    Ann Colter loves to stir the pot….I would not buy any of her racist books but maybe if she posed in Playboy????????

    • TomSwift

      do your parents know you are on the internet?

    • TomSwift

      the word racism will soon be banned,,,,to many people use the word out of context,. they also use race as a crutch to lean on,, Give Bill Cosby a call and he shall explain what it means to whine all the time because everyone is picking on me. Hard work and determination will make you successful, not whining and crying in the mirror about your skin color.
      Can you here me knocking?,,,I am going to turn on some stones now,,you know,,The Rolling Stones,,,,,,

    • versatile

      Joseph, I admire your BRILLIANCE!!

  • Rick

    Ann Coulter is absolutley correct! Blacks believe that the Democratic Party is their champion, but it’s far from the truth. Let’s not forget, it was Abraham Lincoln (a Republican) that abolished slavery! Every influential black that I can think of, spew’s hatred and racism everytime I see them on television, a la Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton!

    • bomb bomb

      so true

      • Jim

        All generalizations are false!

    • Mike

      Ann is such a skank!

    • http://na cheryl

      Stop dam being racism!! Damm

  • bomb bomb

    Ann Coulter is trying to educate theses people.Whoopii gets fired up very quickly, but not educated in politics,ann should have a black republican with her , how come these liberals medias shows dont show the truth.Elisabeth shame on you today that you could not jump in there

    • ccfjr

      wow the true racist really comes out !

    • EloiseM

      Elisabeth is silly, uniformed a lot of the time,but she is NOT STUPID. She knew NOT to interfer with this ridiculous conversation this morning. Coulter seem very ignorant. She must be one of those blonde bimbos that Fox is known for hiring. Whoopi is a very informed person. She provides a grerat balance to the conversations on the View. When then go off in all different directions based on emotions a lot of the time, it is Whoopi that brings it back to common sense and to earth. Ever notice how All the guest hug or kiss all the host and when they get to Whoopi, they grab her and give her the biggest hug you can imagine. It’s noticable. This Coulter woman is truly RETARDED. Who in their right would pay good money to read her trtash? I notice the audience didn’t want the FREE book.

    • Enjai

      First of all Whoopi is more informed than many may even believe. Second, Elizabeth did not speak up because she realized that she is not informed enough on this particular topic to raise a valid point without causing the whole situation to become even more combustive. Finally, when it’s all said and done, Ann Coulter accomplished what she set out to accomplish and that is to sell books! It’s sad to say, but many people will go looking for this —-whatever you want to call it—-“publication” (for lack of a better description) simply because of her appearance on The View today. It was worth her trip!

  • Ed S

    Whoopi Goldberg is the biggest RACIST C**T on TV.

  • Lori

    Ann Coulter doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but like a lot of ignorant people, she thinks if she repeats herself loudly enough, what she says will become true.

    I watched the entire interview, and she actually said the OJ verdict was the moment when people stopped feeling “White guilt.” Ms. Coulter likes to blame others for “race mongering,” but she is the first to bring race into any conversation. She’s hardly qualified to speak about anyone’s experience, except if that person happens to be a loud-mouth bigot.

  • Ken

    Coulter is a hateful and insane woman. I do not pay attention to her and she is yet another eason that I left the GOP. Teabaggers are all nutty.

    • Ray

      Actually, I believe that Coulter is brilliant. I’m not a fan of her point of view, but she says these things to get attention and sell books.

      • Zed Mezcalhead

        Coulter is out of her mind. She tried this crap on a room full of Canadian college students, and nearly all of their heads exploded. Her best target are frustrated racists who have nothing but hate in their hearts with no place to direct it but where their racist parents pointed at when they were weak, impressionable kids. Shame on her, and she should know better that to take her hate rants to The View. She should take it to the Klan rallies, where it belongs.

  • Andre R.

    I think Ann was WAYYY out of her territory here. She would have been a lot better off spewing forth her schtick on Bill Maher’s show. He’s always wanted to get in her panties so he would gladly welcome her and worship her like the queen he (for some reason) believes she is. What a weird world we live in, huh?

    • bill houlihan


      • Ben

        Anns never ever welcomed back to Bill Maher’s show.

  • Anne

    Whoopi is an a__hole. She’s no challenge for Colter. Ask Whoopi what the Kennedy’s knew about being black; she thinks they loved her and she has no problem with that. Why, because they are libs. I would not lower myself to watch that pitiful excuse of a program.

  • James Derk

    If you put Ann’s brain in a thimble, it would rattle around like a BB in a boxcar. If you buy this book, you probably think Rush is going to run for president and win….NOT

  • Raymond

    It seems the scarecrow is still in search of a brain.

  • JQ

    Who wrote the headline, “…Wrath of Whoopi”.
    After seeing the segment if there was any wrath it was Coulter who can’t stop talking over others and even try to really listen and engage with what others have to say and to answer their queries. The so-called wrath by saying `bull, bull’ by Whoopi stands in contrast to Coulter’s motor-mouthing her partisan diatribe and not listening or responding honestly to comments and questions….and it could almost be taken as racist to characterize this segment as Whoopi’s wrath, when in fact it could just as well have been labeled Coulter’s Attack on Truth? Why was Whoopi’s reaction singled out as the lead in….oh yea, because distorted sensationalist headlines work….after all it got me to see it….still does not make it right to distort what actually occurred

    • Bob

      You must have watched that through your coolaid glass. Ann was being attacked from all directions. She was the only one there with facts, they and you just dont want to hear them.

      • Ben

        I agree JQ Ann just kept cutting them off. She has a wild view on this country and history. I blame it on the household she grew up in. and Rush

  • Shari

    Conservatives: Please do not go on this show. You are targeted before you even get one. The View needs to only invite Liberals, fire Hasselbrock and rename the show: Liberal Ladies.

    • Not a Marxists

      HAHAHAHAHAHA! Whoopi is a Moron! I’m surprised she’s not collecting disability for being blind. Joy Behar won’t win any awards for being objective, articulate, or logical. However, she may be on her way to a career as a gastrologist, because her head is so far up her and Barbara Wa-Wa’s butts she can see the stomach.

  • gary forgach

    Woopi only see things as black and white???? She is a comedian not a saint nor is she educated to a level other than ghetto… She is normally well intended with her remarks but like she says you will never understand black people she will never understand white ones….

  • Bob

    Those ladies, and I use that word loosly, are so far to the left!!! They didn’t even give Ann a chance. Did they read her book…NO Did they even let her finish a point…NO

  • Jackson`

    Ann Coulter is the biggest RACISTS OUT THERE, She should be known as Ann Coulter-Hitler. I only wish Whoppi would have reached across the table and bitch-slapped her ugly ass. Good to Elisabeth for keeping her mouth shut for a change.

  • Charla

    Wow!! It is so tragic to read so many nasty comments. One’s point of view should be treated with respect. And we wonder what is happening to our country. I’d say that many of these comments are perfect examples of what is happening—simply disrespect for the person next to you. TRAGIC.

  • bill houlihan

    Ann Coulter is a very negative messenger. Negative messengers, filled with anger and hate, fail to resonate. But she has carved out a nice niche for herself on Fox news.
    They fully deserve each other. One is dumb and the other is dumber.

    • Carolyn

      @ BILL HOULIHAN . . . Well said ! I need not say anything else. Hahahaha. Those in agreement with Ann Coulter is cut out of the same cloth, and is deserving of Ann Coulter’ company ! Thank you Bill, for your comment.

  • Cat

    As usual,Goldberg isn’t happy when a white person comes on her little dog & pony show to voice an opinion she doesn’t agree with. yesterday she was kissing Obamas a$$and its always been that way, if your black, she loves you, if you’re any other color, she will do her best to take you down. She should have retired long ago. She’s a slob and a bigot. Maybe her name was once important, today,, shes a nobody….

  • p

    these hens no nothing! they will lap obamas balls but attck anyone who is not a left wing wacko f*** the view

  • Cat

    As usual, Goldberg feels she needs to try and make herself look important.
    You’re a bigot Whoopi, your name is a thing of the past, you’re not famous anymore and its obvious, if you interview black people, you fawn all over them, any other color you try and bully them.. You’re a joke and a slob, move on……………….

  • Cheryl

    Racist is really out more since president Obama got in office. Ann Coulter comes on the view and start this racism mess. These people goingto havetoanswer to God for hating people for the color of there skin. White folks started this mess.

    • Carolyn

      @ CHERYL . . . Yes the white man started this mess, when they snatched those Africans away from their homes, and brought them to this country to be Slaves ! Some of those Africans had been Royalty in there country, and there are decendants of those Royals, who live in Virginia, USA. They have told thier story on the PBS channel or the History Channel ! Yes, those OLD white folk ( who are dead and gone ) will have to answer to God, real soon. Yes indeed ! It is true that racism became rampant, after Obama became president, because many did not like the fact that his father was a REAL african, not the descendant of African Slaves, but a descendant of an AFRICAN, and a WHITE mother ! heehee. Shucks, I thought he would be the perfect person to bring the Americas TOGETHER, but I was sadly mistaken. Anyway, I was very proud to have attended Obama’s Inauguration ( even though I stood by the Licoln Monument ), because for ONE DAY, it appeared that we were ONE, as a nation ! Everybody seemed happy, and there was no disturbances. It is too badthat Obama did not get to enact his HOPE or A CHANGE ! Shame on Congress ! What a bunch of LOSERS !

  • Christina Wilson

    Ann Coulter speaks the truth backed by facts and the ladies couldn’t disprove it. They want to scream the emotional “liberal” views! No facts just emotion.

    Gooo Ann Coulter

    • http://att Karen Kutschenreuter

      What facts? I didn’t hear Ann speak ANY facts! In fact the republicians she was talking about were all a hundred years ago. It was a different party then. Abraham Lincoln was a republican.

    • Carolyn

      @ CHRISTINA WILSON. . . Perhaps I am a bit lame, so please list those facts that Ann Coulter used, because I did not SEE or HEAR them ( I was too busy cussing too ! ).

  • http://att.net john yingling

    GO ANN!!!

    • Carolyn

      @ JON YINGLING . . . ” GO ANN !!! “. Um, just where would Ann Coulter be GOING? Hell, perhaps ? Hahahahaha. I wonder if her book is worth all of the trouble, that she may encounter ! Geesh, what some people wouldn’t do for money. Thank God I am poor, heehee. I began with NOTHING, and I still have most of nothing left ( I read or saw that somewhere ! ).

  • K Patrick

    Ann is simply a C@nt.

  • Paige

    Typical Liberal m.o. they resorted to “yelling” her down. I’m not a huge Coulter fan, but she handled herself with a hell of a lot more class than “Whoopi” did. Resorting to profanity because she didn’t have a more intelligent rebuttal. Also, Whoopi and Sherri both told Coulter to get over “history” , as Sherri put it, “move on from the back of the bus” , then yet they both resorted to history when they attempted their rebuttal….

    • Carolyn

      @ PAIGE . . . What does Ann Coulter really know about black people ? Just because she dated Jimmy ” JJ ” Walker, from that TV show Good Times, does not mean she KNOWS about black people. By the way, there will be ” NO MORE BACK OF THE BUS ” ! Never, ever ! If y’all think the turmoil in Libya is bad, well it will be WORSE in the USA, before we black people allow ourselves to be taken back to the 50′ and 60’s nonsense ! You betcha.

  • Steve

    Wow! Ann SMOKED these women! Made them look really foolish by actually stating facts. And Hasselbeck sat back and watched without saying a SINGLE WORD. I think the liberal crap is finally rubbing off on her. How disappointing she is.

  • John

    Whoopi, PLEASE get your facts straight. We have an uber-liberal, African American, Democrat in the White House. He had all but complete control of the Democratic Congress and Senate for two years. He spent a lot of time forcing halthcare legislation on the American public and did NOTHING to improve the employment status in the African American community. The national unemployment average is an astounding 8.1%, while the unemployment average in the African American community is a staggering 14.1%. But when you really look at these numbers they are even much worse. At least Mr. Romney acknowledged 47% of the population is in need. He has directly and repeatedly asserted his desire to lift people out of that part of the population. Didn’t President Obama delegate Joe Biden to address the Black Caucus? Your liberal candidate couldn’t even take part of an afternoon to personally address what should be his core constituents? You and the entire African American Community should be offended and outraged at this behavior. Mr. Romney was there in person. Face it Whoopi, the liberals are buying your votes with hollow promises and no substantial actions that can be recognized. But you do have democratic VP Biden flaming the fires of racism, “putting you back in chains.” Could you have tolerated those same words coming from Paul Ryan? Whoopi you’re smart, now it’s time to be objective.

    • Carolyn

      @ JOHN, If Mitt Romney wins the election, it won’t just be Black People in chains, it will be the 99% ! It simply means that Black People will be in chains for a ” second ” time ! It would also mean HELL, for those in the 47% bracket. For real. Oh, are you in the 1% group ? Your comment reeks of that 1% smell, hahahaha.

  • Pat

    A for you Ann, Standing up to the Big Mouth knuckleheads on the View….
    DD- for Whoopi, who is so freaking stupid! Still wearing the dreads of the past.
    D- for Joy who had to marry the Donky-from the party
    Z for Barbara for looking like a “Skank”

  • Not a Marxists

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Whoopi is a Moron! I’m surprised she’s not collecting disability for being blind. Joy Behar won’t win any awards for being objective, articulate, or logical. However, she may be on her way to a career as a gastrologist, because her head is so far up her and Barbara Wa-Wa’s butts she can see the stomach.

    • Not a Marxists

      BTW…I’m not really an Ann Coulter fan, but I am definitely not listening to any of those hags on the show who cannot think, except to regurgitate what they hear in their social circles.

  • Ben

    She needs to stick to giving her viewpoints to angry racist ppl. It obviously didn’t fit here.


      Are you aware that when tested liberals score higher consistantly on IQ tests?Are you aware of at least two independent studies showed that viewers of FAUX NEWS were more often than not less than intelligent and less informed as to the truth.

  • Ted Hofstetter

    I don’t watch this trash, but I do know that Goldberg and her lib friends are dumb as a bag of hammers. Anyone who endorses democrat or liberal viewpoints do so for one of three reasons;
    1. They’re ignorant
    2. They’re naive
    3. They truly believe that destroying what has worked for America for over 200 years is a good thing, for whatever reason.
    I do not mean these things in a derogatory manner, but literally. Why do you think the dems embrace amnesty, no voter ID, support unions? Because they care? Absolutely, about increasing their voting constituency. Coulter is pushing a new book, so she makes the rounds. Big deal. She is one person from the last bastion of truth in the media, that one of you called a “bimbo”. I’d put her up against any one of the biased, tunnel visioned liberals on MSLSD, or any other liberal station. How about Rachel Madcow? What a handsome boy, er, woman, er,????

    • Conservatives Are Idiots

      It’s funny that you would go there, Ted, considering it was your ideology that took our economy over a cliff..

      The funny part is that you can’t even articulate how liberals have been bad… Go ahead try… this should be good for a laugh.

    • HB

      You kind of blew what seemed a well thought out argument by calling Rachel Maddow a man. Why would you resort to insulting the appearance of the opposition? Insult her opinions if you need to but don’t reduce it to what a threatened a11 year old would say.

  • Judy Heath

    Ann Coulter was awesome. Those ladies of the veiw… not so much!

    • TDC

      If that’s your definition of ‘awesome’ I sure as hell would hate to see what you think is despicable.

      • Dontb lameme

        Despicable is the other 5 women on the view. Nasty ones. Hope that show dies soon.

      • Norman56

        What I think is despicable is how Libs form opinions out of ignorance.


    Ann Coulter makes opinion and then claims they are fact. She is so far off track it is unbelievable. I am surprised she is still on the air and allowed to speak lies . It is one thing if it is entertainment but Coulter makes her money by being a sensational twit.

    • http://None ed weaver

      Name one fact that is erroneous. Whoopi was so insulted and incensed by the phrase “white Guilt” but she has no idea that ‘White Guilt’ is a 7 million-selling book, written by a BLACK man. Most — most, not all, of you liberals, white and black, have one thing in common — ignorance of the facts and the issues.

  • Dontb lameme

    What a bunch of s##theads. They remind of witches at black masses.

  • Mo

    For those that can’t see the clip – Ann Coulter starts off saying American blacks can’t get convicted in the US because of white guilt. (Jail statistics would seem to disagree.) After that first statement they ALL started talking at the same time and none of them made any sense. Not a great debate on either side.

  • Pat Scriveri

    What ignorant comments are being made here! Ann Coulter is one of the repugs primo fear mongerers. She is truly despicable, but no doubt smart and very clever, which makes her type even more dangerous! Now Rachel, there’s one intelligent and fair, oh, and dare I say, factual woman!

    • RB

      Your talking about her,she’s suceeded,despite your immature comments.

  • EEMP

    Ann is too intellectual for those idiots! If they tried to read her book, they wouldn’t understand a word of it, because of their stupidity. Ann must of felt like she was in a room with a bunch of kindergarteners.

    • TDC

      She’s probably one of the most hated women in America, but if you consider that ‘smart’…she’s nothing more than a whore who sells hate. You should be embarrassed to publicly state that you think she’s ‘smart’.

      • Turtle

        Pelosi has the most hated woman in America sewn up.

      • Norman56

        How is what she writes “hate”? Is it because you HATE the truth? If you are going to call it hate, you ought to at least read it. Otherwise you’re just aping the words of your foolish leadership.

  • Christy

    Okay – so Ann Coulter is a lot of things but dumb is not one of them. She has a new book and she causes controversy which draws attention to the new book. This is exactly what she was striving for – she loves the shock factor.

    • Doug

      No, mostly she loves the money and if people are stupid enough to buy the book, then so be it.

      • Norman56

        If you had ever read one of her books, you would know how ignorant you sound. Ann Coulter has researched and laid out good, rational & reasonable arguments for all her books assertions. That all you all can do is screech nastiness tells any one all one needs to know about Liberals view of facts and public policy. If the facts don’t support what you want, and someone has the audacity to to point that out, don’t argue your point, just get low-down mean and ugly.

    • Turtle

      And obviously The View enjoys the shock factor their vitriol causes as they keep having Ann Coulter on their show over and over.

  • http://facebook Anita Phillips

    I would have burned her book right in front of her/him.

  • TDC

    Whoring your soul to sell a book. I saw it this morning and figured she would be murdered in the streets before the sun sets today. There’s still a few hours of daylight left…She is absolutely horrid.

    • Barron

      That is pretty disgusting. You need a shrink to have such perverted anger at someone that disagrees with you. It is America you imbecile

  • http://none joan

    the view is the most puzzeling show i have ever seen by the time its
    over i have no idea what they talked about all they do is try to screem over each other and nobody makes any sense and none of them know what there talking about especially that elizabeth.whoopi should have her own talk show she makes the show

  • Rich

    If anyone ever deserved to be raped,tortured,beaten and murdered its Ann Coulter

    • lucy wolphat

      You are nothing but,GARBAGE..maybe your wishes will fall to your mother, if you ever had one.

      • Barron

        I could not agree more with lucy. How dare Rich say such a vicious disgusting comment about a knowledgeable lady like Coulter?

    • ARH

      No, I will not be buying her book. But the fact that, somehow, you can rationalize that comment by injecting “if anybody deserves” frightens me. NOBODY deserves that type of treatment, even your political enemies. Civility is sorely lacking in our public conversations. Take your hate and violence talk elsewhere Rich.

    • http://yahoo jon van houten

      rich,,,, you are vile human garbage….i bet you haven’t a thread of honor.

    • Norman56

      Wow. You libs are so peaceable and tolerant. It is amazing. Coulter simply exposes the racial bias of the democrats agenda, and yet instead of attempting to refute the assertions she has with what YOU claim are facts, you attack and denigrate the author. What’s the matter, have no real facts to back up your assertions?

  • lucy wolphat

    Ann Coulter is an extremely intelligent political analyst..you may not agree with her, but, she is brilliant and she knows her history.I find that the people on the View are boring foolish entertainers who are all loud mouth rude liberals and nothing more. Ann Coulter will have another number one hit…and Whoopi has nothing more than The View and only because she’s black and because she’s using Obama being partially black to keep her job…remember this show was in the toilet right before he started running for office in 2008..whatever will they do, those liberal old ladies on the view…when Obama is gone?

    • Doug

      Lucy Wolphat, that is among the most absurd, self centered blogs that I have every read, and I’ve read a lot of bad ones. You are an embarassment to America.

      • Baron Marbot

        I have to agree, Lucy is an idiot.

        • Mitchy

          I completely agree with you. She puts women to shame with her ignorance and inability to be human. As a veteran(disabled), I would like to see how though she would be on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier. I would also like to know what exact world she is living in….

  • http://TheView Lou Vandevort

    The ladies on the View are not up on the issue Ann is writing about. It ,THE BOOK is about White liberals using the Black population to forward their cause by yelling raceisum at every chance. It’s like yelling fire in a theater. If they would just read her book, it’s nothing bad about the Blacks It’s about Blacks being used for a cause.LIBERLISUM Wise up ladies.

  • Ariel

    Funny how you go on a show called ‘The View’, but you had better not share yours if it doesn’t line up with the hosts’.

    • Barron

      Well said and you can bet they enjoyed attacking her. She stood strong and composed anyway

      • eli

        an every time whoopie gets flustered she pulls the race card,joy proved she’s a bias beatch, sherrie is a sweet retard and wawa tried to save face…liz was quiet and smart

  • http://Twtter Marcia Fillmore

    Ann Coulter shouldn’t be writing anything about any people of color. Obviously she doesn’t know what a person of color endures every day because she is white and probably has never experienced any type of discrimination. Civil rights is a “people” issue, it is not just for blacks. Blacks brought civil rights to the forefront. WHAT A STUPID BITCH!!!

    • http://yahoo.com Al

      Marcia, Marcia, Marcia — Where do you get off even allowing yourself to think that all of us miserable “whities” live in the land of milk and honey where no-one suffers, does without or ever gets ruined financially as a result of unmanageable medical expenses that for other groups of Americans would have been written off as non-collectable. Trust me, I am anything but a bigot. But there is indeed a bigger picture to take into consideration.

    • Paul

      and just what is u endure everyday Marcia that everyone else does not ? I pay for the sorry souls that will not work whether they be black or white…..I do not get money from the IRS for being black if I do not make enough money during the year……That comes from my check as well…….so what kinda problem u got that can be more severe than the rest of us ?

    • bhad

      When blacks stop commenting on whites then you can make that demand. Whoopi only seems to have some intelligence when she is with people that are of like mind and do not challenge her at all. Ann Coulter spoke intelligently and made fantastic points. Black people do not endure anthing more thany any other group of people except for what they do to themselves.

  • http://Twtter Marcia Fillmore

    racist bitch

    • JD

      Because she states facts she is a “racist”? LOL!! You are such a simple minded uninformed person. GO AWAY!!! This discussion is for big kids!

  • bill

    If the women of the View weren’t so brainwashed they would understand what’s up, but they are like Parana’s looking at a piece of meat, I think Woopie had a boner and what the hell kind of name is Woopie any way didn’t she use to be a comedian , you know what’s funny, her unibrow , I think the View sucks anyway they are old scanky has-beens and don’t have anything else to do than sit around on their fat asses and bitch. especially that Redhead sea scank she should go over to Iran and bitch they would love her…………!

    • Marilyn

      yes haha !!! wouldn’t the muslim men just love those view ”women”
      and that old one, she still lives off the laurels of her intelligent past, but when she opens her mouth lately you can see she has wandered off the path. RETIRE LADY.

  • Al

    Freedom of speech means just that, fundamentally it has nothing to apologize for nor should it be bound to follow the beliefs of the expert panel “du jour”. Question everything including yourself, otherwise you’ll never know if your belief system still has any legs to stand on.

  • Rob

    Whoopi got sliced and diced and really never completed a thought. When she realized it, she got mad and went into her ghetto black sista mode. The ladies on the view better stick with less heady types. It was pretty obvious Whoopi is a few levels below Ann on the evolutionary ladder.

    • Marilyn

      Rob you got that right, whoopie is like an animal

    • Katie D

      Whoopi, sometimes it better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.

      • Sherry Asuncion


    • Shar

      I don’t think we were watching the same show- Whoopie certainly held her own. I would prefer listening to Whoopie than Ann any day – and I am white!

  • Marilyn

    Ann is worlds above whoopie

    • Barney

      This blonde bimbo is nothing but a self serving tnuc with no facts to support her theories. She writes these/her absurd thoughts in hopes of stupid people buying her book so she makes more money from nitwits like the “Log Cabin Republicans” and they will! This woman should be treated no better than a baby treats a diaper!!!

      Anyone who would pay for and read her books and consider anything she says truthful should considered dangerously delusional and potentially harmful to themselves and others!

    • http://yahoo Sherri Brown

      Ann is only above Whoopi because that’s what most caucasians believe: white people are not better or smarter they are just sneakier.

  • james cockerell

    Whoopie is a great Actress but can at times say stupid things…Ann Coulter is a highly intelligent woman and is a good writer..
    Whoopie is smart but has a bad habit of showing her ignorance from time to time

  • scene 1

    The stupidest part is even giving Coulter airtime in the first place.

    • Paul

      why ? did she talk over your head…..

      • scene 1

        No. She’s an opportunist who keeps regurgitating the same bullshit over & over & over.

        • Janice


  • Paul

    Whoopi and all liberal blacks will not listen…whoopi kept going back 100 to 200 years ago, but she and the other black lay kept saying well come to the future not back then…see they want the cake and it it too…….whoopi is just an ignorant black woman that people think is funny, but just racist…..joy and barbara could care less about whoopi or any other black if they were honest…..liberals are good at fooling the conservatives but even better at fooling other liberals ( BLACKS)…….they ask a question on the show and then will not lwt anyone finish an answer…they bombard they person so they look like they cannot finnish a sentence….therefore they think they shamed or disproved the conservative they invited…did they interupt Hussein Obama the other day….of course not …

  • Magoo

    Do Black people know that Rev. King was a republican?
    I only watch the view while I am waiting for a commercial to end on the station I am watching. What little I’ve seen is, they invite somone on to their show and then are rude and attack them. Why invite them on their show if they don’t like the person.

  • Janice

    Ann plays to the republican conservatives saying what they want to hear, it’s her gimmick. She is very successful and makes lots of money by saying the most outlandish prejudice things. It’s really sort of sad to see a woman stoop to such a low. Anything for the all mighty dollar, even if it steals your soul should be her motto.

    • Braxston

      And the women of the view arent doing the same thing……

  • Bill Barnard

    Yep, another blue eyed ditsy consevative blond. She must be a reject from Fox News. They all seem to be blue eyed & blond…

    • Aury

      Are you jelous?

  • Sherry Asuncion

    Memo to Ms. Walters: You have worked many years to establish a reputation as a journalist. How can you associate yourself with something as crude as Goldberg. You should have let her and Behor go after O’Reilly walk-off.

    • http://yahoo Sherri Brown

      Goldberg is not crude she just tells it like it is for blacks in America. It seems from your statement that blacks should be seen and not heard. I applaud Whoopi for speaking up and defending our people against the racist rhetoric that some guests spew like O’Reilly. He’s an idiot.

      • Aury

        The only racist here is Whoopi. She is an angry person just like Behar. I don’t whatch this show because is just garbage. She was hugging and kissing Obama 2 days ago and today she shows who she really is a hypocrite. It is ok to disagree with your guest but the argument went to far. This is not the first time she behave inappropriately. I gave two thumbs up to Ann for being a lady!!!

    • Lon

      As a white man, I am glad to tell you that you are a moron.

    • Sarah Talks

      Give it a break. You whites loved Whoppi through all the years blacks hated her because they felt she was a sell-out. Now suddenly when you realize that she doesn’t believe that everything about whites is better you want her gone. No such luck. Blacks had to deal with her annoying them for years because you whites loved her, so now you have to deal with her just the same. Tough luck.

  • http://yahoo ray ray

    dont everyone relize that all people of color has always blame the white man for thier problems just a thought for all yall look at the country where you was took from. would you really still be there in all honesty you should thank us

    • Sarah Talks

      Ray Ray, why are you so illiterate? You write like a diseased mentally challenged inbred turd, that you are.

  • satch


    jim of you racist fools forget about jim crow which most of your parents and grandparents condoned

  • http://Google Judy Maddocks

    What the hell is Ann doing on a show with these unhappy bitches that wouldn’t have anything to say at all of substance if they had the answers in front of them
    I’m so sick of some blacks saying what W G said to Ann do you know what it feels like to be black! Ahh no! Do you know what it feels like to be white and accused of hating OBOMA because we don’t like what he’s doing to the country well how in hell did he get elected if the whites didn’t vote for him?! And Im a woman and I’m white and don’t like OBOMA so before some of you get upset I don’t like his white side or his black side! No one ever hears whites say that the blacks that don’t like OBOMA is because he’s white! Grow up you feel good bunch of no nothings

  • Brenda Reed

    There is nothing wrong with Ann Coulter speaking and writing what she believes is true and factural. But what bothers me more is the inability for Black Celebrites to intelligently opose a different point of view without cursing, why would Whopie make a statement about Ann’s book by saying it was bullshit. Certaintly she could communicate on a higher level than that, the truth is she has not read any of Ann’s books, so she just keep quite. Secondly, Sherry did not have to bring up the voting issue, in regards to voting IDS, I think everyone in America should have legitmate ID’s. Samuel L Jackson is another ass hole, why in the world would make a commericial telling Americans to get the fuck out and vote. People there is a Black man in the White House, how do you think he feels when blacks are taking the low road to get out the vote.

  • jdookram

    coulter is an idiot, anthing she says does not matter anyway, only idiots listen to her

    • Sarah Talks

      Do you remember when she said the widows of 9/11 were basically pimping their misfortune for personal gain? Coulter likes controversy and ruffling feathers. She cares not how people will feel about her. She is right about the liberals not caring about blacks though. Everyone knows democrats are just as racist as republicans.

  • Rich

    The women of the View are a wonderful cross-section of the coarse, crude ignorance of the mass of so-called ‘liberals.’ One cannot talk to them reasonably because they are happily ignorant and cannot even debate logically. This is not a case of ‘smart people’ vs. dumb people. It is a case of when the truth makes a liberal uncomfortable and exposes their ignorance they get crude and violent in their speech. Coulter has researched her material which is verifiable and
    provable. It is enlightened opinion, informed judgement, not the stupid nonsense of disagreement means one should be punished with gross insults. One could suggest that Ms. Goldberg proves her dopeyness by implying: One has to be black to write about black subjects and history. Does that mean our writers and scholars in modern USA have to be ancient Roman, Babylonian, Communist, or Esquimo to research or write about those subjects? I’m afraid that Ms. Coulter’s remarks in the book prove the point that one can hoodwink the people with a lot of rubbish and those hoodwinked have not the slightest inkling of what has happened or will happen. They are ignorant and smug about it. Carefully researched knowledge is a lot of hooey because they can’t understand much more than the comfort of blatant ignorance. Is it possible that USA is doomed to drown in the ignorance that politicians encourage and cultivate. Heaven help an America where free expression based on careful research and provocative writing style will be shouted down by rank stupidity and the vacuous mobs will cheer it on!

  • judy ward

    I grew up in the 60s in middle America. I did not see riots but there was segregation in my town. I do remember seeing the television reports of rioting in the South. I have read the account of lynching in my state capital in 1909. I remember Dr. King saying that civil rights movement was all those whose rights were being denied. Ms.Thing wasn’t there. She’s going on whatever data, reports or whatever she can find. The black people of our country today were either directly involved in the civil rights movement or they had family who were. She needs to do one thing:shut her mouth and listen.

    • marlin


  • Thor

    So, when Ann Coulter says what she believes – which plays to her core peer group – she’s only doing it to rouse the rabble and make a buck. When former A-list celebrity Whoopie Goldberg says what she believes – which plays to HER core peer group – she’s “telling it like it is.” Knowledgeable people can still come down on opposite sides of an issue, but I will put Ann Coulter’s depth of knowledge on the topics she writes about against Whoopie Goldberg’s any day of the week.

    • Jackie Miller

      Ann Coulter researches and writes the truth. It’s too bad the far left television emotionalists can’t take the truth. It’s okay for Woopie to exercise her 1st amendment rights, so why not Ann? There is far too much subjectivity running this country — inside and out of politics. I’m so glad Ann was on the View and that there is a voice willing to tell it like it is.

  • Vi

    It wasn’t the “Wrath of Whoopi” but more like the “Sheer Ignorance of Whoopi” spoken here.The women on the “View” were disgustingly inept & uneducated on topics presented, while Ms.Coulter continues to share her intelligence based upon indepth research. I am chagrined that she would waste her time amongst clucking hens who possess no manners nor decorum. Anne has so much to offer in the way of knowledgable information while Whoopi & her cohorts babble foolish rhetoric -just to fill the air & attempt to speak over “their guest”.

  • AndrewSlater

    Rules of Racism:
    1. Anyone responsible for three hundred years of slavery would have to be a lot older than you and me…….
    3. Racism could be eliminated in the United States if we could just eliminate the white liberals who so plainly depend on it so much and do so much to keep it going…….
    6. Nobody really thinks whites are as evil as portrayed by white liberals and black demagogues. If they really thought so, they’d be too afraid to ever leave the house, since a) there are a lot more whites, b) those whites are much better armed, c) they’re more likely to be veterans of the Army’s and Marine Corps’ ground gaining combat arms, and d) they have an historically demonstrated cultural aptitude for mass, organized violence.
    7. People who insist you’re speaking in code insist on it because they believe it’s true. They believe it’s true because they really do speak in code and can’t imagine anyone who does not speak in code. It’s not racist to think those people are idiots, nor to note that they’re mostly white. (Exception to rule: When conservatives talk about guns and zombies? Especially in terms of using the former to kill the latter? Yeah; “zombie” is code for “liberals of any color.” See Rule 6, above.)

  • Natalia

    Whoopie doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Couldn’t be a better equipped woman to Give Ann The Hell she so richly deserves. It’s not that Ms. Coulter is not smart, she is, but she is one very mean individual, with a very toxic mouth and a more toxic attitude. Not one morsel of kindness dwells within this woman. You’re a big baby, Ann, and you invented the word BULLY.

    • Keepsitreal

      The Democrats that started the kkk were the ones that did not want to end slavery.

      • Pookalator

        That’s cuz she are one!

  • James G. Borden

    National Headquarters: Hilo, Hawaii

    When are many Black people going to stop crying about racism and slavery.

    Thousands of years before Black slavery there were White Slavery and other non-Black slavery that lasted centuries longer than Black slavery and even hand millions of more people as slaves.

    When are many Black people going to stop blaming White people for Black slavery?

    Black slavery was started in Africa by their own Black people and Arab Muslims.

    So, if some Black people want to blame someone for Black slavery they need to look at themselves and to Islam.

    Also, it was the Democrat Party that started the KKK.

    So, if some Black people want to blame a political party for racism then those Black people need to be looking at the Democratic Party.

    Also, there is no longer a Democratic Party – Islam Muslim General Barack Hussein Obama II changed the Democratic Party to the Islamic Communist Party.

    • Azul

      You are an a complete retard! Get off you damn island and get some goddamn education. That island you call home belonged to native people called HAWAIIAN before WHITE,YANKEE,CHRISTIAN misssionaries went spreading their so-called religion and stole that beautiful place. The United States and their so-called Manifest Destiny policy robbed native people of their lands, dignity, minerals, and riches from the Pacific Islands all the way down to Latin America so keep your high and mighty “AMERICAN” attitude to yourself. From a U.S. History Teacher!!!

      • poyman

        Actually, I think that you might be the mental midget Azul… The truth is that black folks get alot more breaks than whites in today’s world… Job consideration, acceptance to a college, etc.

        Quit living in your history books… This country of so called “Racists” made a black person President when Black American’s only represent 13% of the population… He has been extremely ineffective as our President but nevertheless, he won by a rather large margin.

        One think that you said that caused me to chuckle was your little rant about the “whites” stealing Hawaii from the natives… Have you ever been there? You need to go over there and then come back and tell us how we “Howlies” are so oppressive. Furthermore, when you have millions of Mexicans illegally flooding America I find it a bit hypocritical of you to deliver a lecture on stealing land from it’s inhabitance.

      • Tom

        Azul………………where are you from ? and what is your religon ? I bet i can guess :-)

    • Leathrn

      Sorry but you are wrong. The KKK was not started by the Democrats. Although the KKK members may have been democrats, it had nothing to do with the party. And we are not Islamic and never will be. We don’t need fear mongering and hatred toward religions nor races. Grow up and learn how to be an American.

  • Mark

    Blacks have used the race card because of the way liberals have orchestrated their f’d up policies including the ACLU. I no longer support or feel sorry for them. As soon as they wake up and realize the party they support is the root cause of their continued suppression, the sooner they might become what they wish to be. Funny how blacks put down successful people, even their own race. What does that tell us?

  • lari

    I do not watch the view, and probably never will. I loved woopies movies, she was one of the greatest actresses ever, but I wish she would get off her black kick. I did not give a dang what color she was I loved her movies. My favorite and still is all time singer was/is Nat King Cole. Now there was a voice to listen to.
    When whoopie asks what does ann know about being black, ann should have answered what do you know about being white? Hey poor is poor and it doesn’t matter what color you are it is not pretty. Whites are discriminated against also. We have all walked into a room and felt like we just landed on mars and have no idea why that lady is looking at us down her nose. Respect is earned, and trust is not easily given. No matter your color, religion, size you get back what you give.
    There have been many times I have had to prove myself over the years, after all I am female, self employed, smaller than average and weigh in all my life at 100 pounds, but I have been told after I made friends with many of the put downers that I am nothing like what they expected. I carry my own in most situations and do not back away when I think something is wrong. I had 30 employees at one time all male. Not one ever quit work because I was a woman. Early on some tried to push my buttons in various ways, when it did not work they backed off. So why is a natural inclination to back off something new construed as racism. When I get attitude I give attitude, when I get a smile I give a smile. And boy I am a master at a put down.

    • Terry

      Madam, That was one of the best, focused, well scripted documents on Race that I have read in 50 years. Unfortunately, the race (pardon the pun) does not always go to the swiftest. Some feel they can get an advantage by pulling your adversary back. The Race card is one that is easily played with minor cost to oneself and you put your opponent on touchy ground most often causing them to dance shamefully.
      The “High” road has the best rewards but generally does not sell well with ratings for TV, books, news, and worse of all politics.

  • http://na Milton G. Bishop

    Ann Coulter needs to watch her words, these blacl ladies may tear her ass up—I stopped taking the conservative monthly newspaper because she gets over radical—I am white, 78 years and open minded, but do know blacks are treated like crap in spite of civil rights—–this campaign now in effect, IS very much racist and bigoted and Romney is leader of the pack, we do not need him, Romney knows nothing about the life style of other Americans, blacks especially,

    • Tom

      Another buffoon that belives we white folf are keeping the (poor black man down) so sad, and such a dumbazz

    • http://google tooorad

      Milton is 78 and still has his head buried in the sand. People of color treat other people of color worse than any white person treats any one of any color! All people of color are the first to call racist, but are the true racists. Whoopi and Joy Behar are true village idiots! Even in the face of the facts of history Whoopi claims Ann Coulter is full of crap. Whoopi and anyone who can’t out argue the facts goes to the racist wild card to end the arguement! The ladies on the View are clueless liberal idiologues. If you don’t agree with them they attack the guest in mass and cut off any answer with their BS. Coulter showed great patients when attacked by 4 hyena’s and beat them back with the fact of history. If Whoopi wants to continue following the lies of democrats on how they have been the champions of the poor and colored races let her, she only hurts her own people of color by leading them down the wrong path!!! Democrats only want the colored vote by making endless promises that never come to pass. If it wasn’t for republicans blacks would still be slave’s!!! At least one white president was murdered for black freedom!!!

    • Perry Goodwin

      Mr. Bishop,you state that you are 78 and open-minded in one sentence, and then turn around and state that you no longer get the conservative newspaper because she gets over radicle. Then you go on to Mitt Romney as the leader of the pack when it comes to radiclism, when in truth our existing president is the one dividing the country and causing all the racial problems.Mitt Romney has helped more people than you even know.Check out his donations to charities before you judge this man. I’ll bet he has helped more poverty people than you have. Anyway, so much for your open-mindedness.

  • poyman

    Same baloney that Goldberg always throws out… You’re white, I’m black and you can’t tell me how I feel”… y-a-w-n… Yet Whoopi has no problems telling us how we feel and how we believe every single boring show.

  • Pookalator

    Personally, I love Ann Coulter. She’s grounded, sharp, and has her fact straight, unlike those _itches on the PU, I mean the View. Barbara needs to retire; she can’t even form a real sentence any longer. Who watches these hags? lesbians and pissed off welfare moms, I guess. The rest of us are working.

    • freewayflyer

      I’m working too, Pookalator, probably a lot harder than you, and I agree with Whoopi. Here’s the thing about Ann Coulter: She’s in it for herself. I’ve been in show business 34 years, and I know an ambitious actress when I see one. She has a few more words of her own than the usual “I’ll do anything to be a star” bimbo, that’s for sure. But all she wants is attention, and at any cost. Serious politcal dialogue does not come from this type of person; this is headline-grabbing. Ann Coulter is all about Ann Coulter. It’s entirely possible that she’s a raving liberal who has figured out some good schtick to get her on TV. Whatever it is, it’s working. But it’s not politics, and it’s not intellectual. It’s show-biz.

      • sherri Leard

        I agree 100%

    • SHUT UP


    • DZ

      Pook, you’re an idiot. Go read a book. Oh that’s right, you can’t. You’re stupid.

  • pirate

    The same old dribble. No matter what Whoopi will blame all the ills of the world on us racist white folk. I actually has someone once accuse me of being racist because I said the reparation issue was BS, me giving money to Whoopi,Oprah and Kobi?! My relatives owned sheep, not slaves. By the way, guess who sold Africans to the English and Danish slaves ships………..other African tribes. Try explaining that one to Whoppi, sorry Whoopi didn’t mean to confuse you with facts……..good luck!

    • SHUT UP


  • Susan

    The “Wrath of Whoopi”? Were you watching the same program I was? Ann Coulter took on 4 of the scariest beings that can possibly exist in this world:educated, extreme liberals, with a platform on a major television network…AND they’re WOMEN! And, guess what, she SPANKED all 4 of them AND Elisabeth who has become a spineless fraud! “The Wrath of Whoopi”…what a joke!

    • SHUT UP

      SUSAN, SHUT THE F UP!!!!

      • Tom

        Once again, whitey is trying to keep the black man down. What an effing joke Whoppie is (quite the name as well) When she was comfronted with facts her answer was bull>>>>
        Now the is a smart woman, and the othre loser to her left Joyce. I dont watch the show, didnt know any one did (maybe the black folk whitey is keeping down) Turn off the losers, get off your asses and get a job, It will be a better country i promise

      • http://webpronews roy

        Ann Coulter is a loud mouth empty headed mouth peace for the right. She writes ridiculous books about nothing and you stupid people go out and purchase them. This freak knows that the Whites that were pushing to repress the Black vote in the 50’s and 60’s are the same factions that are doing it again in 2012. We will never have sanity in this country until these Monsters die out. Which wont be soon enough for me. If you want anarchy in this country just keep up the BS. We will give it to you.

  • sherri Leard

    Ann Coulter is just one big boob!The only reason anyone gives her the time of day is she’s kinda pretty. But dumber than a rock. Hope she’s not selling that book for much cause 50 cents might be too much. Her and Palin – what a bad joke!

    • Tom

      Sherri, you maam are a buffoon

    • Dale

      sherri you are a liberal boob.

  • Victor Richardson

    Anne beat the heck out of 4 other dummies in one single punch! I was a Democrat until tonight! I am switching my party affiliation and voting for Romney after watching and listening to Anne, this intelligent woman and beating these idiots up! Whoopi showed her stupidity once and for all…………”if you are not black one cannot understand black”……..well I am white and blacks cannot understand whites……….thus……..only 16% of America is black meaning Obama cannot understand more than 80% of America yet he is President…..come on………Whoopi’s stupidity is overwhelming!

    • Nathan B. Forrest

      Victor, I doubt you were ever a “TRUE” Democrat. DINO, Democrat in name only, a term I got from the Tea Party, with the R being replaced by D. Ann Coulter is a hardcore Fascist BITCH. She and Magda Goebbels are probably related somewhere along her lineage.

      • aimie

        OH B S Anne coulter is a B***h and everyone knows it

    • DZ

      Thank God! Democrats are less one dummy. You poor ignoramous. Good riddance. Good bye.

  • Margaret

    I cannot believe that one show can have so many biased women on it. They are always giving their political opinions and act like “starstruck teens” whenever Obama appears on their show. They goo and go gaga over him. It’s sickening to watch and listen to their carefully worded questions to him, after all they don’t want him to look bad to all the voters he is wooing with his personality alone. He has nothing else to offer to the public except a extremely smart, likeable and attractive wife and two beautiful children. Clearly, the ladies of “The View” want him elected again. They want us to buy “Their View” of him and vote him in just because they “idolize” him and will not speak ill of him, after all he’s our first black president. They also know that anyone who speaks ill of him appears “racist”.

    • Dale

      very well stated

      • mellanie o’brien

        They had the most biased woman of all when Ann Coulter was on. She’s a poster child for why the majority hates republicans now. Theyre bullies and no matter how bad Obama does he’ll never out do George W. At least he didnt have to call in favors from supreme court judges to get elected. aka…stole the election…twice.

  • Dale

    Have you ever noticed how liberals are so intolerant of other people’s ideas when they try to speak? Instead of an educated answer by whoppi all she can do do speak gutter talk. Ann did her research and was very effective. So you may not agree with her but don’t act like a wide eyed in your face lunatic as seen overseas.

    • Helen

      What on Earth do you mean, Dale? Ann Coulter has a big mouth and mind clouded by falsities, AND she won’t let anyone get a word in edgewise. Is that really your idea of fairness?

      • mellanie o’brien

        liberals are intolerant! Obviously you haven’t seen fox news lately. Conservatives are a bunch of concieted, condecending bullies that’ll flat out steal an election when all else fails. George W almost single handedly wiped out the entire middle class passing out their money like it was his own because he was a “war president.”

    • todd

      Well said, Dale. Liberals like Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar are completely intolerant of dissent from their knee-jerk PC positions on every issue. Even when another woman speaks the truth about the made-up “war on women,” they throw tantrums like immature two-year-olds. Not the typical two-year-olds, but immature ones.

  • Leathrn

    Ann Coulter does not speak for me. Her blatant headline mongering is despicable. Instead of initiating a good conversation on a sensitive but important issue, she comes off sounding like a buffoon with no constructive dialogue. I am glad Whoopi was there to confront her. Just sorry that it will most likely result in more books being sold, which only encourages Coulter to continue writing hurtful and ignorant crap.

    • Elizabeth

      I see why the show is called “The View” and not “The Views”… blatantly obvious today!

      • marlin


    • Polar-bear

      Just your opinion, but you know about opinions there like a__holes, everyone has one.

  • sean
  • karen C

    Well to me the View is just a joke, they love and support Obama, and are so Liberal you can’t even have a conversation with them. what kind of person says bull@hit ever every comment being made. whoopi and joy did the same thing with O’riley walked of the stage.. Barbara Walters keeps that show on air.

    • Polar-bear

      The OLD mommy bear keeps the show on the air but it is a hate driven show unless your a o-blam-a fan, ain’t going to happen, he is a socialist and all his sheep are socialists also. And they don’t know they have fallen into the abyss.

  • mike

    i am glan i was not there i would haved to light the book a fire and hopefull shr nevers talks again

  • Cee

    Ann Coulter always showed herself to be without class, but when she made the remark that the 9/11 widows are “lucky” I concluded that she is also a heartless sociopath.

  • Polar-bear

    The wrath of woppie is like stepping in dog do-do at the beach!

  • mark

    While i do not watch the view I do appreciate the right for people to have their oppinions. That being said i do think that not all of our oppinions should be shared publicaly. And the right to free speech should be protected on both sides of the political spectrum. Just keep in mind that when you do speak that there will be a counter view point brought up by someone else. And free speech does not give anyone the privilege of always being right. Think of the military code a soldier says i may not agree with what you say, but i will defend your right to say it. Whether you are democratic or a member of the repub party i rspect your speech, i just ask that you really believe what you say and accept the price that words have when spoken. And yes civil rights belong to all of us. or ann, whoopye, me and you could not say what we want to say. As well as our right to walk down the street to get groceries without papers without permits.
    Thanks for letting me share.

  • jerry

    The altercation seemed an orchestrated media event. Mutual backscratching/biting to achieve ratings and book sales was the goal. The Goldberg-Coulter collusion makes obvious they think we viewers are easily manipulated. The insubstantial acquires the veneer of gravitas, for the sake of money. But, in the words of Gertrude Stein, “There is no there there”.

  • andi

    The ‘ladies’ of the view call Bull$hi7 for every fact that disproves their ultra liberal views, yet they have no argument against what Ann Coulter said. No dialogue, typical bullying, and the Kardashian loving audience eats it up, pathetic. It is quite obvious they know nothing about politics and should pick topics for their show that are familiar, such as Michelle Obama’s nailpolish and the latest news on Justin Bieber.

    • http://yahoo jan

      you are sooooo right !!!

    • Alan DeGolmon

      Ann Coulter calls Bull$hi7 for every fact that disproves her ultra conservative views, yet she has no argument against what Whoopi Goldberg said. No dialogue, typical bullying, and the Limbaugh loving audience eats it up, pathetic. It is quite obvious they know nothing about politics and should pick topics for their show that are familiar, such as Rush Limbaugh’s drug addiction and the latest news on Pat Robertson.

      • Tim Hillman

        Tell me Alan, how do you reply to an illogical assertion? Whoopi attempted to co-opt the argument and assume moral superiority by asking Ann what she knew about being black when that had no basis in the discussion about the book. If she had made an attempt to read the book instead of her liberal talking points memo she might have know that Ann was attacking the liberal white establishment, and not trying to speak for black people.

        And hey, where’s all that kind liberal understanding when it comes to a man who had to deal with a drug addiction? Dredging up old news about a man who had a problem, dealt with it, and moved on only makes you look pathetic and mean. Learn how to criticize the message and not the messenger.

  • http://yahoo jan

    Why is it racist to say that Obama has increased the amount of people getting food stamps-?–it is merely a fact—it has to do with people being so broke they need foodstamps and the amount of these people has increased since Obama has been the president—Many of these people are white or mexican or black—it isn’t about race it’s about more people being poor enough to need food stamps–WHY ? BECAUSE THE ECONOMY SUCKS !!! AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE OUT OF WORK___NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE LAZY OR BLACK OR GREEN OR WHATEVER !!!__I think maybe some folks ar efeeling guilty cause they have gotten food stamps and they are embarassed about it–

    • John

      VIA WARS

  • http://yahoo jan

    I think Ann Coulter has a truck load of guts to go on the View and keep her cool while trying to discuss things with the women of the view—they won’t listen to a thing she says but she keeps her cool throughout—Good for her ! she’s a very strong woman and a great American—and SMART ASA TACK-! You don’t have to always agree with her– but at least respect her–I have met her and she was kind and polite

    • Demon X

      Jan you must be one of dumbest women on earth be proud Ann Coulter a very strong woman and a great American yeah right lol.

      • Kimberly M

        You are so right!!! Ann Coulter is as poisonous as Rush Limbaugh. She is simply trying to sell books and make money rather than solve any racial or other problems in this country. Her books are all based on fallacies which can easily be disproved by any educated adult who can google.

        • Tim Hillman

          Typical liberal comments above. Demon X resorts to calling names, and Kimberly M. assumes intellectual superiority yet is unable to back up her assertions with any examples or facts. Face it folks, your responses are based upon emotion and not logic. If you want to disparage Ann Coulter, read her books, do your own reserarch, and present an argument based upon the facts.

          You can also see this behavior in the liberal members (almost all of them) of The View. They ask questions and make comments without any coherent attempt to understand the answers. Ann Coulter was polite and tried to answer the questions with facts, and had to deal with constant interruptions and emotional outbursts from the liberals.

          Too bad none of them had the decency to read the book beforehand, and at least try to understand the basis of her arguments, however that is also a liberal behavior as evidenced a few years ago when O’Reilly went on Letterman’s show and Letterman said he thought O’Reilly was full of hogwash yet he had never watched The O’Reilly Factor. Totally pathetic.

    • http://yahoo manuel

      A person is known for the company he keeps. Open your eyes. Who supports Obama and who supports Romney? Is this too much for you liberal morons to anylyze?

  • Charles

    Is it wrong to ask for proper ID when you vote? Is that racial? You have to have ID to fly on a plane, use a credit card and many other things.
    I, for one, do not always agree with what Ann says and even more from Whoopie who is only qualified to be black. She showed her true color, being stupid and relying on curse words to get attention.
    This show is so left, who would have thought anything but this result would occur??

    • http://yahoo jan


      • http://yahoo manuel

        Who do you think is the party that intends to cheat in this election, the party that wants I.D.s or the party that doesn’t want them? Obama, you and your surrogates are making JFK weep in his grave. Most of your voters vote for you not because they like you but because they hate their country.

    • http://WebPronews John

      When-ever a a person who is of a racially different group, who disagrees with Obama policy, they are called racist. Which is a joke. When the Obamabots can say Romney is a tax dodger, when Obama hisself is a fraud,(all history of Barry is sealed)this c ountry has went to he77 in a hand basket. The liberal media destroys any and all black conservatives who make a stand against Obama and the democrat policies. With the likes of Madonna endoring this man, is enough excuse to vote for Romney. The democrat party left me, years ago, I didn’t leave. For that matter the last president this country has had was JFK. The rest of them where and are scoundrels and snakes.

      • Paul

        I understand your point. Lets look at this from a different angle. Blacks who disagree with whites are labeled as troublemakers, militant and racist. As for the media liberal or otherwise it puts Blacks in a bad light. All politicians are frauds its the nature of the business and they are all traitors to the working man regardless of color.

  • http://facebook.com/RcTv247/ John Reilly

    Ann Coulter’s books are not good bathroom reading material,she’s not a bad looking woman though but her longtime political views just well at times are way out of left field,right field and even center field…..

  • http://yahoo jan


    • http://WebPronews John

      ……..as for Whopi………..she is a washed-up wanna-be actress, who can only get a job on the tasteless show “The Skew”. The top HAG honors on the show goes to Joy Beywhore. This HAG has a mouth the size of Greyhound Bus, and the morals on a common prostitue on the street. The whole show is nothing but trash.

    • Demon X

      Because racism never dies moron.

    • mark

      If slavery is the only issue the old setiment does not hold water. First there were white slaves and people who worked slave labor as indebted sevitude. Secondly the triangle trade of humans was historicaly african tribes selling prisoners of war off to the buyers so the warriors would not return in many cases. Not all cases were abductions, although most were there is a certian amount of burdon that the black community must share for its own amount of guilt. Do not get me wrong i am not making an excuse for the wrongs that previous generations perpetrated, i am just saying there were more more than just rich white oppressors in history. The follow up is there is still slavery even in the united states, sadly there are women sold into slavery for the sex trade every day virtually locked up and forced to live the life of a prositute after being lured here with false promises of better lives. so sad

    • John

      No, there aren’t any black slaves,nor white slave owners alive,but if you don’t want
      to be blamed for your ancestors actions,STOP ACTING LIKE THEM,WHEN IT COMES
      TO BLACK PEOPLES RIGHTS.your comments says they are dead,but your opinions
      in the comments emmulates them-so they are gone but not forgotten.THINK ON THAT

  • Joe

    What makes Ms. Goldberg such an authority on political and social issues? She’s just an entertainer. Period. In my opinion, a terrible one at that. Not to say that Ann Coulter is any better, she isn’t. However, are not Ann Coulter’s opinion and thoughts just as legitimate as Ms. Goldberg’s? For Ms. Goldberg to sound off in that childish fashion is just plain unacceptable! I don’t care for Ann Coulter books, nor her audacious personality, but she expressed herself a intelligent fashion, therefore is not to be discounted. I cannot say the same for Ms. Goldberg.

    • http://WebPronews John

      This is typical from liberals. Throw out the race card when they can’t get their way. Calling someone racist anymore is joke, they said it so much. Its like the pot calling the kettle “Black” oops……..racist!!!!

      • Alan DeGolmon

        This is typical from conservatives. Throw out the liberal card when they can’t get their way. Calling someone liberal anymore is joke, they said it so much. Its like the pot calling the kettle “Black” oops……..liberal!!!!

    • Paul

      I think more Blacks Should emulate Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) for you dummies out there.

      • Kimberly M

        I think that Martin Luther King Jr. was, unlike Malcolm X, a true hero for racial equality. He advocated peace even when his house was being set on fire!! Not all white people, and I am an example, believe the crap that Ann Coulter spews. She is an idiot.

      • Rick

        Wow, Paul is one pi$$ed off black man…life probably not going exactly how he wants it to go–gotta blame someone else (can anyone say “victim mentality”?) because it sure couldn’t be PAUL’S fault for poor choices and an angry life. No, Paul, ALL your troubles have arisen because you’re a black man being held down by “the man”…whoever HE is! Paul, while you’re pi$$ing and moaning and angry, there are black people all over this country making it happen and succeeding in significant ways–get over it, dude, it’s your own damn fault you are where you are–put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!!!

  • http://yahoo manuel Ongjunco

    It is obvious that Whoopie is not happy being black but whose fault is it that she was born that way, the whites? Like the radical Islamists, she keeps on living in the past and makes hatred the central theme of her existence. If there is any one there who is a racist, it is her. There are so many blacks out there that are worthy of emulation, Collin Powel, Condoleesa Rice, Martin Luther King, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Cuba Gooding, Jordan, Joe Louis, etc., instead she chooses to emulate Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton and rev. Wright. I am sorry for her.

    • Joe

      Yes. Great point about the many black role models worthy of emulation. Ms. Goldberg is certainly not worthy of emulation.

    • Alan DeGolmon

      It is obvious that Manuel is not happy being latino but whose fault is it that he was born that way, the blacks? Like the radical Islamists, he keeps on living in the past and makes hatred the central theme of his existence. If there is any one there who is a racist, it is him. I am sorry for him.

  • Dan

    It is amazing to me how the Liberals call themselves the political party of the minority. If that is true, then why is there more women, Hispanics and blacks as elected officials in the republican party than the Democratic party.

    • Alan DeGolmon

      It is amazing to me how the Conservatives call themselves the political party of the minority. If that is true, then why is (sic) there more women, Hispanics and blacks as elected officials in the Democratic party than the Republican party.

      That’s right Dan. You’re full of hot air. The exact opposite of what you said is true. Let’s see now… that means that what you said was a…. “misstatement”.

  • Ron

    She Asked the horse face what did she know about the social issue about how blacks felt and she couldn’t answer typical responses from the lemmings…………………………………And I am no libreral clown I am so tired of the nonsense funny how the right keeps telling me they sre the champion of small busness but the only time I hear it is election time from them otherwise they havent done shit to hepl my small 11 employee buisness.

  • Brian

    This is a money grab.. this is ann way to get cash from the racist drones she leads.

    • Millie Andreasen

      Ann Coulter is part of “what’s embarrassing” in the Republican party. This woman only knows how to incite hate and bigotry, she never has anything intelligent to say, and if I was the head/President of the GOP, I will be sending her far away from my base.

      • http://yahoo pojmontana

        How can some one make it on TV just because they are black, stupid and uglyier that a baboon

        • Alan DeGolmon

          How can some one post a message on the internet just because they are so stupid they can’t spell “uglier”?

  • Kate

    Why would anyone give that parasite air time? Confounding.
    Whoopi, the Good Lord will bless you for your interaction
    and calling the air head out. She has lived her 15 min.and
    her freedom of speech is respected and that is why she can
    spew her garbage.

  • Paul

    Ann has no idea what Black People think. Stick with politics its her strength. As for voter ID yeah I’m for it. It should have been a required years ago.

    • Lala

      If your statement is true, it would means that black people don’t know what white people think either.

  • Lala

    1st-you all speaking of slavery need to read more…slavery is alive today, maybe not in the cotton fields, but elsewhere. 2nd-I don’t care for Whoopi Goldberg, but she is on the view because she is an oppinionated and angry person. Do you thing these women are chosen for this show because they are calm, reasonable voices? The audiences love the fighting and idiocy. Ann Coulter, whether you like her or not, has more inteligence to offer than all the women on that show together. Last, who gives a -bleep- what Whoopi Goldberg thinks?

    • Alan DeGolmon

      Ann Coulter was asked to be a guest star on the view because she is an oppinionated (sic) and angry person. Do you thing these guest stars are chosen for this show because they are calm, reasonable voices? The audiences love the fighting and idiocy. Whoopi Goldberg, whether you like her or not, has more inteligence (sic) to offer than all the women on that show together. Last, who gives a -bleep- what Ann Coulter thinks?

      • Ray

        Wow! way to much time on your hands!! Mr. Repeat!!!!!

    • http://yahoo pojmontana

      You said it all right there and it shows how how low whoppi is when Obuma will spend time on a show with her instead of meeting with the PM of Iseral

    • http://yahoo bill

      sounds like you are the raist and maybe the only one who beleives that

  • http://yahoo AE


    • sherry

      the interview clearly shows, with Whoopie’s comments, she is the ignorant one, Ann is clearly able to communicate in respectful way.

    • http://yahoo pojmontana

      If ann coulter is a disgrace then what is debbie wasserman and nancy polosi and rosie odonnel

    • http://yahoo bill

      are you jelous because she is smarter than you are

      • jaz


  • Leslie

    For someone who is all about being black, Whoopi is the biggest hypocrite of all! She has dated almost nothing but white men her entire life. She is just another raging black woman, like Michelle Obama. Most black Americans know nothing of the black history in this country. I’m from Detroit and a definite minority. A

    • http://yahoo bill

      right on, you hit the nail on the head, she is clearly insain

    • http://yahoo pojmontana


    • jaz


  • http://yahoo bill

    clearly woopie got put in her place as she is a rasist radicial bitch

    • Rick

      Roger THAT, Bill!!!

      • http://yahoo bill

        the truth clearly hurts, she lies just like obummer does

    • Ted

      Whoopie did not get “put” in her place. Anyone with a brain recognizes that Ann Coulter is a racist who happens to be articulate, attractive and that presents like a media darling. Whoopi told her the truth and that’s what happened. Coulters book is Bull Squire and only right wing conservatives – most of them racists – read it!

  • mike

    When was Whoopi a slave ? She knows as much about that as I would about being a slave owner, just what I have read and has been told to me by my descendants. How would she know how all white people feel about blacks? If there is racism in America you just have to watch an election and see the black candidate get 90% of the black vote regardless of his resume and then you can understand that it is alive and well in America especially in the black community.

    • CJ

      Blacks have always voted Democratic (90%), lets say… for the last 30 years… its a none issue… some people think of anything just to critize Black people, and the President.

      Ann Coulter acts like a loud-mouthed bigotess bully… No need to talk after a fool…

      • Ted

        Dumb-ass, Blacks have NOT always voted Democrat. After slavery, 90% of blacks were Republicans — Republicans were resonsible for their freedom. Blacks CHANGED to the Democratic party because the party now best represents their interests. Blacks are not stupid. Present day Repubs represent the rich and the racists and therefore Blacks don’t vote for them. When the Repubs start to represent blacks, then blacks will vote for them in greater numbers. It’s not a black thang, a racist thang or a hate thang….it’s a COMMON SENSE THANG!

        • jaz


  • Louise

    Ann Coulter is very intelligent and does her research. This is another example that a white person cannot even speak about black people without being jumped all over! She is trying to make a point that Republicans are painted as being rascist by the Liberals just to keep the black vote and to keep them in slavery to the government by their policies and constantly playing the race card! We live in the year 2012, in a time where most people want everyone to be treated fairly, Republicans and Democrats alike! There will always be some rascist people, on both sides, no matter how long this world exists. But those who believe the Democrat party feed into the slander of the Republican party because they can’t or won’t think for themselves. None of the ladies on the View even read the book to know the point she was trying to make. Their ears and minds were closed to it, just like those robots in our country that bow down to the Democrat party and believe every lie they are told. We will never live in harmony because the Democrats want to keep the racial pot stirred up. This has been the most divisive president we have ever had! And yes we do need voter ID because there has been blatant fraud in voting on both sides and it needs to stop! Getting an ID should be no problem if the voting precincts are set up to provide them. If your willing to cart people up to the voting places to vote then they can be carted up to get a permanent voting IDs too!

    • Alan DeGolmon

      Whoopi Goldberg is very intelligent and does her research. This is another example that a black person cannot even speak about black people without being jumped all over! She is trying to make a point that Democrats are painted as being rascist (sic) by the Conservatives just to keep the black vote and to keep them in slavery to the government by their policies and constantly playing the race card! We live in the year 2012, in a time where most people want everyone to be treated fairly, Republicans and Democrats alike! There will always be some rascist (sic) people, on both sides, no matter how long this world exists. But those who believe the Republican party feed into the slander of the Democratic party because they can’t or won’t think for themselves. All of the ladies on the View read the book and knew the point she was trying to make. Her ears were closed to their opinions on it, just like those robots in our country that bow down to the Republican party and believe every lie they are told. We will never live in harmony because the Republicans want to keep the racial pot stirred up. Bush was the most divisive president we have ever had! He wrecked the economy and divided the country!

    • CJ

      People have been taking or hearing Ann’s POINT for years… we’re just sick of hearing it, that’s all.

      • http://yahoo manuel

        Dear CJ: and you are not tired of the whining of the blacks, especially those who are born here? There are Chinese, koreans, Vietnamese, Filipinos, and Europeans who belong to the minority in this country. How come the blacks born in America are the only blacks and minority that constantly whine?

        • Carly

          Whining blacks?? you are a stupid racist

    • Teresa

      Louise, you are so very right!!! Couldn’t say it any better.

    • http://BuschCheiney.com Busch Cheiney

      “Alan DeGolmon”; Thank you for your balanced post. You really have clear and direct understanding of the neo-con mentality. The repubs play games with issues to their benefit and thought that others are stupid to understand.

      “Rossie ramone” is just an exemplification of a neocon mind set.

  • rosie ramone


    • Alan DeGolmon


      There! We both said it, so it has to be true !!!! Isn’t it fun, making things true just by saying them ????

    • Bobbi

      I agree. We all know that liberal lie and are so adept at it that they believe themselves.

  • Doug

    How anyone could take anything that ann coulter says seriously is beyond common sense. She’s a blithering idiot.

  • http://yahoo john

    i think people should not make barbara walers mad, the plastic in her face is about to explode

    • Alan DeGolmon

      Who’s “barbara walers”? I think people should not make you mad, the plastic in your brain is about to explode.

  • http://yahoo john

    i think we should not make barbara walters mad, the plastic in her face is ready to explode

  • Longstranger

    How the hell is Coulter going to get her point across when she gets shouted down every time she says something. On her last visit on The View she was shouted down by the single mothers on the panel when she said 68% of people in prison had single mothers. It’s obvious that the truth is irrelevant. Every time a white person tells the truth about black’s exploitation of the system, they’re racist. I hope Romney wins and throws out affirmative action, and reinstates the draft. Then ” the Playing field” will be level, and everyone will be judged by their merits , and not given a leg up just because they weren’t born white. How about an end to white guilt, and an end to blacks always playing the victim

  • Kay

    Never known for being a fan of retrospection, after all these years, Coulter still remains as clueless as the first day she opened her mouth.

    Educated conservatives cringe when she publishes one of her novels and then talks senselessly about it. True to form, she’s just in time to not help Romney out in the election.

  • Anti-Fright

    To me the RNC without some special people as Mrs. Palin, Ms. Coulter. Ms Ingraham, Ms. Malkin and Mr. Limbaugh, Beck. etc. the establishments do not thing. More than that no FNC and Yahoo, better read Freanch Lafigaro + Le Monde or Russian Ivestia. Why? Because almost news buy FEAR then sell threat. I never seen civil applied for majority.

  • Apple

    Coulter’s presence in the media exists only because of her relentless pursuit to create controversy and rile people to outrage so she can stay in the limelight. She knows that she can make a good living on the stupidity of Americans who can’t seem to see through her psychological games. She knows that the more outrageous she is and the more hate she can create, the more she’ll stay in the limelight and the more money she makes. Don’t respond to her absurd comments. If people ignored her, she would disappear out of the limelight.

    • http://Yahoo urret

      You are absolutely 100% correct.

  • louis

    Coulter is right! The liberal take on the race issue does more to “enslave” that help. Whoopi should stay with her role on star trek and shut the hell up. She does not have a balanced view on most things but her ego is so big she makes herself into an expert on lots of things. And Whoopi You don’t have to be black to understand prejudice.

  • http://yahoo.com P.J.

    Who buys her books?

  • http://yahoo.com P.J.

    Who is buying her books?

  • Ken

    My God, I hope that the responders on this forum never have to actually pull together to survive because they won’t live past noon. You know, the world really is a shitty place, but as someone who has seen the worst parts, as well as some which are supposed to be civilized, I can say that the U.S. is preferable to most. And, that is in spite of the terrible bigotry and racism, and hatred that many of you folks think pervades all aspects of this society. The liberal members of this forum assert that whites know nothing about being black, and I will concede that that is probably true, but in return, I will posit that most of the conservative whites are not secret KKK members, and do not care what color someone is, but do care very deeply that everyone pull their own weight. Without the white vote, Obama could not have won the presidency. Don’t tell me that most whites are racist or I will use your argument and simply repeat like Alan that blacks know nothing about being white. We all know something about being human, and until we try to look at the problem in that vein we will continue with pointless bickering over semantics.

    • Jacki

      “Don’t tell me that most whites are racist or I will use your argument and simply repeat like Alan that blacks know nothing about being white. We all know something about being human, and until we try to look at the problem in that vein we will continue with pointless bickering over semantics.”
      So gosh-darned true. Well said.

    • Alice

      So true. Why would anyone want to go on the view. You got a black. gay, a crazymans wife, Oh, the host of a stupid show called Big Brother. The crazymans wife got the only two good host they had Lisa Remini and Holly Robinson Peet off the show. Now that I look at this, I am getting all these people mixed up with the talk. Another Liberal show. Don’t get me started about Joy Behar. Her and her buddy Michelle Obama were holding hands during that show. Joy was in heaaven or having an orgasum.

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        Oh no, Joy’s dream involves being on her knees in front
        of Obama! I swear, I think she does have an orgasm when he is on the VIEW! She is so “biased” and so “up their arses” that she is like a “pathetic puppy” desiring a
        “scratch on the head”! She is what could be called a
        “blow heart Liberal” with no reasoning or thought that
        she just might be wrong or even that someone may have
        a different “view” of what is best for America! Want to
        be “attacked” for not agreeing with Whoopie or Joy, get
        on the “view”! You will get “complete caos” with all
        talking at once! OUT OF CONTROL!

  • http://webpronews norma

    when a democrat goes on the veiew everyone and i mean everyone on the panel treats them with respect but when a replubican goes on the show they are always treated badly , i think its time for me to stop watching a show that i did love at one time its to bias

  • jasonwheeler97

    Ann Coulter has got to be one of the most arrogant people in today’s media, right up there with Bill Maher. They make these statements and present them as facts, as though they have researched every possible side of any issue on which they speak and therefore come across as the ultimate authority. They are so smug, angry and obnoxious, that any credibility which they might have, just makes you want you turn off whatever agenda they might be promoting.

    • Alice

      No Obamsa is the most arrogant person I know…..

      • Qiitxx

        Ann sounds educated to u because she is saying what you want to hear.

      • Qiitxx

        Bill maher s a comedian

        • Augie

          Bill Maher is no comedian. If you think he is funny then it just shows how ignorant you are.

  • Rore73

    Ann Coulter against 5 liberals, with an audience full of liberals who will side with anything any one of the 5 say, and Ann is trying to hit them with facts. Ann may not be as smart as I thought she was by being in that situation, but she can sure hold her ground in a riot!

    • Qiitxx

      You can’t stand to see whoopi because she has stepped out of the stereotype of the bugge eyed shufflen comedic black your use to. Because she expresses her view she is now met with impudence. Similarly, it is no doubt that you think president obama. Is arrogant.
      Though the black race is no longer subject to barter and sale, it is surrounded by an adverse settlement.. If blacks stay in there place they are met with no resistance, but if they try to persue the American dream they are met with resistance at every step of there progress. If they come in ignorance, rags and wretchedness they conform to the popular belief of there character, and in that character they are welcome; but if blacks come as a gentlemen, a scholars and a statesmen, they are hailed as a contradiction to the national faith concerning there race, and there coming is resented as a threat. In one case they may provoke contempt and derision, but in the other the black race is an affront to pride and provokes malice.”

      • Augie

        No we cant stand to see Whoopi because she is a dumb ass fool. She had no clue as to what she is talking about and neither do you. It’s the Dumocrats who are keeping the blacks down by supplying welfare, food stamps, entitlements, with no incentive to go out and get a job. It is not the Republicans doing this. What you are saying is racist rhetoric. And if what you say is true then how did Obummer get elected? Idiot

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        Respect for a black man or woman or a white man or woman is EARNED! That “devil of a president” has earned NOTHING!
        Pink, Black, White, Polka dot. it has nothing to do with his
        race, he has been a total “failure” to the American people!
        It would take a huge book to list his failures! In spite
        of his always blaming others, mainly Bush, he must own his
        “short cummings” and they are endless! God Help America
        if this “madman” is re-elected!

    • Donna

      Well, they are NOT all liberals on that panel. Elizabeth certainly is not. so, make sure you know what you are talking about before you type it.
      Elizabeth is sooo far from liberal, and she is entitled to her opinion as well as the rest of them. I do not always agree with all of them, but these women are NOT dumb, and they DO know what they are talking about. Seems like all men, bashing the View here. just sayin……….Strong women make men nervous. That is a fact, not with all men, but it sure is showing here!

  • Secret One

    I’ll say this…at least Ann Coulter is educated and speaks intelligently. Whoopi and Behar on the other hand are just arrogant opinionated liberals who sound stupid in comparison.

    • http://yahoo Don

      @secret One, you got that right!!! I used to like Whoopi’s movies, but now I can’t stand the sight of her, due to her Liberal racist, anti American views! The same goes for Behar, which I really can’t stand..or Barbra..whom wouldn’t know journalism anymore if it hit her in her face.

  • Roy

    Look at how this ‘article’ is set up…compare the academic credentials of coulter and whoopi. whoopi acts like a stereotypically enraged black woman, resorting to cursing…it’s funny to watch both sides act out their respective schticks for our entertainment. if this ‘racism problem’ were actually solved, what would the combatants do with no one left to fight?

    • E

      I wish it was funny. Unfortunately, when presented with facts that may conflict with perception, many people react emotionally – rather than try to consider whether there’s any merit. Whoopi accused Ann of saying things in that interview that she hadn’t said; Ann didn’t say anything about how black people feel. She was trying to express facts, as she believes them, but couldn’t finish a sentence. I wonder if Whoopi’s grandmother (as Whoppi threw in) was aware of whether the ugliness she experienced was conducted by Republicans or Democrats – or if it even mattered to her at that time. Perhaps some cooler thought is called for, rather than the visceral reaction we saw. Whoopi is the only intelligent person on the View’s panel – including the esteemed Barbara. I hope she’ll re-consider at least taking a second look. I do think that race is bandied about by people with an agenda other than improving the situation for anyone. What would Al Sharpton have to do in life if there weren’t any race-related issues?

  • Mikeytee

    When I was a kid my grandpa and I would take the bus downtown in Wichita to Woolworths for lunch. This was in the middle ’50s and they had a segregated lunch counter. I asked my grandpa why that was and he told me it was because people were ignorant. Ann Coulter is a snake who should just crawl back in her hole. The generalization she made in the comment above is an example of her ignorance, or else her desire to say anything that gets her more attention. I wouldn’t go see her if there was free beer.

    • Pauliam

      Dude, seriously, if free beer is flowing I can listen to this fool and Keith Olbermann for hours. Toss in some barbeque and I’ll stay and listen to Romney and Obama lie all day.

  • http://facebook.com/rls2011 robert

    I think whoopi the actress is amazing, but whooping the view host is totally biased. She is a democrat liberal whom is miss informed and believes she knows the facts, but her facts are grossly mistaken. I guess she thinks no research goes into the writing of a book of this caliber. Anne Coulter is a great researcher.

  • http://theamericanleft.com Shelly Wymer

    Will someone PLEASE teach Ann Coulter what civil rights really mean here in America?! This woman is only infamous for her loud mouth and ignorant, uninformed comments.

    • Augie

      Oh so why dont you tell us all about civil rights Ms. Wymer? On your best day you are not as intelligent as Ann Coulter on her worst day. Go back in your welfare line to collect your Obummer dollars idiot.

    • RAvenskeep

      And you believe that Whoopi, Joy, Sherri and Ba-ba are more knowledgeable of civil rights and civil liberties and they they are not just as loud and ignorant of the world?
      God, how nice to be able to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that liberals are the only intelligent people.

    • Frank

      Shelly , I wonder how your IQ would compare to Ann Coulter’s ?

    • Jesse

      Yeah Whoopie needs to shut up. Oh wait you were talking about Anne.

  • Peg

    Election time obviously brings out the worst in people…the “us” vs. “them” attitude. I am a married white female Catholic Democrat who voted for Obama before and I will do it again. Why? Because I don’t appreciate Conservatives sticking their noses into the choices I may make as a woman, or the choices my gay friends make…. While I deplore Ann Coulter, she certainly has the right to speak her mind about her opinions, as we all do! Just another reason this country is so great. We’re all not going to agree on everything. Personally, I go to work, take care of my family, pay my bills and try to treat others the way I want to be treated. Whoever wins the election, be it Repub or Dem, I just hope they do what’s BEST for EVERYONE in this country. In the meantime, I’m going to go live my life.

    • Spike

      Peg I assume that when you say you say “choices I make as a woman” does that mean you support abortion? With due respect, the teaching of the Catholic church is that any form of contraceptive or abortion is not allowed. So, if in fact you support abortion, you can’t say you’re Catholic. I do like what you say about free speech and the Golden Rule. It’s what Jesus taught!

      • jojo29

        i agree

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        If you vote for that “failure” Obama, you haven’t a prayer
        for success or prosperity unless you don’t mind an economy
        that is failing, greater divide in this country than ever,
        allies who hate and distrust us, a president who cannot even
        cover his heart properly in patriotism, hates Americans, loves muslims and bows to our enemies, disregards our needs
        for law breakers, ignores those who died for our freedom
        including Mr. Stevens. You have a “death wish” huh? When
        America does down, will you be proud you chose a LIAR to
        lead us to HELL?

    • RAvenskeep

      Peg, you got to be kidding? You think the conservatives “stick their noses into the choices I make…” You obviously are not up on Obamacare – passed by deceit and liberal backroom deals where your Catholic schools and businesses are going to be forced, yes I said forced, to provide birth control to their employees. How much deeper does this go that whatever burr you have with Conservatives? If you are concerned about the abortion thing, well, as a conservative who believes in the rights of the person who is self-reliant, so am I but the right to obtain an abortion will be around for quite a while while the right to NOT BE FORCED to provide birth control starts early next year, right after the election. Please get informed, and rethink your postion.

    • Laurie

      Peg, I guess you don’t mind the government telling you what medical treatments you can have. That is what Obamacare will get you. Hope you and your loved ones do not need dialysis or bone marrow transplants beause you just won’t be getting them. Ask Canadadians why they come to the US to get knee replacement surgery and pay out of pocket because they are in pain and can;t get that kind of surgery there. I will be for Obamacare when he and his family and all the goverment employees get it. Oh yes and all the union member that Obama has made exempt to get their vote. Then we would see how great they think it is.

    • jojo29

      As Catholics, we do have the right to use our conscience but on issues concerning the respect for life, these are non-negotiable. Catholics do not hate gays, they just don’t approve of sex outside of marriage for both heterosexuals and homosexuals and they do not approve of same sex marriage. Makes sense to me. I hope Obama brings you good luck because he is promoting the “death of children through abortion” and the death of the American Dream through “his social policies”

  • http://chucknorrisanti-obamaad tony

    why would anyone watch this garbage program ,most of the woman there would not know the truth if it hit them in the ass with a snow shovel,to much socialist liberal bs.

  • Howard Klueter

    More classy rhetoric from the Hollywood has-been, Ms. Goldberg! She obviously has forgotten — or doesn’t even know — what Malcolm X reportedly said about people who routinely use profanity. It certainly applies to her!
    Ann should have asked her: Do you know anything about being remotely intelligent?

    • Eric

      That is an awesome comment!

    • Gregory

      Why would Ann ask that – she is no where near intelligent herself.

  • Karenann

    Once again, the View women attack their guest and don’t give them a chance to clarify themselves. Real class act, Whoopi. There’s no reason for vulgarity on morning television.

    • http://yahoo steve frierdich

      Good remark there!I like that what you said let the guest finish their talk and Whoopi got so upset for hearing the word “black” and we are no saying the bad word at all.Get over it Whoppi!!

    • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

      Vulgarity is Whoopie’s middle name! I can only imagine
      how she was raised! She thinks nothing of “spewing her filth”
      and it just shows her lack of intelligence! I wonder what kind
      of example she sets for her child and grandchildren? Heaven
      forbid! I for one have had enough! Their “air time” should be given to a worthwhile show and not a “biased example of attack”!

  • RAvenskeep

    In all fairness, the libs of the View do not interrupt their guests any more than Hannity or Rush, however, Hannity and Rush do keep their remarks civil with no BullSh**s being yelled out at the guest. And who really gives a fart what Woopie Goldberg thinks anyway. She can’t act, can’t sing, and has not other visible talents except being a ultra-liberal black woman whose entire Schtick seems to be racist bound.

    • Gregory

      If she can’t do all that you claim – then why is she where she is and you are sitting behind a computer screen making accusations?

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        What she does or doesn’t do acting wise, has nothing to
        do with the fact that she is a “racist pig” who thinks
        she is always right! Her “big mouth” side-kick, Joy,
        is just as obnoxious! I am a former watcher but other than Elizabeth, I cannot watch these “biased racist pigs” and
        that includes “not so prim and proper” Barbara Wah Wah!
        This show is surely “on it’s way out”!

  • sharon

    Ms. Coulter speaks correctly about the roots of the Republican Party. She speaks the truth about the post-civil war democrats and their anti minority stance and tactics. A quick read (well, maybe not quick) of Gone With The Wind will confirm these things from a social point of view – politically, the subject is historically correct and you can find these facts, as Coulter has apparently done, just about anywhere in historical writings. HOWEVER – these roles changed forever in the 1950’s and we have people like McCarthy to thank for it. Republican views became completely different and former abolitionists who actually cared about demonized groups, shifted and RAN to the other side – the “democratic” party that Coulter speaks of was basically destroyed after the Civil War – it took on the more social views of people disgusted and disenchanted with “Republican” reconstructionists. Likened to the fact that early Republican moves in American Reconstruction were about harnessing the black vote and ultimately to be used against the bad boys in the south, there were no real plans to actually have black people in power – they were simply being used by the industrialized north to make more money and subjugate more workers. By the 1950’s things were somewhat out of control. The blacks weren’t stupid afterall. They demanded their freedoms and their participation without the puppetmasters. The cat was indeed out of the bag. McCarthy’s fear and control tactics were aimed at anyone not willing to lie down and take the white supremacist brand of medicine any longer. He rode high and was brought down – brought down by his own damning policies – that fear can, in fact, control the masses and the hordes, but only briefly – eventually people realize the only thing they have to fear is the guy telling them to be afraid. For even MORE historical “facts” about how you get your way when you are in or want more power – try reading Machiavelli – The Prince… the underlying rules have never changed – the folks in actual control here – they’ve just learned to hide their mongering better by tranquilizing the rest with dopamine saturated pleasures and fantasies of wealth and power shared with the little guy. That “trickle down” economics is really a ruse for bread and circuses and keeping people so busy surviving and pleasuring in between they have not the capacity to actually pay attention to the slight of hand before their very eyes.

    • beezee

      Bam! That was good!

    • https://yahoo.com Geria Wright

      Thank you Sharon for being such an insightful and very smart woman! To bad the women, especially Whoopi, doesn’t measure up to your calibre of intelligence…running purely on emotion is nothing short of mental illness!

      Too bad also Ms. Coulter was not able to finish a sentence much less her thought with the silly questions, accusations and belittling she took from these women but she was unpeturbed I’m sure by their obvious lack of knowledge on the historical/political metaphormisms of both the republican and democratic party.

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        Great comment and truthful as well Geria! I appalled
        at how these women on the “VIEW” attack their guests!
        It is a disgrace and all but Elizabeth should be fired!
        All the viewing audiance gets is Whoopie and Joy interupting
        and “spewing venom” about things they know very little about! I am reminded of a quote I once read, “Little
        Knowledge Is Dangerous”! To think that this “horribly biased” program gets “air time” greatly concerns me!
        Ms. Coulter handled the situation very “lady like” while
        the panel reacted like ” Pathetic desperate animals” caught
        in a trap! A “trap” of their own doing!

    • Morgan

      Thank you Sharon for the history lesson. I haven’t watched this segment of the show but I can only assume Ms. Coulter should probably not be so opinionated based on limited facts. From what I can see, she consistently comments on pre-McCarthy as if it is present. As you indicated, the parties did indeed change as well as their views.

      For the rest of you, Ms. Goldberg should not be excused for her use of profane language but it can be slightly offensive when a person of Caucasian descent feels her opinion is more factual regarding Black/African-Americans than someone who is clearly of that ethnicity. Inserting color into the mix, moves the discussion from politics to race relations.

      Goldberg didn’t do anything Limbaugh and O’Reilly have not done. Not all Liberals are defensive, some of us are conservative democrats/liberal republicans. There are some things we agree with on both sides.

  • http://christopherlondonblog.com Christopher London

    Ann Coulter is a phony and a fraud who subsists on Cigarettes, Vodka and Coffee (Caffeine). She incites to prey on America’s soul to sell her vapid books. This woman is literally and truly an ass-hole, and on some level she takes pride in. Ann Coulter offers America nothing.

    • Blane

      Christopher, so you pretend to know Coulter so well. Why are you so angry. The View IS a liberal based show. Coulter writes books and has an opinion. YOU just sit at home and get angry with others that don’t follow your viewpoint. Typical loser.

  • George McGill

    I do not need a history lesson from her/him….the history of the party she/he loves is of greed and destruction

  • http://christopherlondonblog.com Christopher London

    Ann Coulter is a phony and a fraud who subsists on Cigarettes, Vodka and Coffee (Caffeine). That is all she keeps in her house. This is what a crazy bitch sounds like who lives on Coffee, Vodka and Ciggy’s and liberal male penis. She incites to prey on America’s soul to sell her vapid books. This woman is literally and truly an ass-hole, and on some level she takes pride in marketing drek to those who barely walk upright. Ann Coulter offers America nothing. How do I know? Let’s just say she mostly gets phucked by liberal men. Ann Coulter is a political sideshow and a Carnival Barker. This phony bitch came to a New Years Eve Party I had after 9/11 in Soho.

    • Panda

      I know the truth hurts you Liberals. It’s ok…we conservatives understand the logic of rational thought, freedom of expression, and the righteousness of true capitalism. Keep lashing out…It makes her argument that much more effective. LOL

      • http://christopherlondonblog.com Christopher London

        Liberals? Everyone who disagrees with Ann Coulter is not a liberal and some of us have met this woman socially. Ann Coulter is an Act.

        • bill george

          to christopher the number of best sellers she has written is greater your i.q.

      • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

        You Christopher, are a “bafoon” who cannot stand the thought of a successful woman, educated, and writer
        “telling it as it is”! Stupid “liberals” such as “Whoopie
        and Joy Beyar” are the most opinionated, without facts,
        pathetic “loud mouths” on the air! The “VIEW” only presents
        subjects they can agree with! With the exception of Elizabeth, who studies her subjects, the rest are “COWS”
        being led to slaughter! Too bad they “bad knees” or they
        could fill “Monica’s Position” with Obama just as soon as he
        finishes “screwing” America! Two “racist pigs”!

    • http://christopherlondonblog.com Christopher London

      Straight up Ann Coulter is a “Right Wing Carnival Act” to sell books and I more than suspect that even she knows it. If she really hated liberals so much….she would not spend so much time getting drilled by liberal penis so much, sexually speaking. In the end, I have no idea what the hell this woman really believes but she gets bookings because she gets people excited one way or another and his highly controversial. But the thing that is given so little attention in the media is how profitable it is to sell right wing propaganda in America and how unprofitable it is to educate, enlighten and contribute to societal evolution.

      • theronin

        You’re an idiot. Ann Coulter just dominated 4 liberal women. She used a variety of facts and statistics to bolster her positions. From Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar: nothing. Joy Behar had heard the phrase “southern strategy” before, but obviously didn’t know what it meant. Being a liberal means never having to be informed.

    • Facts

      Christoper London… Really? How much do YOU know about Miss Coulter – besides that she is an American Layer, author and social and political commentator. Come out of your fog and tell Bill O’Reilly your story. You are in desperate need for ‘Anger Management’.

      • Facts

        Christoper London….continued. Please allow me to correct my spelling “Lawyer”

        • http://christopherlondonblog.com Christopher London

          Ann Coulter likes Liberal Penis an awful lot.

          • http://yahoo Mrs. J. McGrew

            Christopher, your language “speaks loudly” for
            your lack of intelligence! Name calling is what you expect from a “misguided”kinder garden student,
            certainly not from a grown man who might have been
            raised with morals and a degree of character! So
            sir, could it be that this beautiful lady did not
            give you “the time of day” when you were last in her company? Me thinks thee is a little “green”
            with envy!

  • jojo29

    Whoopi has had multiple abortions…read up on it…don’t take my word for it…her liberalism supports abortion as birth control…how responsible is that in this short life we have? What about the dead children who may have been doctors, nurses, or even the president of america

    • Gregory

      Since you don’t know her situation – you need not comment about it.

      • https://yahoo.com Geria Wright

        @Gregory, jojo29 is stating a FACT!

      • bill george

        to gregory achtung! comrad gregory i don’t want the liberl left nsdap showing up here to retrain me against freedom of speech.so i won’t comment NOT

    • http://yahoo dams

      It’s sad that Whoopi had abortins, but can you imagine another ugly person like herself!

  • Craig heinrich

    That’s what liberals do they shout down opinions of those who disagree with them. Liberals are only liberal when it comes to their policies. They have 0 tolerance for other opinions.

    • jojo29

      so true!

  • jojo29

    The view accuses Ann Coulter of anger etc. Well what about their totally rude, attacking, behavior. Whoopi and others are just bullies. Why would anyone in their right mind think they could civilly discuss anything with these women UNLESS it was something liberal?

    • Steve


  • Smooth Edward

    Ann Coulter is a law school graduate so she is the master at taking a single-fact and using it to make false generalizations. She is very bright, shrewd, and a first-class huckster. She also knows her brand, staying with making incendiary comments designed to provoke and doesn’t seem to mind people yelling at her if she can make a buck. Too many liberals fall into her trap, making desparate attempts to refute her arguments, which she brushes aside, saying the answer is, of course, in her book, the book she just happens to be selling.

  • http://webpronews RICHARD

    Forgive them Ann,,,, these Ladies live in a Fantasy, world…… never worked in a factory or reallll Jobbbb how much are they giving to help People . . . .

    • Sarah

      Just curious, what “jobs” as Ann Coulter held? She is a pompous b****. Don’t know why they keep giving her face time.

  • Joe

    spectacular! for starters what in the heck do whoopi and joy know about ANYTHING other than sitting up there every morning pandering to guests-unless conservative-and making dumbass comments, like they actually have a brain.to even equate those two clown w/ Ann intellectually is ridiculous. Ann is superior in every to everybody on that stage….by leaps and bounds. not to mention the fact that she is RIGHT!

  • John M

    Whoopi says for Coulter not to talk about things she isn’t informed about, and then says “Tell me how much you know about being black.”

    Hello, Whoopi? If Coulter had a degree in Black Studies or Black History from Bradley, she *still* would get the same criticism because:

    1) If she is still conservative, then she obviously didn’t learn much; and
    2) She is white, anyway, and therefore cannot possibly know what it is like to be black. But I bet you think Sean Penn does, and that certainly Bill Clinton does and you would listen to anything that they had to say.

    • Steve

      Ann’s book is about white liberals and their misuse of the “civil rights” tag. What does Whoopi know about being a white liberal. Using her own logic, Whoopi needs to shut up.

  • Mike

    i am a whie male with black friends. everyday i see many black and white people enjoying each other’s company as friends, associates, partners, etc… until the last few years i didn’t really see much if anything aboout racism and the black/white thing, and if i did it seemed to be positive. even commercials and tv shows are integrating people of all races more and more all the time, and it’s great. And even though i hear more and more about it in the media i don’t really see or hear people talking about it. i think we are all smarter than this. i don’t claim to be republican or democrat, and i have a couple of questions. if we are as racially divided as they want us to believe, how and why did president obama get elected, and if when elected he promised to unite the country more than ever and obviously we believed him because he got elected, are we being portrayed as so racially divided?
    is anyone else wondering this? doesn’t it seem like if the president wanted to unite us that he would condemn all of this?
    i think, “we the people”, should stand up and send a strong message to washington: we are not dumb, we can think for ourselves and stop cramming this down our throats everyday!!!
    let’s put this behind us, “again”, as we have been making so much progress in doing so, and get all people in this country back to work!
    who’s with me? do we need to all march on washington and show them that we just want our brothers and sisters to have jobs and careers? will this get washington to shut up all ready about racism and lead us out of this mess? this is so old, stop wasting our time and get back to work washington, or you all may be out of your jobs sooner than you think. we can do this if we stay strong and united, and i think the time is now!!! The media and gov’t will only keep doing this as long as we let them. thankfully our founding fathers were so smart, and knew their history. look what they did for us. we can unite and get done what needs to be done. who really cares about ms. goldburg and ms. coulter at the end of the day? they are what they are and it’s not for us to judge.

    written from my heart with nothing but good intentions and respect for all Americans……

    • Mr.T.

      I’m with you Bill. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I am Black and I brought up the same thing to other blacks, I even went a step further. I said that having a black president may have been the worst thing to happen and here is why…

      Even with a “Black” President, WE “BLACK” PEOPLE still can’t come together. Why is that? Hmmmmmmm….

      • Mr.T.


  • Steve

    You have to give Ann props. She stood in there and more than held her own while being attacked by 4 libs who talked over her answers, changed the subject, called her hateful and divisive all the while showing themselves to be hateful and divisive.

    Stick it to ’em Ann.

  • jank brock

    Mann Coulter is a simple stupid, aloof, mindless, moronic, ignorant, gender confused cu nt. Anyone that supports this gunch by buying her sh it or otherwise is a complete moron. All Coulter tries to do is shock sponge brained morons with her ignorance. This useless whore epitomizes the word c unt.

    • bob davis

      You make a fool out of yourself when you call her ignorant. She has a law degree and is a self made millionare..and you?

    • http://Yahoo Patrick

      What the hell is a gunch?

  • bob davis

    Whoppi ..the angry black woman ..baaa waaaa!

  • http://Yahoo Patrick

    You mean the 2 boobs didn’t get up and walk off the stage.

  • ConservaDave

    Goodness, this girl has guts to enter into that mindless snake pit. The four libs together have a IQ of about 85 and my head is spinning from their dizzying cluelessness. Sad how they are so brainwashed they cannot stop for 3 seconds to think about what drivel comes out of their mouths.

  • theronin

    These women, particularly Whoopi, Joy, and the other black woman are so uninformed it’s ridiculous. This is your livelihood. You could at least read Ann Coulter’s book or a review of it. I swear we’re very close as a society to that movie “Idiocracy.”

    • JD

      Why read when it is a waste of precious time !!

  • Black and White

    The View are a group of disgraceful women for promotion of Women’s Liberation.

  • Andre Williams

    I am a black male and the point that Ann Coulter is making is true. Originally it was the Republicans that were pushing integration and got the Voting Rights act passed . The first Black legislators and even governors were all Republicans.Southern Democrats attempted to block any civil rights agenda from being successful. Also it was the Republicans that made Martin Luther King Jr’;s birthday a national holiday after Jimmy Carter refused. The women of the view need to learn history before ignorantly responding on emotions and bad logic.

    • Mr Talk a lot


      Republicans made MLK JRs Birthday a holiday ?

      False/ False. Never got President Carters desk for starters.

      You are the one that needs to learn history.

      I also suspect you are not who you say you are.

      • Andre Williams

        Who made Martin Luther King’s birthday a national holiday? You may talk a lot but you don’t know your history. Ronald Reagan – a Republican

        • mr talk a lot

          President Reagan personally opposed it. (Public Record)
          The House approved it 338 to 90 and the Senate 78 to 22. Obviously Veto Proof.

          His reason “Congress seemed bent on making it a National Holiday” (Public Record)

    • Pauli

      Andre since you beleive you know the history, I have to tell you that you are wrong. I was a young adult during this period in history. The correct information is:
      In 1968, shortly after Martin Luther King died, a campaign was started for his birthday to become a holiday to honor him. After the first bill was introduced, trade unions lead the campaign for the federal holiday. It was endorsed in 1976. Following support from the musician Stevie Wonder with his single “Happy Birthday” and a petition with six million signatures, the bill became law in 1983. Martin Luther King Day was first observed in 1986, although it was not observed in all states until the year 2000.

      It took 15 years to create the federal Martin Luther King, Jr., holiday. Congressman John Conyers, Democrat from Michigan, first introduced legislation for a commemorative holiday four days after King was assassinated in 1968. After the bill became stalled, petitions endorsing the holiday containing six million names were submitted to Congress.

      Conyers and Rep. Shirley Chisholm, Democrat of New York, resubmitted King holiday legislation each subsequent legislative session. Public pressure for the holiday mounted during the 1982 and 1983 civil rights marches in Washington.

      Congress passed the holiday legislation in 1983, which was then signed into law by President Ronald Reagan. A compromise moving the holiday from Jan. 15, King’s birthday, which was considered too close to Christmas and New Year’s, to the third Monday in January helped overcome opposition to the law.

      In my personal memory, republicans and business did not want to pay for another legal holiday for workers. The Republican president was coerced to sign the bill by protests.

      Read more: Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/spot/mlkhistory1.html#ixzz27nuJghqe

      • shansien

        They can’t argue with her intellectually, which would benefit us all, so they have to resort to shutting her down. When she tries to answer them, they skip to the next topic. They missed the entire point of her argument. Disagree if you want, but they don’t even know what they’re disagreeing with. She’s talking about white liberals and how they use race to their benefit. They obviously didn’t read the book. If you’re going to have her on your show, at least be informed.

      • Sandy

        You talk like you really know the facts about Martin Luther King, Jr., but do you realize that Dr. King was a staunch Republican?

  • http://yahoo.com john Randolph

    Ann Colter doesn’t have a clue about anything, she is totally illogical
    and shouldn’t be allowed to be anything in the news media arena, she’s the typical white pig and gives true blondes a bad name.

    • Karen West

      Ann Coulter and “manners” in the same sentence? Has Ann Coulter ever treated anyone who disagrees her with respect? Screaming, insults and ranting are all she does.

  • Sherry M

    I am sick of the racism & liberalism on The View. Also, it is so rude to invite someone on the show then scream at them. If you don’t believe what Whoopi & Joy believe then it’s “bullshit”. Sherri is just along for the ride.

    I felt bad for Coulter, not because I believe her or not (I haven’t read the book), but because she was treated so poorly. I guess manners are not in vogue any more. I say “bullshit” to that.

  • Zadie Be

    Whoopi has mmade a stupid remark for you can research information on the different races and the problems they face so that blows her theory. I also know her favorite Obama uses race all the timme to get what he wants for example, he is a mixed race man who ran as African American to get the black and latino vote, when talking to a room of white voters he is all the sudden white having grandparents who are white, he then goes to Ireland and all the sudden he is Irish. His father never raised him and his grandparents plus mother were the only people who were there for him but he constanly listed himself as just African Ammerican which is a slap to his white family members. Why does he embrace one side who never gave a crap about him till he was famous and why is he not listed as a mixed race canidate bringing together both black and white because he has radical racist views even about himself. Does he not realize his children have white in them therefore he is discrimming against his own children by denying his real self. So Whoopi what do you really know?

    • Pauli

      Zadie Be: You mentioned race and nationalities 19 times in 5 very long run on sentences. Ann Coultor mentions race to push her book and get the attention she craves. The fact is that Obama is an American. That is his nationality. His personal history of his family roots would be his ethnicity. The facts are that his ethnicity is a combination of all of his parents, grandparents, great grandparents and so on.
      For example, I am an American. My ethnicity is German, Irish, Italian, French, Dutch, Swiss.
      By the way, I have never heard the President say anything racist about whites. I feel his daughters can be very proud of their father.

  • Deadliberal

    She makes good tv, that’s all. How many times can you interview an Osmand and expect an audience.

  • gary mckinley

    The only thing the libs’ care about concerning the black people is their vote. Except for a few blacks like Bomama they will keep giving welfare etc. to them so that the blacks that receive gifts will not take the initiative to make a success of themselves.

    • Kdiggs

      You are a genius. If a genius was an Idiot.

  • abe

    I don’t care what black people want.

  • http://www.examiner.com/user-celebs4truth Conspiracy Examiner

    Whoopie made herself look stupid and I don’t even like Coulter! LMAO!!!

  • Vicki Cade

    If Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t black, she would have absolutely nothing to talk about. She’s not too bright. Neither is her buddy Joy. I guess ignorance is bliss. Besides, I don’t put much credance into what an actress/actor has to say. After all, these are people who spend their whole life pretending to be someone else. Go figure.

    • Vicki C

      OMG Vicki Cade you are kidding, right? Are you so ignorant of the skill it takes to be “pretending to be someone else” and make it award quality (Color Purple comes to mind), oops you obviously are. It never ceases to amaze me when someone opens their mouth and without any thought lets crap fall out and that is what your statement was, pure and simple crap. I suppose you are clumping all actresses/actors into one lump? Even the ones with Mensa quality thought processes and major degrees in one thing or another. I believe that ability to pretend to be someone else is called talent and you obviously are devoid of both mental acuity and talent.

  • Rich

    These poor stupid and badly deceived liberals on the View get angry when confronted by the facts.

  • Kdiggs

    ANYBODY who believes EVERYTHING anybody says needs to evaluate their thinking. Dems are liars and repubs are liars. People need to figure out the truth by doing research. The hour people spend watching the
    VIEW go find the facts,do the numbers. Ann Coulture distorts the facts for her own gain. The VIEW has her on for ratings.

    • lori

      Amen Kdiggs.

  • Faye

    Ann Coulter has a tendency to speak about issues she knows nothing about, she it the one that stated “our blacks are better than theirs” regarding Herman Cain and Barack Obama. That is racist pure and simple. Ann is mean spirited and hateful, She is very ignorant. She should take some ethnic studies courses.

    • jim

      ok Faye – what makes you the expert? When you’re seen on national TV and have a successful career then you can sound off on your research rather than emotion.

  • kathy

    Regardless if you agree with a guest’s viewpoint on your t.v. show, you should have the decency to at least let them speak. The morons on the show (Joy, Whoppi and sometimes Sherri) were so rude to Ann Coulter. They screamed and shrieked at her the whole time she was on and wouldn’t even let her speak. She should have walked off and while doing so, use a hand gesture they would all have understood.

  • LO

    It’s all to make money…………… and people fall for it!! Ann tells racist people what they want to hear

  • Bam

    Whoopi doesn’t have a monopoly on racism. I went to school in South Carolina and had money stolen and got into fights for no reason by Blacks on a daily basis, “thats right, it was broad daylight so I saw them”, didn’t imagine it. My father, was in the military so traveled alot and each school was the same. So don’t tell me about your poor racist stories because they are played out. The civil war has been over for decades and affirimative action was meant to make whites feel guilty,so lets give them something. We are always giving them something. Like welfare,section 8 housing etc. It’s time to grow a pair and work two jobs like the rest of us. Your so called leaders Al Sharpton is a liar and a racist, Jackson cheated on his wife and make’s a joke of real civil rights leaders, that actually suffered while jackson profited, and Farakhan is a murderer and trouble maker, so Whoopi go to hell. There is alot of racism on your side………….

    • MsVee

      Sorry you’ve experienced bulliness. I am a retired veteran and have kids so I sympathize with your constant change of school. However, you are distorting facts. Statistically, there are more whites on welfare and section 8 than any other minority. Secondly, I am black and came from well educated parents; a physician and sociologist. My parents worked hard to put my brother and I in school. My father was a Vietnam Veteran. Regardless of your perception, Louis Farakan, Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson does not represent the entire race. There is good and bad in everyone and I pray that you remove all of your stereotypes and hatred from your heart and embrace the goodness of all. Who knows your story of what happened to you as a child could be a lesson in healing for others. Think about it. God Bless you!!!!

      • Brenda Bryant

        I Will never get use to, seeing or hearing such madness. Ugliness in a different form, but still ugliness. I thought the 2008 election bought out the craziness and haters. But this election top it. I see and hear things from people that I thought I knew, make me just ill. In and out of the Church. weather you believe in the Bible or not. It’s word is coming to past. Wow.

  • delores allen

    Some of the history Ms. Coulter is saying goes way back and these are true facts. It’s the way she is presenting it and distorting history to suit her agenda that is the problem. She’s using her race card too, and even if the women on the view are emotional it’s good for TV ratings.

  • http://n/a Thomas C Carman

    The only way that black people can get up is to send that whoopie thing back to the the other..world…today.

  • Dom Artois

    Whoopi’s wrath?? What a joke. The most intelligent thing that ever came out of that dullard was the fart she cut on TV. (Real classy, Whoopi!) Coulter (as usual) showed that the liberal cows on The View haven’t a combined IQ of 50. None of them could refute anything she said or the facts laid out in her excellent book.

  • Dom Artois

    Oh, and screaming “bullshit” is not a rebuttal, it is a concession that you have no rebuttal. Whoopi is a clown.

    • Steve Callander

      That is not a concession, ignorant dumb****; It is an exasperated contradiction to a statement made by an woman that has no filter between the insane illogic in her brain and her never silent mouth.
      Her inability to show empathy for anything, save her own narcissistic viewpoint, is STAGGERING , as is your decision to back a complete whack-job like her. Don”t bother attempting a retort, you might embarrass yourself further, besides I won’t be back to suffer comments from a fool such as you!

      • M.O. Jones

        You are right,Steve Callander. Ms Johnson, AKA: Whoopie Goldberg, is an ignorant woman. Her Daughter is a pretty girl though

        • Denisa


    • http://yahoo wendy

      When Whoopie says bulls— she’s not making a retort, she is calling Ann Coulter a liar. which is true.

  • Carl Homish

    Why do the women of the View bother with the trash of Ann Coulter. She is a crazy bitch with an axe to grind. Leave her to her own world.

  • Sandra Hess

    Skinny bitch!

  • lemuel taylor

    Whoppi is a loud mouth pig. knows nothing at all about politics.

  • http://none Maria tracy

    The View owe’s her a apology, they were against here before she even opened her mouth….like they are so SMART!

  • JD

    They should never let that Ann Coulter on these programs. She writes controversial books to make money and gets a kick out of calling decent people Liberals. Liberals is a good word and and should only be used by decent people !!

    • John

      Most liverals are not are not decent people, they are angry, visous and hateful.

      • hilldweller

        Howdy, John – you just might want to do a spellcheck before you post a comment. Otherwise some of those indecent, angry, and vicious liberals might think you are an ignoramus.

  • mickey thompson

    the only thing i like about whoopie is that she wont let anyone call her african american because she can’t be because she was born in the united states im half cherokee indian but i don’t tell anyone that im indian american.i was not bourn in a tee pee

  • hilldweller

    Seriously, has anybody ever tried to read one of her books? To quote the president of Fordham College “her rhetoric is often hateful and needlessly provocative — more heat than light — and her message is aimed squarely at the darker side of our nature.” To read her books and many of the comments on this site – nonfactual, racist, disrespectful, and mean-spritied – seems to prove his point. Coulter once was a fairly decent journalist. Now, she is the worst kind of hack – using the the kind of reasoning and writing that diminishes all of us.

  • Jacquelyn Collier

    Gee! that lady needs to become an AfroAmerican woman,homeless and back
    in the 1940’/1950’s for one-month in New York city ,bet her tune would change…..wish I could see that!

  • Sandy

    I can’t believe anyone with any integrity whatsoever would put themselves in a position to be denigrated by those she-wolves on “The View”. I have tried to watch it a couple of times and I never knew what anyone actually said that made sense because they all talk at same time, each trying to talk over the other one. It’s like group therapy at a mental institution. How they stay on TV is beyond me, but then I guess there are a lot of people who identify with them. No wonder this country is going to hell in a handbasket.

    • Rachel

      I used to watch the View. I finally had enough of the liberal mess,and stopped watching. The show should be titled “Liberal Bull” starring ……
      It is a disgrace!

    • choulahan001@yahoo.com

      Sandy, perhaps you should leave this country since “it is going to hell in a handbasket?” and could you please take Ann Coulter with you?

  • Carrie

    But Ann Coulter does stir the hornet’s nest. She is so smug and thinks she’s righteous. I have had my fill of her. If she turned sideways & stuck out her tongue, she would look like a zipper!

  • Susan

    What a waste of time listening to Ann Coulter. She has successfully uses her own myopic hatred, to race bait any topic you can think of. Ultimately, her consciousness goes from one end of a dollar bill to the other. What a waste of space and time when we could that time to work together to make our country great!

  • BarbL

    Just listen to her ‘facts’ on voter fraud ………..I can’t stand Ann~ she could give a big rats butt about anyone but her pocket book. And it’s stuffed full. Shame on all of us.