Android Eats Apple

Google I/O: Google Drops Android Stats, Takes Jab at Apple

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Android Eats Apple
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Google I/O, the company’s developer event opened with a shot at Apple. The shots at Apple are certainly commonplace these days, but it’s rare for them to jump into it so quickly. During the intro to the opening keynote, Google’s Vic Gundotra showed the above picture to the audience, before sending out Director of Android Product Management Hugo Barra.

Of course the crowd got a big kick out of that. Apple’s Worldwide Developer conference is next month, and I’m sure we’ll see some retaliation then (if not before).

Barra got what is commonly referred to as the “activations pissing contest” started by announcing that Google has now activated over 100 million Android devices worldwide. He also shared the following noteworthy stats:

– 36 OEMs
– 215 carriers
– 450k Android developers
– 310 Devices
– 112 countries

Not bad, for Android’s still relatively young existence. He also showed a timeline of the progress of daily Android device activations leading up to now, where he said over 400,000 devices are being activated “every single day.”

Then came the Android Market stats (and this is before the new announcements of things like movie rentals and Google Music). Google has exceeded 200,000 apps available in the Android Market, and is experiencing “tremendous growth in app downloads”. Barra says that the market has seen 4.5 billion app installs up until today.

“What really matters is that the quality of these applications is phenomenal,” he says. “Android Market is seeing stronger faster growth than ever.”

Today’s announcements (which also include the pending release of the Android Market for Google TV this summer) should help too.

Android Eats Apple
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  • David

    Android will win- Theres something like 200 Android phones and a bunch of tabs on the way lining against the iPhone/Pad .
    But its those 215 carriers that are going to make it happen. Unlike the iOS app stores where the carriers are shut out, they can and will launch their own Android app stores for premium app partners.
    Here can they become active participants in the app ecosystem and the iPhone / Pad will become a secondary interest to most carriers, they will need the iOS devices to satisfy those who will not have any other than Apple. But Android is where is the action is for them and they will push Android to their subscribers because of that.

  • Joe Momma

    I bet if people from non-supported networks had a choice (i.e. expired contract, people not locked into family plans) they’d prefer an iPhone. Just because android is on almost every new phone that is not an iPhone doesn’t mean people prefer it. I know a girl that loses her phone every other month and has to get a new one via insurance – each one a new android activation. Apple’s iOS is better plain and simple, and everyone is trying to copy it.

    • http://www.1stcontact-umbrella.com umbrellcompany

      Looks like its really hard to come up with anything completely new these days. All has already been thought. What makes the difference is being able to think about the same thing outside the box. Thats what android has done. They might have been first but they have to up it up a bit if they want to remain the first. Hi 5 was once very popular but people saw room for improvement on the idea and they came up with facebook.

  • http://thewebsensesolution.com Jon

    It’s about time somebody else took on itunes and all the other apple store stuff… I for one am not fond of all the bundled crap you have to install to get the one apple thing you want… I avoid apple like I avoid microsoft, can’t totally escape either, but keep it minimal.

  • http://webhostingreview.info/dedicated-hosting/ top dedicated hosting

    android for sure it will be at the top and why to eat apple

  • http://www.classicinformatics.com/ Android Applications Development

    Android Market is growing day by day as shown by the Google Stats.Apple seems to be no more in the queue.Android getting the better of apple. But will Android maintain same growth years after?

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