Amy Roloff: Separation Is ‘Like A Death’

    March 26, 2014
    Lindsay McCane
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Earlier this month, Matt and Amy Roloff of TLC’s Little People Big World, broke the news that after 26 years, they have decided to separate.

“Though we have weathered many storms together, we recently made the tough decision to engage in a trial separation,” they told PEOPLE at the time. “Matt remains living on the farm in our guest house and we work together everyday on the farm, on our business endeavors and most importantly, raising our amazing children.” Matt and Amy have four children: twins Jeremy and Zack, 23, Molly, 20, and Jacob, 17.

In a clip from the new episode, scheduled to air on Tuesday, April 1, Amy is seen telling her friends about their tough decision, and opens up about how it feels to be living alone after spending so many years together. She described their separation as being like a death, and not knowing what to do with herself.

“It’s sad. It’s sad because we don’t really have a plan and when you do this and you don’t have a plan, it’s not going to happen overnight,” she said. “To tell you the truth, it’s like a death. You get numb, you don’t know what to do. Going through all of this, it is like a grieving process because you have to slowly begin to let go.”

Amy isn’t the only one that is struggling to deal with being alone. Matt also opened up, during the clip, calling their separation a “huge risk.” “My biggest fear is what if I change my mind, and she says ‘Listen mister, you just stay over in your dog house because I’m kind of liking my own space,'” Matt said. “There’s a huge risk to what we’re doing.”

However, he does admit that he is enjoying having some quiet time to himself. “It’s comfortable over here,” he said. “The kids aren’t dropping by; it’s quiet. It gives Amy and I space away from each other and that’s ok. She’s my wife, and I love her, but that’s where we’re at right now.”

Do you think Matt and Amy will be able to make their marriage work? Leave your comments below.

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  • Judie

    You two have shown the world what people facing huge challenges can do. You’ve inspired people to put the energy into whatever you face. Do that for yourselves now. You are Christians. Read the Bible together and see what doors will open.

  • Tammy

    I think you Both can make this work. 26 yrs. is a very long time to work through all the ups-downs. Roller-coaster rides. Raising all your children, working…. etc. I know for a fact, a lot of couples forget to TALK and REALLY Communicate!! I really feel in my heart, when you both can find natural ground to sit and talk, Good and Bad, Happy and Sad, Laughter and Tears and HUG in the end, the Love that may feel lost or broken…. It will begin to flicker again. This is going to take a lot of Truth on both parts and many many talks! Maybe a few Date Nights. Simple date nights!
    Prayers for you all. Gods blessing!
    Please, Do NOT!! jump into this decision. You both have come so far, and worked so hard for all that you have! This is the time for the two of you to BLOSSOM!!! to find one another again. Hugs To All

    • http://batman-news.com Don Mosley

      The old man is an A**hole . Tatally self centered. I don’t know why she put up with his abuse as long as she has. Hope she hires the best divorce lawyer money can get. Take the little jerk for all he has. Maybe one day one of the kids will take him in off the streets, Find yourself a young boyfriend and move on…

      • Jon King

        Actually he is amazing and a creative super hard worker and she is the ultimate buzz kill. sounds like he would gladly part with half now that the kids are grown not to have to deal with her poor attitude.

        • disqus_qKVofJNoeH

          Two or three seasons ago is when I first found myself thinking, “She seems to go out of her way to demean him and be rude.”
          Matt – stick her azzz in the trebuchet and send her sailing off into the sunset!

  • Ray

    Seek the Lord, the temptations of the world may be appealing but not in Gods plan

    • Jon King

      God told me you are not very smart.

  • Seattle

    No one really cares if they reconcile or not.

  • Seattle

    Drop the show and replace it with episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation.

  • Seattle

    OK, maybe they should fill their TV slot with episodes of Marcus Welby MD! Robert Young was the best.

  • beanman45

    I am sorry to be a Pessimist but I saw this coming over a year ago. Hate to say this also, but I have been there and yes it is painful but it really is not the end of the world. Both of you have had a pretty good life together but from my experience if you do make up then it won’t be long before the same old irritations return. Lack of communication or what message you receive is maybe not what you want to hear! Sorry Matt but I do think you have brought this on yourself. Everything doesn’t always have to be the way you want it. Worse when you dig in and try to make other people accept who you are. Amy, you have also been the sensible one. Good mother, business woman and wife. I agree with one of the other comments. Get yourself another guy. One who will not try to dictate to you what they think is best for you both, rather than ask your opinion and be prepared to change their point of view if necessary. Good luck! and to you Matt.

  • Mayu

    I don’t like that Amy to be honest. She treated that guy like crap. He has his faults, but she demeaned him on television, she let Zach demean him and insult him and belittle him and encouraged that behavior, she treated him like dirt.

    She’s a hoarder, she’s not a housekeeper, and she’s not really mother of the year. She spoiled her little person son, let him get away with his bad attitude, the other kids were… meh. if she were a good mother, you better believe that kid would know respect and how to treat his elders… especially his father. If it wasn’t for his father he wouldn’t have half the crap he has. Same goes with her. People say he has this “It’s his way or no way” attitude… well, how do you think they got all the crap they have?

    She acts so self-righteous like she was some kind of martyr when really she was rude… mean… she brushed him off every time he tried to do something nice, she insulted his dreams, and I still can’t get over how she encouraged her son to treat him the same way.

    That kid has NO respect for his father. I don’t care if he was a bad husband… you teach your kids to respect their father. Not belittle him and demean him and publicly insult him. He’s better off without her to be honest. I know someone who knew Amy pre-Matt and said she was basically the same way. She always walked around like she was hot stuff.

  • Jan

    Am going through the same ordeal, married 29 years with 3 boys. My husband and I will always have a history together of good and bad times. I consider him an old and dear friend now. Am on the other side of the grieving and mourning process on the death of our marriage. It is tough and not easy.

  • Carol

    Matt never seems to have caught on to who Amy is and what she brings to the table. She has devoted herself to him and her children for many years and gets very little respect or honor for it because it doesn’t bring in actual cash. She is a bright, articulate, smart woman who deserves respect and honor. By the way you two, in all your going thru, don’t forget you do have one more child at home. Try taking your focus off of yourselves and put it into the quiet kid upstairs on his computer.

  • Robert Doell

    Matt is too self absorbed. Even in his comments his children and Amy are irritants in his otherwise quiet day. Matt has a male distorted idea that the BIBLE makes him the head of the house and (mistake is ) that allows him to make every decision and all those decisions deserve unreserved support. Matt and Gentlemen, the BIBLE does not give your that unrestricted power. The BIBLE/GOD demands you Love your wife as you Love yourself so do not dismiss your wifes’ wants, ideas, desires because GOD makes her desires, yours because you are to ove her as yourself. You are to be the model and mentor of Love to your children so that they will learn to develop in the Love and Counsel of the Lord JESUS the Christ who though INNOCENT Sacrificed EVERYTHING and became a SERVANT to WASH the Feet of his Disciples. Live Like That and you will demonstrate and experience the Loveand Happiness of the Lord JESUS the Christ as Amy gives her support to encourage you which she has done but without recognition or end to your appetites, Matt.

    • Sparky

      Are you single? The way you describe how a husband should be is admirable and this women’s dream. The Bible instructs the women to respect her husband, as he follows the Lord. You are a man that deserves respect because of your heart for the Lord. As for Matt and Amy they need some strong consulting and healing in their walk with God first. If their heart toward God gets right their vows will mean something and they can work on the marriage. But they need to get right with God first.

      • Robert Doell

        I am Old, always single, and broken in so many ways. I have been called ugly so many times I use a picture of my dog for my profile picture.Most women find me repulsive because I consider men and women who believe in abortion as murderers, full stop. I believe most Christians are hanging by a thread in their possible Salvation by JESUS the Christ because they do NOT follow HIM. That is why statistics for Christians are the same as non-christians and those who just call themselves christian because of birthright. Looking back on my life I can understand why finding a wife was soo very hard for me, because being born in 1960 all the sexual morays changed, even so very sadly in the church. I broke those same rules through desperation to find Love but it was useless.I have been betrayed by those I loved and now have no friends, family or anyone who cares about me, but I answer your question as a courtesy.

  • Patricia

    I don’t think so. I like the show and admire each of them. However, there is no “chemistry” between them. Amy especially doesn’t seem to LIKE her husband. She may love him, but he does not appear to be a person she likes as a friend. If a couple aren’t friends first, they won’t usually make it.

  • Sean F. Boyd

    He’s a Cry Baby. Dump his little ass.