Android Tablets To Overtake The iPad This Year

    March 12, 2013
    Zach Walton
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Android devices may be locked in a heated battle for supremacy with the iPhone, but the iPad has never really had much competition. Cheaper devices, like the Nexus 7, has ensured that some players find some form of success, but Apple is still the company to beat in the tablet market. That all may change this year.

IDC released a revised tablet market forecast for the year today with the major takeaway being that Android tablets may finally become the dominant player in the market. The availability of cheap tablets, most noticeably Android tablets, will lead to tablet shipments to see a sizable increase this year.

The firm predicts that the worldwide tablet market will ship 190.9 million devices over the course of this year with Android making up 48.8 percent of the shipments. Apple isn’t too far behind, however, with 46 percent of total shipments. Android may become the dominant player this year thanks to the wide breadth of options available, but it’s incredibly impressive to see Apple stand toe-to-toe in shipments with only three models.

Both iOS and Android will see some losses in their marketshare over the next five years as Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets start to take hold. IDC predicts, however, that these Windows tablets will be much like their Windows Phone 8 counterparts – a distant third place with Windows 8 tablets expected to only command 7.4 percent of the market by 2017.

“Microsoft’s decision to push two different tablet operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows RT, has yielded poor results in the market so far,” said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, Tablets. “Consumers aren’t buying Windows RT’s value proposition, and long term we think Microsoft and its partners would be better served by focusing their attention on improving Windows 8. Such a focus could drive better share growth in the tablet category down the road.”

Android Tablets Will Overtake The iPad This Year

Those who prefer eReaders over tablets may not like what’s coming next as IDC’s final prediction for the next five years sees the tablet precursors only having a few more years of growth ahead of it before the market starts an irreversible downward trend in 2015. By then, however, most consumers will have probably switched to multimedia tablets as the market will drive down prices to super affordable levels by then.

  • http://www.frogdice.com Michael Hartman


    Nobody wants the crappy dumbed down RT operating system.

    That was just a stupid move. It offers no value over Android/iOS.

  • Aaron

    Google is costing U.S. and other western countries 100s of billions of dollars!

    Contrary to common belief that Google is good, Google is actually costing U.S. and other western countries 100s of billions of dollars.

    In a global economy, U.S. has been losing manufacturing jobs for decades, which is bad, but is not so terrible as most manufacturing jobs are low paid. The strength of U.S. is in the high-tech sector. Clearly U.S. has been the innovation leader for many decades. Without innovation, the U.S. economy will eventually collapse.

    Instead of strengthening the U.S. high-tech industry, Google is set to disrupt the U.S. high-tech industry. If it is done in a good way, then it will be beneficial to consumers and to the future of the high-tech industry. We have seen this kind of disruptions before. A most recent example is Apple. Apple’s revolutionary iPhone disrupted the entire mobile phone industry. It hurt other companies in the industry, but the entire industry has moved up, with Apple being hugely rewarded.

    Now, Google’s disruption is totally different. If Apple’s innovation is capitalism, where an innovator is rewarded, then Google’s innovation is communism, where an innovator offers his innovation for free. Because Google offers Android for free, including the source code, it makes Google look like a saint, or a company of higher moral standard than Apple or Microsoft. In fact, communism only looks good on paper where people work hard only for the good of other people.

    We all know what communism is in the real world – suffice to say it’s worse than any worst disaster you can think of. In the high-tech industry, when a giant company like Google makes its Android operating system for free, including the source code and with little or no contract obligations attached to it, it kills any innovation in this industry (country). Today, we are seeing Microsoft is struggling with its commercial Windows Phone OS (BTW, it is much better than Android, but it is not free.), and Blackberry has a grim outlook. Even Apple is seriously threatened. Android has become the dominant OS for all smart phones.

    You might think Android’s dominance is good. Yes, it is good to a couple countries, mainly Asian countries like South Korean and China, but other countries suffer, these countries include U.S., Japan and most European countries. Why is that? Because Google’s communism revolution rendered technology and innovation worthless, these are the only core competitiveness of U.S. and other western countries. When technology and innovations are free, countries like South Korea and China can take a free ride. Indeed the numbers are shocking:

    (1) Samsung’s annual revenue is close to $200 Billion, almost 4 times of Google’s and 2.5 times of Microsoft’s. Net income is $21.6 Billion, twice as many as Google’s.

    (2) China’s smart phone market has skyrocketed into the number one in the world, yet Apple only has about 5% of market share, which is much lower than Samsung’s. The local companies have over 50% of market share. Ironically, Google gets nothing from China, because Android is open source, the local companies don’t make Google the default search engine. In fact, local companies (like Baidu) own the Chinese search market!

    For many years, the US government and many other US companies have battled with the rampant piracy in China. Gradually, they have made some progress. Chinese government has implemented many laws to fight software piracy. With Google’s communism revolution, now everything is lost: instead of protecting intellectual properties, an “innovative” U.S. company is declaring that all software should be free, including the source code! Suddenly, Google is telling the world that China or Chinese people are most innovative, because that’s exactly their idea and what they have been doing for decades!

    Without the free and open source Android, can Chinese smart phone and tablet manufacturers grow that fast? Can Samsung become the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world? If software should be free and open source, why not make other technologies also free and open source? Google’s communism act has cost U.S. 100s of billions of lost revenue. If Android is not free, Apple, Google and Microsoft will dominate the smart phone OS. The mobile OS licenses alone could create another Microsoft!

    Google should be reined for its monopoly position in the search market. Without its search business, it will not be possible for it to do this harm. If a country dumps cheap products into another country, it will be sanctioned for dumping based on trade rules. Google should be stopped from doing the same (or worse, Note, Android is not only cheap, but also free and open source!)

    Wake up, American people! Google is an evil that has cost U.S. 100s of billions of dollars and 100s of thousands of jobs.

    About the author: Aaron is an IT consultant with over 20 years of IT experience.
    Please feel free to re-post or modify.

    • Devon Day

      Have you got anything better to do than spout your fud nonesense? Talk about a sad sad person. Sounds to me like you support monopolies when they are technically illegal in the USA.

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  • http://www.thenewipadblog.net Rahul Ghosh

    This was bound to happen. Apple is fighting against 100’s of Android tablets with just 3 flagship devices. One still has to agree that the iPad is way ahead in the tablet ecosystem. Android might be catching up to iOS in mobile industry but they really need to optimize their OS for bigger devices.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Why-Google-Is-Dangerous-and-Evil/313905458731490?ref=hl Aaron

    Google’s communist act is failing miserably with Samsung gets all the profits from Android. Even worse for Google and Android manufacturers, Windows 8 tablet market share will surpass Android tablets based on IDC’s estimate – in terms of revenue or profit

    The IDC’s market share estimate is based on units. Windows 8 tablets are more expensive now, so it will sell fewer for now. But low cost models will come out soon. On the other hand, Android is going after the lower and lower end market at cheaper and cheaper prices.

    In terms of market share based on revenue, Microsoft’s Surface is selling at $999, or $1140 plus the touch cover, that’s about 5 times of 7″ Android tablets. Revenue-wise, Microsoft only needs 1/5 of Android’s market share to beat all Android manufacturers combined.

    Moreover, Surface has a gross margin of 45%, vs. cheap Android devices at less than 20% of gross margin, in terms of gross profit, Microsoft makes 11 times more profit selling one Surface Pro than Android vendors selling one Android tablet!

    And price-wise, you have Dell, Asus, HP and Lenovo offering lower end Win 8 tablets at about $399 to $499, which is very competitive to iPad and 10″ Android tablets. Lastly, don’t forget that Microsoft receives $5-$10 of royalty for each Android device sold.