Amy Winehouse Statue Unveiling Delayed

By: Brian Powell - September 9, 2013

Mitch Winehouse, father of Amy Winehouse, has delayed the unveiling of the much anticipated statue of his daughter in Camden, England. Even though the statue was finished and approved by May of this year, Mitch Winehouse states that there are several blemishes with the bronze statue created by London artist Scott Eaton. Amy Winehouse’s former boyfriend, Reg Traviss, told the British newspaper Mail that “He doesn’t want anything to go up that he’s not completely satisfied with. But obviously it’s never going to look exactly like her.”

The statue depicts Amy Winehouse in a retro dress with a beehive hairstyle, which had become her iconic look. It is to be placed on a balcony at the Roundhouse, the venue where Winehouse gave her final performance, three days before her death. The statue is part of a larger project called #Amys30, which is a month-long celebration in September to commemorate what would have been Winehouse’s 30th birthday. The event is being put on by the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Founded by her father after her death, the Amy Winehouse Foundation seeks to help those who have addiction problems and has donated over 600,000 pounds to charities since its inception in 2011.

This is not the first time controversy has arisen over the proposed statue. In March of this year, London officials finally gave clearance for the project to be constructed after several issues were raised by local authorities. The main concern was that this statue would cause people to gather in the street near it. However, the project was passed by the council after it was agreed that the statue would not be lit up at night, hopefully deterring those who sought to view the statue as a shrine.

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  • Ava

    Seriously why is there a statue of this crack whore bag?

    • Tia

      Seriously… Why do you care? Many people around the world really liked her music and appreciated her talents, despite her problems. Perhaps the statue is for them… And if you have to ask the question with such distaine, better not to ask at all. If you didn’t like her, then the statue is of no consequence to you. Go shopping or something!

      • Yesyou

        Except for one thing. Winehouse did not have any talent.

        • Bea

          You couldn’t be further from the truth. You think that YOU AND JUST YOU of all people in the world know what talent is? You think that you are the world’s foremost expert on talent? Amy Winehouse won 5 Grammies in one night. You sit behind a computer screen talking about someone you know nothing about. The only thing you’ve won is a look of stupidity. I feel embarassed for you.

      • qwerty

        Yeah, AFTER she died? Where were you guys before she keeled over? Oh that’s right, sh*tting on her life!

      • Ava

        Why do you? She’s deadddd! I care because what does it say to our kids to have druggy whores get their own statues? Pathetic.

  • Angela

    I guess if you are crackhead and a bad role model, you can still be immortalized in bronze with a little money. In 20 years, people will look at the statue and say Amy Who?

  • rUkidding

    In other news there is a bronz statue of Marilyn Manson and Joe “the killa crackhead” Brown also in the making

  • frank bommarito

    i like just a few of her songs … i was interested in her i went on utube watching several of her performances and was so dissappointed at how stoned she was 90% of her later life .. drunk ,stoned and out of controll .. my daughter just turned 30 and i would have die to see my daughter go down hill… amy neede big time help .. now about the statue ..she is not a roll model .. and i feel that when it gos up ..its gonna raise some protest..and anger..may she rest in peace , but she is not a roll model….

  • Tom Paterson

    No one in their right mind is “celebrating” her lifestyle. She was one of the best popular music singers ever. She was also pretty much a basket case by the time she “arrived”.

    (Loosely quoting from somewhere): The public demands incredible performances, and the constant touring is also demanded by record companies and managers, etc. When people find out what their heroes do to maintain that “front”, the heroes are damned to perdition for “doing drugs” and using alcohol, sex, whatever.

    Don’t “like” the beehives, the makeup, the tattoos, the bad & stupid relationships. Love the singing and there could have been, and should have been, so much more. RIP

  • Gleauxing

    I loved Amy Winehouse. She was in pain. No one is perfect. She was young and in over her head. Her music was amazing, and he struggles in life were translated through it.