Amy Roloff: Separation Is “Not Going To Be Easy”

    March 13, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Amy Roloff and her husband Matt have shared nearly eight years of their lives with the world on their TLC reality show, “Little People, Big World”, and over that time it’s become clear that the couple have not always seen eye-to-eye. Amy, the practical one, gets frustrated easily with Matt’s big ideas and constant projects. And while that’s also something she loves about him–she said in a recent interview that she likes the fact that her husband is a dreamer–the pair have had a hard time living under the same roof lately.

The famous couple decided to separate in recent months and are going public with it now, with Matt saying he’s not moving out, just moving to a different home on their property.

“Amy and I are separated,” he says in a clip from an upcoming episode of the show. “Last year was long, long and tough. Amy and I had a lot of tensions so right around Thanksgiving I thought I would move over to the bridal house for a little bit and we’ll try that. Amy and I stuck it out for years and years when maybe we shouldn’t have. I never quite felt at home in my own home so something needed to change. We needed to try something different.”

The couple, who share four children, allowed the cameras to follow their journey to this decision and speak frankly about it in an upcoming special on March 25.

“I think what Matt and I failed to do over many, many years is learned to live together, It’s not my choice for him to leave. I am saddened by it, and it’s been 26 years. We don’t have a plan as far as how we are going to work this out so it’s not going to be easy,” Amy said.

The couple released a statement saying that Matt would remain on the property to oversee daily business endeavors and to help Amy with their children, who are their main focus.

“We sincerely appreciate the unwavering support, understanding and prayers from our family, friends and many fans. May God bless you,” they said in a joint statement.

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  • mbarry

    Try marriage counseling. Matt, Try to dream about your life with your wife instead of your projects. You never seem to be engaged in Amy’s life or what she has to say. You are so much a me, me, me person. I love the show but I am 100% sure if you start to listen and hear what Amy has to say and get engaged into a real conversation then you might have some success. Remember your marriage is your number one and hardest job you will ever have.

    • Jen Rose

      mbarry-well stated.

    • Kim

      very well sad- it takes two people to make a marriage and you have to work at it all the time-

    • Balance

      Rule number one in relationship advice:

      Avoid assigning 100% blame to one person.

      Rule number two in relationship advice:

      You can’t HATE something but ENDORSE it with your actions.

      Hating someone for being stubborn when that same stubbornness kept them by your side when most people would have quite on you.

      If not for the things about Matt that you mentioned you probably never would have KNOWN the Roloffs at all.

    • debbie

      his me me me person is for them them them – a wonderful place where his grand children can grow up,

  • Dave O

    Can’t say I didn’t see this one coming. He always seemed to put her last over everything.

  • Jennifer Cunningham

    She is nothing without Matt. She always tries to act superior to him. It is his right to dream and it is his dreams that have made that television show possible (and she has benefited from the earnings). She is annoying and a know-it-all. He should have left her a long time ago.

    • June Vandyke

      Agree with you totally. I quit watching because I had a very uneasy feeling because she seemed to down him on everything. There wasn’t any support at all. Even silence would be more comfortable to watch, but I was uncomfortable because she always downed Matt. I seriously feel that Matt was a “dreamer” back when they were unmarried. If she is the “practical” one, why didn’t she realize that life with him might very well include this? Now the children are involved. Also, I have no doubt whatsoever she has benefitted from his “dreaming”.

      • Jen Rose

        He’s a pain in the neck and very disrespectful of her. He treats her like a second class person. It’s about time she stood up for herself.

  • gerrylarrivee

    I agree w mbarry completely and I would add that your ignorance has raised the dumbest collection of sons I’ve ever seen.

  • Chuck

    I know he has some very significant orthopedic problems and alot of chronic pain issues that go along with that. I can relate to having chronic pain,.. and the pain meds also caused me to be grumpy all the time. Jesus Christ got me through it, so i know he can do the same for you,.. if you let him in.

    • Princess Anne

      oh vomit.. you take a pain pill and go on.. idiots.. try living with ms… I have noooo sympathy for chronic pain.. you can do things about it.. let the little fat ass go on a diet first off.. get real chucky… your ignorance is abounds…

      • Lis67

        Take it easy there Princess Anne. I believe Chuck only meant that living with chronic pain can make things hard, however, it never stopped Matt Roloff from fulfilling is dreams. I also don’t believe the man is overweight by any means. And to end I agree that the Lord can pull us through any hardship if we let Him.

  • katie

    I can see both sides. If Matt had not been a dreamer then would they have had the home, business and lifestyle they have enjoyed up to now? And on the other hand, since Amy supported Matt and his endeavors all the previous years, then shouldn’t he be supportive of her now in what she wants out of life at this point in their marriage? I also feel sorry for the youngest child. You could tell he felt “lost” or lonely after the two oldest kids left the house and it seemed as if Matt and Amy didn’t even notice him or bother with supporting him through this transition time of the house seeming “empty” without the other kids being around. They were focused on what they wanted to do and their dissatisfaction with one another. That kid had to watch his mom and dads relationship come apart. They couldn’t keep it together and loving until he moved out? They were both self-centered on that deal.

  • katie

    I do think highly of the Roloff family and what they have accomplished and have enjoyed watching the show. I do hope that Amy and Matt work on their marriage and hope it will be a success story on coming back together as a couple. It would really be sad to “throw in the towel” after all the years they have been together. Do they think that there would be no effort or romance put into any new relationships they developed? Save it, put the effort into it and use it on your keeping your existing marriage intact.

    • debbie

      i agree with katie

  • Princess Anne

    at least the little dick ass had enough sense to leave the large home himself.. hes a self serving selfish azzzzzzzzzzzzz… grow the hell up matt you are an idiot!…

    • Melissa

      By reading your posts, I sure hope you find some happiness soon!

  • JJC09

    Obviously being “on camera” 24-7 isn’t a good thing for a marriage. This isn’t the only separation/divorce that has happened to “reality tv” couples. I’ve never watched their show, or any other “reality” show because I don’t care how “real” it’s supposed to be there has to be some pressure from the producers to make the show interesting by creating conflict or drama of some kind. No matter how strong a relationship is when your life is being recorded 24-7 there has to be a great deal of stress. I hope they kick out the cameras and salvage their marriage. Good luck!

  • renee

    I think Matt is a selfish man who doesn’t understand what Amy needs to be happy. I think Amy truly loves him but wants him to change a few things. Not sure he is capable of changing, nor does he want to. I wish them luck. Hope they can work it out.

    • Robin Mills

      I couldn’t agree more. Matt is very selfish, childish even, and you rarely see him considering Amy’s feelings. Amy deserves a medal for standing by him all these years.

  • Susan Parkinson

    I think Matt is jealous of Amy. Watching the show, Amy was able to keep up with her children and share in their adventures. Matt could do some, but not all without help. He seemed to get upset when he could not keep up with the family, especially Amy. The children are amazing and Matt and Amy should be very proud. There is a lot of love in this family.

  • ragwatcher

    There was a seizmic blimp in her personality toward her husband, me thinks he had some kind of infidelity kept under wraps. This show ruined their marriage take note, she used to have loving vibes.

  • Bill Malone

    SAY IT AIN’T SO !! I truly enjoyed watching the Rolof family on “Little People Big World”. It was so interesting to see the different personalities that each of the Rolofs had and how each individual had several different sides. I could not help but come to
    like the Rolofs and to root for their collective happiness and success and their individual ones as well. I know that Matt has had some health issues that have made
    things hard for him. And the dreamer of a man married to a practical woman was facinating to see played out. I always thought that Matt and Amy brought something to each other that they did not have by themselves. I hope and pray that Matt and Amy will be able to successfuly reconcile with each other and live, for the most part, happily ever after with each other for a long time and in the best of health.

  • Not Ted Nugent

    This is a small story.

  • Susie Q.

    It has been painful watching the last few years. I feel sorry for their youngest child who is stuck there without the companionship of his older siblings. Both the Roloffs have been guilty of distancing themselves from each other, with Amy always putting down Matt in a harsh, uncaring manner and Matt showing utter disregard for anything Amy was interested in unless he could take over and manage it.
    A little kindness shown on both sides would have gone a long way in keeping the spark in their relationship. As soon as you start dis-ing your partner to others and to their faces the crack in the relationship starts to grow and it grows pretty fast after that. They should have been a team united before the children, instead they were a problem for the kids to have to work around. Not a healthy dynamic for the family. A husband and wife are supposed to be a safe pace for each other. That’s the example you want to set for your children. We are sad to see what has happened to two great people to whom much has been given.

  • *

    I feel bad for the youngest kid. All his siblings are off to college and now his parents are breaking up.

  • Bubba

    Always called him “The controlling Dwarf”

  • pattib

    Matt Roloff seems like a man who constantly has to change his surroundings. I think his constant endeavors to do this were probably very expensive and she seemed to be very concerned about the costs of these ongoing projects. They seemed to be incompatible in just about every aspect of their lives. They raised four children who seemed to turn out ok. During the years the show was on, Amy was very involved in all their activities, planned family vacations and she seemed like a wonderful mother. I think their incompatibility issues really came to the surface when they became empty nesters. They are probably like thousands of other couples who stay together to raise their children and when that responsibility is gone, they realize they don’t have anything to say to each other, or a reason to stay together. I don’t think his living in the bridal house is really a separation, though. I think these two are tied together for life. He seems to be in bad health, and I think she will be there for him when he needs it. They will more than likely continue to live on the farm, because their home is an important place for their children to come back to.

  • Cindy

    They’re both at fault in different areas. Men feel loved when they are respected, Women respect men when they are listened to. Neither one did either. Matt constantly ignored her feelings and opinions and she constantly talked down to him and blew him off. They need to go to marriage counseling….seriously.

  • debbie

    they both love the LORD and he wil see them through this, it takes two to make a marriage work, i have to say that his dreams have developed that farm, and she reaps it all with a smile on her face, i am sure he has been a dreamer since birth. just as she lives like a slob and has not made her children help with household chores, she all ways says i love being a mom – you failed the cleanning part, where as matt all ways has involved the kids in the farm duties, yes it takes each of them to put forth in all areas, i wish them the best of learnning how to love one another again for whom they truely are together as one.