Ann Coulter Calls Obama “Retard”, Called Out By Special Olympics Athlete

    October 24, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Ann Coulter has something to say, chances are she’s going to anger a lot of people. The use of social media allows her to do that very quickly, and when she tweeted some very controversial posts after the most recent Presidential debate, she caught the attention of someone who was able to see past her affinity for ruffling feathers and pen a letter which was so well thought-out and devastating in its honesty that it is now garnering national attention.

30-year old John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics athlete, had this to say in an open-letter response:

Dear Ann Coulter,

Come on Ms. Coulter, you aren’t dumb and you aren’t shallow. So why are you continually using a word like the R-word as an insult?

I’m a 30 year old man with Down syndrome who has struggled with the public’s perception that an intellectual disability means that I am dumb and shallow. I am not either of those things, but I do process information more slowly than the rest of you. In fact it has taken me all day to figure out how to respond to your use of the R-word last night.

I thought first of asking whether you meant to describe the President as someone who was bullied as a child by people like you, but rose above it to find a way to succeed in life as many of my fellow Special Olympians have.

Then I wondered if you meant to describe him as someone who has to struggle to be thoughtful about everything he says, as everyone else races from one snarkey sound bite to the next.

Finally, I wondered if you meant to degrade him as someone who is likely to receive bad health care, live in low grade housing with very little income and still manages to see life as a wonderful gift.

Because, Ms. Coulter, that is who we are – and much, much more.

After I saw your tweet, I realized you just wanted to belittle the President by linking him to people like me. You assumed that people would understand and accept that being linked to someone like me is an insult and you assumed you could get away with it and still appear on TV.

I have to wonder if you considered other hateful words but recoiled from the backlash.

Well, Ms. Coulter, you, and society, need to learn that being compared to people like me should be considered a badge of honor.

No one overcomes more than we do and still loves life so much.

Come join us someday at Special Olympics. See if you can walk away with your heart unchanged.

A friend you haven’t made yet, John Franklin Stephens
Global Messenger
Special Olympics Virginia

  • Ann

    Oh, gentle one, you are wrong. She is “dumb and she is shallow” and not worth listening to, ever.

    • Jimmy

      That is one awesome letter. Way to go, John Stephens.

    • Jennifer

      I don’t ignore anything Ms. Coulter says. But that was an unforgivable remark. Your response is moving. Bravo!

  • vincent ronzano

    The comments I have for Ann Coulter would not be published. A more vicious and sarcastic person in this world would be hard to find.She epitomizes the “B” word.

  • V in Chicago

    Obviously this young man is more mature and intellectually advanced than Ms. Coulter.

    Oh, and were is Sarah Palin’s rage? I thought she was offened by someone using this terminology. Or is it only at certain people or political foes?

    • Waldo

      I agree. Coulter is a slob. She does more harm than good for Romney.

    • dar robinson

      I realized you just wanted to belittle the President by linking him to people like me. tat assumption in and of itself shows this guy to be very un-smart,
      She had no intention of linking the president to “people like him”
      The term retard does not link anyone to a person who has down syndrome, but it does go pretty far as to say where his mindset is!!
      The pres is a stupid, lying man and if someone wishes to call him a retard, that is their choice and should not be slammed by idiots who think they are qualified to post letters!!
      I agree with Ms. Coulter and she has the right to say what she did, as the president is a retard and has not anything to do with down syndrome people!!
      Are all DS people called retards? I have never heard that and I would think that this guy is just being all inclusive and dumb!!
      Go get em Ann!!!!!!

      • Dave

        Yes, Ann has the right to say anything she wants, that is what freedom of speech means. However, the remarks show what an uncaring, disgusting, horrible creature she truly is. I admire the gentleman that wrote this response to her tweet. She should be ashamed, but, because of the publicity this tweet is receiving, Ann is probably rejoicing because it will mean more money in her pocket and conservatives like Ann only admire and worship money and power, everything else can be damned.

    • Polly

      Even though Palin’s last child is affected by Down’s Syndrome, I would be willing to bet she has him covered by both Medicaid and SSI and doesn’t want to draw any attention to herself. Kind of like hearing a defense from Bachman about why she missed 90% of the votes in Congress. Coulter is a venomous, hateful women whose views reflect only those of a minority made up of nut-cases. We need start boycotting the media sources giving her a platform.

  • Larry Fyne

    Eh…it’s her opinion. So what if she called him a retard? I’m sure Mr. Stephens can be proud of his accomplishments as are many others, including myself, but what’s one have to do with the other? He stated his opinion & so did she. Who, besides the politically correct vocabulary police, cares what term(s) Ann Coulter uses in her commentary?

    • Michael Hrabosky

      Mr. Fyne,

      You truly do fit in with the Coulter crowd!!!!!

  • Luciano Beltran

    Mr. Stephens, you assume that she was describing a person like you when she used retard. Her definition of retard could be something else. If she used the word idiot would you assume she also described you? This is America whee Ifought in the military so people like Ann Coulter, you and me can say things freely without others restricting my free speech. You are a victim of Down Syndrome but that does not give you the right to say who can use the word retard in this country. This statement leads me to be lieve that you think yu are a retard. You assumed she described you instead of describing a person she considered as an idiot.

    • Michael Hrabosky

      Mr. Beltran,

      Your comments are not only ignorant, but unbelievable. I actually proudly served in the military, did you? Please please please do not use the proud men and women i who have served or are currently serving as an excuse for YOUR ignorance. It is offensive and NOT the reason we serve.

      • wiggy18

        prior service, also, and yes siree bob, people do have first amendment rights, which include making a complete horse’s butt out of themselves. at least, ann coulter is getting her pieces of silver for being divisive on purpose and for being the south end of a north bound mule…

        • Michael Hrabosky

          Thanks wiggy! And thank you for your service!

    • Chris H

      Mr Beltran,
      You ae now going to tell us what the meanings of Ann Coulter’s words are? How do you know that Ann Coulter equates retard to mean idiot? Using your Veteran status to de-mean someone and defend the insensitive and ignorant rantings of Ann Coulter is despicable and disheartening. I hold our Veterans in the highest regard but to use being a Veteran as an excuse for being an A**hole doesn’t hold water sir.

    • Janet

      Mr. Beltran,
      Do not patronize Mr. Stephens. As a person with Down’s Syndrome, not a victim of it, I’m sure that he has heard others as ignorant and despicable as Ms. Coulter use the term “retard.” Mr. Stephens seems to be aware, as I’m sure you also are, the historical negative connotations associated with the word.
      I would like to express my gratitude to you for serving this country to protect our rights and freedoms. However, as with any right or freedom, there is a certain amount of responsibility attached. Simply put, just because you can say it, doesn’t mean you should.

  • Darlene

    Ann, quit being a bully … and use your words! you should know better…

    • wiggy18

      In her case and in the right wing’s answer for W.C. Fields, Rush Limbaugh; the hype is more important than the message. Like Sarah Palin, when sledding got tough in Alaska, she resigned as Gov., and made 15-20 million selling her brand. SELF-PROMOTION! It’s about the money, as much or more than principles. unless the principle is about their bank account… book deal, talk show; anyone?

  • carol taylor

    Why do people get so upset when Right Wingers call Liberals names, yet they do it all of the time. It’s not what you are called, but who do you answer by?

    • Shane Frazier

      Carol Taylor….are you Serious? Did you really miss the point of the argument THAT much to where you took the opportunity to simply use this Twitter response as some partisan rhetoric? It is your comments that are ‘dumb and shallow’.

      You insensitivity is appalling, but very expected from posters who hide behind their typed words.

      You are proof that we don’t need better leaders, we need better followers.

  • Michael Hrabosky

    Mr. Stephens!

    Bravo!!! You spoke for all of the brave and strong people as yourself. My nephew is also a “gifted” individual as yourself.

    Unfortunately people like Ms. Coulter will never ever know what strength, dignity, honor and courage really mean!

    Again Thank you!

  • Stan

    John, that was a wonderful reponse and would cause anyone to relect and digest your message, however, Ann Coulter is not anyone or anything, she is a member of a small group in the world who are without conscious, morals or ethics. Her value as a contributing member to society are only worth the time the media, yes,the media, give to her. Stay cool and hope to see you in the next olympics!!!

  • http://yahoo cd

    Ann puts the C in the C word

  • Joe

    Ann Coulter = a four letter word that ends in *unt – and I don’t mean “AUNT”

  • Terri

    you are AMAZING. I hope that fox new picks up on this and make her apoligize. probably not. 2 weeks ago I happen to be on a cruise with
    about 300 special needs people. and my god they just energized most people on the cruise that came in contact with them. I thinl they were
    called something like we are people too. they were from atlanta. my were they great. so she needs to apoligize in a be way. the best to you.

  • wayne gray

    I am not surprised by her comments, it does seem that most republicans are rude and mean spirited,

  • right of attilla

    God Bless you Ann….. You are right on. Obama is a retard if he was delivered to work at the white house by school bus it would be the short one. Wake up idiots…Face reality….

    • Peter Huddy

      You and your tactless, foul mouth are just as bad! Have you no sensitivity AT ALL???
      Pete Huddy

      • wiggy18

        *N*C*A*A [no class at all]

  • Peter Huddy

    Shame on you, Ann Coulter! With all your God-given intellect, you still can’t make your point with gentleness and sensitivity, even when it involves developmentally challenged individuals? There ought to be a law against such cruel slurs, with an appropriate sentence for tactless people like yourself. Either find a new word or cease commenting!!
    Pete Huddy

    • Shirley

      Shame on you Peter Huddy….. How can anyone keep up with what is Political Correct these days. Even the word “the” seems to be unsuitable for the left wingers. There is no shame in being retorted. The shame is being deliberately retarded. Maybe a better word is “brain-dead” but then you would have to take them off life support! Such a shame!

  • Jack Abramoff

    Ann Coulter, ladies and gentlemen, once again proving the GOP’s mind-boggling propensity to alienate and project. Obama’s got twice Romney’s IQ and four times hers.

    I think Obama would even look better in a slinky red dress.

    • Shirley

      Gary, are you a traitor too? Is there only 4 letter words in your vocabulary? Is anyone that disagrees with you a slut? How shallow!

    • chris

      Do not clump all Republicans together with the likes of Ann Coulter. I have never alienated anyone and I do not appreciate you including me in such an act simply because I vote Republican. By you assuming ALL of us alienate and project you are showing your own bias. Please stop that type of thinking.

  • Gary

    I think she intended to say “mentally challenged” Democrat but, I know what she meant. By the way, thanks for the photo and story of the guy with Down Syndrome. We all know her statement was offensive to a lot of people. We don’t need the object lesson.

  • http://yahoo oscar

    ed schultz was right when he called her a slut !!

  • http://yahoo Ralph Hunkey

    Go Ann……………I think we all know what your comments refer to….the truth always hurts when you are a fraud like the one now in the whitehouse….GOD, yes I said GOD bless you….

    • Dan

      and you think its fine that she uses the word “retard” in this sense…grow up!!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Ken May

    Does anyone know what Ann Coulter has ever done except spew hate in order to sell books? It is an outrage that the national media gives her any attention since she has no credentials to speak credibly on any subject. She might be a great spokesperson for broom manufacturers.

  • Dee

    Beautiful letter that reflects the feelings of our most innocent. Ann runs her mouth loosely and hasn’t learned that there are paybacks. Disrespectful, rude, heartless, and ugly people like her have the biggest falls….can’t wait to see that. Actually this letter, in my opinion puts her to shame and does that. What is ironic is that an “R” (according to her) has taught her a lesson in plain and simple words, something despicable Ann will probably not even grasp or take the time to read.

  • Shirley

    Calling Obama “retarded” is being kind! He is a murderer, liar and should be tried for treason! He knew, in real time, about the attack in Libya. Anyone that supports this traitor hates this country!

    • http://www.yahoo.com Ken May

      I didn’t know Ann Coulter had a sister.

    • Michael Hrabosky

      Ma am,

      I proudly served 23 years in this countries military and strongly support our President If President Obama should be tried for these crimes, then what should we do with Mr. Bush (Both of them) and Mr. Cheney? We never did find WMD’s and how many lives were sacrificed for that claim. I personally saw my brothers in arms and friends die, because of the falicy Mr. Bush painted. Although I didn’t agree with him, I did my duty honorably, because that is what I was asked to do!

      Please tell me a little about your background? I don’t expect an intelligent response, so any reply would be appreciated.


  • Dan

    The bottom line is Anne Coulter is vile…I don’t need to call her a name…she’s just vile. First of all…it’s completely uncalled for at all levels whether you approve of President Obama or not. Its very sad in our country that people like Ann Coulter who are so “highly regarded” by some…can use their position in such a way. It seems this country anymore is about being nasty and causing people to hate each other. If she is a Christian…as she claims to be…she should act like one and try to be a healing force and not a force of separation. Oh wait…that what she’s getting paid to do..duh..I forgot! Enough said

  • http://webpronews-Rword karen_donley@yahoo.com

    Thumbs up to John Stevens!!!!!

  • Bryan

    Yeah well, so what. Obama is using the term “He is not one of us”. Code word for he is a Mormom. If a white guy said that about Obama he would be labeled a racist. Obama is a bigot and is trying to use bigotry to win this election.

  • Jan Miller

    The real tragedy is that we live in a country where bitter, no-talent trash-mongers like Rank Limberger, Glen “Porky” Beck, the entire Joseph Goebels Award-Whining propaganda staff at Farce News, and this dried-up shrew can actually ply their trade.

    And just like their inspiration Joseph Goebels, they prey on the weak-minded, uneducated, paranoid low-life of our nation; full-knowing that their garbage is recognized for being just that by an educated, informed society. As Horace Mann said to P.T.Barnum “There’s a sucker born every 30 seconds”; and as long as that continues, this bony horse-faced hag will have an audience and a career of which only she can be proud.

    • bill_edwards77@yahoo.com

      Hey Jan…the truth hurts–you display the liberal’s “tolerance” you demand from everyone else. You can always tell what gets under a lib’s skin the most by how vile they get–but turn it on them and they get the ACLU (American Communist Lovers Union) on the line and want the First Amendment removed–except for people who agree with them.

  • augustus franklin

    Ann is exercising her first amendment right to free speech…good for her. Any society without humor is one I don’t want to live in and I find Ann Coulter intelligent, droll and exceptionally correct. As such, perhaps thats what many find so irritating about her, but then again, really smart people seem like really crazy people to really dumb people. Retard is a word…in an orwellian society words are dangerous, in a Republic they are fun. Grow up and Grow a sense of humor, remember, when you try to idiot proof society, you end up with a society of idiots….

  • JRC

    As much as I love Ann…and I do. This was really a bit uncalled for and only serves to bring her down to the level of most Liberals who often rely on name calling as a first resort. Ann, should know that and should have chosen her words a little better.

    • Janet

      As a democrat,a liberal, a college graduate, and educator, I NEVER rely on name calling as a first resort. Lumping all liberals together is as wrong as lumping all conservatives together. I’m sure if you continue to watch FoxNoise you’ll be able to guess my weight and height, too.

  • Gabriel Garnica

    Coulter should know better, but Democrats cannot use this in any way since they showed zero sensitivity in the case of Palin’s family. I bet they will try because they have no scruples, little memory of their own screw-ups, and lots of gall and desperation.

  • Bjorn Toulouse

    Ann looks like Iggy Pop

    • bryan

      Haha, Ive always tried to pin down who she looked like, and that is the best call Ive ever heard. Im dying over here, thank you

  • Royce Logan

    Ok for the liberals to call Romney a murderer, a tax cheat, and a liar, conservatives homophobes, racists, and liars.

    • J

      But Royce, Romney is a tax cheat, liar, homophobe and racist. Anybody with common sense would be able to see that.

      • Marc

        What a liberal douche

  • DG

    Stupid is as stupid does, and this Ann Coulter sure is the poster child for that!!!


    SO ann said that about the obominator, no one else!!! now tell me why do liberals always jump between the bullit and its intended target!.she wasnt talking about anyone else, so stick it up your pruis.

  • Mack

    Down Syndrome people do not want to be associated with Obama. Where is your political correctness. Glad she didn’t say fat, cause I am and being called fat would insult me.

  • LL


  • David Willis

    I notice a glaring missing person in the response to the incredibly insensitive comment by the incredibly insensitive Ms Coulter. Where, pray tell is the quick to correct anyone that is the least bit liberal Special Needs advocate Sarah Palin? Oh, I forgot, she has a inability to EVER be critical of conservatives even when they use despicable language like Coulter used here.

  • DB

    My, aren’t we the sensitive nation!

  • larry

    lets see if sarah palin attacks coulter

  • Billy

    A very poor choice of words by Coulter. I have couseled my kids to never ever use it. She should have said that Obama is veracity-challenged. He lies about the attack on our embassy in Libya and the troop draw down as we pulled out of Iraq. It is embarrassing to me as an American. Emails are are being made public indicating that the attack in Libya was made known to the President as it was happenning. We could have scrambled jets and been there in an hour. It is true.

    • Carl

      And What do you think those jets would do? uncover the basterds hiding in the weeds? With this kind of atttack, in an hour those people would be long gone.

      Sometimes it makes sense to think just a little bit before we shoot.

  • Dernitgirl

    really..really she owes an public apology..If she’s not a racist she sure in the heck is doing a great job of trying to hide it. ha ha. so not laughin. She has a serious problem.

  • patricia wilcox

    Ann Coulter is right on the money. Obama doesn’t know how to answer with facts, so he lies, like a child right on, Ann.

    • alison bbb

      Your blatant ignorance and hideous commentary is scary. Please look at all of the issues, and learn to think for yourself. This hateful rhetoric is not necessary. Be kind!

    • rick

      patricia get back behing the stove where a tnuc truly belongs.Oh,and stifle yourself.

  • Dom Artois

    Liberal hypocrisy at its best. Coulter says something specifically about Obama and they lose their minds in (phony) outrage. Obama SPECIFICALLY insults the entirety of Special Olympians and no one bats an eye. Liberals are insane. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E-EdGul8nI

  • Rob Van

    I don’t believe this is a legit letter. If the man did write it , he had help from someone else! This PC country is getting really annoying. What’s next, idiot, moron, or stupid? I’m going to use any word I choose including niggardly, so get over it!

  • http://beyond-the-political-spectrum.blogspot.com/ Beyond The Political Spectrum

    This is the same woman who claims George Bush II “excelled” academically at Harvard. What an attention wh*re!

  • eric

    someone duct tape this bitch already.more garbage comes out her mouth everytime she speaks.she really has foot in mouth diaese.

  • Marc

    Hypocrites! Come on, where are all of you when liberals eviscerate Sarah Palin and her Down Syndrome son???? Are you kidding me?? The sick perverted things that hundreds of libs said (including ‘comedians’ and other hollywood ‘entertainers’)makes saying ‘retard’ look like a compliment. GET A GRIP!

    • http://yahoo bucknaked

      Well said

  • Ro Clooney

    I don’t understand-be ye Republican, Democrat, or Independent-how anyone can give the woman 1 second of their time on this earth. It scares me to hear of people ‘liking’ her. She has made a profession of bullying, ridiculing, and demeaning people just because, she can. I have never heard anything out of her mouth worth quoting, her beliefs are very similar to a 6th grade girl who happens to have a filthy mouth and mommy has spoiled. She comes on talk shows not really saying anything but curling her mouth and spewing hate filled slander because it sells her books and keeps her in front of the camera. Mr Stephens has more class, a higher level of thinking, and most of all-compassion than she will ever have in her life.I’m sick of bullies. No one is safe from her evil.

    • phyllis


  • heidi

    I don’t care if you agree with the President on the decisions that he has made or not. You should at least respect the the man that is in the office and is in that position. I really do not think that any of us would make all the correct decisions 100% of the time if we were in that position. In regards to the wonderfully worded letter. I completely agree with him. There is so much that people with disabilities go through that those of us with out such disabilities will never know. That is in my opinion part of the problem with this country. We have lost the ability to be considerate and truly care about our fellow Americans.

    • http://yahoo bucknaked

      Do you really think he acts presidential ?

      • bucknakedandstupid

        yes, he is presidential. anybody not presidential is someone named bucknaked and bucknakedandstupid.

    • Kevin

      heidi, People earn respect, Obama has not done that. He is a horrible roll model, lying,blaming others for things he has blatantly screwed up. As far as the word “retard”, I never link it to someone with downs syndrome or that is challenged in school. Instead I link it to someone that makes dumb decisions time and time again.

  • Ohcomeon

    Why do people let this woman speak? Seriously – she needs to have her vocal cords cut.

    • http://yahoo bucknaked

      Because she is an American and we have the right to say what we believe even if you do not agree with what she said, Obama made a similar remark four years ago were you outraged then ? I doubt it

    • Kirk Estes

      Ann speaks the truth and the truth many times hurts! You libs have to be in a lot of pain all the time!

    • KW


  • vicki

    While I don’t condone Ann’s actions, I don’t recall seeing or hearing about John Franklin Stephens responding to President Obama when he compared his poor bowling skills to The Special Olympics

  • Shawn

    Although I understand what she meant, Ann must learn to make use of a different word. My middle school son has had to bear the brunt of ridicule which included the word “retard” and this due to his mental challenges. I’d prefer not to lump my son with politicians labeled retarded.
    Thank you.

  • Alan Alfich

    Thanks John for demonstrating an intelligent and mature way to communicate to Ms. Coulter, who has spewed forth vile hatred in the guise of the name of Jesus through the Fox network and her own venues for so long. Coulter is simply a mulllah of the tea party, yes, mullah, analogous to the pseudoleaders of Islam who preach hatred to those unwilling or unable to observe, learn, and work through compromise and love with their own wisdom and knowledge. Coulter will use anyone, and everyone, who is outside of her small range of life, making fun and abusing anyone she wishes, all for money and the perception of intelligence to her fellow members of the tea party. John, thank you, you are a beautiful example of the American spirit and thought and you have brought yet another level of exposure of who Coulter is.

    • http://webpronews Danno

      Alan you’re a lib retard…that’s as intelligent as I can muster with such a cliche’ post as yours…you are generic and not at all creative in your thinking processes if in fact they exist within your gray matter…time to grow up little girl…

      • Alan Alfich

        I just pulled a coulter on you

      • KW

        danno … esad

        • Alan Alfich

          Danno must protect mullah at any cost

  • Edward Casey

    Not to excuse Ann Coulter’s insensitve remark, but if I am not mistaken, it was our current sitting President, speaking without his teleprompter a few months ago, who also made some disparaging remarks about the Special Olympics. Strangely, there was very little in the news about that.

  • RC

    Retard is not the R word. Free speech is a good thing-if you agree
    with the big O. There is no such thing as a retard today. You have
    to say mentally challenged Ann. Just say Obama is mentally challenged, if that’s what you mean. No proof he’s not!

    • KW

      what about you RC … in much of the known world, anyone who would express appreciation CtC is clearly retarded in the purest sense of the word.

      • RC

        I am, but I know it.

    • KW

      what about you RC … in much of the known world, anyone who would express appreciation for CtC is clearly retarded in the purest sense of the word.

    • russelle

      I guess your definition of excellent is vastly different than most of us. I see her as the queen of hate.

  • K

    As an exceptional author, speaker and political personality – I know you always choose your words very carfefully, Ann! Webster’s definition of retard:a person who is stupid, obtuse, or ineffective in some way. The word describes characteristics of Obama, clearly not you John Stephens!

  • Tom

    I would’ve taken all day to come up with a response too, and it STILL wouldn’t have been as good as this guy’s. Well done.

    • russelle

      Remember? She’s the one that said, “if romney is our candidate, we will loose this election”. I hope she is right with that statement. The queen of hate.

  • Patrick Henry

    I Love Ann Coulter!!! Tells it like it is!!! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…then it must be a duck!!! Way to Go Ann!!!

    • Jim

      You and ann should get together,your intellengence would
      make america proud.Bullys like you and her were probably
      hits in high school.

  • http://yahoo Gene Snider

    is this the same ann coulter that was on the Geraldo show and showed him everything while he was trying to talk about oj simpson the innocent murderer,,and she calls Obama a retard and you’ve got the balls to print this on yahoo home page ,,my my my what is this world coming to

  • Richard

    She should have used a different word. And, aren’t people so very “thin-skinned” these days ?!? Does the phrase “thin-skinned” bother you too ?!? Get over it, get a life, and while you’re at it, go ahead and vote for re-election of the man you just love, despite the menial condition of our government and it’s failed policies !!

    • russelle

      For anyone to have Ann Coulter on their show, demonstrates just how negative they are willing to be. Remember Coulter is the one that said earlier, “if Romney is the nominee, we will loose this election”. I sure hope she is right. And she sells books? Books about hatred? She certainly is a prime example of hatred.

  • A


  • Bubba

    I agree, Obama gives retards a bad name

  • Lauren

    While I am all for free speech there is a line between freedom and disrespect. No matter what word she used she was being blatantly disrespectful to another person. Everyone should strive to show respect to all persons no matter what. And yes I am a liberal hippie.

  • matt

    I guess we at least know who is the smarter better human between Mr. Stephens and Ms. Coulter.

  • bas4049

    Ann Coulter has no room to talk she’s said a lot o f crazy stuff .and just look at her she’s no beauty..a conservative rep..in a too short mini skirt..PLEASE!….

  • DJ Lookie Here

    I thought mentally challenged people were mentally challenged people, not retarded people. Why would a mentally challenged person take offense at a word that has nothing to do with them?

    • Tom

      A lame attempt to make this about semantics.

  • ak

    people say dumb things all the time. i dont think we need to prosicute her. but good for John F. Stephens for standing up to the insensitive comments made by Ann Coulter. bullying takes all shades

    • Chuck

      I guess that’s what pisses me off so much about what she said though. Yes, people do say stupid things all the time, but it’s not something she blurted out on live TV and perhaps wishes she would’ve worded differently….this is something she consciously thought about before putting it in words for all to see….TWICE!

    • Tom

      Ann tries to be a bully.Doesn’t work.View the video of the attempt to throw a pie in her face.Like so many of her Chicken Hawk counterparts she ”cut & run”.

  • Mike

    I was told when I was young that if you ignore a bully, they will stop and go away. Please ignore Ann Coulter! Don’t buy her books, don’t pay to hear her speak, don’t listen to on TV or the radio. Absolutely, do not contribute ANY money that would benefit her.

  • Sooner4ever

    Does anyone truly believe the supposed author of the letter actually wrote the letter? I doubt he even knows how to use a keyboard except to maneuver around parts of the internet. Seriously. As for Ann Coulter, she sure got all of those libs panties in a wad. Gotta love her!

    • Tom

      Spoken like a true Republican.Hateful & misinformed.Ann is nothing more than a laughable irritant.America has her number.

    • JEFF

      Just because you and your family only use “the keyboard” to play mindless games, don’t presume that is the case for others. We realize many of you in the “heartland” still reside in the 18th century but I personally want to thank you for the continually entertaining antics that you provide us.


    Ms. Coulter’s belief system and her brand of politics is hatred based. She utilizes offensive hyperbolic comments and accusations in order to garner attention. Her use of this slur is unfortunate but not surprising. Hopefully Americans from every walk of life will recognize Ms. Coulter for the hateful, spiteful individual she really is. There is no sense of humanity in her, no sense of empathy, no evidence whatsoever of compassion. She lashes out blindly and hatefully again and again, and will continue to do so in the future. Ms. Coulter and her ilk are what F. Scott Fitzgerald termed “careless people” in The Great Gatsby, people who don’t care about the consequences of their actions, who don’t care who they hurt as they recklessly meander through life. She is to be pitied, ignored and forgotten.

    • http://webpronews Jeff Harris

      Obviously you’ve got selective memory. Ann Coulter is just giving you liberal dumbasses a dose of your own shit and you can’t handle it. Perhaps you’ve forgotten all the nasty things said about Bush or you’re ignorant of the facts, or probably just ignorant, period. Your hypocritical rant is typical of the left and here’s some news for you: we don’t give a shit about your feigned outrage, we don’t care if you call us names, we’ll see you in the voting booth on Nov. 6 when we vote that communist nigger out of the White House.

  • http://n/a Martin D Miasserian

    It is a sign of the culture today. Everyone gets insulted by terms that have been in use in this country for decades. It is unfortunate that Mr. Stephens feels the comment by Ms Coulter is an attach on him and his condition. It is using a term that has had a very forceful meaning that perfectly describes the antics of this president and his minions. If Mr Stephens feel that Ms Coulter was directly referring to him it’s very unfortunate.
    It seems the liberal arm of our culture can’t stand on any of their own merits to help society solve problems they only criticize others for their use of the first amendment and facts. Liberalism has been proclaimed by some as a mental illness. It’s not so much a mental illness rather it’s dyslexia. They reverse all facts, common sense, truth and morals when it suits them. Otherwise anything goes.
    The president, vice president and their stooges all have a problem understanding that the general public isn’t stupid. They sell the cool aid to all the moonbats and they buy it hook, line and sinker. Biggest of which is the major media.
    Mr Stephens, no need to get insulted. We all love you and your accomplishments. They are significantly greater than most people that claim they are normal. I have a great deal of respect for you and anyone that overcomes a natural problem. I have a great deal of respect for Ms Coulter who tells the truth and calls them as she see it. I don’t have any respect for the small minded who take advantage of people with handicaps by promising the world to them, belittling anyone who has a solution to problems under the guise of advocating cures for the social ills. They can’t exist unless they creat the social ills for which books have been written.

    • Gene Mullett

      What is unfortunate is that you believe cruelty is OK because it has gone unchallanged for so long.

    • Tom

      People on the right,the likes of Ms. Coulter are constantly harping about the 1st amendment & the lefts percieved attempts to stiffle them.However,they cry with great indignancy when the ACLU defends any position that they find offensive.The 1st amendment is for all Americans,not just the right.It is a shame, however that the right is extended to the likes of Ms. Coulter,who use it to make baseless & blatently stupid remarks,purely to inflame & to try to reserect her tired & useless attempts to be relevent.Much like the minions of the extreme right,that even their standard barer is trying to distance himself from.

    • Michael Testerman

      There is no liberal/conservative issue here. Yes, Ms. Coulter is conservative & the President is liberal, but the ONLY issue with which Mr. Stephens takes issue is her use of a perjorative term. No one can deny that use of the R-wod in describing another in a clearly sarcastic, derogatory manner is a base way of compararing that person to someone with a mental disability.

      Mr. Stephens’ point is not so much the perjorative effect of using the word in the first place, although it is today considered patently offensive, it is that using the term to insult another also insults those with mental disabilities.

      If anyone had used the term to describe Ms. Coulter, there is no doubt Mr. Stephens response would have been the same, and rightly so.

  • Barb

    Wow, apparently this human ?, sort of, known as Ann Coulter ain’t quite bright, a few bricks short of a full load, and appears to have no fries for her happy meal. She is a viscous person.

    Mentally disabled people simply face a set of challenges that others do not.

    Of course, Ms. Colulter also appears to face a set of challenges such as a complete lack of empathy, as well as being incredibly cruel!

  • http://WebProNews chuck mangione

    The only reason you guys eat up the Ann Coulter act is so you can have a “good” conservative to think about while you’re pleasuring yourselves

    • Marty Davis

      Funny — I can just picture Donald Rumsfeld heading to the bathroom with his latest Coulter video.

    • JEFF

      You are kidding, right? If Coulter is your idea of a “good” conservative, I’d hate to see your idea of a “bad” one.

  • Marty Davis

    Thanks John for your thoughtful response, which is much better than anything most people could have put together, including myself. My quick response would be to “tell it like it is” and call Ann Coulter a psychotic bitch who should be shot.

    Fox news will never have any credibility as long as they feature the likes of her and Sean Hannity.

  • http://none yeahright!

    …that Anna looks like a dude to me, she got an adan’s apple!
    she’s super tall and bad ass like an alacran!
    The freak some times make me puke!

    • johnsnare

      I always thought Ann was a pretty interesting gal. Lately, she is having some confused menstrual problems, or she lost it.

  • chris

    A poor choice of words by Ann Coulter. But I have to say, after being constantly reminded by the left, that President Obama is the smartest guy in the room, I have yet to hear anything other than the banal come from him.

  • Don

    “Stage 3 Romneysia” – because cancer references are HILARIOUS. If he’s “the smartest guy in the room” it must be one retarded room.

    Okay Ann….I doubt Obama made a reference to cancer…but I sure as hell don’t doubt you made a reference to retards. Stick foot in mouth.

  • scott

    No way he wrote this letter. NONE.

    • Michael

      I don’t even have to ask why you say this. What ignorance you have!

    • Mark

      You sir are a very dim witted individual.

  • Michael

    I guess Ann Coulter’s comment is a warm-up for Uncle Donnie Trump’s ground breaking announcement this afternoon!

  • http://zehnproductionsgroup.com jimmy zehner

    Bravo Mr.Stephans I too endured much bulling at the hands of the ignorant and uneducated growing up in Satellite Beach.While I don’t have your challenge of Down Syndrome mine was just as unfair. I am asymetrical from birth which means one half of my body is deformed.I often wonder if people like Ann Coulter who is perfectly sexy compared to my outward uglyness relises that physical ugliness is temporal but inward ugliness is terminal! Jimmy

  • Sutoyo

    Obama did not bankrupt the General Motors, it is still alive and strong. The down Jones index is still above 13,138 today,it was 7552 on 20 Nov. 2010. You still think that we have not done the right things in the last four years?????

    • Marty Davis

      be careful Sutoyo — you can’t hit these conservative republicans with facts — it makes them dizzy!

  • Fred

    Ha! Ann coulter, u are comparing our president to the likes of the gentleman who wrote the email, John Franklin Stephens? Wow. That backfired didn’t it? I think he’d be honored to be compared to such a compassionate and gentle man. U on the other hand seem filled with anger, hatred, spite and extremes. I don’t even know who u are. Ha. But its pretty evident u need to chill out. Go get laid and enjoy life.

  • sdh

    to all of you that live in glass houses, i ve got a whole lot of rocks. I didn’t see one comment about the freedom of speech in this country, cave dwellers…its in the declaration of independence, or have you progressive libersls not seen that. Ann…Mr Stephens is on a much higher plain than the person you spoke of, of that he can be proud..thank you Mr Stephens

    • Mark

      America has freedom of speech. But I would hope to live in a country where people can insult one another without disrespecting others.

  • kevin

    Fantastic John! You are my rock star stud of the day. You sir warm my heart and remind me who the real heros in the game of life are! My brother Pete is also a Special Olympics athelete and he too teaches me the valuus instilled by the Special Olympics oath…. Let me be win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt! You were brave to stand up to someone small with a not so kind voice. Thank you John.

  • Greg

    STFU retards

    • -H

      Unbelievable. Maybe God will bless you with new eyes, and a heart so that you can have some compassion and understanding.Respect others.

  • anonomyous

    For someone that is regarded by the public as very bright I hope Ann Coulter has the humility to respond to a person who demonstrates the capacity to offer both a stinging reprisal and chance for her to learn what real kindness is about. my guess, she does not have the depth of character to even acknowledge this gentlemens comments!!

  • http://ldjones99.weebly.com/ L Jones

    This is one of the reasons why I am not a Republican any more.



    • Mark

      You have a peanut brain. Its people like you that have caused this country to be in the shape that it it. I assume you are a republican

    • Marty Davis

      Its totally obvious that you are definitely an Ann Coulter fan — Are you head of the Tea Party?

    • JEFF

      The “Truth” is that bigots such as youself just cannot come to grips with the concept of any people of color being smarter than you, willing to work and achieve mopre than you and look towars a better America for all. Hope the words weren’t above your pathetic mental capacity. Get a life outside your prejudices

    • AdriAnne

      You rude SOB Your punishment should be screwing Ann Coulter the rude,obnoxious b*tch that acts like a frickin 10 y.o that know nothing but name calling every min of the day and listening to her sickening mouth!But from your post she is probably the only woman you would be able to screw. No woman in her right mind would let you insert ignorance into them and if they do good luck with that!

    • Slim

      Really, really sorry for you. I hope and pray that the disease that hit you there will be cure for it.

  • Mark

    That was amazing. Good job John. We all could learn something from this. This is 2012, cant we find better ways of insulting people then acting like 5 year olds? Grow up Ann. Grow up America.

  • llh

    I’ve wondered about this before. I often use the “r” word to describe someone who does something dumb (including myself). I didn’t realize how offensive it is to some people. If you look up the word in the dictionary, (I looked online at http://www.webster.com) it gives 2 different definitions, and, as I suspected none of the definitions involved people with special needs. They don’t have a corner on the market for that word, so what’s the problem. One definition was “to cause to go slow” or something like that. If it’s that offensive, I’ll stop. But I don’t think I should have to because some people have hyper-sensitivity.

  • joda

    Way to go young man. You pointed out so well that bottom feeders..only see the bottom of things. She wanted to be merely insulting, what she was was crude. Politics seldom, if ever, bring out the better qualities of people. My old granny always told me..to put a best foot forward not stick it in my mouth :) You ARE very special indeed.

  • http://yahoo Dennis

    Boy, what an angry lady. Get a life, Ann.

  • daytripper

    I’m not sure if Ann Coulter is stupid or evil. Either way she says the craziest stuff, and her supporters must be like her.

  • Paul GC.

    Enough already with the PC-Hypersensitivity, the banning of this word or that word because it’s ‘offensive’ to some crybaby group or other, and crying the big tears over some use of a given word, whilst ignoring the larger point that is being made. Focusing, for example, on the use of the word ‘retard’ (which–by the way–when did that suddenly become politically incorrect?), and either ignoring or–more likely, failing to grasp–Coulter’s larger point (i.e., that the President is a meathead and an idiot) is in itself the very definition of stupid (or ‘retarded,’ for benefit of the perpetually-thin-skinned.) As for the so-called ‘special olympics,’ I for one am not all that impressed with them, never have been, and I have always thought they were a scam, a con-job on the touchy-feely emotions of the public, not to mention a completely pointless waste of time & money; intended more to stroke the feelings of those organising them than accomplish anything useful. (After all, what is really accomplished by fooling & deluding retarded people into believing they’re really accomplishing something when they’re not? To me, that seems more cruel than kind, to aid & abet in the delusions of someone who doesn’t know any better.) The whole thing is just a vastly overrated, politically-correct scam & a fraud, in my opinion. (To which all the bedwetting Liberals reading this who are at this point about ready to have a thermonuclear meltdown, I say: Good. Now you know how I feel every one of you lunkheads tries to dictate the terms of every public discussion according to your own politically-correct terms.) P.S. I don’t believe the supposed “letter” was written by an actual retard, either; it’s probably a fake, written by one of the (no doubt high-salaried) ‘special olympics’ organisers…

    • JEFF

      You are a truly sad and pathetic example of those whose self esteem is so low, they can only transfer to others their ineptides. Society does feel sorry for you since your hate and resentment will cause you great pain in the end.

  • bud

    Ann Coulter statements are now making us and our friends to no longer watch any networks that will endorse her. Not even an apology from her will change things. She is mean and she would never mean it. I feel sorry to the person she indorses. She is doing them NO favors.

  • Mac

    Ann Coulter really misses her cock after transgender surgery.

  • DET

    Was Mr. Stephens offended when then Presidet-elect Obama made the joke about his low bowling average being a “Special Olympics” score? If not, then he has little reason to be offended by Coulter’s remark, no matter how insensitive it may have been.

    The same goes for anyone posting here complaining about Coulter’s language.

    • Andrea

      Good point DET.

    • lj

      To all people think its a joke to called the COMANDER AND CHIEF a Retard is utterly ridiculous.thats disrespectful.. ! to call someone a retard, thats the lowest of the low.. its just like calling a gay man a faggot. not suppose to joke about it.its actually derogatory. Call him funny or silly but not retard.

  • Andrea

    Free speech yall. Why does everyone have to be so sensitive and p.c.

    • Marian

      No kidding free speech. You’re illiterate.

  • http://dadsheba@yahoo.com Michael

    Grow up people.Somebody is always hurting someone and now they get air time.She does it because you morons feed into it.I am so sick and tired people being offended.Im offended that people are offended.This is why we have the weakest generation growing up.Everyone gets a reward.Grow some backbone.If we try to limit everything in the english dictionary.Go see a movie.If all people want to be treated equal,words cannot be use to benifit you.Lets get rid of bastard,the n word and so fourth.Soft america.Yes i do have a special need person in my family,but know better in what to say.Nobodys ever call him retard.I have heard it throw at people who did or say something stupid.When is the view a moral compass for us.

    • cj

      Your grammar and punctuation offends me.

    • Steph

      “Yes i do have a special need person in my family,” It’s okay if that person is you, we understand. No need to hide anymore sweetheart. *pats shoulder*

  • Boyde

    Loosen up,
    Ann is an astute political analyst with a strong sense of humor.
    She has been pretty consistent in calling Obama an idiot.
    I have seldom declared her wrong in her assessment of people.
    If you can’t stand the heat etc, etc.

    • AKG

      The issue is not that she called someone an idiot. It’s that she called someone a “retard.” It’s only an insult when it is predicated on the assumption that everyone understands that it is bad to be “retarded”, i.e. to have a medical, mental disability.

      This letter is about how a man with Down’s Syndrome hears that word and thinks of himself, and when he thinks of himself, he thinks of someone with a great spirit. He does not think of himself as a bad or lower member of society. When someone uses “retarded” as an insult, they are propagating the idea that “retards” are lesser people and, therefore, to be associated with them or called a “retard” is insulting. To see it from his point of view, imagine if I tried to insult you by calling you straight haired. Embedded in my comment would be the viewpoint that people with straight hair are somehow bad.

      This man’s point is that, from his point of view, “retarded” should be a compliment. In his words, “you, and society, need to learn that being compared to people like me should be considered a badge of honor. No one overcomes more than we do and still loves life so much.”

  • George Farmakis

    Mr. Stevens, great job. Your comments, hit the nail on the head. To bad, Ann is so ignorant, yet so intelligent, she just does not, nor does she want, to get it.

    Good Job.
    George Farmakis

  • Wizard64

    An inspiring letter. I knew a gentleman many years ago who had Downs Syndrome. His dad taught at the same school as I. He went to school in our town. It took him several more years than others to graduate from high school, which was a remarkable achievement at that time (30 years ago) and he went on to a junior college as well. Ann Coulter is, IMO, a remarkably angry and bitter woman, wh is always looking to make public waves in order to sell her hateful books. Mr. Stephens is a hero. Both our President and his opponent, Mitt Romney are intelligent men, and not deserving of such foolish spewing of hate.

    • AdriAnne

      @Wizard64 Bravo for your outlook! I too think both men are intelligent,well spoken and yes handsome! Ann Coulter is a detriment to the Republican Party as is Glenn Beck,Rush Limbaugh,Sarah Palin,Donald Trump,Todd Akin and the list goes on and on! Thank goodness these people do not represent the human race whatsoever!

  • AdriAnne

    Wow all the conservatives jumped on Sarah Palin’s bandwagon when she went berserk about that VERY same word being used and it was so not acceptable THEN! Because her son has down syndrome NOW it is okay with the very same conservatives when used against a democrat. So typical!!!

    Young man keep standing up for yourself and all those like you and some maybe worse! There is no explanation or name to call people like Ann Coulter she obviously has some kind of disorder. Its called Repressed,ignorant,big mouth,POS disease!

  • Rob

    This is just the latest in a long line of Republican sentiments which prove what Mitt Romney was saying about the “47%”. They at best give lip service to the middle class and basically believe the poor are their because of their own doing. They don’t bother to look deeper and understand that “poor” has many connotations. But by consistently lumping all poor people as part of some grand welfare scam they disenfranchise most people that might have given a Republican president a chance. Anne Coulter benefits from the reality TV mentality the Republicans believe all Liberal posess because the Republicans think they are “smarter than a fifth grader”. Ann Coulter couldn’t pen anything near the class and pointedness on any subject as John Stephens did in his.

  • Craig Corson

    I have often wondered exactly what it was that turned Frau Coulter into the insufferable bitch that she is. She has a superiority complex five miles wide. I wonder how she will earn her living when her ass grows to that size, because she will surely not be a darling of the right wing media at that point. The only reason she enjoys any notoriety at all is for 1)Her admittedly attractive physical appearance, which WILL NOT last forever, and 2)The outrageous, untruthful, unkind, heartless comments she makes and attitude she projects whenever she speaks – the right, for reasons unknown to mentally healthy people (and I include the young man with Downs’ syndrome in that category), just LOVE that sort of thing!
    One can only pity such miserable human beings as Frau Coulter and her ilk, were it not for the fact that they have such a negative impact on the political discourse in our society. If this shrew of a woman has ANY shame (which is not at all in evidence), I deeply hope that this incident hits her as hard as a bullet between the eyes.
    I would much prefer that she had chosen a modeling career, where vapidity such as hers is more to be expected. Perhaps no photographer wanted to work with her; the ugliness within her shines right through, as plain as daylight.

  • No More OBAMA

    But liberals can call a cosevrvative woman a cunt and no one cares get over yourselves sounds like you are retarded

    • http://Att.net Richard

      Who called Ann out like that! Shame on them. She is not likable, but curses are not called for.

      The best thing to do is to shun her,

  • TheDude

    Yea, “Mr. Stephens” actually wrote that letter.

    • Sumpter Carter

      Oh definitely. Though he may have shared the sentiment, I strongly doubt that he wrote that.

  • http://yahoo ricardo

    i don`t like people that has no respect for are president Ann Coulter always been a big bully and I don`T like this the women at all.

  • Jeffrey

    Ann Coulter is a genius performer on the level of Andy Kaufman. He’s definitely pulled the wool over the eyes of American conservatives, big-time.

  • Kelli Leitner

    What a very well thought out and written letter. I applaud you John Franklin Stephens!
    Sense of humor or not, there is nothing funny about her remarks. People experiencing developmental disabilities and peopel who work with those people experiencing developmental disabilities have been fighting a long time to get people to quit using the “R” word.
    It has nothing to do with a soft generation, rather teaching people to respect one another.
    Yes we do have “freedom of speech” and Mr. Stephens has just as much right to call out Anne Coulter as some of you feel she has the right to use her choice of words.

  • Elizabeth

    WOW!! Hats off to you, Mr John Franklin Stephens!! You got your point across in the most dignified of manners – I truly salute you!

  • david bermes

    Has anything she has ever said or done contributed to the good of our society? Ignor her and anyone associated with her.

  • https://www.facebook.com/WeDemandAnnCoulterApologizesForUsingTheWordRetard Sharon

    Who would be shocked to hear of Ann Coulter talking like this anyways?

    She is absolutely horrible! She is so shameless and doesn’t ever feel like she should say sorry for all that she does and says. It is pathetic…

  • Toto

    Ann is a very smart lady. Whoever gets offended by this is nothing but a brainless liberal with an ax to grind. Ann is hated because she is not politically correct. These axxwipes liberals hate that. Well guess what? SHOVE IT!

  • Toto

    You idiots criticizing her need a life and a brain. She didn’t mean to offend disabled kids you morons! It was directed at Obama. I’d cut my right hand off that you were brainless to vote for Obama. Look at the mess this country is in right now thanks to you 4th grade dropouts. This country is headed for communism. Obama’s election proved most people are stupid idiots. Now, get off TMZ dot com and use your f…ing brain for once you f..ing liberal idiots!

    • SResa

      Freely condemning everybody that doesn’t think like you do as idiots and morons, either you consider yourself a wonderkind of intelligence and political savvy or you are a clear example of the people you are degrading.
      If you can’t see her comments as highly insulting, not to Pres. Obama but to developmentally challenged people everywhere, then it is clear where your level of intelligence lies.
      To call someone a “retard” as a slur is to use the word in a derogatory way, meaning to be a “retard” is to be the lowest of the low.
      If you knew anything that wasn’t spoonfed to you by the likes of this vile woman and Fox News you would recognize that this country is in a rebounding phase, having only recently emerged from the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression (google it). George Bush’s irresponsible runup of the federal defecit through military spending and tax cuts for the wealthy, as well as lax regulation of the financial and energy markets are what threw us into this morass, nearly wiping out the middle class. You would have us go right back into that way of governing, either making you incredibly ignorant or sheepishly devoted to the rich white men who want to rule. Probably both, I would imagine.
      If you would be interested in debating the issues, I’d welcome it.

    • DM

      Wow, that was the most thoughtful post I have ever read. I’m sure the candidate you support would approve of your detailed discription of the “idiots”, but what confuses me is that you are justifing someone calling the POTUS a retard? The office of the President is a position that is to be respected not trashed. Also, calling anyone a “retard” is ignorant & dumb. So by you posting your temper tantrum, it proves that you are either a.) a child who didn’t get enough sleep last night or b.) you are the main reason this country is viewed the way it is. Once you start respecting others, maybe you will earn some yourself. Grow up, buy a dictionary and expand your vocabulary.

    • matt

      No, Toto, we don’t need a life or a brain, it is you who needs a brain. We all know that her inane comments were directed at Obama, we are smart. The fact that you and someone like that insignificant woman don’t care enough to think about how their words affect others, show that it is you who needs a brain. You are obviously selfish, ignorant and uneducated. You cannot dispute that, well, unless you don’t have the brain capacity to do so. And by the way, I am not a “f..ing liberal idiot”; I am conservative, but just know how to treat another human being.

    • Michael

      Honestly Toto, your response is close minded and idiotic. Everyone has their own opinions and this article in itself was NOT about politics at all, yet you feel so inclined to just blast every single person voting for Obama, calling them brainless f…ing liberals. Truthfully, that ignorance and stupidity is what’s wrong with this country. Do us all a favor; open your eyes and welcome yourself into the twenty first century. Calling someone a “retard” is extremely outdated, close minded, and not acceptable today in society just like racial slurring is, as it offends people. The point of the article was that what Ann said was wrong. Level headed, thoughtful people don’t just blast that kind of bull**** on twitter. They also don’t write an extremely rude and irrelevant response on something that has NOTHING to do with this article when no one is even TALKING about who is voting for who. What she said was wrong. Plain and simple. Stop blasting your cheap, archaic, conservative way of thinking where no one wants it and level out your completely unstable attitude, taking a minute to think before you post a sub par, elementary response that resembles a temper tantrum of a four year old.

    • http://Att.net Richard


      Why such vituperative language? Can’t you express yourself in a reasonable manner? Perhaps you are the 4th grade dropout that you tried to denigrate. In any case, wild angry comments such as yours don’t add anything to the conversation. Please don’t curse those who would do you no harm and who hope that you will some day come to appreciate all that us thinking liberals have done for people like you. Be well! Live a good life and try to find good in others. May God be with you.

    • Becky

      I can’t believe you missed the whole point and you did it so spectacularly, including insults and faux-profanity. The letter from Mr. Stephens is NOT about Obama.

  • dodonfred

    Ann Coulter is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country. Along with Rush Limbaugh the entire fox “news” staff and MS NBC. She spreads lies and incites hate through her work. The brainless people who get their opinions from these “news” people need to wake up and think for themselves. Stop just spouting the prepackaged crap that she and the others program you with!

  • Corpseman

    Mister Stephens’ letter would carry a lot more weight if he could post it alongside the open letter he surely wrote to President Obama about his Tonight Show interview comment that his bowling was “like the Special Olympics or something”. Until then, I will reserve further judgement.

    • Becky

      So does that mean you condone it because it has happened before? Open your heart and understand this type of speak happens everyday! It is meant to degrade and is truly hurtful. I know I live it as I walk along side my son who also has Down Syndrome. Attitudes are changed much to slow but each person can make a difference. I hope you will think before you so quickly dismiss others concerns. What if the shoe was on the other foot?

  • Mark Forror

    What bothers me most about Ann Coulter is the blatant way that she uses her position as a “journalist” to become a mouthpiece for the Far Right. For people like her, their beliefs are reflexive, not based on any intelligent thought. If such people ever got into any position of real power, the result could be devastating. Former Alabama Governor George Wallace once said that he didn’t really believe in segregation, but he supported it for political reasons. If that’s true (I believe it is yet another Wallace lie), then it only magnifies his crimes. Ann Coulter is the same way. I don’t believe that she really believes much of what she says, but she is doing it to further a political agenda, and a vile one at that. She sees herself as taking her place high up in the Far Right hierarchy, but she should be careful. When the wheel turns ’round, it will roll right over people like her.

  • Happie Larson

    There are many ignorant words we no longer use in polite company! The N-word being a recent example! Why does the R-word still longer on? Because the very people it is meant to degrade, tend to be less likely to have the influence to make a change! Having adopted 15 children with special needs, many who some may describe by using the R-word, let me add my voice to this who say STOP! This is not acceptable! We may not use words to degrade race, sexual orientation or disability! STOP using the R-word to degrade!

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    Ann is just one of the talking heads guarding the inhabitants of Bullsh*t Mountain from rejoining the world of the sane. Fox News is a propaganda machine which dumbs down America by the day through disinformation and their slanted agendas. See their anchors spewing forth feces from their mouths in my visual homage to the network on my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/the-fox-news-scylla-guardian-of-bullsht.html

  • Julie Foster

    Perhaps America needs a lesson in human respect and dignity and a better understanding of why we seek to create a better nation with better humanbeings for a better world. That starts with how we treat both our President and our poor and disabled children. God only assigns the value of each person in his eyes but in my eyes John and his kind are far more valuable to the rest of us on earth than the disrespectful haters like Ann and so many of you.

  • David

    Mr. John Franklin Stephens, you are one of the special people in this world that I would be honored to meet. In today’s world where it is considered OK to be insulting, rude, obscene or inconsiderate of other peoples feelings, you stand out as an example of how the world should be.

  • John

    I think Ms. Coulter has just torpedoed her own ship. She is entitled to her opinions but to blatantly insult the President and people who have developmental difficulties to boot is really beyond free speech. She should be ashamed of herself. I don’t care how “good looking” she is when she speaks like that she is VERY unattractive. I for one will not listen to her anymore when she visits talk shows and I think others should do the same. Maybe when she sees she’s not so “hot” anymore she will realize you can’t get away with saying derogatory things!She should apologize for this latest bit of insensitve talk.

    • Robert

      Good comment John….and all the others who believe that no one should stoop to this level. Based on this line of reasoning, obama speeches should be boycotted too. After all he did say on national t.v. his bowling was so bad it was like the special olympics….or is it o.k. if obama does it?

      • im2late

        ANN COULTER – What a sorry excuse for a human being! What makes her even more of a disgrace is that she makes all these nasty comments with a cross hanging from her neck. She is about as Christian as Ayman Al-Zawahiri!

      • im2late

        @Robert No comparison. Although Mr. Obama’s comment was insensitive and certainly NOT politically correct it was said without malice towards anyone whereas Ms. Coulter’s comment was meant as a direct insult. IMHO Coulter is the poster girl for malice!

  • Siobhan Morgan

    Ann Coulter should be ashamed of herself ignorant and irresposible comments!!!

  • Iolanda

    I think that no one is held accountable for his or her actions or what they say these days. I believe that when someone says something so freely they truly believe what they are saying or they would not be able to speak so freely. I believe in free speech and I think everyone has an opinion. However, calling people names that are hurtful I don’t think should be a part of free speech.

  • Travis

    Without a doubt the Smartest thing I have heard this entire Campaign, Just came from you John Stephens. Your an Inspiration to all Americans!

  • MJK

    Ann Coulter is shameless, silly, and simply mean-spirited. She is a fine representation of the Ugly American.

  • Howie S

    Ms. Coulter is a publicity hound who says things to feed her need for attention. That is not new. This comment shows that she doesn’t know right from wrong.

  • Theresa Long

    You are absolutely right, “Well, Ms. Coulter, you, and society, need to learn that being compared to people like me should be considered a badge of honor.”
    The people I have on my route who have Downs light up my life all the time with their easy smiles and love of life.
    We are very blessed to have a little guy in our family with Downs and he quickly became the center of everyones attentions. He is such a beautiful child and he is blessed to have you stand tall and proud to educate people on what a blessing you and others like you are.
    I hope Obama stands tall and proud today because he has been aligned with such amazing people.

  • Anne

    Ms. Coulter is a perfect example of what is wrong with our society today. We have become a society where nasty words and bullying are acceptable. Her lack of empathy and intelligence is obvious and yet people still listen.

    Shame on her and shame on those that think what she says is “ok” and appropriate on almost any matter.

  • EmilyAnn

    Why anyone pays attention to the nasty, mean-spirited Ms. Coulter is beyond my comprehension. She does not deserve a moment of my time, but I am happy that John Franklin Stephens put her in her place.

    To John, you have inspired me and now that you have so eloquently put Ms. Coulter in her place, please know that bullies like her do not deserve even one minute of your time We need to ignore them and pray they just disappear once and for all.

  • Edna Kimmel

    Ms. Coulter, when you look into the mirror, as I believe you do quite often, I’m sure you tell yourself, “Wow, I’m so beautiful! It’s time to look inside yourself and see the ugliness which is the true you.
    Your comments have always been ugly and hurtful to others. That’s who you are. So I say Kudos to you, John Franklin Stephens, for so eloquently putting ugly Ann in her place.

    • Tom

      This country is made of the right to freedom of speech. Obama has already stated that if he’s re-elected that, that right will be taken away. So, for this lady to call him a retard is the most minute of what we should look in the mirror and reflect upon. The man is a puppet who is misled by an an age-old bitterness that wants to enslave the world. And, you might want to call this hysterical but, there are some things beyond fathoming that you will never comprehend. And, wouldn’t it be very ironic that the strongest, most free nation in the world, ever becomes enslaved by the ideologies of i-slam. So, go look in the mirror and think, what is more detrimental, this woman using the r word which had nothing to do with people with downs-syndrome or, what this man represents, who if allowed to will not give a sh.. about anyones in americas sensibilities as long as they adhere th shia-islam.

      • tony

        Ok, Tom you’re an asshole. Didn’t take long to sit down and pen that. And I get to exercise my freedom of speech. How bout that Tom, you jerk off.

        • Robert

          It is really ironic that you would stoop to foul mouthed insults..and at the same time have nothing intelligent to say. Do you work for cnn by any chance?

          • leslie

            Well the insults are not worth it and definitely not a cnn worker i hope. But Tom I feel like you are all from a very different planet than me. Cause whatever your ideologies are are certainly way out of order. well feel free to speak out your mind but I think you should be doing that in MARS

      • http://none Saliha Allan

        Tom is just showing what he knows about Islam, which is not a lot. By the way “shia” which has nothing to do with “shit” means “partisan” (of Imam Ali) (Sorry, Tom) I am proud to be associated with someone as respected and as noble as Imam Ali. As for the President, if he is a puppet, so were all the others, and certainly candidate Romney. As far as the President possibly being a Muslim, if that is so, he hasn’t been a very good one because he hasn’t kept the promises he presumably made in Cairo–he’s caved in to Israel, and the hard-line Zionist lobby at every turn, and hasn’t effectively done anything the stop the drone attack in the Middle East/South Asia. You have a right to your opinion, but others also have a right to correct you on something so outrageously off-the-wall as your previous comments. Good Day.

        • http://none Saliha Allan

          Actually, I meant to say “shia” means “partisan” and has nothing to do with that other word, but part of it got cut out–oh well.

      • leslie

        wow i wonder where you come from……. are we living in thesame world???? i guess not cause you sound soooo MArs. Good Luck with such Ideologies

        • leslie

          Oh the message above is for TOM
          and sure Shia doesnt mean anything like what Tom said it was

  • Tom

    I doubt this kid actually sat down, thought this out and, wrote it.

    • Ruth

      This ‘kid’? If you had actually read the article, you might have noted that the gentleman who wrote this is 30 years old.

    • Glenda

      You missed the whole point. I think what he is saying is that people should be careful applying labels to people; like the one I was going to apply to you

    • leslie

      if this kid can participate in the special olympics what makes you think he can not write this. This just confirms the stereotypical views of people about individuals with Down Syndrome. This just confirms the real meaning of the word Retard when people use it.and even so, being retarded means being slow in grasping simple concepts not an inability to grasp those concepts. Being a retard in no way defines someone as being stupid. those a two different words and Ann Coulter should be ashamed for using the word publicly. I dont care if she called the president that but it might as well be anyother person and its not just right.

  • PC

    Yes what she said was wrong but does everyone forget this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HOBTUCv4o0 when Obama made the same type of comment talking about his bad bowling, saying it was like special olympics, obama is just as bad

  • Jim

    I have a nephew with Down’s syndrome. I sincerely doubt the letter was written by him. He is just a face used for some political operatives own agenda. To me, that is worse than anything Anne Coulter might say. By the way, people with downs are not “retards”. To me the term is someone who is acting “stupidly”.

    • leslie

      sorry dear down syndrome doesnt mean dumb syndrome. Maybe your cousin didnt get attended to quite early with all proffessionals like speech pathologist and even psychoanalysts because someone with down syndrome can very well write a book about the nations spending. The only difference is that they would take 5 times longer than you (without Down Syndrome not Dumb syndrome)